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Super Fish
Super Fish - 14 dager siden
Yes this is a lot of idiots but that dog one is just sad like so sad
Aidan Nottke
Aidan Nottke - 19 dager siden
I honestly would love a human size hamster wheel
Jack's Ghost
Jack's Ghost - 21 dag siden
I watch these videos in the hopes there's something out there besides the famous Florida man which I am a Floridian and I honestly just love hearing about the crackhead shit people do ples do a reddit on Florida man
SOULTAKU 100% - 23 dager siden
Maruchan Instant Ramen is 36¢ at Walmart.
Sabrina 116
Sabrina 116 - 27 dager siden
I'd love to see Emkay cover some of the more off the wall crap Wish advertises! Those ads are something else
Cody Schoonover
Cody Schoonover - 27 dager siden
Turns out from my understanding “coke can collectors” have been known to pay 175k for a half empty unopened can because they are rare and a story of people in shock because she opened an empty unopened can they try to say is worth 20k. Just goes to show people will buy anything if it’s expensive
Cheyenne Bates
Cheyenne Bates - Måned siden
Holy shit haha. I live in Duluth, MN lakeside and I have seen that concrete pile on Craigslist and FB marketplace
dastardlyman - Måned siden
doggie rug my fave
multishipping trash
multishipping trash - Måned siden
5:28 LITERALLY crackhead craigslist lol
Twoleggedkumulava - Måned siden
These posts are just as retarded as this YouTube channel...
phantom killer087
phantom killer087 - Måned siden
0:09 And It’s from Florida *Claps my hands* I love This State!
Nonja Ninja
Nonja Ninja - Måned siden
That Mercury Capri was fairly dope though.
Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald - Måned siden
one thing i've learned is that most people in the USA are uneducated and can't spell at a grade two level.
Mr McDonald
Mr McDonald - Måned siden
3:25 and the guy couldn't even spell "Beavers" correctly.
Nicholas Mcintyre
Nicholas Mcintyre - Måned siden
I know someone who needs that Tacoma door!😱
Joseph Monty
Joseph Monty - Måned siden
No me gusta x video llamada
normal idiot
normal idiot - Måned siden
i wish i too could take a picture with my mouth
SCOTT POV - Måned siden
I’m on The
The Xbox
PC thing
John Roman
John Roman - Måned siden
Lasagna?? Baby?? Sound like pedo code.......
Tyler Oquinn
Tyler Oquinn - Måned siden
What happened to Damian
Tina Tina
Tina Tina - Måned siden
This is gold! I’m sending this to everyone for a good laugh of the day. Love it!
Jonathan C
Jonathan C - Måned siden
The rug ruined 2020
brian mosleyb
brian mosleyb - Måned siden
That Capri at the end is legit for sale near me in Michigan. Was built as a gambler car!!! Runs and drives apparently!
Quorothon - Måned siden
Jerry Boics
Jerry Boics - Måned siden
Please tell me the dog rug is fake.....
Shaw Roanheart
Shaw Roanheart - Måned siden
Oi, leave Montana out of this
upcoast - Måned siden
nothing like seeing local posts lol
Mikael Gibson
Mikael Gibson - Måned siden
DNB ONSET - Måned siden
7:44 im pretty sure that's ayahuasca. no idea why its just for men tho
Gaming lelopop
Gaming lelopop - Måned siden
Edsi shop owner: *makes mask for antimaskers*
Masks: *works like any other mask*
Edsi shop owner:I am 4 parallel universes ahead of everyone
donkmeister - Måned siden
7:50 having your deceased dog turned into a rug?! Seriously?! Grief can make you do strange things but bury the rug. Just... Bury the rug.
Aerial Productions Charlotte
EmKay is part of illuminati
Hayden Blanchard
Hayden Blanchard - Måned siden
What happened to the other guy? Like Damien or something? I miss him
Flowmaster925 - Måned siden
crackhead wax melter is fucking mint
Brittni Smith
Brittni Smith - Måned siden
The Post Office did used to ship children in the 1880s. Crazy, yes, but look into it. It's pretty interesting.
Edit: Not in boxes. Let me be clear on that. They didn't punch holes in a box and stick a baby in.
DONTctVT - Måned siden
that Toyota door is worth that much unfortunately
Storm SLW
Storm SLW - Måned siden
3:12 two issues with that idea 1 I live in Montana and B we have all the nukes not kidding Montana would have the fourth largest nuclear missile program in the world if we were independent
Hi Boigy
Hi Boigy - Måned siden
I’m from Montana and it’s so funny we are extremely useless
randallracer - Måned siden
I want those anti mask masks
XByFelipe - Måned siden
Dark Relaxation
Dark Relaxation - Måned siden
2:18 joe swanson????
smallengine co
smallengine co - Måned siden
6:11 I live in johnson city
Maiden Sapph
Maiden Sapph - Måned siden
you had a missed opportunity at 2:56 to point out that the tank said "MK" on it at the top (٥↼_↼)
ANTIFAMOUS - Måned siden
"Christian moms against public education" Misspelled beavers... Ironic.
yli - Måned siden
The first one sounded like a poem
Tess Fabled
Tess Fabled - Måned siden
Jetski guy was freaking amazing haha
Steven Nolen
Steven Nolen - Måned siden
Uhhhh who is this?
Reincarnated Laggylagoon13
Who the hell came up with the idea of selling me for 1 trillion 😡
Tower Times Gaming
Tower Times Gaming - Måned siden
12:42 don't worry bro. They're totally still primed.
Joseph stalin
Joseph stalin - Måned siden
4:32 that is an SCP
Joseph stalin
Joseph stalin - Måned siden
3:06 ITs NoT a TaNk
Demonslayer20111 - Måned siden
Why is a truck door on crackhead Craigslist. That's not crackhead that's a legit thing. Sometimes people need to replace doors. Or any other body panel for that matter
GloveGunner8 - Måned siden
I have that hand painting
Julian Konenc
Julian Konenc - Måned siden
12:43 is that saw 3s shotgun collar trap??????
andrew from PerfectFyfth
andrew from PerfectFyfth - Måned siden
I'm sorry
they tried to make a chair
Out of a Stratocaster wtf
Silvenium XIron
Silvenium XIron - Måned siden
Those dentures would actually fit where I'm missing my teeth. Eerily creepy.
Robin M Banks
Robin M Banks - Måned siden
Awesome name, man.
Silvenium XIron
Silvenium XIron - Måned siden
Honestly, that minivan-truck looks cool. Just seal the back up.
εὐφορία - Måned siden
Funny as it may seem the half-empty unopened can one although it seems expensive, really isn't. The collectors spend years trying to find cans that had production flaws, and they sell for a lot. Google "16 Of The Most Expensive Sodas You Can Buy" and be amazed
MrPendell - Måned siden
This is my first EmKay experience, as far as I can recall. Do all his videos look like they were actually edited by a crackhead? The rapidfire cutting from flashes of a full image too brief to be seen, over to tightly cropped zoom-ins of text so low res and pixellated as to be illegible, and over to some extraneous and irrelevant detail is jarring, frustrating, and annoying. I get that this may be tied to the theme here, but I'm definitely not a fan.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - Måned siden
"wax melter" that's a cooking rig for heroin you can build your own and just spend the money on more dope just bend a damn spoon that's what i did
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - Måned siden
where is the guy with the geese from i have land in FL an open field with a pond,i let people board horses and cows here why not geese?
seal pup
seal pup - Måned siden
My username on moshi monsters was crackhead917 because my monster had a crack in his head. I didn’t know ok?
Handsome Rat
Handsome Rat - Måned siden
My brain thought: Who da faque would sell perfectly good takis?
Me: Oh am dumb you can buy bags and bags of it with 50,000 dollars ._.
Pandemic4444 - Måned siden
Honestly, that thomas engine probably would make some kid very happy so long as he had supervision (might go too fast). Pretty good craftsmanship. Everything else is just a whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😂
Dumb Bike
Dumb Bike - Måned siden
5:33 Mood
itis me
itis me - Måned siden
the pic of the hands was in the cartoon "oggy and the cockroaches"
Nutella Cat
Nutella Cat - Måned siden
I feel like Emkay was made as a collab between a bunch of internet friends that met on reddit
lldankll - Måned siden
There's something oddly specific about that vinegar and bacon grease, that sounds like code for something.
Keyblade Master Strife
Keyblade Master Strife - Måned siden
Wont lie. id buy the last car
Tyler Martter
Tyler Martter - Måned siden
I thought ive seen it all till the fucking baby tires and its baby centipede sibling in the background
Dogeth - Måned siden
bruh, us Canadians don't go all "GIVE ME YOUR OIL" over beavers 3:28
zEscOOt - Måned siden
what with the editing i liked it with minimum editing
Balance Gaming
Balance Gaming - Måned siden
That painting of the hands , I have it in my house as well.
Audrina McSherry-Hensley
Audrina McSherry-Hensley - Måned siden
14 year old girls named Emily that listen to Billie Eilish and think they're depressed: OH MY GOD I SHOULD LIVE HERE
Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward - Måned siden
Those empty or half empty coke cans are actually very rare and worth alot of money, But not $100000+ try like $8000 or 10000
Nicholas Denholm
Nicholas Denholm - Måned siden
3:30 I am Canadian and I can confirm
Ur Mum
Ur Mum - Måned siden
They say Montana is useless but them bitches all came here when we could travel again
Rat Mouse
Rat Mouse - Måned siden
Timestamp: 00:45
I mean to be honest, the geese one is reasonable
Geese's diets does contain grass and they like to be on water
Man probably was tryna help some geese. They could have angel wing (from improper dieting.) and can't fly and things. Or just really tame.

Wonder how it ended up in crackhead craigslist but whateverrr, everything else pretty funny tho lol
Cody N
Cody N - Måned siden
You have literally the most annoying voice I have ever heard.
Coleoptera - Måned siden
0:01 It's nice that food delivery is becoming more and more common.
Am Jag
Am Jag - Måned siden
That hamster wheel will look good in basement for my "hamsters"
Haruka Woozworld
Haruka Woozworld - Måned siden
Fun fact: A manager manages stuff
SchienenNahverkehr FFM
SchienenNahverkehr FFM - Måned siden
That Prosin coat is a Winterjacket of the German Armed Forces...
Asylum 747
Asylum 747 - Måned siden
4:23 i think that is referencing Drew Gooden
bmzmuffin - Måned siden
This video was interrupted five times for ads. Jeez Louise
hungrig - skgsnymf
hungrig - skgsnymf - Måned siden
3:02 **miau**
Anonymous Goat
Anonymous Goat - Måned siden
3:12 I, living in montana, am offended by whoever made this post
Demdem Idk
Demdem Idk - Måned siden
The ps5 is just a binder with a controller spray painted white and blue
JLB Minestine
JLB Minestine - Måned siden
Birger Gillent
Birger Gillent - Måned siden
that with the two cups and bag is viagra puur form
Birger Gillent
Birger Gillent - Måned siden
isnt that a cartboard tank ?
Birger Gillent
Birger Gillent - Måned siden
my country they selling there mom haha
Bente Brækkan
Bente Brækkan - Måned siden
I got 3 whole chromebook ads in this video
Nightmare6900 - Måned siden
yo where the fuck is Damien , the real EmKay?
Richie Schneider
Richie Schneider - Måned siden
ExchangeaGlance - Måned siden
Oddly enough people pay stupid amounts of money for coke cans that are half full or empty without being opened lol
Ninja Wafflezz
Ninja Wafflezz - Måned siden
Ngl I would have loved that crappy Thomas the tank as a kid
Erin - Måned siden
that was not a wax melter ,,
Super Man
Super Man - Måned siden
Am I another thing you’d hang on your wall🥺