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Runtime: 15:19


Robert Kilbon
Robert Kilbon - 2 dager siden
EmKay -Lexi= d3pr355i0n
Fire is nice
Fire is nice - 9 dager siden
Corner couch to give away. Corner couch sofa couch. To give away | here 2:06
Kitsune Queen
Kitsune Queen - 22 dager siden
3:05. Im from Jersey.. Im an IRISH-ITALIAN
DrinkGameRepeat - 24 dager siden
When your literal neighbourhood is mentioned in an Emkay video
Small Aqautics
Small Aqautics - 27 dager siden
Mmmmmmmmm I like my tranchalas crunchy!!!!
daniel LEVY
daniel LEVY - 28 dager siden
The poopy guy is fascinating
bellzack longwang
bellzack longwang - 29 dager siden
Does Anyone else just not fuck with this lexi dude
EPOC 16 - Måned siden
I want a sqwallet now. I never knew I needed it but... I do.
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY - Måned siden
2:00 he really called the 80yo dude a dumbass?
Cody Gladue
Cody Gladue - Måned siden
cant imagine the look on the cashiers face when pulling out a sqwallet and taking out your debit card to pay lmfao
Meniacal Jedi
Meniacal Jedi - Måned siden
Im a 1/4 Irish and from Philly so you should send me that Italian gaybirds email... Id like to smack him around like his daddy should've!!!
Gonun - Måned siden
I'd totally buy that car and a squallet.
Cody N
Cody N - Måned siden
Dang you try to hard
Dan Gabriel
Dan Gabriel - Måned siden
i thought the last post was reffering to a watch, not drugs. ahem okay then
Amanda Scanlon
Amanda Scanlon - Måned siden
Jeep front O|||||O
DAR4WAR - Måned siden
You sound exactly like tofuu but I haven’t watched him in 2 years
Cordelia H
Cordelia H - Måned siden
9:09 lol
Cordelia H
Cordelia H - Måned siden
7:32 emkay.exe fail finger toe
Ellen Campbell
Ellen Campbell - Måned siden
3:34 should go in that new Rolex ad.
Danny Dorito 101
Danny Dorito 101 - Måned siden
What is the fake cyber truck looks better than the actual one
Epic Trex4000
Epic Trex4000 - Måned siden
I was eating while looking at the sqwallets...

i regret everything
Joyce De La Rosa
Joyce De La Rosa - Måned siden
hahahaha, i'd get one of those squallets to put my weed stash, papers, grinder and other smoking shit lmao
CONNOR ANCEL - Måned siden
Schrader - Måned siden
Don't you keep track of what you used in videos before? The deer leg "numb" chucks definitely appeared before.
Tris Achermann
Tris Achermann - Måned siden
I live in the same county as the sqwallet person and they had an ad on the local county facebook page.. a lot of mixed views.
Country Boy
Country Boy - Måned siden
Uhh, Nevada city is a real town in California
Overcomecross98 - Måned siden
I live 15 min away from camp hill pa thats where my orthodontist is
real name
real name - Måned siden
Pixel Planets
Pixel Planets - Måned siden
*WoLFie* - Måned siden
5:11 why does lexi's voice sound so innocent and darn right cute?
Bird03 - Måned siden
2:04 at least it’s for free so... I’ll take three
Hinahon - Måned siden
I was eating then suddenly, Septic Tank Guy appeared like a wild Pokemon. Can someone give me some bleach for my eyeballs? Thx
Asmodeus - Måned siden
I'M SEXY never mind I would like to die
piedthepiper - Måned siden
2:13 porn has to be filmed somewhere
Eboni Mom
Eboni Mom - Måned siden
I was eating before 3:27 and now I'm not. Good news is my dogs got to eat the rest of the pizza rolls tho.
Man With A Gun
Man With A Gun - Måned siden
DOG?!?! What dog? im leagely blind 😂😂
your local idiot
your local idiot - Måned siden
AC compressor: a bit weathered but ok
Lexie: *zooms out*
DogeYT RBLX - Måned siden
5:22 I'll buy it and deliver it to Peta
Sapphy - Måned siden
3:04 last name starts with "Mc".... Irish.... fight.... hmmmm *cough* Sean McLoughlin *cough* (aka jacksepticeye)
Vidonicle - Måned siden
Leth Fuil
Leth Fuil - Måned siden
If we had a septic tank, I would gladly rent it to the septic tank guy.
150 per hour, or 500 per month! For 600 I'd guarantee to use it at least 3 times the month when he's in (if interested).
The farm equipment files
The farm equipment files - Måned siden
She didn’t need to see sqwallets
resiprocity - Måned siden
Oh no.....
GameBar - Måned siden
“What’s up Lexi I’m sexy!”
I recommend :)
Vampyr Vids
Vampyr Vids - Måned siden
Where are the comments?

Guess they are here
PIXELZ - Måned siden
EmKay: * Pronounces Nevada "Ne-vah-dah" *
Me, a Nevadan: *Well yes but actually no-*
MegaAstroFan18 - Måned siden
Hey Lexi, I'm Sexy
[good channel name]
[good channel name] - Måned siden
Ngl would buy that cybertruck
Pennywise the Dancing Clown!
Emkay[👌]'s arch enemy...
•QuinnTea• UwU
•QuinnTea• UwU - Måned siden

Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - Måned siden
Female, transgender
LegOfSnake - Måned siden
apparently, nevada city, CA is real... i learn something new everyday... and i live in CA (for 18 years and counting)... wtf
Fish - Måned siden
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Fire Creeper
Fire Creeper - Måned siden
Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews - Måned siden
I will totally go look for the drone cause I live near there I don't know how I haven't seen that post yet . Lol
Kels - Måned siden
9:39 its the Flintstone car-
I need it-
Leon Wright
Leon Wright - Måned siden
this guys voice hurts my soul. He sounds like he has a blocked noise. bring back jack
Leon Wright
Leon Wright - Måned siden
Just some Random Banana With internet access Really? I thought it was a dude😂
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
Lexi is a girl
That Guy
That Guy - Måned siden
In the name of the father and tha son and the.. WAANNHH
T. M
T. M - Måned siden
My name is Jack
And I do crack
It’s as simple as that
Oofinity Gaming
Oofinity Gaming - Måned siden
Lexi didn't say no homo
burby_99 - Måned siden
Damn bro you sound like you're holding your nose together and trying not to have a high-pitched voice because of that but terribly failed
Deviation - Måned siden
I’m from Killeen Texas and I can agree that my toes Do not look like that, yesn’t
Doot Gang
Doot Gang - Måned siden
Only true ogs remember Damien
Avery DuPont
Avery DuPont - Måned siden
bruh sqwirrels are freaking delicious they taste like chicken
M. W.
M. W. - Måned siden
Some german for you: "Zu verschenken" means for free, so someone was giving that couch away.
водка - Måned siden
This narrator is so upbeat and fun I love it in my opinion they are tied with Damian for best narrator
Josh Myers
Josh Myers - Måned siden
1:08 same here
Cass ¿
Cass ¿ - Måned siden
5:39 that's more of a squencil case than a sqwallet imo
Daniel Lagounov
Daniel Lagounov - Måned siden
Whats up sexy, im lexie

never felt so loved and happy in my life
Daniel Lagounov
Daniel Lagounov - Måned siden
i like how the car in the thumbnail is 10x more expensive than the top model tesla cybertruck
562 shoota
562 shoota - Måned siden
Wait what happend to emkay I haven't been here in a while
Isaac Lyon
Isaac Lyon - Måned siden
Lexie sounds like the voice actor for Bill Cypher before adding voice effects.
BB ?
BB ? - Måned siden
“Dog? What dog? I don’t see a dog. I’m legally blind!”

AWD__MIKEee Gaming
AWD__MIKEee Gaming - Måned siden
wgere did dameian go?
Crypto Kaotic
Crypto Kaotic - Måned siden
Why did my city have to be on here, why
TheChilledLiquidSoul - Måned siden
3:27 ruined my spaghetti 🍝
Leah Skelnik
Leah Skelnik - Måned siden
When I saw the " Sqwallets" I screeched " wHAT iN tHE fRESh TIdDIES dID I juST seE?
taters - Måned siden
id buy a sqwallet
FzN Ghost
FzN Ghost - Måned siden
Why was that WAHHHHH so amazing and good??
The Courier 06
The Courier 06 - Måned siden
You know I thought I've seen weird stuff made of animals cuz I live in Alabama but then I saw the squirrel wallet
LegoMasterKyle 101
LegoMasterKyle 101 - Måned siden
I genuinely need a sqwallet
I love my cat
I love my cat - Måned siden
Dont stop... the intro is good...
saira Banano
saira Banano - Måned siden
2:05 it says its a give away

(i would trow it away,but its not my business, im just a dog)
Katrina Brown
Katrina Brown - Måned siden
Lexi: *is narrating*.
Me: *Vietnam like flashbacks*.
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora - Måned siden
As someone who was born and raised in California, I am triggered that you mispronounced “Neh-va-duh”
Random Variety Gaming
Random Variety Gaming - Måned siden
1:43 what's the difference?
Lydia Gibson
Lydia Gibson - Måned siden
Is it just me or did the toe nail compressor one happen twice
Green shark
Green shark - Måned siden
9:58 Everything is a dildo if you're brave enough
Squadey - Måned siden
Cursed. B L U R S E D
axzggji - Måned siden
3:34 scp 106 breached out containment
Mr Fancy Fedora
Mr Fancy Fedora - Måned siden
0:00 AC and the beast
Cirno 9
Cirno 9 - Måned siden
That couch with german text says - gift for free - so people giving it away for free
Mr. Bees
Mr. Bees - Måned siden
Ya put the ac compressor one twice
Fattest ass in the cabinet
4:16 *Is that a memeulous profile picture I spot?*
Sammy Muhafiz • 9 years ago
The host voice for today sounds nice.
VisedSquirrel51 - Måned siden
Ummm squallets?

Im sueing
Sharp Shooter69
Sharp Shooter69 - Måned siden
"Budget Tesla cybertruck" its more expensive than the cybertruck, and the cybertruck is the cheapest Tesla car
Fishy - Måned siden
You realize that professional cuddling is a high paid job and it does count as therapy but you normally don't just make a post for one
josh b
josh b - Måned siden
Low key the sqwallets are kinda sick
Makoto Yuki
Makoto Yuki - Måned siden
1:40 his name is cheeseburger
Alexis Barrientos
Alexis Barrientos - Måned siden
4:59 Lexi: Nevada City, CA.
Me, an intelectual: *S H O U N E N*
Dark gamer mobile
Dark gamer mobile - Måned siden
Avery Fagan
Avery Fagan - Måned siden
Yo I am from Nevada city, if you want a sqwallet I got you for the low