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Runtime: 16:23


EmKay - Måned siden
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Sayara Sansuly
Sayara Sansuly - Måned siden
kroocer - Måned siden
Lancer - Måned siden
Its not even a wallet
I Lick Jeans
I Lick Jeans - Måned siden
CyrusbabooO_o well honestly it’s just a cool Color, though it is kinda suspicious that everyone likes burnt titanium without exception.
Mochie Chan
Mochie Chan - Måned siden
IMLX H - Dag siden
Why am I not THAT surprised that someone was selling a haunted chest in Indianapolis?
Siggy Blind
Siggy Blind - 5 dager siden
FrogZ 296 GameZ
FrogZ 296 GameZ - 9 dager siden
But if you were to lose your wallet, you would have to either get it back somehow, or get a new credit card. Forgive me if I am wrong, I’m only ten.
Eric Shun
Eric Shun - 20 dager siden
Jesus autograph was 1 million 250 thousand dollars.
Jack Mckinlay
Jack Mckinlay - 24 dager siden
The jump from lexi’s commentary over the video compared to her commentary over the promotion, is like the normal spongebob meme. xD
Firmest Shrimp
Firmest Shrimp - 27 dager siden
I'm curious how legal blindness works
I've noticed you can't make out some images, but seem to do well with reading the ads. Do you wear glasses that help you read, but don't perform the same with images? Just intrigued and curious.
Jay_Playzz 9000
Jay_Playzz 9000 - 28 dager siden
Is lexi a boy or a girl?
Ashley Cantrell
Ashley Cantrell - Måned siden
says the chest doesnt open, but it looks open on the second pic....
Dean Semmy
Dean Semmy - Måned siden
I get a boost of serotonin every time Lexi (Lexie?) refers to themself as “she” 🥰🥰🥰 all the support angel! 🌈🏳️‍🌈💚
King Donut
King Donut - Måned siden
Lexi’s best line ever “I’m blind looks like a couch to me!”
crazer_ razer
crazer_ razer - Måned siden
Bob Walsh
Bob Walsh - Måned siden
4:42 dude. Regular cab means it has only the one bench seat (or two bucket seats) and two doors.
kaidousimp - Måned siden
I don't know why, but I feel Mettaton vibes from Lexi.
white UwUz
white UwUz - Måned siden
Your freaking voice chage I like the other one ;-;
Ryan LaVille
Ryan LaVille - Måned siden
tjat one juicy birb
tjat one juicy birb - Måned siden
Wait i thought you were a dude
extremely gay guy
extremely gay guy - Måned siden
No, shes trans
本田盾子 - Måned siden
Man, are you okay?
Leth Fuil
Leth Fuil - Måned siden
Cole - Måned siden
The number of tabs open on that phone browser at 11:41 is giving me anxiety
Emma Ritchie
Emma Ritchie - Måned siden
I usually skip over adds but Lexi made me happy👁👄👁
Violet Vulpix
Violet Vulpix - Måned siden
If you averaged out how many (human) murders each living person had committed, I wonder if each of us has has killed a fraction of a person, or an entire person. I guess it’d partially depend on what you do and don’t consider murder, but interesting to think about.
AuntieCreed - Måned siden
I love to collect these in my notifications and just watch them when I've had a weird day. These are too funny. And I love Lexi!!
Mango Potato
Mango Potato - Måned siden
What is it with emkay ridge ads and dads
Benry - Måned siden
not gonna lie, i kinda want that "3D puzzle for anatomy, biology, paleontology students"
SmexyHinata13 - Måned siden
Ads now know when we're forced to watch the entire thing....
Arcanine-Espeon - Måned siden
I have...so many questions about the tick baby...
Anyone just want to...idk, reply to this comment with your own questions so I can see if there's any question I haven't thought of yet?
Arcanine-Espeon - Måned siden
6:54 I'm really confused about what's wrong here. It looks off but I'm not sure why and I don't know why it's in this video.
Maggie Doodle
Maggie Doodle - Måned siden
That Ridge wallet looks like something that belongs on Crackhead Craigslist.
Paulzilla911 - Måned siden
Emkay your ad was too long it must be 5 seconds long
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - Måned siden
Oh sure, like Lexi's voice isn't annoying enough even with 3 ads interrupting, why NOT have them narrate a fucking sponsor as well!
lotuslyrik - Måned siden
i eat poo.
Zachbot50 - Måned siden
"What do you see in YOUR cheetos?"
*S T O N K S*
Red The Imposter
Red The Imposter - Måned siden
Wait you don't eat your burgers with child meat
Dio - Måned siden
hello I hae came too buy the bheese burger
Yovany97 - Måned siden
Title: pls don’t eat him
Me : and why not

I hungry for anything tbh
Zeal - Måned siden
A 2 minute advertisement?
..Getting out of hand.
Many of us go on YouTube to avoid this kind of stuff..
You're nearing the loss of my sub.
Anais Grace
Anais Grace - Måned siden
just skip the ad dude
Ginger McGingin
Ginger McGingin - Måned siden
MiniLad, is that you?
DaSavageFox 01
DaSavageFox 01 - Måned siden
god damn it another sponsor ship by those stupid wallets
Jmasterturbo2 - Måned siden
12:37 honestly, the ps2 alone makes it worth it
Skullcrusher - Måned siden
Corona isn't dangerous
extremely gay guy
extremely gay guy - Måned siden
Kevin Tube
Kevin Tube - Måned siden
Ridge wallet and raid shadow legends should have a showdown for most sponsors btw 10:14 1M 225 thousand
AceFireChris - Måned siden
I just got an ad about car insurance right after the broken down car was showed
Box_Bro! - Måned siden
I want some babyburgers with a side of toddler toe fries and Dr blood.
Baked Bean Cat-Chan
Baked Bean Cat-Chan - Måned siden
*baby go cronch*
Nyah Gotcha life
Nyah Gotcha life - Måned siden
1:10 that’s my dad’s house!?
Hell Kitten
Hell Kitten - Måned siden
Hi Lexi, I'm Lexi!
Lachs Kebap
Lachs Kebap - Måned siden
Dude i dont think its physically possible to make an ad in a yt video thats even one second longer
doomslayer the true one
doomslayer the true one - Måned siden
Wait are you a girl or a boy
doomslayer the true one
doomslayer the true one - Måned siden
@extremely gay guy only 1,000,000,000,000 deaths
extremely gay guy
extremely gay guy - Måned siden
Shes a trans girl, thats why her voice is deep
Ronin - Måned siden
*C H E E S E B U R G E R*
Sirius - Måned siden
Damn this ad read has stuff like "i personaly" and "my last 2 wallets" but I har the same persoanl stuff from evryone
NeviX - Måned siden
He talked about fucking wallet for straight 2 minutes
extremely gay guy
extremely gay guy - Måned siden
Hate to be that guy, but lexis actually a girl. Ik her voice is decieving, but shes a trans girl, so just use she/pronouns from now on!😊
Inocernty - Måned siden
psycho gaming
psycho gaming - Måned siden
Aah yes click bait
Jordan Green
Jordan Green - Måned siden
Tbh I need scuttles
Mahapralaya - Måned siden
Pumpkin Spice Spooder
Pumpkin Spice Spooder - Måned siden
Some of these are legitimately pretty interesting. If I had the know-how and materials, I probably would've loved to restore some of these cars.
Dimitri G.
Dimitri G. - Måned siden
Why was it a wallet full of south african money in the sponsor? Nice to see something familiar
Parker Green
Parker Green - Måned siden
You should the box spring twice
Parker Green
Parker Green - Måned siden
11:24 this guy's stupid
Parker Green
Parker Green - Måned siden
Lexi can't say "pp"?
Parker Green
Parker Green - Måned siden
3:33 to skip the annoying ad
Doggoo YT
Doggoo YT - Måned siden
Only one death? Rookie numbers, kid. Mine rocks 2.
Shadow Hunter
Shadow Hunter - Måned siden
3:34 is the end of the ad 😜😊
Drago11654 - Måned siden
0:51 dude that chest probably has a wasp hive in it or some thing
Kra Kraft
Kra Kraft - Måned siden
Just Carter
Just Carter - Måned siden
Is the cheese burger still for abortion?- I mean for sale.
Sentient Engine
Sentient Engine - Måned siden
Is....is the Ridge Wallet also a crackheadcraigslist item?
Estevan Iraids
Estevan Iraids - Måned siden
Ah yes, my favourite, 2 youtube qd breaks plus a 2 minute sponsor ad🙃😐
TB 123
TB 123 - Måned siden
I declare this a VIBE
TB 123
TB 123 - Måned siden
VIBE worthy
Aryssa Mansfield
Aryssa Mansfield - Måned siden
I wish we could tell which narrator it is on each video. I like all of them but for different reasons and different moods.
Blox Catxz
Blox Catxz - Måned siden
Ngl Lexi sounds like a sister of Damien.

Thats the longest ad i've ever seen, 2 minutes and 10 seconds long
Grape Nut
Grape Nut - Måned siden
It’s amazing to think that in this day and age a military rocket costs 1,750 dollars less than a Cheeto in the shape of a pp
Rex Jolles
Rex Jolles - Måned siden
Someone was selling a 1978 Chevy Nova sedan for 4476 on my local craigslist and they said" runs and drives brand new, interior could use work" that thing's paint was faded as hell, the headliner was hanging down, the seat was ripped, the hubcaps were missing ,the tires flat. Maybe like $1000 but nah
Yukari Akiyama
Yukari Akiyama - Måned siden
5 minute bloody ad
otter gaming3417
otter gaming3417 - Måned siden
Is lexy a guy
extremely gay guy
extremely gay guy - Måned siden
No, shes a trans girl, thats why she has a deep voice
Hossein Khoddam
Hossein Khoddam - Måned siden
ad? more like skip to 3:44
lou Angleman
lou Angleman - Måned siden
Is the ridge wallet edible?
depressed kirbo
depressed kirbo - Måned siden
that ridge wallet ad looked like an iPhone reveal
Ludae - Måned siden
ah yes, *o n l y o n e d e a t h*
Avalon of Babylon
Avalon of Babylon - Måned siden
15:32 parts?
A Stollery
A Stollery - Måned siden
I don't know about you but I love the smell of grinding off the skin on my knees thanks to the sand treadmill in the morning.
A Stollery
A Stollery - Måned siden
Is any body going to address the fact that cartoon IRONMAN is pointing directly at the crack in the screen?
kert väina
kert väina - Måned siden
13:13 kool means in my country school(estonia)
Misty Waters
Misty Waters - Måned siden
10:15 You're missing a word in there. It's not just 1,225 dollars...
ZachWilson - Måned siden
Lexi: "what's up sexy I'm Lexi"
Me: "stop playing"
Monroe the cat
Monroe the cat - Måned siden
I remember when Emkay was actually good! When Damien was here and THEY DIDNT GET USELESS SPONSORS! I've been here since 100,000 subs and I'm disappointed in what Emkay has come too.
JustConfused - Måned siden
the intro never fails to make me laugh
hi Lexi!
Meme Master69
Meme Master69 - Måned siden
Rip damien
ELUSIVE - Måned siden
whyyyy the baby in the thumbnail looked cute
Codezz - Måned siden
When did EmKay become a bunch of sell-outs?
Hawk Talon
Hawk Talon - Måned siden
I'm not sure, honestly.
Person Person
Person Person - Måned siden
Mia Mendes
Mia Mendes - Måned siden
Jacktheclone13 - Måned siden
In Australia most people call McDonald’s maccas for short.
YokotheIdiotツ - Måned siden
why do I wanna buy the pigeon
kroocer - Måned siden
I want zack and damien back
Rylie Saxby
Rylie Saxby - Måned siden
the pigeon, if it really can't fly, can't be released into the wild and the seller may not be able to care for it, so giving it to someone who can care for pigeon, is the best thing for it
B Brendan
B Brendan - Måned siden
7:30 Sometimes it barks, that’s because it’s bilingual.
Larry - Måned siden
I love how lexi calls everybody sexy at the start of the videos