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rocky dill
rocky dill - 10 timer siden
I won't lie i agree with lexi....
Sunkist is queen of orange
SpArkzPlayZ - 13 timer siden
Naufal Aqilah
Naufal Aqilah - 15 timer siden

*brings mirror*
artyfm - Dag siden
17:27 I think it's a comically oversized and too far north hawaii. Assuming it's attached to the map to the left, not the one on the right (which slides up slightly, making it look like the island is next to s america).
artyfm - Dag siden
12:47 I don't know much about typography but I think the big problem is the n looks like an h. The lowercase l starts high which makes it look kind of like an e, but not a big deal imo. The b is also nonstandard but I think it looks good. The size of letters changes to fill blank space, which is a stylistic choice that might annoy some people. Oh and the last lowercase l is perfectly straight and has no loop in it like the first one did. It's in the middle of a word this time, so it's okay if it's a little different, but there should be some consistency to the overall design.
That said, it's just a sign that was probably designed by one of the employees. It doesn't have to be perfect... but your nails can be
artyfm - Dag siden
1:49 do those grates come out? If so, just rotate them 90 degrees
Daven Henning
Daven Henning - 2 dager siden
"Nucking futs"
Jacki B
Jacki B - 2 dager siden
Lego is Danish not swedish
Robert Kilbon
Robert Kilbon - 2 dager siden
2:09 be like:
>go to Egypt
>visit giza
>climb up the pyramids
>pyramid gets caught on shoe
>suction noises
>falls to the ground
>goes to hospital
>pronounced dead in the hospital
Halo Supreme
Halo Supreme - 4 dager siden
The old spice ad I had at 7 mins. 27 sec.
Edit: 11:31 WHAT IN THE HOLY H E L L just H A P P E N E D
Edit 2: 12:42 yes that says "life's not perfect but your nails can be."
Cleptrophese The Human Bean
Cleptrophese The Human Bean - 4 dager siden
"I live in New York City..." Shows photo of London XD
Catiee Casciole
Catiee Casciole - 5 dager siden
Fanta was created by nazi to compete with coke during ww2
Gaming Scuba Steve
Gaming Scuba Steve - 6 dager siden
https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ here is a good video!
PerryThePlatypus fromPH
PerryThePlatypus fromPH - 6 dager siden
"Puppy's are better, fight me" "sunkist is better, fight me" Lexi why you wanna fight everyone lol
fred tot
fred tot - 7 dager siden
The crappiest design is a bed leg
Dapotatowolf - 8 dager siden
Em Kay:everyone hates New Jersey

Me:*cries in new jersian
TopGaming - 9 dager siden
Is lexi a he or a she
Nuana Gaming
Nuana Gaming - 10 dager siden
16:15 he never4 noticed that the sink can never be emptied since its shaped like a upside down fruit cake mold
Danganronpa ASMR
Danganronpa ASMR - 10 dager siden
Paimon The Emergency Food
Paimon The Emergency Food - 11 dager siden
Lexi reminds me of a character in Hazbin Hotel...

Pls don't be mad :(
Opposite ETO
Opposite ETO - 11 dager siden
The emergency alert came on my tv and I couldn’t find my remote in time so now I can’t sleep and I have to wake up early tomorrow
Archangel - 13 dager siden
"either thats a really complex starbucks order or i just summoned a demon" next image "coffee with a demon as its art"

me: you just did both you fool!
CornQueen - 13 dager siden
Goose McHonk
Goose McHonk - 14 dager siden
“What’s up sexy, I’m Lexi!”
Lexi, I hope you understand you are 1 of the only 3 people to have ever called me that in the 22 years I’ve been alive.
Two_weird_awkward_ people
Two_weird_awkward_ people - 14 dager siden
COWard - 14 dager siden
11:54 i dont live that far from that place and i think the thing it has been removed now.
Mrloekie RBLX
Mrloekie RBLX - 14 dager siden
11:52 i had a EXACT copy of that on my school playground when i was 5
Millie Does Fanart
Millie Does Fanart - 14 dager siden
11:54 my granddad built a playground next to a camping site, him and my grandma owned, the playground had one of those. Me and my siblings threw rocks onto it, and they would come out of the "legs"
Shipper Of People
Shipper Of People - 14 dager siden
16:20, did anybody else hear Shigaraki from My Hero??
Krazeguy Productions
Krazeguy Productions - 14 dager siden
That stairway needs to be a weird al song
Krazeguy Productions
Krazeguy Productions - 14 dager siden
I’m already listening to it in my head and grooving. I agree with myself and need this.
Grey Wolfie
Grey Wolfie - 14 dager siden
I see faisal in there oh my goodness xD
Still Chill
Still Chill - 15 dager siden
Julian Reyes
Julian Reyes - 15 dager siden
The Rubik's cube has 10 red on the book there post to be 9
Sun Sent
Sun Sent - 15 dager siden
this is their 666th episode prove me wrong
Mim F
Mim F - 16 dager siden
In Tennessee, when we went on a vacation there in the summer, there was a sugar bag that said "sUgAR" on it and i was so triggered like omg wHY
It’s just a meme Dude
It’s just a meme Dude - 16 dager siden
Emkay your videos make me smile and thanks for making other people smile
CHONKEYDoggo - 16 dager siden
12:39 life's not perfect but your nails can be
Animation Bean
Animation Bean - 16 dager siden
wait.. if lexi is blind.... how can she see the script...
MasterChief aka John117
MasterChief aka John117 - 16 dager siden
For the people confused about the rubik's cube, look at all the corners
Endertazer - 17 dager siden
Lexi: hi s*xy i'm lexi
me: i'm only 11 and i'm only 4 foot 6 and a half
ToastedYT - 17 dager siden
Lexi you are cool.
PurpleShadow667 - 17 dager siden
Lego's are danish, not Swedish.
Luka PEREIRA RODRIGUES - 18 dager siden
It was BENDY at 1:23 ?????
Kozume Kenma
Kozume Kenma - 18 dager siden
I honestly wish I could meet Lexi irl she seems so niceee
Oliver Etter
Oliver Etter - 19 dager siden
13:42 "modeing sand"
Jonathan Odum
Jonathan Odum - 19 dager siden
Hey Lexi it was a elevator warning I got you homie
Luan Henrique
Luan Henrique - 19 dager siden
8:11 7,25 reals
Douchy Doucherton
Douchy Doucherton - 19 dager siden
18:10 That clock looks like it was designed by a dyslexic art major.
Margaret Redner
Margaret Redner - 19 dager siden
"Fanta, I love you but Sunkist is better..."
I loovve Sunkist, it really is better than Fanta. The one time the rip off brand isn't an actual rip off
Mikkel Arildskov
Mikkel Arildskov - 19 dager siden
EnchantedWings - 19 dager siden
I'm coughing from laughter from your description of the "map" 😂
Bonnie the bunny
Bonnie the bunny - 20 dager siden
One time I saw stairs placed at a wall they forgot the door
Boop meh uwu
Boop meh uwu - 20 dager siden
Ah yes, 20 minutes of Lexi
camwyn256 - 20 dager siden
Anyone else go to gutter love.com?
I did. Mesh gutter covers
Jeremack - 21 dag siden
Whenever its Lexi, I just leave because I hate his fricking voice.
Dragon 9
Dragon 9 - 18 dager siden
@Jeremack well she wants to be
Jeremack - 18 dager siden
@Dragon 9 that is not a woman
Dragon 9
Dragon 9 - 19 dager siden
erick cardoso
erick cardoso - 21 dag siden
Nordic Hope
Nordic Hope - 21 dag siden
9:00 I really hope the Pewdiepie photo was simply because of the "sad noise" joke, if not that moment belongs in either r/crappydesign or r/facepalm.
Context: LEGO is Danish, not Swedish. LEGO literally comes from the words "leg"(play) and "godt"(good/well).
Jose Vargas
Jose Vargas - 21 dag siden
this voice is so disturbing i kinda wanna click off now
Mito - 21 dag siden
... my dad has those sandals
Aimbot Gamer
Aimbot Gamer - 21 dag siden
Lexi and Damian are my favorites.
The Wife of Pyramid Head
The Wife of Pyramid Head - 21 dag siden
why does the first one look like "Wisking you a very happy Christmas"
Kat :D
Kat :D - 21 dag siden
The end of the video: And if you want to hear Lexi abuse *her* voice while.....(blah blah blah)

Is Lexi a female?
Sip Dhit
Sip Dhit - 22 dager siden
In cursive b and f have nearly the same shape, but the f's lower loop goes under the line (which cant be accomplished here since the font shrinks all letters) but the (most people dont do this correctly) main difference is that b's lower arc doesnt touch the stem, and f's lower loop does
Molten Monopoly
Molten Monopoly - 22 dager siden
Soupier Goose282
Soupier Goose282 - 22 dager siden
11:26 It literally says No Formation lol
Amby - 22 dager siden
I had something similar to this on the playground at my old school except it didnt have a face. You throw a ball in through the top and it comes out one of the holes in the bottom.
a disease
a disease - 22 dager siden
3:03 deeds done dirt cheap
Sana ._.
Sana ._. - 22 dager siden
9:55 "Emergency do not use the elevators. Please use the cknviejrbfvifn stairs shown"
the pillar Men song starts
the pillar Men song starts - 22 dager siden
it's pronounced Fan-ta
Reddit Tea
Reddit Tea - 23 dager siden
Lexy, are you good? Legally blind and ADHD... At least you make the most of them! ❤
Red Crewmate
Red Crewmate - 23 dager siden
"Poland is going to the south pole"
Damn right we are - Cholera, mamy rację
myexperiencewithdepression 26
The doctor is an orthopedic surgeon
Andrew Hornby
Andrew Hornby - 24 dager siden
I would like to speak for all of New Zealand when I say, I know you got our location wrong on the map, but thank for recognizing us anyway.
luke kleynhans
luke kleynhans - 24 dager siden
Lexi: *in one of the videos*
Me: oh look, an enjoyable human being
Mat Simpson
Mat Simpson - 24 dager siden
9:54 That says “Emergency Evacuation Plan”. That’s not just dumb it’s also very dangerous.
Jupiter Moon
Jupiter Moon - 25 dager siden
I just googled 18:35 's Dr. Berka has his practice in my home town! o.ö
BeaniePudge - 25 dager siden
we don’t like our own state (new jersey) either you don’t have to rub it in.
sr. Max
sr. Max - 25 dager siden
if he doesn't stop calling me sexy and moaning I swear to god.....
Mei Han
Mei Han - 25 dager siden
I am the ugliest person I know, but I appreciate the compliment 👌
Ocean Plays
Ocean Plays - 25 dager siden
wheres funko in this ?
Professor DoctorDoctor
Professor DoctorDoctor - 25 dager siden
lexi is best gal
Arthur S
Arthur S - 25 dager siden
2:09 Holy shit i own a pair of those! I love them so much lmao. (I live in florida btw)
Lily Wanamaker
Lily Wanamaker - 25 dager siden
hearing the words "What's up sexy, i'm Lexi!" makes my day brighter (Lexi you make me happy)
Silver Chariot Over Heaven
Silver Chariot Over Heaven - 25 dager siden
“Not just the men, but the women and children too”
Noirru - 25 dager siden
14:02 this is the most southeast asian thing I've seen
Mystical_Wolf_64 - 26 dager siden
whos lexy
xyptocy - 26 dager siden
10:30 thing is what heaven looks like
•Squirrelflight Le Floof Tail•
*I Choked On My Sweat Tea-*
An idiot that exists but probably shouldn't
Im getting the EMKAY lenny tattoo
Tahaku Monsonoa
Tahaku Monsonoa - 26 dager siden
The sink one is the fault of the people who wanted a smaller faucet. You can see the outline of the original faucet and the metal circle is the cover for the remaining hole of said faucet.
Nicpus - 26 dager siden
20:03 im pretty sure thats supposed to be a male salmon. Looking at its hook mouth that is. Although i dont see any spots so im not 100% sure, but what i am 100% sure about is that it aint no whale aite? xD
The Lingering Protogen
The Lingering Protogen - 26 dager siden
8:09 that's Australian currency
ChloeThePotato - 26 dager siden
11:55 there were two of those at my old school. Kids were very insistent of climbing up them
stinky rat
stinky rat - 27 dager siden
Lexis voice is reall comforting ngl

something about that voice- h m
Valerie Rose
Valerie Rose - 27 dager siden
Alexflowerscos - 27 dager siden
-says newyork- -shows photo of a bus in London - 6:51
JoreX - 27 dager siden
so yea...canada just ignored Chile and jump directly to Argentina who is on the other side of the continent...It feels like school again.
Theboyz Gaming
Theboyz Gaming - 27 dager siden
Tornagh Malumenis
Tornagh Malumenis - 27 dager siden
So, I watch Emkay sporadically and I found out in this video that Lexi(Lexy?) Is a girl and now I feel bad cuz I kept referring to her as him cuz she... well sounds a lil base-y
shellyw113 - 27 dager siden