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mindlessgonzo - 7 dager siden
5:49 Ah, from the Carrie White Prom collection!
picitnew - 24 dager siden
Monoply, or the Landlord's Game, was actually created by a sosialist to show the problems with capitalism.
Lori W
Lori W - 26 dager siden
4:20 That actually says World War eleven. 🤣😂
Syneph - 26 dager siden
This is fake the cloak was a paid actor
Derpmuffin107 - 26 dager siden
1:53 where is the nazi symbol?
Edit: I am sorry if I sound stupid I only can recognize 1. I don’t know what any others would look like. I know there are some, but I have never seen them
Minnie_likes _anime
Minnie_likes _anime - 27 dager siden
The gucci belt is actually 15,000 baht
Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket - 27 dager siden
Remember Christina Perri's Song Jar of farts?
bruchpilot747 - 27 dager siden
0:00 Louis getting rid of all of the boxes his customers sent him
Jem Robertson
Jem Robertson - 27 dager siden
If the chair comes with the cat I’ll take it
Rang0 - 27 dager siden
I want cheese
Iced Vanilla Flavor
Iced Vanilla Flavor - 27 dager siden
Gamer Girl fart jar.
Eric Pinteralli
Eric Pinteralli - 27 dager siden
6:59 LOL
James Elliott
James Elliott - 27 dager siden
There is a pic of people divorcing and separating their beanie baby collections in front of a judge. It’s hilarious!
Brendan Williams
Brendan Williams - 27 dager siden
me watching at 9 pm: but why? why would you do that?
A_Person_YT - 27 dager siden
I would GLADLY buy that dollar even tho in not in the US so I cant use it XD
nikos ballas
nikos ballas - 27 dager siden
I hate to brake it to you and everyone else here Jack but that symbol you gawked at is not a nazi symbol. It's the German Iron cross. It was there before the nazi party and it's not anything deserving of hate. Please look stuff up more before thinking a military symbol from the late nineteenth century deserves hate.
skater - 28 dager siden
230 am... :)
Jay Train
Jay Train - 28 dager siden
The Hulkster signed the Declaration of Independance?
DraganGrazic - 28 dager siden
9:30 those are reTIREd rims not Tire rims.
s_lx - 28 dager siden
“Fart in a jar Martin”.
Valcateir - 28 dager siden
Just so y'all know that "Nazi symbols" are just german crosse's they have zero do to with the Nazi's
COLIN TOSH - 28 dager siden
Ive got some magic beans for sale if anyone is interested
Your Aussie God
Your Aussie God - 28 dager siden
I have the monopoly game
Real Person
Real Person - 28 dager siden
The mattress looks like someone was murdered on it
Gen Doll
Gen Doll - 28 dager siden
Is this channel monetized? I don’t see any ads?
Gabriel Aneal pack
Gabriel Aneal pack - 28 dager siden
The jar of farts is from Jacksonville Florida nuff said
Fidrina Vervelde
Fidrina Vervelde - 29 dager siden
The Gucci belt was 15000 thai bhat which is 475 usd
Fern S
Fern S - 29 dager siden
I don’t have any crack I a, sorry
Your local victorian lady
Your local victorian lady - 29 dager siden
Haha my dad has been wearing the invisible cloak for 10 years now
NUtt Chiaphanumas
NUtt Chiaphanumas - 29 dager siden
the gucci belt is not for 15000 bidcoin but it is 15000 baht a thai currency ( about 474 dollars ) not hating tho
Tranquillity - 29 dager siden
We need the old guy back this man sucks
DJStompZone - 29 dager siden
The Mitsubishi Galant was 100% the "crackheadiest" Craigslist post on this whole video, that one had me cracking up 🤣🤣
Goddess Satan
Goddess Satan - 29 dager siden
Adam Chivers
Adam Chivers - 29 dager siden
I actually got a Harry Potter cloak its a neat little toy that comes with an app code for your phone on one side of it the fabric is the pretty design from the movie the opposite side is the "magic" side thats a green screen basically when you look at it through the apps camera the green part somehow ends up seeing through it and you its been a while since I've used it but I think it's a camera trick where you take a pic of the area behind you its pretty useless but still neat lol
PikaChin - 29 dager siden
฿ actually stands for the Thai baht, not bitcoin. Which is very plausible considering there's Thai text in that listing. A quick Google search says that 15,000 Thai baht equals around 475 US dollars.
The bitcoin symbol has two lines instead of one that don't overlap with the B (₿) and the Wikipedia article for Bitcoin actually says "It is not to be confused with '฿' for Thai baht" BEFORE the first line.
I'm guessing the original poster made the initial mistake because it wouldn't be on r/Crackheadcraigslist otherwise.
Aidan Evans
Aidan Evans - 29 dager siden
i shop for ebay tech a lot cause i'm a fricking nerd and i always get so mad when BOX ONLY
Benjamin Houlton
Benjamin Houlton - 29 dager siden
"One fifty dollars".... R/TIHI
Alexander Jagd Asbøl
Alexander Jagd Asbøl - 29 dager siden
reading my comment
&C. - 29 dager siden
That gucci belt is actually priced in Baht. It's a Thai currency, and that price equals out to about USD475.
Mr Exclusion
Mr Exclusion - 29 dager siden
mixedtruth EQlies
mixedtruth EQlies - 29 dager siden
Kara Hilton
Kara Hilton - 29 dager siden
Hey, that modified Dorito is modern ART. Should have gone for $2k at least.
Neko Gami
Neko Gami - 29 dager siden
I just googled Beany Baby Pinchers and apparently it's real and worth between $3000 - $3500. I looked at the pics and the Pinchers in this video and the ones in the pics looked the same. So why is that one in the video? Am I missing something?
Most likely Unlikely
Most likely Unlikely - 29 dager siden
Dude I seriously do not see a Nazi symbol on that hot rod
Liggliluff - 29 dager siden
(10:45) That's Thai baht, were 15 000 THB is 474,08 USD
Liggliluff - 29 dager siden
(1:50) That cross is still used by the German army today.
But the SS-runes are not.
Big Lad Walter
Big Lad Walter - 29 dager siden
most of these are ironic lol
TheDark Dragon
TheDark Dragon - Måned siden
Ironicly, since vool is breathing, it's actually not that bad of material, allowing for some nice breathing room. However...that only goes for underwear, not sure about swimsuit lol
สิรวิชญ์ ท้วมผิวทอง
฿ mean Bath in thai
P_M LIFESTYLE - Måned siden
don't swear please God bless 🙏 Jesus loves y'all
Urith Rocio
Urith Rocio - Måned siden
Lol the thumbnail tho
Canation Frowver
Canation Frowver - Måned siden
10:50 its baht bruh
Dont r/woooosh me cuz im Thai
GavRaz - Måned siden
yet again we see Justin Y
Matthew food and dessert
Matthew food and dessert - Måned siden
That is not bitcoin it is thai baht when calculate the exchange rate it is 473.63 dollars.
pootis man
pootis man - Måned siden
liky and subriby
Gilad Shriki
Gilad Shriki - Måned siden
is the switch still avalible? XD
Re57k - Måned siden
10:51 isn't that Baht?
asfan amin
asfan amin - Måned siden
Haven’t you noticed? Its ww 11
Seilexfr - Måned siden
I get an add of a lamp in 2:09 lmao
suranart sonthiphakdi
suranart sonthiphakdi - Måned siden
That's not 15000$. It's 15000THB that's just only 500$.
maybe_i_am_a_duckhead - Måned siden
Looks like much much more then dookie smear.
A B - Måned siden
where did damien go?
Jc _batman
Jc _batman - Måned siden
I have disliked to get the likes and dislikes one step closer to 69 69
zapheil - Måned siden
2:04 Other than the leaves, that art actually seems pretty good, especially for a 10-year-old. $20 is too much, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody legit wanted it.
The General Populace
The General Populace - Måned siden
5:58 So,who's gonna tell him that crocheted bikini tops/swimwear is a thing that's existed for a hot minute?
The General Populace
The General Populace - Måned siden
2:24 Ha! I've seen a shitton of heart shaped potatoes. They're not even worth 75 cents,much less $75 (unless it's the magic potato of myth) . They are a bitch to peel.
Migulll - Måned siden
this was posted on my bday and it was going rlly great, this just made it skyrocket above a great day
seb's shenanigans
seb's shenanigans - Måned siden
The declaration of independence one looks like somethin me and my friends would do for shits and giggles or on a dare or somethin ngl
edit: a dare, sorry. maybe a date too, tho, idk
The Camo Crew
The Camo Crew - Måned siden
That car is good for 9-10k €
Sertesh Sardrakal
Sertesh Sardrakal - Måned siden
In case your wondering in some stores in canada 20$ for corn flakes is cheap. As to why its being sold on facebook in Edmonton no fucking clue the owner probably dug it out of a crackbin in whyte Ave or sumshit. Could be worse, could be a toilet roll for a 100$ in calgary.
Jamie Rogan
Jamie Rogan - Måned siden
You are my harameBAE 💖
janarthur Evalle
janarthur Evalle - Måned siden
1:54 Uh... those two are just the Iron cross and SS
Matthew Barker
Matthew Barker - Måned siden
Well. There goes my, F*CKING SLEEP!!!!
Romulan Phantom
Romulan Phantom - Måned siden
That's the best outro I've ever heard.
Jezebel Mei
Jezebel Mei - Måned siden
Fun fact: The original version of Monopoly was anti-capitalist
Madelyn Knudtson
Madelyn Knudtson - Måned siden
I actually have a rare beanie baby, but when I was little I ripped the tag off, so now its only worth childhood memories.
Jacob C
Jacob C - Måned siden
10:08 What about the girl in the picture?
DA GASEOUS NOOB - Måned siden
No Name
No Name - Måned siden
Keith no last name
Keith no last name - Måned siden
@7:36 whoops 4 am lol
Ben ชาวลุ่มบัว
The b stands for baht not bitcoin.
By baht I mean Thai baht,that is the money currency of Thailand.
1 dollar = 32 baht
Mimi - Måned siden
9:14 if it comes with the cat i'll buy it :3
Matthew Contreras
Matthew Contreras - Måned siden
Did you guys eat Damien?
Lillian Warmoth
Lillian Warmoth - Måned siden
Yes you spooked me lol
daniel miller
daniel miller - Måned siden
I have the exact same shaped heart potatoe sitting on the counter
Flappy Wolf
Flappy Wolf - Måned siden
i didnt see he simble
Mr_squid 133
Mr_squid 133 - Måned siden
I have already watch 10 EmKay videos today
Juan Delgado
Juan Delgado - Måned siden
2:41 looked like someone murdered a smurf
Woka Doka Dee
Woka Doka Dee - Måned siden
I bet some trans person would buy this
HappyGamer 4ever
HappyGamer 4ever - Måned siden
"Some small mark but barely visible"
Dloin - Måned siden
Sometimes i wonder how many people just list this kind of stuff just to trigger people.
Yellow Drone
Yellow Drone - Måned siden
My like button is black tho
Brood 11
Brood 11 - Måned siden
I clicked the like button before he said I could
Gibbous Mann
Gibbous Mann - Måned siden
3:20 it’s fart in a jar Marvin
n3x gamer
n3x gamer - Måned siden
7:01 a doctor wrote it I believe
Kaleesh Synth
Kaleesh Synth - Måned siden
I tried to sell my soul once.
Tactical Turtles
Tactical Turtles - Måned siden
6:05 I saw this a friends house once lol and I thought it was either a fake or a joke.
A Singular Brick
A Singular Brick - Måned siden
Day 22 of asking Jack to informally adopt me
Thebluemammott - Måned siden
He ki-kissed me
dragon44 fire
dragon44 fire - Måned siden
My name is Jack and I want to yack