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Quantum Breach
Quantum Breach - 7 dager siden
Not gonna lie, I would want that hoodie from then beginning fan art
Ok KitKat
Ok KitKat - 10 dager siden
5:58-5:02 for a sec I thot it was a pony
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 12 dager siden
1:59 i almost chocked my pizza god damn it
Hold Up
Hold Up - 17 dager siden
Snow Golem
Snow Golem - 23 dager siden
The boner shape of that shot has me got curious. Which other rocket got that one excited
mattyriver - 26 dager siden
4:07 so we're just going to ignore the fact that these are the cursed mangas?
• Sakura • :3
• Sakura • :3 - 27 dager siden
4:48 I didn't know i needed this
Kanzaki • 10 years ago •
Kanzaki • 10 years ago • - 29 dager siden
4:47 who is that
Ming Kang Lin
Ming Kang Lin - Måned siden
4:00 doggo coffee
Will you drink for 10,000 dollars?
richard delaney
richard delaney - Måned siden
Oliver Magana
Oliver Magana - Måned siden
Did he mention zennyatta from overwatch? 4:40
The Cloaker
The Cloaker - Måned siden
I could not agree more on that last one😂
Buklod Official Vlogs
Buklod Official Vlogs - Måned siden
5:35 *Filipino for sure 👌🏽*
Nightfall the Bloodless
Nightfall the Bloodless - Måned siden
2:00 If anyone was wondering, it translates to *of protect also.*
Splat Tim
Splat Tim - Måned siden
what the hell was that blend s/cuphead image
MegaAstroFan18 - Måned siden
Not to ruin the magic, but the scorpion picture is faked (if that weren't obvious). Could be edited, could be a sculpture, or could be forced perspective. Kinda looks lije the latter at a glance.
Maximo Ist Startklar
Maximo Ist Startklar - Måned siden
1:57 das had is a cat
Misc. and more
Misc. and more - Måned siden
Hate the politics. Love the content.
D5L4N - Måned siden
What happened to damien
lavaboyplayzz LAVA
lavaboyplayzz LAVA - Måned siden
that blend s reference makes me cry
CERJ Media: Game Clips
CERJ Media: Game Clips - Måned siden
"Notices your bulge"
you mean our bulge
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - Måned siden
Occasionally political... but the rest was fine. Well, except for 11:22. Robin likes pineapple pizza?!
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - Måned siden

YouTube: *Ahh yes, let’s give this girl the notification 6 days later*
Emily Tian
Emily Tian - Måned siden
*biggus dickus* [Tell me if you see it-]
Car Person Right Here
Car Person Right Here - Måned siden
I paused the video for a few minutes and started laughing 7:11 9:57 11:37
Gaming lelopop
Gaming lelopop - Måned siden
Mc donald served the first 1000000 people and killed 10000000 people
the one who asked
the one who asked - Måned siden
6:09 no that would go to Hitler
Dakin.Core - Måned siden
Emkay spaking spanish was ufffff 10/10
Ilikegames - Måned siden
9:15 if you've ever held a cat it's shoulders you'd know that it's completely normal.
Rifty Fish
Rifty Fish - Måned siden
Yoga, yobama, yomama.
Jewel Chantaros
Jewel Chantaros - Måned siden
"I've never played this game,"

Me: What is the background music then?
Endow Trap
Endow Trap - Måned siden
Look at the first 5 seconds and then skip to 9:30
2020IsolationGang - Måned siden
11:23 tf they doin back there
2020IsolationGang - Måned siden
blend s thats all im going to say 1:52
Fubuki Wry
Fubuki Wry - Måned siden
4:06 No...not THAT manga...NOT THAT MANGA!!!!!
DR33FTBOII - Måned siden
omg just realised the police guy with the sword is here in the Philippines lol
zky gatila028
zky gatila028 - Måned siden
4:11 the left gave PTSD I regretted reading that
Marbenmin - Måned siden
"Mr. Stark, I feel so good."
Guys there's a reason his hands are where they are ;)
Leah Roy
Leah Roy - Måned siden

Robin:the diffrence between them is one is job and the other is a mental sickness
Correia Alexandre
Correia Alexandre - Måned siden
Is there a proof that this man and swaggersouls are two different people?
Am I Here ?
Am I Here ? - Måned siden
If the goose kept the gauntlet from thanos he wouldn't be able to use it. He can't snap.
Nickle pickle
Nickle pickle - Måned siden
Goose : *snaps * sponderman : I dont so good...Tony Stonks : ...
Dakuwaizu 69
Dakuwaizu 69 - Måned siden
4:18 Ah yes; “manga”
Cat0saurus !
Cat0saurus ! - Måned siden
Robin is not funny
Kuro Yasha
Kuro Yasha - Måned siden
There's nothing blursed about 4:06 it's just purely cursed and pain inducing
AVR OS - Måned siden
1:59 何
Mark Whitcomb
Mark Whitcomb - Måned siden
Oh Deer - Sabrina
Oh Deer - Sabrina - Måned siden
7:38 bruh the one shot came out less than a year ago and they already did an adaptation where things go different
Z. B. Oakley
Z. B. Oakley - Måned siden
Holy crap! How did I never realize the thing with Japanese! That's hilarious!
Edit: And no, I'm not talking about the hentai references.
Corporal Reaper
Corporal Reaper - Måned siden
7:05 if you think that's bad 1969 the mayo gelatin cake serve it to your friends
simp isn't a funny meme fuck off
Zack's Russian accent needs to be in the next Red alert game as the Kirov airship amirite ?
Rosa luz
Rosa luz - Måned siden
1:17 Pentacle not pentagram a Pentacle has a circle around it and a pentagram doesn't
Ian Schaafstra
Ian Schaafstra - Måned siden
7:11 there is an IMPOSTOR among us!
Pucci Time
Pucci Time - Måned siden
8:50 you are extremely confident I’m about to shoot the fuck out it
Winchester Chua
Winchester Chua - Måned siden
10:45 Thats just cute.
Sen - Måned siden
With one honk 99.99% of the universe will be eliminated turned into dust.
Jhayden Karl Guina
Jhayden Karl Guina - Måned siden
Lmao 2:00
Sandtrooper 049
Sandtrooper 049 - Måned siden
Our buldge
Mr Guess
Mr Guess - Måned siden
9:08 ah fuck what has happen to Philippines? Again "QCPD" stands for "QUEZON CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT"
So is luffy has Filipino blood?
Mr Guess
Mr Guess - Måned siden
5:32 Holy shit that's my country's police uniform (A.K.A PHILIPPINES BY THE WAY)
S0ur Cr34m
S0ur Cr34m - Måned siden
5:33 that Filipino cop looks like he about to water breathin form someones ass
Mr Waffles
Mr Waffles - Måned siden
i miss damien
AngelWithADarksideYT - Måned siden
Professor simosuchus
Professor simosuchus - Måned siden
2:27 God bless, viva la MURICA'!!!!
Zander Berrones 2
Zander Berrones 2 - Måned siden
I like the one at the end and just imagine the goose going
HONK translation [such unlimited power I could control reality itself turn that kid with glasses into a piece of bread burn the world down for bells... Nah I'm going to go bury it]
Dr. Wolf
Dr. Wolf - Måned siden
7:45 why do you write like you're running out of time
Why do you write like tomorrow won't arrive
Why do you write like you need it to survive
John Wilson
John Wilson - Måned siden
7:37 made me go 😯
Scp 173
Scp 173 - Måned siden
1:51 Cup S.
abrady0 - Måned siden
8:24 That probably for a movie set.
Agent Linrov
Agent Linrov - Måned siden
When did our Filipino cops start using Samurai Swords?!
Marikroyals - Måned siden
2:15 had to double-check (thank god for google maps) but that's Cidital Hill in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada. Every day at noon they fire a blank from the canon to mark the time and apparently once someone doubled the powder shattering a whole bunch of windows downtown, mind you, one load of powder alone is enough to make the windows rattle.
I wouldn't be surprised if this memorial caused the same thing to happen considering what they're packing.
Toby Ace
Toby Ace - Måned siden
This guy must make a fortune a BLM protests.
SirenHead 101
SirenHead 101 - Måned siden
There is Kingdice’s theme song in the background from Cuphead 1:52 that’s Cuphead also but that is definitely not a part of it
Clark Dela Cruz
Clark Dela Cruz - Måned siden
3:12 when you max out strength and leave out accuracy
ForbiddenFursona - Måned siden
The Philippine Police lmfaooaosos
This was everywhere in Facebook at the time lol
Nano Herrera
Nano Herrera - Måned siden
I threw my little brother down a ravine
people yelled at me for throwing him of the Grand Canyon
Temmie Shopkeeper
Temmie Shopkeeper - Måned siden
1:13 ehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Evan Landis
Evan Landis - Måned siden
7:40 you earned $50 from that one
Megan Benson
Megan Benson - Måned siden
8:29 the bees on the sign is my school's mascot
A bit closer to dio's bathwater
3:19 jotaro be like *sweats*
Federal 2000
Federal 2000 - Måned siden
Hey you have something that I need in my life so give it to me
Xander Nimmer
Xander Nimmer - Måned siden
it wosint a samri sord it whos a ctona
my stand heaven'nhell
my stand heaven'nhell - Måned siden
4:14 why are they all in the ecchi class and why have i seen them all
my stand heaven'nhell
my stand heaven'nhell - Måned siden
1:00 pp time
NeoQuartz Winter
NeoQuartz Winter - Måned siden
I'm happy to be a Canadian
Jaidenjazz 2011
Jaidenjazz 2011 - Måned siden

Dat is what it was like in there movie
cat cat cat
cat cat cat - Måned siden
Notice OUR bulge
Jeremy Lorenzo
Jeremy Lorenzo - Måned siden
1:51 the girl in the background and the man attacking are from blend s an anime
Parker Green
Parker Green - Måned siden
6:34 Professionals have standards.
* Be polite
* Be efficient
* Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
Arcanine-Espeon - Måned siden
2:46 Wow, I knew that Gravity Falls took place in the same multiverse as Rick & Morty, but I never would have guessed it had an Adventure Time connection too!
I'm not sure how I feel about the reveal of the true identity of the Axolotl.
Brett Macedon
Brett Macedon - Måned siden
Who you callin comrade
Spooked - Måned siden
5:06 thats the strangest multi-purpose tool ever
Sarah Khalid
Sarah Khalid - Måned siden
Me, a guitarist, looking at this image: Panik
They're not my guitars donut doesn't really matter: kalm
He calls them "acoustic guitars": panik
Monster Chair
Monster Chair - Måned siden
i need advice:
My computers lagging but my Internets fine
ツ Novx plays ღ
ツ Novx plays ღ - Måned siden
4:35 yes it is real 🤣 the people of that town/city wanted the building to look like spongebob too 😂😂
Blackfall - Måned siden
Woah I think I see a mineshaft in this ravine
Lara-Chan - Måned siden
mugman NO.
Tianyi Xue
Tianyi Xue - Måned siden
4:06 little did he know
I dare you go read it

6:35 "Always be kind but have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
The copyright free way of saying "Be Polite. Be Efficient. Have a Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet."
Gabriel Hart
Gabriel Hart - Måned siden
Nah hes fine, Theres water down the ravine.

Edit: spoiler alert, I went to see him, and life doesn't work like minecraft... apparently.