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CurlyFry Pie
CurlyFry Pie - 12 timer siden
Morgyn Stewart
Morgyn Stewart - Dag siden
21:03 this is my math teachers background
cam krat
cam krat - 3 dager siden
Did you just pronounce it camp-bell 24:15
Nerds Rus
Nerds Rus - 3 dager siden
2:27 I have a confession. I actually stabbed someone with a pencil in 5th grade and they flipped a table on top of me
sommi2000 - 4 dager siden
Where is the fanart?
Brandon Walls
Brandon Walls - 4 dager siden
Edward Toth
Edward Toth - 4 dager siden
19:47 no your not, that isn’t how the meme is supposed to be used
throwing spoons for science
throwing spoons for science - 4 dager siden
So no one going to talk about the '10' at 4:30? Just me? ok.
I'll see myself out the door.
TiltyXP - 5 dager siden
Robert Summers
Robert Summers - 5 dager siden
7:52 Ha! Jokes on you, mate! I've already watched it 3 weeks ago!
CoolPlushCadenProductions - 5 dager siden
Dang that was some good fanart
Dizy Dino
Dizy Dino - 9 dager siden

I hope I confused you as to why this comment is exist
Dremy Bowser
Dremy Bowser - 10 dager siden
Lunar Moon
Lunar Moon - 11 dager siden
I recognize that layout
This man has an Android!
PinchMe81 - 11 dager siden
4:31 why does she just say 10
Ranc!dvibes - 11 dager siden
it makes me sad that the interesting man from japan is on here his videos are actually extremely wholesome and he wears a mask cause hes shy. hes super sweet and i recommended his videos if you want to smile :)
Ezyo - 11 dager siden
11:47 Guys I think Jack doesn't know what islands are
Wyatt Gonzalez
Wyatt Gonzalez - 11 dager siden
1:36 The reason EmKay, is because her adorable profile picture. It's from Gacha Life and people just, hate it, for no reason.
Rashin Estino
Rashin Estino - 11 dager siden
4:31 anybody hear a girl?
Rashin Estino
Rashin Estino - 11 dager siden
Nobody in the comment seem to be talking about it
someone cool
someone cool - 11 dager siden
7:07 actually its a prickly pear
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez - 12 dager siden
"5 years too late" ummmm that post was made in 2012
o k
o k - 13 dager siden
kid named fast:
Funny Man
Funny Man - 13 dager siden
4:32 what is that voice it scared me shitless
a - 13 dager siden
Shout out to the 42 people I stabbed at their sleep
Russian Sans
Russian Sans - 13 dager siden
With the pencil thing in preschool I stabbed a child in the eye with a pencil and that’s how I got exspelled as kid
Random doggo 63
Random doggo 63 - 13 dager siden
Burgerking: breath the farts of change
The dude named change: OH HELL NAH
Bangerz - 13 dager siden
Random crime I committed: I mined wood with a pickaxe
Subliminal Storm
Subliminal Storm - 13 dager siden
Hannah Tidwell
Hannah Tidwell - 14 dager siden
Tried to find the squallets, found them, asked to purchase one, guy took down post. I was terribly disappointed. So, anyone have squallets for sale?
SelfAware Fungus
SelfAware Fungus - 14 dager siden
“But hopefully you do die laughing”
Is this a threat?
Alully - 14 dager siden
0:18 I thought you were going to say that you hope that we die
Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Jonathon Cowley-Thom - 15 dager siden
They have these things in the ocean called islands. They're like countries, but smaller. Some of them have bees on them. Hope this helps.
Ailithic - 15 dager siden
Bro level your audio out, this presetenter is like 10x quieter than the high pitch guy
SparrowInTheGrass - 15 dager siden
I watched bongus and it was actually pretty fire ngl
da_Pgamer1 - 15 dager siden
At 6:44 that is a wii U, not a wii.
Monokuma's Death Circle
Monokuma's Death Circle - 15 dager siden
Unseen - 15 dager siden
wtf is up with 4:31
Sarah Winter
Sarah Winter - 16 dager siden
Why does he sound like the one bee from the bee movie
Mandy Nickell
Mandy Nickell - 16 dager siden
Bougie 🤡
Damla - 16 dager siden
7:57 yes its a real video and yes i watched it more than one time

seal pup
seal pup - 17 dager siden
7:55 haha jokes on you I have already watched this video
Rowan Kennedy
Rowan Kennedy - 17 dager siden
2:29 shoutout to my neighbor i threw a croquet ball at and hit his head in preschool... btw it was intentional and i still dont regret it
I put the stupid in stupendous
8:04 I watch this guy's videos and he's actually a very wholesome man.
Jacob Atiencia
Jacob Atiencia - 18 dager siden
12:00 HI TERRY
shoeske - 17 dager siden
Hi terry
Kevin Goldman
Kevin Goldman - 18 dager siden
Shylah Reyome
Shylah Reyome - 18 dager siden
*touch the bidoof*
me: i know that game its Pokémon ranger shadows of almnia
i know i am getting it for my birthday
Pumpkin Waffle
Pumpkin Waffle - 18 dager siden
4:30 did anyone else hear that? WHAT.
Lady please I'm not trying to be scared the shit out of, I just want to watch my Emkay D:
sb5prettycuteness - 19 dager siden
If you die laughing, you could say you corpsed, sorry for the dad joke I had too.
kaden wooster
kaden wooster - 20 dager siden
Anya - 20 dager siden
The bongus song now has 6k and 1 views
Nicpus - 20 dager siden
Pick a number between 1 and tEn. Y dat ten be so loud doe?
thuddbug 07
thuddbug 07 - 22 dager siden
9:27 what there just slorping up the computer?
Ryan Huang
Ryan Huang - 24 dager siden
0:36 wow I guess I’m rich
Camo Regrow Fortified Red
Camo Regrow Fortified Red - 24 dager siden
touch the bidoof
Soupier Goose282
Soupier Goose282 - 24 dager siden
Is it weird that I've seen the seal fart video before?
Spencer Niles
Spencer Niles - 29 dager siden
at 2:19 I did the same thing but it was in 2nd grade I was trying to stop people from getting past me and I accidentally stabbed someone with a pencil.
Wyntryx - Måned siden
kasuo is the man of my dreams how _dare_ you.
jay - Måned siden
10:26 my name is couch
CrazyDog - Måned siden
This will be in my nightmares
Delphi - Måned siden
t o u c h t h e b i d o o f
King Crimson
King Crimson - Måned siden
4:29 why is there a kid in the backround saying "10" and smacking his lips
Bush Baby
Bush Baby - Måned siden
Where the heck is the fan art?
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami - Måned siden
Arden - Måned siden
4:30 bruh am i hallucinating or did i hear '10'
l dog
l dog - Måned siden
20:58 is allsum
l dog
l dog - Måned siden
l dog
l dog - Måned siden
Skye_Teehee - Måned siden
*Breathes the farts of change cutely*
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami - Måned siden
Teehee *fits in teacup& *plays with tiny toes* Smewws wewwy good I hate myselfy-
Hurthling back-up
Hurthling back-up - Måned siden
0:58 kinda sounds like Dawko
Kenneth Chen Naijie Dun
Kenneth Chen Naijie Dun - Måned siden
who would like an illegal bomb that detonates on contact
*Sent by Window Delivery [ NOW WITH MORE FORCE WITH THROWING! ]*
Deido256 - Måned siden
uh... where is the fanart...?
kaka hannu
kaka hannu - Måned siden
Sorry to the girl in kindergarden who's ponytail i cut off.
Taylor McKenzie
Taylor McKenzie - Måned siden
Christian Reno
Christian Reno - Måned siden
Why was the audio so low
Bio wolf
Bio wolf - Måned siden
What was the fan art at the end
Andy_GirraffeMan - Måned siden
Who said ten?
A Fake Hetalian
A Fake Hetalian - Måned siden


Bet ya didnt expect the spanish inquisition!


You thought it was the spanish inquisition.


YIKES_It'sViolet - Måned siden
I don’t get that Minecraft joke I couldn’t tell what they were doing
Kade 1108
Kade 1108 - Måned siden
13:49 text to speech? Lol
The Burned Man
The Burned Man - Måned siden
Just some random guy With internet access
Why did dababy take so long to get a record deal?

He needed adult supervision
Billy Bob
Billy Bob - Måned siden
2:32 OMG that’s my son!
Callum Mightytree
Callum Mightytree - Måned siden
4:29 ???????
JuanmaRailgun - Måned siden
"4 exercises that will make your Veevee so tight it becomes a D guillotine "
My wife be like shut up and take my money.
Shriveled shrimp 69
Shriveled shrimp 69 - Måned siden
Wait I’m rich
Waffle in the Quarantine
Waffle in the Quarantine - Måned siden
Omg why are all the videos on youtube pre recorded honestly makes me mad its so selfish of the youtubers to not prerecord ugh
Mearbear 71
Mearbear 71 - Måned siden
6:17 Speed run
Mearbear 71
Mearbear 71 - Måned siden
I am so sorry
Mearbear 71
Mearbear 71 - Måned siden
Why I want to fisf fight god
Mearbear 71
Mearbear 71 - Måned siden
At least 9 inches like the normal size
Mearbear 71
Mearbear 71 - Måned siden
*dramatic inhale*
Mearbear 71
Mearbear 71 - Måned siden
Peepe planet
Nebula Saturn
Nebula Saturn - Måned siden
I like how he gave the potato an Irish accent
Kelvan Haley
Kelvan Haley - Måned siden
Deep Fried CapriSuns
Deep Fried CapriSuns - Måned siden
Aiden Maloney
Aiden Maloney - Måned siden
Did anyone hear someone say 10 at 4:31
Ashlyn Hicks
Ashlyn Hicks - Måned siden
7:57 it was recommended to me lol
PattTheGiraffe - Måned siden
at 7:00 I want to boop the nose
AR FiNESSE - Måned siden
Don't know if it was a joke but jake is (JAY-CUH) not jack
Meowbear Gaming
Meowbear Gaming - Måned siden
Spahki - Måned siden
Fun Fact: The origin of Wednesday is from Woden's day, or Odin's Day. Just like Thursday is Thor's day, and Friday is Frigg's Day, or Freya's Day, and Tuesday is Tiw's day, or Tyr's day. This is when the Norse named days end, Monday for the Moon, Sunday for the Sun, and Saturday for Saturn because apparently Romans like Saturn more like other planets. In any case, that's why they're spelled funny.
Angel Dark
Angel Dark - Måned siden
Where was the last fan contribution?
Angel Dark
Angel Dark - Måned siden
Kanye's blood cell chair has me rolling
Angel Dark
Angel Dark - Måned siden
So.... Definitely for the more musical instruments in political interviews.
Angel Dark
Angel Dark - Måned siden
Imagine: someone starts talking.. Trump uses slide whistle. Someone else gets trombone and just blows away his horrible headpiece.
Haley Haas
Haley Haas - Måned siden
Did anyone else panic when they heard "10!!!" Out of nowhere??
lisi_ sewell_12
lisi_ sewell_12 - Måned siden
At 7:13 that's Jimmy Donaldson
BecauseWhyNot XD
BecauseWhyNot XD - Måned siden
Pools are oversized pee collectors
SchläfrigKind - Måned siden