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Winterex - 14 timer siden
Conor Day
Conor Day - 15 timer siden
So we just gonna ignore the fact that jack ignored the fact that the kid didn't even know that hitler was a nazi orr what
Vantadel - 22 timer siden
Did anyone realize that the thumbnail says "r/Boneappleteeth" instead "r/Boneappletea"?
schniekeschnalle - Dag siden
Lagwagon - Violins
Rhinovirus - Dag siden
delicious delicious
delicious delicious - Dag siden
Why do you cover the names, as long as it's not their real name then it's okay Right?
delicious delicious
delicious delicious - Dag siden
Saw old mavis had her eye on it so I nicked her walking stick
delicious delicious
delicious delicious - Dag siden
Robert Kilbon
Robert Kilbon - Dag siden
My friend thinks that Eighty-two is spelled "ate tee too"
Krysten Cabbage
Krysten Cabbage - 2 dager siden
Honestly I purposefully mispronounce things now, I say "Right from the gecko" just because it sounds kinda similar and I think it's funny. I'm the only one, but if I make myself laugh, it's good enough
Amethin - 2 dager siden
The way the text goes so slow at the start makes me want to take a keyboard and shove it up someone’s ass until it replaces their torso cavity
MavieMikuto - 3 dager siden
Thumbnail said BoneappleTEETH
MYSTERY UNDEAD - 3 dager siden
"Polish cuisine"
Parker Anson
Parker Anson - 3 dager siden
I actually used to think that was the saying
Danwoo Kim
Danwoo Kim - 3 dager siden
Why isn’t it called r/boneaplleteeth
Symmetry - 3 dager siden
why isnt anyone about 10:50 it made me DIE
Ben Fletcher
Ben Fletcher - 4 dager siden
I once did a school assignment back in primary school about capybaras. One of the parts of it was making a chatterbox with facts about capybaras
Jethilius Avalar
Jethilius Avalar - 4 dager siden
Earlier today I was playing an MMO and I said "gardering" instead of "garnering". I didn't see it written before so of course i hecked up People corrected me.
Esteban Calderón
Esteban Calderón - 4 dager siden
Jack: Pronounces "Grian" wrong.
Everyone: What in Queen Elizabeth's broken teabags did you just say
SargenSmee - 4 dager siden
After cracking up all through this, at the end I heard "I love you wall" coz that's how my mind finally broke!
Wikus Van loggerenberg
Wikus Van loggerenberg - 5 dager siden
Radial arm saw
Sauce boss
Sauce boss - 5 dager siden
English is dumb, and of the gecko seams like it could be a real phrase in english. T_T
Simp Oster
Simp Oster - 6 dager siden
Be funnier if you pronounced it'' colin''(as in the organ...unless that's just how you say it, in which I'm sorry).
VampireHunter5790 - 7 dager siden
The phrase is the whole Kit And Caboodle, which is an older saying that means everything/one.
Rednassie - 7 dager siden
I can't handle milk, I have lacked hoes and toddler ants.
Angela Engle
Angela Engle - 7 dager siden
5:55 I kind of think that one was intentional. Don't pass that line of trust. :P
rust maniac
rust maniac - 7 dager siden
statistycly hardest try to learn czech im czech and even i cant get a hold of this gosh darn language xD
we have mne,mně,mi,my and mě and it means the same thimg accept that it does not aaaaaaaaaaaaaa someone help
Maik Szirniks
Maik Szirniks - 7 dager siden
Jack, that was absolutely bodyshoes! Congressulations!
Bob The Gold Fish Burt
Bob The Gold Fish Burt - 8 dager siden
Don’t know to spell it but cousin is QWAZINE
DjTreytones - 8 dager siden
He can’t read
gameandanimelvr - 8 dager siden
I've never laughed so hard in my life. And I'm a bad speller to but if I spell it out and it dont look right google it or find a way around it.
Tahimi - 8 dager siden
influenza deaths dropped in March because it was FUCKING SPRING!!!!!!!!!!
Ned Hunter
Ned Hunter - 8 dager siden
5:16 That's a *radial* arm saw. As in a circular saw that moves on an arm.
Vicinitrix - 9 dager siden
I’ve always thought it was cow zone aswell
Chortle Gaming
Chortle Gaming - 9 dager siden
13:06 Gree - en
AlexTFW - 9 dager siden
Jack, with the "Polish Cousin" and "South African Cousin" things, it was supposed to be cuisine
Maddie Ames
Maddie Ames - 9 dager siden
Wait I thought it was Jone's Apples Bess
Moh Ilham Rafli Jahja
Moh Ilham Rafli Jahja - 9 dager siden
we need more of this subreddit and also maybe r/ihadastroke
neptune - 9 dager siden
neptune - 9 dager siden
its okay though it made me laugh
Mimi Mimikyu
Mimi Mimikyu - 9 dager siden
I... sadly thought the phrase WAS Kitten Caboodle... then I saw it on BoneAppleTea...
꧁ Crescent Moon Studios ꧂
Jack have you not seen the Bone Apple Tea video
niteo - 9 dager siden
I think it’s polish cuisine idk
Pyx -
Pyx - - 9 dager siden
I thought kindergarten was "kid in garden" and was wondering where the garden was
I never questioned my teacher though
Eva Vecek
Eva Vecek - 9 dager siden
this is a funny vid but do you ever think about the fact that not everyones first language is english? un bell leafe able
Sahara Last Name
Sahara Last Name - 9 dager siden
Hi! I’m State from jake farm
Althea Beatriz Lobina
Althea Beatriz Lobina - 10 dager siden
i was laughing so hard when the editor was losing his mind as jack tries to figure out what kitten kaboodle is. i dont know either lmao
Hayden Blanchard
Hayden Blanchard - 10 dager siden
Smells a guys colon, colon cancer.
MadIIMike - 10 dager siden
Poor Melania
BaddCamden - 10 dager siden
BoneAppleTea subreddit, BoneAppleTeeth in thumbnail?????
Hold Up
Hold Up - 10 dager siden
MiniMaster032 - 10 dager siden
grian is said like gree - an
its not grain or gran
im mad about this because i haven't complained enough today
ALSO my source is grian in hermitcraft season 7 when he said his own name when making fun of himself
chill coffee
chill coffee - 10 dager siden
7:30 is just a BFG reference
Itz Been Dakav Gaming
Itz Been Dakav Gaming - 10 dager siden
Oonaited Stateez
904funny - 10 dager siden
It was a swat sticker? Always has been
Progdragon - 10 dager siden
''Work in prog rest''
Imma rest then have fun working.
Talia/tetriQuinn - 10 dager siden
15:50 Thanks SBHJ pfp, very cool
Nemba Bo
Nemba Bo - 10 dager siden
Dotee JayX
Dotee JayX - 10 dager siden
"We're all just human beans in the end." AMONG US THEME BEGINS PLAYING
Rodmod - 10 dager siden
1:58 As you can see, the words "Caesars Salad" are separated by many gaps. Holes, if you will. You know what else received a lot of holes?
Rei - 10 dager siden
Awkward _ S0ul
Awkward _ S0ul - 10 dager siden
"sorry but somebody holding not even a gun but an automatic weapon I would feel that as a threat right from the gecko"
When I heard that I imagined the lizard from the GEICO commercial telling someone who was holding a gun to delete your life you if you didn't switch to save 15% or more on car insurance.
John Jones
John Jones - 10 dager siden
kitten.... kaboodle? I honestly dont "undersand" this one
Alaina - 11 dager siden
"Radio alarm saw"=Radial arm saw?
904funny - 11 dager siden
From the name, I thought this subreddit was going to be the worst food combinations ever
Exotic _
Exotic _ - 11 dager siden
He sounds for meal your
_PUDDINGHEAD_ - 11 dager siden
Welp it's time to commit ✨ u n a l i v e ✨ 🤠
A4’s Zombie
A4’s Zombie - 11 dager siden
When you sign Donald trump up for a Phub account and it says email is already used
Onion Rings
Onion Rings - 11 dager siden
oof I felt the dramatized one, thought traumatized was dramatized as a kid.
Alanna King
Alanna King - 11 dager siden
I think its "polish cuisine"
ShadowFoxSF - 11 dager siden
Kitten Kaboodle = Kit n' Kaboodle
The whole thing.
Polish cousin = polish cuisine
Silver Ash Fur
Silver Ash Fur - 11 dager siden
The way he pronounced Grian kills me...
Mortiam - 11 dager siden
The pink clits were too perfect xDDDD But... what word was that meant to be?
Blake Williquette
Blake Williquette - 11 dager siden
A summer salt is a front flip but you stay on the ground
Mooshrum _
Mooshrum _ - 11 dager siden
I nearly chalked on my food while I was laughing
Sevdije Havziu
Sevdije Havziu - 11 dager siden
How did the one guy not know Hitler was a nazi
Oreagle - 11 dager siden
Someone make a paragraph with all th hose air ors.
Umaze - 11 dager siden
12:16 its polish cuisine
Samantha Green
Samantha Green - 11 dager siden
Ooof the ones that are handwritten are so much worse. The typed ones at least have the excuse that they maybe spelled it really badly and autocorrect corrected to the wrong word but there is NO excuse for the handwritten ones!!!
Nellie Nunya-Bidness
Nellie Nunya-Bidness - 11 dager siden
On Wheel of Fortune, I always thought they were saying 'Carrio The Champion' instead of Carryover Champion. It wasn't until i asked my parents what a carrio was that i was corrected. I think it was in my late teens by that point.
Lettes - 11 dager siden
Hey there editor, the joke at 5:01 is "in tent ➡️ intense"
GodLol - 11 dager siden
This subreddit is making me stupider the more I watch these videos
Lil Lion :p
Lil Lion :p - 11 dager siden

Lil Devy
Lil Devy - 12 dager siden
Aight, this isn't bone apple tea, this is bone hurting memes
Jillian Crawford
Jillian Crawford - 12 dager siden
Chucky was right, violins are bad!
Bangtan Humanist
Bangtan Humanist - 12 dager siden
Not sugar coding... but that's some of my favorite kind of coding! It's so easy to edit...
Phoenix Fighter
Phoenix Fighter - 12 dager siden
Please let Jack do this subreddit again!
Shara Choate
Shara Choate - 12 dager siden
I once found a sign that said yard seal on my walk to work
Rhys De Guzman
Rhys De Guzman - 12 dager siden
13:20 chromosome
Rhys De Guzman
Rhys De Guzman - 12 dager siden
12:18 its cuisine, POLISH CUISINE DAMMIT
Bun Bone
Bun Bone - 12 dager siden

The Borrowers reference?
Bárbara Guerra
Bárbara Guerra - 12 dager siden
Fun fact: hippos are actually a problem in Colombia bc Pablo Escobar imported a bunch of them, they broke free and reproduced
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn - 12 dager siden
I can snap with both fingers, and my mom hates it >:3
Joe Demonheart
Joe Demonheart - 12 dager siden
The grammar nazi's are gonna both love and hate this one 🤣🤣
Balister Boy
Balister Boy - 12 dager siden
This man is on r/boneappletea, then calls Legos, logos. The irony
Davis Productions
Davis Productions - 12 dager siden
Toby Chanii
Toby Chanii - 12 dager siden
EmKay: can't curse
Also EmKay: can say stuff like this 6:35
Rachel Moore
Rachel Moore - 12 dager siden
This guy ruined EmKay. Never watching again!
CrazyDog - 12 dager siden
Yesh I love Bon Apple Teeth
Kaldor Draigo
Kaldor Draigo - 12 dager siden
Temporally closed
Angus Uchiha
Angus Uchiha - 12 dager siden
Pretty sure everyone knows what a Luau is.