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Robert Kilbon
Robert Kilbon - 5 timer siden
3:33 pretty sure the sign on the left is "no climbing!"
BlueG - Dag siden
14:10 i have that :< also the wifi thing is the connector of the microscope
Cqptainbear - 4 dager siden
Hameleosha De Hoga
Hameleosha De Hoga - 6 dager siden
3:17 oh shit oh fuck they are selling ME
The first half of my name is hame, and many people called me that without spelling my full name, they called me HAME, dude! IT WAS ALL THEIR PLAN!!! THEY ARE TRYING TO KIDNAP ME PLEASE HELP
Jynxedlove - 8 dager siden
I have dysatunomia, and the mask is great as long as I have one with a fan. I kept telling people to just use one like that, but nearly a year later even with the fan I can get faint. I nearly passed out at my doctor's wearing my mask. He looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if I could take it off once we got into the patient room and of course said yes.
I've not always been wearing it since when I start feeling faint, and I've found that if you aren't a bitch about it, chances are people won't even ask.
GhostBear3067 - 19 dager siden
09:26- I had one just like that growing up and I loved it, named it after one of my Dad's uncles.
Logan Hval
Logan Hval - 20 dager siden
I think the store be sellin hames
Codename: 'Fett'
Codename: 'Fett' - 20 dager siden
3:40 it says no earth throwing
Hristo Dimitrov
Hristo Dimitrov - 23 dager siden
4:00 Ok so I guess nobody is going to point out the arrangement of [G] [1] [19] [2] ?
Lily Bunnell
Lily Bunnell - 24 dager siden
The cover is correct the side notes are for people born and raised in England while the button is for American.
Gaara Is overpowered
Gaara Is overpowered - 24 dager siden
9:45 it’s safe haven accommodation
Falyn DeBord
Falyn DeBord - 25 dager siden
Safe Haven
Mrsolid&friends 2
Mrsolid&friends 2 - 26 dager siden
6:10 * me goes to touch it *
5 sec later: music starts
Me: oh shiz I started a boss fight
Mrsolid&friends 2
Mrsolid&friends 2 - 26 dager siden
I thought it said rood copper news
Stupid Rat
Stupid Rat - 26 dager siden
11:50 wisconson and minnesota gender swap episode
an average artist.
an average artist. - 26 dager siden
Oh ok. That just happened. Why do you know about that site.
Sootxrs - 27 dager siden
Right as Robin said to look at a LEGO manual, i finished a LEGO set, how coincidentally
Michael Ewis
Michael Ewis - 28 dager siden
It says ham e-store its where you pickup the ham you bought online
Ravenna's Rodents
Ravenna's Rodents - 29 dager siden
3:29 "SCP-096 is no longer allowed to windsurf"
emperor palpatine
emperor palpatine - Dag siden
He be kinda thic tho
Endertronic inc.
Endertronic inc. - 29 dager siden
9:25 Holy Scrap I had that same exact dino toy as a kid growing up. Glad to know it wasn't just me getting the WTF-asaurus.
Kelpy G Alternate Universe
I don’t have any problem with wearing a mask (apart from when it gets weak and goes into my mouth, effectively water boarding me) I just think it’s kinda strange that here in Arizona it’s around like 95-115 degrees Fahrenheit, yet people still make you wear masks when you are in a low populated area in temperatures high enough to delay or kill viruses pretty damn fast.

Also people wearing masks in a car alone. I don’t understand it and I don’t think I want to.
Muzaffer Heriezie
Muzaffer Heriezie - Måned siden
I can read it
Chance Welsh
Chance Welsh - Måned siden
That bathroom against the wall one. Ours is bad. It is right by the sink facing it. I have to pee on the side of toilet and when I poop my knees are under sink. I am 6'2" so yeah
Leo Seiko
Leo Seiko - Måned siden
If you are ever suffering from paranoia remember
I'm always there with you
Zhadow Storm Gaming
Zhadow Storm Gaming - Måned siden
In Sweden, the ground floor is called Entréplan (Entrance level, shortened E) in some buildings, and the second floor is always 2
Clueless box
Clueless box - Måned siden
me losing brain cells watching this: do you are have stupid
Kylie The Little Spider-Man Girl
14:32 It’s Popeye
Madao - Måned siden
4:29 A person with red-green color blindness made that... Their red-green color receptors are overlapping, making everything with vaguely red or green colors seem like various shades of yellow or brown.
My guess is that they wanted to make it red, but, since they are woefully incapable of telling the difference between red and green and yellow, they ended up with yellow. xD
Keigo Takami
Keigo Takami - Måned siden
It was safe haven
sandra1328 - Måned siden
14:36 It's supposed to be Popeye.
Wheat Eater
Wheat Eater - Måned siden
10:10 they censored "these"
Igor Jarota
Igor Jarota - Måned siden
3:10 it's a slab car, lemmie copy the definition from the wiki:
"Slabs" are a popular type of custom cars that originated in Houston, Texas. The name is said to be an acronym for "slow, loud, and bangin'." Iconic elbow wheels, high-gloss candy paint, and over-the-top stereo systems set these cars apart in the world of custom automobiles.
No need to thank me
Doug Brown
Doug Brown - Måned siden
AJ Steynberg
AJ Steynberg - Måned siden
The signs at the beach... The one on the left is litteral a tribal cave painting style. I wouldn't be surprised if they literally just copy pasted it
Elias Bischoff
Elias Bischoff - Måned siden
3:38 No wind surfing for escaped SCPs on this beach
Happyfloydgaming - Måned siden
2:16 he's happy ice cream.
David Johnston
David Johnston - Måned siden
The reason for the alternate labels on one elevator panel is because it was apparently an elevator made for Britain but being used in the United States where the the conventions for the naming of building floors are different.
MrNerd3.14 - Måned siden
lol 10:26
njinlover 2
njinlover 2 - Måned siden
9:44 safe haven accommodation
chubbyillusionist - Måned siden
11:13 Reminds me of Joshua and The Promised Land.
Sylven Van wanrooij
Sylven Van wanrooij - Måned siden
3:15 they are selling hamestors
Sam Lindeboom
Sam Lindeboom - Måned siden
That building is from a console edition world
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - Måned siden
zapthebird - Måned siden
1:37 I thought the crappy design was that it looked like a terrifying eyeball but apparently not
Jessiblob Arts
Jessiblob Arts - Måned siden
You said bad dragon,, now the comments are full of furries... Well done
MII KittyUwU
MII KittyUwU - Måned siden
9:42 says "Safe Heaven"

idk how i read you that ._.
AoiHoshiHime - Måned siden
I am french, and what is written at 9:50 is just google translate kind of bad. It litterally says "avoid contact close" and "avoid crowd of places", which is not good in english either so I'm guessing they translated from this arabic looking language...
Ahmed Ex1
Ahmed Ex1 - Måned siden
9:55 this is a normal "wear a face mask" sign but obviously you saw the picture and the word in the middle means "avoid calling" (as in phone calls or connecting) which is a bit weird but at least they tried :/
Death Kitsune68
Death Kitsune68 - Måned siden
i mean spiderman did canonically try to join the justice league once soooo......technically true????
Froggie Frog
Froggie Frog - Måned siden
I think they ment ground floor then first like how they do it in the land down under Australia
Peter Kennedy
Peter Kennedy - Måned siden
3:17 they be selling Hames I think
Connor Tatertot
Connor Tatertot - Måned siden
3:14 hame: One of two curved wooden or metal pieces of a harness, usually padded, that form a collar around the neck of a draft animal and to which the traces are attached.
Angels Fall
Angels Fall - Måned siden
I think the "love wins" shirt is so infuriating because they are wearing their masks wrong
Trickpants - Måned siden
10:51 I swear to god, I thought the shadow was a dog pushing a stroller.
Sleepy stranger
Sleepy stranger - Måned siden
as a programmer the thumbnail image doesnt hurt
Øne - Måned siden
7:07 Romania
Liggliluff - Måned siden
(14:20) _> "And it has games the others don't"_
That makes no sense for a computer. Unless you've built your own architecture and OS, but I highly doubt that.
Liggliluff - Måned siden
(3:45) That's what happens when you import buttons from Europe for America.
Chiang Edison 江鴻霆
Chiang Edison 江鴻霆 - Måned siden
Ok I’m confused why the imagine of the video is a bad design? Like many countries use ground floor but then many don’t do it’s kinda like clarification
Miranda Tucker
Miranda Tucker - Måned siden
10:16 He really did ignore that Charlee Brown and friends were wearing their mask under there nose. That was the crappy design. I really hope you wear your mask in public properly sir.
Vincent Van Ghool
Vincent Van Ghool - Måned siden
That....that was a reference to Big...
berfranper - Måned siden
The elevator one may not be a design flaw. Depending on where you live, buildings may have a different name for the ground level floor and the first floor is the next one. Where I live, ground level is either floor zero or the first character of the word for ground level in my language. In my apartment building the ground bevel is floor 0. Same for basements, it is either a negative number or the first character for the word basement followed by a number.
DogeTheDoggo - Måned siden
Me: wait it's all Trump?
Other person: always has been
Other person: *proceeds to shoot gun*
swon swon jj
swon swon jj - Måned siden
I'm not trying to change anyone's ideas on masks but I'm 13 and I can't breath with a mask on with my asthma and other breathing problems........ nothing against people who wear masks😊
hanna laredo
hanna laredo - Måned siden
10:22 cute idea but they all wearing masks under their noses soo...
Tom Isaac Ayto
Tom Isaac Ayto - Måned siden
10:04 that means "avoid straight contacts"
Ik I'm confused too
Will Haines
Will Haines - Måned siden
Xai hue biao biao bei fenig Xiao xiao
furry trash
furry trash - Måned siden
in the bigining its mister king dice a fan song from cuphead
ItzLeMehNina - Måned siden
6:01 this machine is creepy, and actually I think it's placed somewhere in poland or smth
Hilbrand van der veen
Hilbrand van der veen - Måned siden
Srore is selling ham
Quentin Bry
Quentin Bry - Måned siden
9:48 avoid narrow contact / avoid the crowd of the places. Even the french writing on this sign doesn't make sense
PHO3N1X - Måned siden
10:12 why was the BRR on "these" and the censorship on "F-ers"
I guess it fits the "crappydesign" theme.
Audrey AT
Audrey AT - Måned siden
Woohoo Colorado on the train to cleanliness
InnSewerAnts - Måned siden
No windsurfing for tall grey aliens
Tauriel of Mirkwood
Tauriel of Mirkwood - Måned siden
7:09 It's actually in Romania. And it's not even the creepiest thing in the playground.
Chjíp Chjóp
Chjíp Chjóp - Måned siden
0:21 what is that song? ive been looking all over the internet and i cant find it
Juliet Gauthier
Juliet Gauthier - Måned siden
That one moment when an add is loading and you see your reflection in the black screen:
The Mitten Fire Show
The Mitten Fire Show - Måned siden
Brackwen - Måned siden
14:11 I was NOT expecting esports in my EmKay video... and that's even from the exact League I watch. Huh. Fap Well, Jactroll.
فاز قنطارا
فاز قنطارا - Måned siden
Minecraft player when they make a building: 0:53
Tyler Heckmann
Tyler Heckmann - Måned siden
You should make merch it would look cool
Link The Fox
Link The Fox - Måned siden
Karen: *puts half a can of hairspray on her hair*
Also Karen: i HaVE a BReAtHInG pRObLeM i CaNt wEAr MaSks
Allie _ LinkDaWolf
Allie _ LinkDaWolf - Måned siden
3:30 it’s dame tu cosita
MortalMilka - Måned siden
"Where in russia is this?" Most likely in Hungary or Romania .
Lars Pyatkevich
Lars Pyatkevich - Måned siden
Do r/ihadastroke
Faris Hammouri
Faris Hammouri - Måned siden
Goodbye Xycron
Bayporwave - Måned siden
The dog figurine looks like the dog from Toy Story
WashashoreProd - Måned siden
6:20 I gotta say, regardless of the accuracy of the numbers, I really would prefer to have as little plutonium as possible in any clothing I'm wearing.
Samantha Rickey
Samantha Rickey - Måned siden
10:11 I see you played in on the bad design thing by editing the noise in the wrong spot. these is - oh sorry - th*se is censored instead of motherfuckers.
platty - Måned siden
3:25 It’s kite surfing. It actually makes sense if you’re familiar with the sport.
Microbees. That’s awesome.
Dvirus - Måned siden
So on that elevator one: in certain places, one elevator can only access certain floors like the odd/even floors because of how many floors the building has in total. The first 3 floor are usually connected with all elevators because they are important floors.
Richard Arriaga
Richard Arriaga - Måned siden
"Love wins" shirt should be crosslisted in r/facepalm since the noses are uncovered.
Pirati Edits
Pirati Edits - Måned siden
If u look at the donold duck see saw, the eye lids have pupils
Cyn - Måned siden
I'm gonna guess European elevator in American company for the thumbnail.
viktoria k
viktoria k - Måned siden
It seems like the elevator buttons were more of a American vs. Britsh thing rather then bad design.
k.h.production 22669
k.h.production 22669 - Måned siden
For anyone who couldn't read it, it's supposed to say "Safe Haven"
Levi Popken-Webb
Levi Popken-Webb - Måned siden
the make up chair
the make up chair - Måned siden
the accessibility symbol is kind of a crappy design in the first place it look more like a person on a bean bag then in a wheelchair
Levi Popken-Webb
Levi Popken-Webb - Måned siden
Oh no
E Robinson
E Robinson - Måned siden
10:52 I have stopped at a State Information center that had this sign or this is it. There is a short hallway on each side that has the restrooms. That also connected into the center.
Enter the door from outside. Then the hallway had men's and women's restroom doors. The restroom had doors on the other side that connected to another short hallway.
So you can enter from one side and exit the same or the other side. And then from either way continue through another door into the center or go back outside.