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DayLight_Skys - 5 timer siden
7:46 my school has a AC like that directly over my desk...Great placement choice
Beep Beep It’s Evan bitch
Beep Beep It’s Evan bitch - 5 timer siden
I tried vaping but I ended up consuming the internal organs of a orphan
2Jay_z - 5 timer siden
14:05: er uh ... what do ya wanna do today Patrick
Student Gerald Tucker
Student Gerald Tucker - 5 timer siden
Wait Lexi is blind
Robert Kilbon
Robert Kilbon - 14 timer siden
13:43 A cup of joep?
Mar Perez
Mar Perez - 18 timer siden
Your computer haves a sleep button? Mine dosent
NinetailsYT - Dag siden
By pronouncing it Pier-ria he has pissed off a entire fandom
Lawson Krii
Lawson Krii - Dag siden
Deborah L.
Deborah L. - Dag siden
Blaine the train is a pain.
And that’s the truth.
Phins Doc
Phins Doc - Dag siden
I just realized lexi’s intro is a pickup line
Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson - Dag siden
16:49 the West and East sides have no security
Highground1337 - Dag siden
no germans were infected to do the cough during the produtcion of this video
TheNewGuy - Dag siden
I root
Ren leonard Rodriguez
Ren leonard Rodriguez - Dag siden
4:23 ngl that looks like the janitor in little nightmare clothes when it was a baby
K. Thostenson
K. Thostenson - Dag siden
My friend repeatedly slammed someones head into shreks crotch
Idk y
Daisy Diamond
Daisy Diamond - Dag siden
It's 6:44am where I am and the power went out .it's so fucking dark I can't see shit .I also could see less before I navigated to my dresser to put my glasses on.so yeah I'm using my phone for light
Declan Evans
Declan Evans - 2 dager siden
Wake up jeeple
KYLEE OLDS - 2 dager siden
The Milky Man
The Milky Man - 2 dager siden
Doth thou jesus

I jesusn’t
Wolfsmilch Schlürfer
Wolfsmilch Schlürfer - 2 dager siden
Permission to call big muscles "skin suits"?
Benjamin Lulic
Benjamin Lulic - 3 dager siden
actually you pronoucend tuzla pretty good
zachattack12 - 3 dager siden
13:48 Lexi sounds like Robin with a voice changer here
Melissa Spaulding
Melissa Spaulding - 3 dager siden
I agree puppy's are better
Mya Dubeau And family
Mya Dubeau And family - 3 dager siden
Wings of Fire fans will get it.
Trevor Canada
Trevor Canada - 3 dager siden
JMW DW Podcast
JMW DW Podcast - 4 dager siden
11:02 It says “Spring”!
Shadownrun2 - 4 dager siden
10:53 Spring ???
AquaAura3020 - 4 dager siden
It says spring 10:57
the wolf pack
the wolf pack - 4 dager siden
wasn't me.
TRISTIN SIMMONS - 4 dager siden
Wait robin or lexi?
Liam Lesniowski
Liam Lesniowski - 4 dager siden
You are my favorite narrator
Kingpig Ninja420
Kingpig Ninja420 - 4 dager siden
I did it
azzam_ - 4 dager siden
sleep button on the side of volume button. mine was sitting on alt + f4 button
Clueless_Music - 5 dager siden
0:03 Jesus take the wheel
Ana Cristina Almeida
Ana Cristina Almeida - 5 dager siden
5:18 passando um fucking bom dia sp de fundo kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Nature And Astrophotography
Nature And Astrophotography - 5 dager siden
the heat gun is like saying a soldering iron can solder itself.
Christian S
Christian S - 5 dager siden
Wait, she’s blind and does Reddit readings? Like I get she doesn’t need brail but that’s like someone who has one leg trying to become a basketball player.
Piper Hailstorm
Piper Hailstorm - 5 dager siden
All the WOF fans be angry bcs he said Phyrria wrong. It’s PIE REE YUH!!!
mr. gaming
mr. gaming - 5 dager siden
You said tuzla pretty right im bosnian so i can confirm this bow shut up everyone dats mean
BrysenGamer TTV
BrysenGamer TTV - 5 dager siden
I kicked shek. Then pooped on him. Yeah...
KrimZon 5
KrimZon 5 - 5 dager siden
Now I can't get diseased moist lung slime out of my head
Emily Ruegge
Emily Ruegge - 6 dager siden
11:00 I think it says spring but I'm not sure since the rest is in another language
The MLG Kirby
The MLG Kirby - 6 dager siden
I agree that puppies are better than chocolate,they taste so much better
Asatta Shakur
Asatta Shakur - 6 dager siden
everyone with paranormal:666 subs
everyone with memes:666,666,666 views
Vgameaz - 6 dager siden
15:22 o I use that its good
Weston Schick
Weston Schick - 8 dager siden
11:03 this was in my French grade two class
WhyTheWolf #5861
WhyTheWolf #5861 - 9 dager siden
Why does his (or her) voice sound like mine but a little higher
PotatoGaming potatogaming
PotatoGaming potatogaming - 9 dager siden
If you put toilet on r/crappydesign it will end up on r/technicallythetruth
Nexeria - 9 dager siden
when i discovered this channel the first vid i watched was voiced by lexi and now everytime she voices a video i always laugh so fucking hard
therudedude YT
therudedude YT - 10 dager siden
9:30 If its German it would Not Sound Like that cause we speak the i and CH different also you said
I HIK, AHIK or EI HIK wich would be the Combination of Letters who would Sound closest to what you said
Sebastian Macauley
Sebastian Macauley - 11 dager siden
Idk if anyone else is wondering how he is reading the posts and seeing the images if he is blind but i am, if anyone has the answer i would love to know.
Niko Dawn
Niko Dawn - 11 dager siden
I love Lexi's Voice, it's just nice to listen too. can anyone relate?
Landon - 11 dager siden
@12:41 ????
The HunteR
The HunteR - 11 dager siden
I thought your name was robin
Mia nur XD
Mia nur XD - 11 dager siden
20:10 20:11 hey,i am from Bosnia
Edit 2:Are there any bodnians????????
Charles Calvin YT
Charles Calvin YT - 11 dager siden
how does lexi read the scripts?
we'll answer today's question in-
Ann the Emo Loser
Ann the Emo Loser - 11 dager siden
I love Lexi's laugh
Pixel Perfect
Pixel Perfect - 11 dager siden
Those Starbucks drinks are packaged by Pepsi Co.
yeeter sceeter
yeeter sceeter - 12 dager siden
mE Iz ShrOnK
Joseph Burkhart
Joseph Burkhart - 12 dager siden
Can you explain your blindness? Like, if you are blind how do you not need brail?
William Sturgill
William Sturgill - 12 dager siden
I want to take a saw -all to that raling
{Kisa Karissa}
{Kisa Karissa} - 12 dager siden
Bear Donut
Bear Donut - 13 dager siden
10:59 It says "Spring" SPRING!!!!
Илья Витцев
Илья Витцев - 13 dager siden
holy shit, u/wingsoverpyrrhia is the best username referencing books i've ever seen
tui sutherland, wings of fire
Art is awesome 16
Art is awesome 16 - 13 dager siden
a home depot add came on and i was shocked because i didn't think the " home depot song" was a thing
Elin Everbrand
Elin Everbrand - 14 dager siden
11:01 SPRING??
Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon - 14 dager siden
10:30 "Em sped."
Roque Crafter
Roque Crafter - 14 dager siden
12:57 THE HECK?!?!?!?!?
That's not even connected to anything!

There's some illuminati things swoing off again...
Jessica Gross
Jessica Gross - 14 dager siden
chu man
chu man - 15 dager siden
11:00 its spring
Nathan Clément
Nathan Clément - 15 dager siden
its spring
Elite_13 DELTA
Elite_13 DELTA - 15 dager siden
These videos are the only way I get called sexy
daniel pøllerup
daniel pøllerup - 16 dager siden
wtf does legally blind mean eather you're blind or you need glasses
Sans - 17 dager siden
it was me im sorry
M1LK T3A GACHA - 17 dager siden
Everything you say is either super wholesome
Or a rare insult
Gregory Martin
Gregory Martin - 17 dager siden
13:56 Drivin’ that train / High on cocaine / Casey Jones you better watch your speed
Theo Angelakis
Theo Angelakis - 17 dager siden
a moment of silence (then a moment of sreaming) for the strutural engineers. I'm not a structural engeneer, but I want to be one and this hurts.
Rafael Quito A.
Rafael Quito A. - 18 dager siden
Jeep Jeep
Catherine Black
Catherine Black - 18 dager siden
21:04 screw an accordion I'm bringing an Lmg man after we dance on their corpses and let the dogs eat what's left of them.
fesf - 18 dager siden
U have to honk if u love for jesus so u can meet him :)
Ardan Sleek
Ardan Sleek - 19 dager siden
I mean in the thumbnail you can use it as a phone holder
cindy cool
cindy cool - 19 dager siden
8:21 *Tung Kill imposters Be like:*
Melissa Scraper
Melissa Scraper - 19 dager siden
Lexi you are are my fave member of Emkay you sound like weird al
Chase Fiddler-Meredith
Chase Fiddler-Meredith - 19 dager siden
First time watching a video with Lexi and I already love her-
gg. net
gg. net - 19 dager siden
Hold up I'm new hear and Lexi is a girl?
Izabella Rickert
Izabella Rickert - 19 dager siden
don't call me sexy. only the prseon dating can!
Cindy Black
Cindy Black - 20 dager siden
well the heat gun did its job technicly
Zachary Woudstra
Zachary Woudstra - 20 dager siden
Can we get a petition to hear Lexy play the accordion and bagpipes?
GhostMiner - 20 dager siden
*11:00** it says Spring* 😏
HarakuneSan - 20 dager siden
9:00 German police in an englisch video xD
And 5:52 German bins...
Yes I'm german
SHADOWLORD01 - 20 dager siden
random fact: the picture of the Police he used at 9:00 is from germany and we call it Polizei (written on his back)
Ambipie - 20 dager siden
wHO iS thIS lEXI
Malakai Panganiban
Malakai Panganiban - 20 dager siden
14:07 look at the plastic holding it together the eyes and the design is what I’m guessing the Dude who made it reation
VinzAlpha - 21 dag siden
12:30 Sums up life pretty well honestly
Rome Carter
Rome Carter - 21 dag siden
"Sounds like an incredibly caffeinated german sneeze (9:30)"
Me being german drinking coffee at 1am be like....
Esay_targ3t 2
Esay_targ3t 2 - 21 dag siden
that minion nightlight is how satanic cults start
jacob animates
jacob animates - 21 dag siden
I have sour rainbow belts rice crispy treats and hazelnut chocolates and there delicious
Kenzie 3581
Kenzie 3581 - 22 dager siden
Luka Ivkovic
Luka Ivkovic - 23 dager siden
Every time i played minecraft if i pressed f4 instead of f5 i had to open minecraft cause THE F4 BUTTON LEAVES THE APP