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Jon The Hyena
Jon The Hyena - 6 dager siden
Thumbnail Gate: You need your fire Gym Badge to get through!
Mr. V
Mr. V - 16 dager siden
10:18 actually, make that two demons, seriously why is the fish so huge
First Last
First Last - 26 dager siden

what i read: d i x i e
Poes Kloes
Poes Kloes - 27 dager siden
6:25 it's dutch for "the kids from the bijenkorf school are letting you know: watch out, we cross the road here".

What occured to me is that the o with the - in it looks like the Type O Negative logo. Which i think is pretty cool even if it wasn't planned
heddja - 27 dager siden
that ghost in the book thing seriously made me laugh so hard jfc my humor is so shit
plok_101 - Måned siden
i have the same dino beach ball
An Anonymous YouTube User
An Anonymous YouTube User - Måned siden
Plot twist: the 8:37 jeans arrived clean
An Anonymous YouTube User
An Anonymous YouTube User - Måned siden
6:50 I think the fail is the way the cat’s looking, I’m not sure if he got that
NightMayor The
NightMayor The - Måned siden
Yeah cool but why you sound like Alf?
Short Stack Studios 451
Short Stack Studios 451 - Måned siden
Maximum effort.
Luis does the Youtube
Luis does the Youtube - Måned siden
Here at Aperture science, we fire the whole bullet
Thats 65% more bullet per bullet.
BrennoC - Måned siden
8:34 Are you joking or you really noticed the Mistake but not the Shift Key right next to it?
Trayvon Collins
Trayvon Collins - Måned siden
Maybe there are land mines around the gate.
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla - Måned siden
6:45 all gift wrap ever looks like that tho
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla - Måned siden
4:23 Despite the obvious flaw, that is the CUTEST lamp i have ever seen
Wasteland Gypsy
Wasteland Gypsy - Måned siden
3:58 the magnifying glass is looking for who asked.
Andrew Gruffudd
Andrew Gruffudd - Måned siden
The "topf" thingy is a thing. My parents used to have a thing called a rumtopf, whereby they'd put fruit in this lidded jar for it to ferment, and they would then be able to pour out some alcoholic confection or other. I'm not overly familiar with it, because my tipple is Irish Cream, but it's all the rage in Austria, Germany and Denmark, apparently.
Yun Xie
Yun Xie - Måned siden
The supernatual also need jobs.
I eat CEREAL!!!
I eat CEREAL!!! - Måned siden
Eat your cereal
yugi4000 - Måned siden
as a dutch person let me set you on the right track for 6:30 it says in english : watch out, we are crossing. at the top it says: children at the elementary school and bijenkorf (its a dutch store) want to let you know.
Patrik Samu
Patrik Samu - Måned siden
2:43 That is wrote Hungarian and means The ecclesiastic abbey and press house. I never get bored searching for these
G00b3r B0y
G00b3r B0y - Måned siden
The one with the level difficulty thing probably has stricter timing on hard compared to easy mode
Kay twy
Kay twy - Måned siden
1:20 we fire the whole bullet that's 60% more bullet per bullet
Gabriel Schalk
Gabriel Schalk - Måned siden
5:11 i am German and i totally get this sign.... xD
quicksilver b
quicksilver b - Måned siden
4:03 .. I would totally buy those in all kinds of colors. At least they are made that way. Tired of having mine surprise ruined.
eles keletitto
eles keletitto - Måned siden
1:18 plus we fire the whole bullet that's 65%more bullet

Like ir u got the reference
hellcat64 - Måned siden
Gate in thumbnail, you can walk around that. Resident evil - "blocks with malicious intent for puzzel" you wana try little man
Aze - 2 måneder siden
8:00 that’s not gonna get people to download. If they want want people to care about the app, give a good complete story so we’ll be interested to see what else there is. Cliffhangers like that will just piss people off
scott mcketsy
scott mcketsy - 2 måneder siden
Let it gru
Snow-Leopard 5000
Snow-Leopard 5000 - 2 måneder siden
3:58 oh no that's....that's a Romanian textbook-
Oh no we're dumb-
Perses Alpha
Perses Alpha - 2 måneder siden
Imagine having that car with the blood paint, and joking with your family that your going to jail and how you ran somebody over and they call the police on you.
Jaxon Cooper
Jaxon Cooper - 2 måneder siden
You bum bum I live in Australia mate and I do sound like this
Lepsi - 2 måneder siden
I literally just heard you in a rise of kingdoms ad
Rosie Fay
Rosie Fay - 2 måneder siden
0:01 You're rather pernickety about Dora's skin colour! It's not as if she's Indian or black.
4:12 Then add some spaces at the ends of lines.
6:36 Who's this for? People who accuse their companions of stabbing them?
8:34 There it is, below Return and above End. There'll probably be a left shift key, too. I agree that the design is crappy. Keyboards with the cursor keys separate from the main keypad are cheap enough, it's crappy to compromise here.
Lightnature15 - 2 måneder siden
6:24 Don't know if someone already said this, but here's the translation:
"The children from the Elementary school Beehive Let's you know:' Watch out, we cross here,"

It's in Dutch, by the way. The translation is not 100% accurate, because to me that sentence is a bit weird.
that_guy_is_a_weirdo _
that_guy_is_a_weirdo _ - 2 måneder siden
6:17 yo why dose that elevator look like that time machine from spongebob 😂
king koopa
king koopa - 2 måneder siden
The Dutch sign that says let op wij steken hier over means watch out we cross the road here if you translate it to English.
Also if you wonder how I know this, (because I know SOME of you out there do) it is because I am Dutch.
And I do not live in Holland. Nor in Amsterdam. As I know there are people that will go "oh so you live in the Holland" when is say I live in the Netherlands.
This is also not an angry note to people who do not think like this.
Jester101 - 2 måneder siden
Hey Robin that language on the rainbow colored sign is dutch
Iglix - 2 måneder siden
8:42 - That may be actualy intentional. It kinda looks like place where elementary schools take kids to teach them about how to behave around all kinds of trafic. When our school did it, they split us in two groups. One on bikes and other as pedestrians. Luckily they did it at age where we still were not familiar with words like "roadkill" so it did not end too badly.
Robbie Hall
Robbie Hall - 2 måneder siden
4:01 Ok, maybe I'm dumb, but I seriously don't get it.
Like it's weird, but what's so bad about it?
Edit: Never mind, I just got it, and I am indeed dumb.
Kingco Very Epic
Kingco Very Epic - 2 måneder siden
1:22 bruh, this is a Jojo reference believe it or not
Okuu - 2 måneder siden
I have wings the same color
Tori Knorth
Tori Knorth - 2 måneder siden
3:55 That magnifying glass is only a small part of the problem
dave Bartello
dave Bartello - 2 måneder siden
4:20 it’s called egg cat, look up egg dog and the person how made the thing has a store to buy them.

Here is a intro for poor robin,
What’s bop’n I’m robin.
JeBr - 2 måneder siden
The sign you couldn't read said: "let the children of .... School know we cross the road here! "
J3 MotorSports
J3 MotorSports - 2 måneder siden
Your opening title is a crappy design for people using YouTube dark mode
Mary Paniyak
Mary Paniyak - 2 måneder siden
What I just got my notifications
slimmerik1 - 2 måneder siden
6:30 it's dutch
Meme Lord
Meme Lord - 2 måneder siden
3:50 lol my cousin has that book for his school (we're in romania, no Wonder the book is shite)
Даниил Котов
Даниил Котов - 2 måneder siden
TheAlexis - 2 måneder siden
Okay, so the text at 4:50 is german for jumbo pot. Not sure what the crappy design is here, though. Looks more like a case for r/TIHI to me.
undertale artist Bean
undertale artist Bean - 2 måneder siden
I don't think he got the laptop animal one, the cat is facing you. But the screen is the front face of the cat
Luke Bender
Luke Bender - 2 måneder siden
the sign at 6:25 says: kids from the elemetary school the Beehive let us know - Watch out we are crossing the road here
Liggliluff - 2 måneder siden
You guys clearly save these images to go through later. But the big flaw with this method is that you don't save the title. The title of the post will explain what's going on.
sultan 1814
sultan 1814 - 2 måneder siden
Vietnam veterans:i haven't heard that name in years
Kuba S
Kuba S - 2 måneder siden
10:20 The real demon here is the fish. Look how huge it is.
Fox - 2 måneder siden
3:58 this is the exact same book I had last year ...it's in Romanian btw
Kai Hansard
Kai Hansard - 2 måneder siden
Yannick Eichelsdörfer
Yannick Eichelsdörfer - 2 måneder siden
Can someone PLEASE make a r/woosh channel just with all the jokes that the emkay boys miss each video???
CEO of Sans
CEO of Sans - 2 måneder siden
5:31 the dude from the Bee movie is SANS
Bundle1 - 2 måneder siden
A Goose YouTuber
A Goose YouTuber - 2 måneder siden
2:50 or a couple
I want to die
I want to die - 2 måneder siden
The crab one kinda makes sense because crabs actually blow bubbles when out of water, I think they do it to save more oxygen
Umbreon - 2 måneder siden
The none-white background is triggering me. Why the change in this vid??
Solvurii - 2 måneder siden
2:41 damn never thought i’d see hungarian text on here
BlockedUser - 2 måneder siden
10:47 it could be for americans who can't afford healthcare.
I suck big dongs, but
I suck big dongs, but - 2 måneder siden
lukemike - 2 måneder siden
0:03 flashback mary who
Alex Ursu
Alex Ursu - 2 måneder siden
3:54 Of course. Of course it's romanian.
Doomcaliber Imperion
Doomcaliber Imperion - 2 måneder siden
The sign in unknown language says: "The former monastery and press house"... I'm Hungarian and I still can't believe they did it...
Atticus Connor
Atticus Connor - 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one who noticed it said technicallythetruth at the beginning
Gappy shoe
Gappy shoe - 2 måneder siden
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez - 2 måneder siden
CooperxH - 2 måneder siden
Gates made for cars though...
MeltedSoul twins
MeltedSoul twins - 2 måneder siden
"what ever launguige that is"
*Me who is a hungarian* let me teach you - enged hogy megtanitsalak
Pacvalham - 2 måneder siden
8:34 The shift key is to the right of the PgUp key and above the End key.
2001Arr - 2 måneder siden
5:35 thicc elsa
2001Arr - 2 måneder siden
5:05 made me laugh so hard 😂
ren - 2 måneder siden
10:23 *no, just no*
Clev3rByte - 2 måneder siden
at 6:34 is in the Netherlands in Dutch, in the black and white section it is saying 'children from elementary school the beehive (de bijenkorf) let you know, in the atrociously coloured text it's saying (Let Op wij steken hier over) be aware we will cross here, the stop logo is the the O of the second word witch is also trowing dutch people off because it looks like one word LetOp witch isn't a word in Dutch ether.
Timothy Linstrum
Timothy Linstrum - 2 måneder siden
If this were in GTA 5 you will never be able to pass lol
THE PLANET GAMERS - 2 måneder siden
Prov it robin fly to me
Sarah - 2 måneder siden
That thing is a cat lamp that glows different colors and is squishy u can get one on amazon LOOOOL
Shiney MonStayTiny
Shiney MonStayTiny - 2 måneder siden
6:25 that’s Dutch. Those letters are supposed to grab drivers attention (and make them slow down)... tbh it probably does its job, but also makes me wanna destroy the sign cuz it’s so dang ugly.
Ramster09 - 2 måneder siden
2:32 Does anyone notice that it just said *die* ?
Mac Gyver
Mac Gyver - 2 måneder siden
Jumbo topf, could be german translates somewhat to „extra large pot“. Jumbo is something some people say for extra large (rarely) and topf means Pot (always)
rickau - 2 måneder siden
8:34 shift key is there, and it looks like a normal UK English layout keyboard
᪶ ᪶
᪶ ᪶ - 2 måneder siden
P_M LIFESTYLE - 2 måneder siden
don't swear please God bless 🙏
clara ao melody
clara ao melody - 2 måneder siden
I know that elevator.
It's in a hotel in Paris, France
Near the Sacre Coeur Cathedral.
It's not that bad in Person though the triangle shape is odd.
jerzey deville
jerzey deville - 2 måneder siden
2:55 or someone with two peepees.
jerzey deville
jerzey deville - 2 måneder siden
2:08 I like the modern lake design.
ZacharethSka - 2 måneder siden
Comment number 5 about asking for Damien back
Avi Kuehn
Avi Kuehn - 2 måneder siden
HOLY SHIT 10:01 is my old middle school!!!!!!!!
Echo - 2 måneder siden
3:04 Yes I'm here
Landen Spurway
Landen Spurway - 2 måneder siden
https://youtu.be/2glCKp17xAM?t=318 lol i've walked past that sign
Michael Williams
Michael Williams - 2 måneder siden
Why does it matter if it's comic sans? I actually don't get it
Jeffy Ng
Jeffy Ng - 2 måneder siden
petition to make Robin intro his videos with “what’s poppin I’m Robin”
Haley Kitchin
Haley Kitchin - 2 måneder siden
Fun fact. The Nintendo Playstation is a real thing. It just costs $380,000 to buy. :P