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Derpy Ferret
Derpy Ferret - Dag siden
If u want to kill someone snap there neck all the way
If u want to let them suffer
Snap it but not all the way
Tuesday Turner
Tuesday Turner - 2 dager siden
That whole uh playstation Twitter thing happened on my birth day uhhhh
Windsor Kiang
Windsor Kiang - 2 dager siden
“This version of captain American is going back to the-“
Me: *Gets ad about beds*
Me: *Wait...*
66 Clan
66 Clan - 2 dager siden
Googuy - 3 dager siden
Becky Nosferatu
Becky Nosferatu - 3 dager siden
Everyone talking about how wholesome Lexi is and I'm just over here thinking "Didn't she want like... everything on fire and lots of guns?"
Valiantcat7780 - 3 dager siden
2:05 I also feel to old for this joke lol
{Kisa Karissa}
{Kisa Karissa} - 6 dager siden
H3kaman - 7 dager siden
about the "anime girls are ruining America" the channel that made it is a guy that usually looks at stuff happening and says why it's stupid, it was a member of the US goverment I think that said the quote
funtime freddy
funtime freddy - 7 dager siden
That's rockstar bonnie from fnaf pizzeria simulator
Amy Smith
Amy Smith - 10 dager siden
Sorry, how am I meant to click the red subscribe button if it's grey??
Jas YT
Jas YT - 11 dager siden
Smile and wave boys, smile amd wave
Liana Gaming
Liana Gaming - 11 dager siden
Get lexi out of there hes too wholesome
Clutchklover 888
Clutchklover 888 - 11 dager siden
Ok optimus really isnt a bad person just that doesnt make sense
Amber Afton
Amber Afton - 11 dager siden
Alexander Evans
Alexander Evans - 12 dager siden
3:3 rockstar bonnie from fnaf 6 or ffps
Molly Pritchard
Molly Pritchard - 12 dager siden
“whats up sexy, im lexi”
this gets me through the day, thank you lexi
OwnGamesGamer - 12 dager siden
I dont watch emkay video for a week then go threw all of them coz i like lexy the most and for some reson i you are the only one who's emkay videos i can watch fully
Raindrop - 12 dager siden
"Hi am Pedro and I'm a bargain"
never thought I'd hear those words before.
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown - 12 dager siden
why is there 4k on a reddit video with like 144p images
waterzila - 12 dager siden
I got this notification 5 hours ago and I'm subscribed
hydraking 112
hydraking 112 - 13 dager siden
I'll one up the dog childhood I was chased by an angry bull to proceed to pet the same bull 4 years later
hydraking 112
hydraking 112 - 13 dager siden
I named him bruno
Faby Duarte
Faby Duarte - 13 dager siden
I think I am following Lexi participations unhealthy
TrainTubbie06 - 13 dager siden
''I have stage 3 Cancar''
skyott - 13 dager siden
I get so heckin excited when I hear "what's up sexy, it's lexi". Love you lexi 💕
fernando jose gonzalez olguin
Fun fact: Luigi says the N-word is an actual video with a trilogy
Jack Stonehood
Jack Stonehood - 13 dager siden
Jazmine Wright
Jazmine Wright - 13 dager siden
[name undetected]
[name undetected] - 13 dager siden
emily f jones: well yes, but actually no
smile kitten-
smile kitten- - 13 dager siden
Absol D Salos
Absol D Salos - 13 dager siden
This persons voice drives me nuts. It’s all over the place. Super high and super low. Kinda love it though...
Evie Rugg
Evie Rugg - 13 dager siden
All horses are corn now.....listen I don't make the rules just enforce them
Me:I didn't know we had rules.....
the incredible
the incredible - 14 dager siden
3:00 Watame in a nutshell
the incredible
the incredible - 14 dager siden
Still can't get over that Lexi's apparently a _girl_
XxclouddixX -
XxclouddixX - - 11 dager siden
Ricardo Kelly
Ricardo Kelly - 14 dager siden
You said then you deserve what's coming next and instantly an ad popped up
Txurtle - 14 dager siden
Mr Goldfish
Mr Goldfish - 14 dager siden
Pedro is my wallpaper😂😂😅😂😂😅😅
Shadow Of Seattle
Shadow Of Seattle - 14 dager siden
almost six minutes in and furries get a shoutout without being judged!
thanks Lex
SS Stupid Stuff
SS Stupid Stuff - 14 dager siden
5 days too late youtube
jak kos
jak kos - 14 dager siden
6:45 heeeyyyy just cuz I'm a dealer doesn't mean i don't have feelz!!! And you hurt those feels 😭
Sighted Starlite
Sighted Starlite - 14 dager siden
The 'Never Piss' one got me hard dude 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Daniel Kashpur
Daniel Kashpur - 14 dager siden
Lexi: Whats up sexy im lexi!
Me: AAAHHH *Spams Esc button*
Penguin - 15 dager siden
I always tought its a dog with spike collar
Sherry Hort
Sherry Hort - 15 dager siden
UwU when he says Whats up sexy I'm lexi! I am just like SELF ESTEEM +100000000000000000!!!
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose - 15 dager siden
I hope that your change of gender was successful :)
Christopher Cassise
Christopher Cassise - 15 dager siden
StillSkippy - 15 dager siden
3:35 yes
Sheep G
Sheep G - 15 dager siden
beep beep
toots mcgoo
toots mcgoo - 15 dager siden
It’s like watch you parents go through reddit.
Michael is stupid
Michael is stupid - 15 dager siden
can we mention Lexi is just the best human being ever
Also yes sheep went to heaven and that’s good
paulitora - 15 dager siden
Yes! Lexi!! My favorite
NUTT SACC - 15 dager siden
The thumbnail is just disrespectful
GlowingSpaceCow - 15 dager siden
Respect to this man for making the video only 5 seconds short of 10 mins 😎
SleepyStitchy - 15 dager siden
the baby with cheese on it's head reminds me of 2017 YouTube
Zaide Rihani
Zaide Rihani - 15 dager siden
RareLuke718 - 15 dager siden
Wait, I can rap?
run now
run now - 15 dager siden
Hey as a furry i can confirm the cat face mask thing is an accomplishment
Cyber Tune
Cyber Tune - 16 dager siden
U are awesome!!.
( honestly not into jack.) just feedback.
do4 - 16 dager siden
did anyone else get each ad break with two unskippable ads each time
Kyle Bear
Kyle Bear - 16 dager siden
Lúcio - 16 dager siden
Lmao, Lexy bb-- Millenials are as deep in anime girl hell as we are in debt lmAO......
That is why we must join forces and cope.... together. Generationally. :'c
THE DOOTSLAYER - 16 dager siden
Pedro ain't a Bargen, he's a burger
Just another music channel
Just another music channel - 16 dager siden
“Arresting people but you’re shy”
Me- i will defund you specifically-
LeeAnn Anderson
LeeAnn Anderson - 16 dager siden
tbh this redit should be called 'comidygravyard' yessir
Mika Smith
Mika Smith - 16 dager siden
Unexpected Cake reference!
El You don’t need to know
El You don’t need to know - 16 dager siden
I just went through all 1.3k comments to correct anyone who misgendered Lexi.
Natalia - 16 dager siden
7:10 They messaged him "Calvin Klein" every 4 minutes
Downdogy - 16 dager siden
What's up lexi your sexy
Alex BBW
Alex BBW - 16 dager siden
The n word was nintendo
Robin - 16 dager siden
If this subreddit broke you then you should not look at The Click
death light
death light - 16 dager siden
The baby in the first picture looks like a baby Danny devito
Bobby Ramsay
Bobby Ramsay - 16 dager siden
The song in the background is called all bets are off
Axel Morningstar
Axel Morningstar - 16 dager siden
Sir that mask would never make me happy
coilover cat
coilover cat - 16 dager siden
4:44 the guy is actually pretty chill
Inge Steiner
Inge Steiner - 16 dager siden
Lucas knows what you did, and he will not hesitate to use it against you
M S - 16 dager siden
Some thems I vish that my great grandfather died in 1948 from the soviet army.
Kep noodles
Kep noodles - 16 dager siden
5:58 He only said nintendo!

and ni-
theAButton - 16 dager siden
For those of you who don't understand the Frank Sinatra joke, it's because Scott Cawthon's voice listing for Rockstar Bonnie said "he speaks only in songs, and he sounds like Frank Sinatra."
the weeb named Rosario
the weeb named Rosario - 16 dager siden
Lexi for TikTok????
Lito Hilis
Lito Hilis - 17 dager siden
Thumbnail:miss you grandma
Fantastical Nerd
Fantastical Nerd - 17 dager siden
Lexi!!! Hi!! Hope you're having a good day! Remember you are doing great, be you, and do what you are passionate about! (This goes for anyone and everyone!💕💖) If you need to vent vent in the replies you don't have to but if you don't have anyone to go to and want to talk to someone feel free to do it here🖤
Savage Kitten Playz
Savage Kitten Playz - 17 dager siden
I can just imagine Lexi flirting with someone- "Hey, sexy. I'm Lexi!"
MinesomeMC - 17 dager siden
Surprised Optimus was on here lmao
Wolfie _121
Wolfie _121 - 17 dager siden
poor sweet optimus
IanGacha52 {Random Gacha Content}
My brain still pictures the spelling of Lexi’s intro as “What’s up sexi, I’m Lexi”
UnknownExtras - 17 dager siden
At 3:40 thats my boy optimus. Hes a commentary channel and that title and thumbnail go way out of context
krOver - 17 dager siden
"feel free to eat circumsised banana and cucumber and maybe sausage if you bring it to me" said someone jewish mate
Lea Midoriya
Lea Midoriya - 17 dager siden
How tf does Pedro look so old and soo young at the same time??😭😭
The Final Chapter
The Final Chapter - 17 dager siden
Sonic when turned on:Gotta come fast!
SumRandomDude 007
SumRandomDude 007 - 17 dager siden
Lexi I miss damien
UnknownExtras - 17 dager siden
If you search Damian lee he has his own channel. Come join the sewer
Xx_Sugz_xX - 17 dager siden
Lexi is a great awesome queen👸
El You don’t need to know
El You don’t need to know - 15 dager siden
@Xx_Sugz_xX There's no reason to feel bad! You didn't know and now you do, so just be sure not to mislabel her in the future. 🥰
Xx_Sugz_xX - 15 dager siden
@El You don’t need to know I just watched her q&a OMG I FEEL SO BAD AS PAN I SHOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT FIRST REPLIE
El You don’t need to know
El You don’t need to know - 16 dager siden
@Xx_Sugz_xX that's okay, we all make mistakes. Just please be sure to use the right pronouns in the future. 🥰
Xx_Sugz_xX - 16 dager siden
@El You don’t need to know ohhhhh ok, I didn't know, this is the first time I've watched a video with Lexi in it. I'm used to watching Damien.
El You don’t need to know
El You don’t need to know - 16 dager siden
@Xx_Sugz_xX Lexi is a girl, please respect that. She's transgender.
Delete - 17 dager siden
sad news: Agolf_Hiter has been terminated. rest in peace, A Golf Hiter
Kamanira - 17 dager siden
3:40 huh. Yeah, come to think of it, Optimus's content is really weird out of context.
UnknownExtras - 15 dager siden
@batedflounder47 sox but what a fing do
batedflounder47 sox
batedflounder47 sox - 15 dager siden
@UnknownExtras idk I'm bored.
UnknownExtras - 15 dager siden
@batedflounder47 sox whats a fing normie?
batedflounder47 sox
batedflounder47 sox - 15 dager siden
Fing normie
UnknownExtras - 17 dager siden
Yeah lol
ShockDragon Makes Music
ShockDragon Makes Music - 17 dager siden
I always feel that cold water gets more cold after you mouthwash or brush your teeth
Epic Sans
Epic Sans - 17 dager siden
Neutrino stop violating the earth hasn’t her ass had enough (yes I said her because you always hear Mother Nature so if that offends you just look the other way)
{•.*- Otter pop -*.•}
{•.*- Otter pop -*.•} - 17 dager siden
Boi you don’t even have a helmet or a suit AND HOW THE FLIP IS THE PHONE WORKING WITH NO WIFI
Awkward OrangeDrawz
Awkward OrangeDrawz - 17 dager siden
We all know why we came here... It's at 5:17.
Imnot No I
Imnot No I - 17 dager siden
I got this when I searched up SCP illustrated.
InverSkater - 17 dager siden
Panini lmaoo xD
Maddie Ames
Maddie Ames - 17 dager siden
5:27 What did the roommate do, and does anyone know why the food is slightly peeled? Not to be culturally insensitive but that's extremely wasteful.