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Phantøm _Aries
Phantøm _Aries - 18 timer siden
helena_lang - Dag siden
r/crappydesign has such trashy moderators though
Martin2 Yovkov2
Martin2 Yovkov2 - 3 dager siden

Carkid36 - 3 dager siden
3:58. An ugly carpet for an ugly car. :/
TheOmlyPitbull - 4 dager siden
My phone case has a hole in it for headphones but it's too small so I have to take it off the corner of I was to use headphones
the scum of humanity
the scum of humanity - 4 dager siden
The introvert in me likes the bench facing the trees. But the anxiety in me is wondering wtf people are doing behind my back
ArceusLord13 - 5 dager siden
1:24 no kidding, but my college has images like that all over the place. The problem is, the only heroes that they show whose super mask goes over their faces are Spiderman and Black Panther.
TheOmlyPitbull - 3 dager siden
@ArceusLord13 yeah
ArceusLord13 - 3 dager siden
@TheOmlyPitbull Sure, but they don't show Iron Man on the signs
TheOmlyPitbull - 4 dager siden
And iron man
ambersquirrel25 - 5 dager siden
What's the joke with the So Happy I'm Twenty One?
No seriously can someone please tell me?
Tik the Protogen
Tik the Protogen - 2 dager siden
4 of the silver letters spell a curse word and as I'm writing this I feel like I'm about to get r/whoooshed lol
Anon1776 - 5 dager siden
“What’s the concern spoon?”
He’s just looking out for you :(
DaSavageFox 01
DaSavageFox 01 - 6 dager siden
8:53 you stupid
Brent Petry • 9 months ago
Apparently while watching I got an afk arena ad with markiplier in it
Calixta Tepes
Calixta Tepes - 7 dager siden
It's not even a stop sign ?
Amii Dobson
Amii Dobson - 7 dager siden
I’m kind of disappointed you pronounced BAC as back when it’s pronounced bee ay see
robuxmaster2000 - 7 dager siden
i havent watched you in so long. when i clicked on this video and i heard the music i was in deep nostalgia, man, deep.
ChargerMain - 7 dager siden
thats hot? thats hot.
xX*Alexithymia_Bean*Xx - 7 dager siden
I'd legit take one of thise full face masks
NotFunny - 7 dager siden
the color buttons are kind of insulting for color blind people I'm guessing.
NotFunny - 7 dager siden
They had one job... *facepalm*
Comic Sans
Comic Sans - 8 dager siden
Last time i was this early people didnt say how early they are
Ilnam Cho
Ilnam Cho - 8 dager siden
Emkay:post video 5 days ago
My notis: *4 minutes ago*
Karma BOI
Karma BOI - 8 dager siden
10:38 sorry can someone explain to my uncultured ass what the hell is going on?
Wyntryx - 8 dager siden
4:36 get your friends to pee in them at the same time to enter a boss level
Emil Ostin
Emil Ostin - 8 dager siden
5:41 from the creators of don’t the cat
DIO, Gone To Heaven
DIO, Gone To Heaven - 8 dager siden
Thumbnail: Crappyde-sign!
marlunaxxx - 9 dager siden
10:54: Same in my school, I absolutely hate them!
YOURAVERAGEKD - 9 dager siden
KACHOW! Thuder move on the way!
Smilee Smiles
Smilee Smiles - 9 dager siden
The hippovyoxpydot doesn't bother me

Death Salomon
Death Salomon - 9 dager siden
i once had a bus stop button placed so bad that I didn't see it and hit it repeatedly with my knee. The busdriver was screaming and I thought it had been the schoolkids in the back and I was annoyed. Boy did I feel bad when I saw that it was me 😣 I exchanged a weird look with the girl on the seat on the other side, I think she saw it in the same moment 😐 We just awkwardly turned back to looking out of our respective windows. 😂👌🏼
Fnaf Scorlessbag
Fnaf Scorlessbag - 9 dager siden
I do to eat huskies while watching you videos
pinnacle - 9 dager siden
pub bar patio restaurant
Hawker_J Game
Hawker_J Game - 9 dager siden
It’s certainly a fair question, as having carpet on the dash of a vehicle is not normal, nor is it easy to figure out why it is actually there. And surprisingly, there really isn’t a concrete reason for the carpet being there. It is officially listed as a design element, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find your own uses for it.

Some of our past Cube buyers have used the Nissan Cube dash carpet to hold items on the dash. A big one that has been mentioned is sunglasses, as a lighter item can be held pretty steady within the shag carpet. Some people have even had success with things like a cell phone and wallet making an indention in the carpet and staying put during driving.

Who’s to say what other ways the Nissan Cube dash carpet can be used. If you are pleased with the Cube’s performance you can actively “pet” the car as to say “good job.” Or, maybe you just need some 70s inspiration in your vehicle with the shag carpet. If nothing else, the dash carpet on the Cube is a true conversation piece. And it’s your car – you can tell people it represents whatever you want to tell them.

All we know for sure is that it’s another aspect that makes the new Cube special. Schedule a test drive of the Cube near Seattle today and see how unique it truly is.

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Buttercupkat Productions
Buttercupkat Productions - 9 dager siden
Not even EmKay is immune to crappy design.
Before the mouse clicks on the button in this animation (2:50), it's white like when you subscribe. Once the mouse clicks, it goes to red, like when you aren't subscribed.
Liggliluff - 9 dager siden
(8:20) "private parts"?
That's panties ... no private parts are showing
Liggliluff - 9 dager siden
Please increase your audio for future videos, so you match the rest of the videos
Sanych - 10 dager siden
Springdream Akoso
Springdream Akoso - 10 dager siden
anyone know what the green shirt said? i can’t tell and it’s driving me insane
Mitchell Cochran
Mitchell Cochran - 10 dager siden
The concern spoon is the third option. Big spoon, litle spoon, or concern spoon.
Max Nasume
Max Nasume - 10 dager siden
HEY hit the road god dammit
Ryanboss 2015
Ryanboss 2015 - 10 dager siden
RIXRADvidz - 10 dager siden
I don't know if I'm ready for this LeveL. idk what I just .....watched? listened to? experienced? what ever it was it was altering, scarring, it changed me, which is good I was due for a fresh
I am a narwhal
I am a narwhal - 10 dager siden
12:43 His main problem is the dart being the wrong way? My main problem is that in order to shoot, you have to pull on its "trigger". Just pause there for a second.
swedish chef
swedish chef - 10 dager siden
bac mono is pronounced bee ay cee mono (one) I loved your pronunciation though, its much better
Knomis - 10 dager siden
12:44 Where's the trigger?
dave dude
dave dude - 10 dager siden
I am the one and only nomad, I have a strange question has covid affected the bruderhof If so, I have been in contact. This was not able the first one is great. Thanks. I'll let you know what to do if I could you let me know what I have to do with it is the first one is great. Thanks. I'll have a look and see what you are not blind. The other day, but the chemicals, I am not sure what the buc the best price on a singer jumbo the best price on a singer jumbo the best price on a regular basis. I have a strange question has covid affected the bruderhof aren't going well as I can get it right, and a slow down and coming to an
darknessrasgriz - 10 dager siden
Elevator fans are brilliant. Just incase someone rips one.
Ben Theophilus
Ben Theophilus - 10 dager siden
10:36 I don’t see the problem
magic unboxing
magic unboxing - 10 dager siden
that trolls doll got recalled because of that button on its but because of the sounds it makes when you press it. it makes sexual sounds. its terrible.
magic unboxing
magic unboxing - 10 dager siden
DONT YOU MAKE FUN OF BATMAN. he trys his best ):(
Undercover Victini
Undercover Victini - 10 dager siden
I licked the video, it tasted like fried eggs
SvnNghts - 10 dager siden
totallynotakiller:Aaaaannnnd you're dead
Admiral Piett
Admiral Piett - 10 dager siden
0:38 That's no fan, that's the emergency booster engine
Tailtronic sanstronic
Tailtronic sanstronic - 10 dager siden
About the fanart the arrows are on the oposite way
Yenti - 10 dager siden
5:55 pretty ironic that the only mask there that protects you is from the guy that died
SGT_Weber - 11 dager siden
the buttons are not all in different colors, its normal to mark the ground floor(0) with a highlighted color to indicate its the ground flour, the first floor is lighting up as thats the currently selected floor for travel(aka, someone on ground or -1st floor wants to travel to first floor, thus the button is lighting up
Trevor Webb
Trevor Webb - 11 dager siden
The catscat got me 😂😂😂
Thomas, the Animacat
Thomas, the Animacat - 11 dager siden
Cindy Black
Cindy Black - 11 dager siden
my laptop is a crappy desgin, i tried turning the voulume down and a fuc7ing notifacatin showed up and... there goes that things' exestince, i hate when u try to turn down voulume and a delete button shows up with a notificatoin and, whoops, there goes an important thing, insta click
the gaming lizard
the gaming lizard - 11 dager siden
Their bouts wrong.
ViVe TV - 11 dager siden
4:23 *Laughs Muslim*
U - 235
U - 235 - 11 dager siden
If your gonna use Batman to make people wear mask, have it be Batman beyond armor, not the regular armor.
iceshadow625 - 11 dager siden
Which came first: the bench or the tree?
bby broccoli
bby broccoli - 11 dager siden
Ah yes, thuder move
Jordan Ferrazza
Jordan Ferrazza - 11 dager siden
5:07 I think it depends on country
Choi Chanhees left ear is watching you
11:10 sis really said 👁👄👁
Der Wolf Gaming
Der Wolf Gaming - 11 dager siden
1:32. Are we talking Comic Books iron man or MCU Iron Man?
bobmcsnark - 11 dager siden
My shock when an image of my local shopping centre slides along WTF (Valbo Köpcentrum)
P1ckl3d P0t4t03s
P1ckl3d P0t4t03s - 11 dager siden
The hippocampus is the part of the brain responsible for memory so that seahorse may have been the smartest of all time.
I. N.
I. N. - 11 dager siden
K-SAMO - 11 dager siden
“Don’t lick the video”

Hawk Host
Hawk Host - 11 dager siden
Most of the designs here were made by Thunder Designs ( We design it for you )
christian palses
christian palses - 11 dager siden
when your 14 and then you see r/Crappydesign
I'm entire life is a crappy design
DarkwolfRedsoul - 11 dager siden
Wtf. Valbo Köpcentrum is really close to me!
Gavin Zhu
Gavin Zhu - 11 dager siden
Girls: Why don't guys get our signs??
Their signs:
Edwin Jackson
Edwin Jackson - 11 dager siden
2:22 Finally, a keyboard for Shaquille O'Neal.
lungelo mhlanga
lungelo mhlanga - 11 dager siden
Don't the food with bare hands
Flurbi Animates
Flurbi Animates - 11 dager siden
Death and Despair
Death and Despair - 11 dager siden
Actually mutahar did a video about that!
Croissant - 11 dager siden
13:48 The upvotes are blue while the downvotes and red ;-;
Bonji X Gamer
Bonji X Gamer - 11 dager siden
CORRUPTED GAMER - 11 dager siden
Falling Crystals
Falling Crystals - 11 dager siden
The different color for blind people?...
heretic []
heretic [] - 11 dager siden
1:37 Well I have sneezed in sleep. That scared the shit out of me, thar felt like my head exploded.
That blue MR2
That blue MR2 - 11 dager siden
Nissan cube pubes
Lux Ferre
Lux Ferre - 11 dager siden
5:51 yep, that's an actual Ukrainian ad. It says: "Mycosan. Toenails you aren't ashamed of!"
PeanutCheese - 11 dager siden
Perfectly good title opportunity wasted... r/crappysign
Arachno Terror
Arachno Terror - 12 dager siden
1.5 metre distance? In New Zealand for Alert Level 3 and 4 it was a 2 metre social distancing rule.
Murrlin27 - 12 dager siden
10:23 SUK
TheBritishWolf - 12 dager siden
That wasn't the fan option in the elevator.
*It was the human waste disposal button*
Fraser McCormack
Fraser McCormack - 12 dager siden
In the bath bombs part the war head things are bath bombs
Res Void
Res Void - 12 dager siden
Fun fact: hippocampus are half horse half fish creatures from greek mythology
TJ Studios
TJ Studios - 12 dager siden
My sister has a Nissan Cube with the carpet. Let’s just say it’s unnecessary.
Connor McPhee
Connor McPhee - 12 dager siden
I liked this video with my toungue just so that I followed both of your instructions
Yux2314 Olsen
Yux2314 Olsen - 12 dager siden
"The *Back* Mono"
Lucy Brimstone
Lucy Brimstone - 12 dager siden
Hi Jack! I have more sweet tea today!
Matt Laidlaw
Matt Laidlaw - 12 dager siden
1:12 bath bombs next to... bath bombs?
SANZ_ VityaZ
SANZ_ VityaZ - 12 dager siden
*D o g s !*
_F_ _e_
I like Bacon
I like Bacon - 12 dager siden
5:56 I'm pretty sure the one in the bottom middle is a ninja turtle and that his forehead isn't the same part as the mask
Ryan Crowe
Ryan Crowe - 12 dager siden
Only 68 people have disliked this

I will do what I must...
TurtleBoy - 12 dager siden
I want to create a inconvenience store, like a convince store but all items are like this
Darc Kap27
Darc Kap27 - 12 dager siden
Pretty sure the creeper tshirt one says "game" in that space. Just quickly pointing out just how *superior my eyesight is when compared to others'.*