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aksalaheddine78 - Dag siden
Good trains follow orders
Good trains follow orders
Good trains follow orders
Good trains follow orders
Website Commentator
Website Commentator - 2 dager siden
4:32 bin laden-chan
BlueFlameFoxX - 3 dager siden
Fun fact: At the second coming of Christ, he will not even set foot on earth. Probably because how it’s now full of people like you and me.
PS: it will also take 7 days to reach Heaven (for the salvageable) and 7 years of hell on earth for those who stay behind. One way or another you will get on your knees you like it or not lol.
James theboss18
James theboss18 - 4 dager siden
2:39 roses are red
Listen to your master
The kids are fast
But my spear gun is faster
Eric Christmas
Eric Christmas - 5 dager siden
jimmy fallon
EIiza - 6 dager siden
Fun fact, in America, we only make our stupidest people the president. (I am in fact an American. I just feel like roasting America right now.)
Eric Ortiz
Eric Ortiz - 6 dager siden
metal reaction
ALEX HUANG - 7 dager siden
5:42 The T-34/85 tank only has room for 5 people.
Its me Ya boi
Its me Ya boi - 10 dager siden
"Please thumb me until it turns blue"
Or should i say finger??, thumbs a finger right?
jared karl L. johnson
jared karl L. johnson - 20 dager siden
The tank one was supposed to be "the tank's barrel can fit in my girlfriend"
The Yeet Corgi
The Yeet Corgi - 21 dag siden
Kids are literally wearing masks for 7 hours a day and most don’t care
Peter G. J. MacPherson
Peter G. J. MacPherson - 21 dag siden
okay I've seen this in some pockets of america: it's okay to give a quick kiss on the lips to family in the same way you would do, say, one of those polite kisses where you kiss their cheek near their ear, or even an air kiss. it's not "Making Out" whatsoever and simply what they and about a third of america think is acceptable.
Although if you ask me, it's kind of backwoods of Biden to be doing that. It's kind of gross and we need to dump that trend.
Starshot 435
Starshot 435 - 22 dager siden
Fun Fact: Ice Cubes die in their own sweat.
Sana ._.
Sana ._. - 23 dager siden
I failed no-simp-September because of Levi Ackerman and Todoroki Shoto
Furry Slayer #Ozob2077
Furry Slayer #Ozob2077 - 23 dager siden
5:56 plot twist: he has no friends
9:06 I'd become the very thing I swore to destroy
SERENITY NELSON - 25 dager siden
Can I be featured in a video for no reason? Please and thanks
Ian Berg
Ian Berg - 27 dager siden
with a cursed video comes a cursed comment
if you kill 359 people you can make a longsword
Benedek - 27 dager siden
i have the power that no one else can have. I can make the likes go from 14 to 15 thousand!
Corvus - 28 dager siden
my ears really enjoyed the reverb on Jack's microphone
joemama ea
joemama ea - 28 dager siden
2:50 negative 6 feet
Yūrei - 29 dager siden
You can buy beer made from WHAT NOW?!?!
somesmolbean - 29 dager siden
10:40 a r m f o r a n a r m e y e f o r a n e y e
Thehider 1234567
Thehider 1234567 - Måned siden
10:03 murrrrr
bostin - Måned siden
4:45 no, just hire him, call your homies, and make a terminatior movie ( I movie addition)
SANZ_ VityaZ
SANZ_ VityaZ - Måned siden
Fredrick The Alien
Fredrick The Alien - Måned siden
I like the Soviet memes
Logan Ellis
Logan Ellis - Måned siden
I have a cursed comment, one little monkey jumping on the bed, he fell off and cracked his neck, mama called the doctor and the doctor said: your son is dead........... that one night in her mind she was dead inside.
Alexander Scola
Alexander Scola - Måned siden
She could fit all them, because you don’t have any
06. Eric Devdan
06. Eric Devdan - Måned siden
5:55 all 1 of them
Anvarynn - Måned siden
Endergirl best girl.
No Count
No Count - Måned siden
0:25 You missed the opportunity to say, "The internet... making people "come" together."
Pingus Dingus
Pingus Dingus - Måned siden
All weasels are fluffy hotdogs. Change my mind.
zach119 Kings
zach119 Kings - Måned siden
Me:we can play nerf downstairs it’s really big down there
Friends: ...
Me: I’m kidding we would need real guns
Toomy G
Toomy G - Måned siden
At 9:03 I new it was going to be a 9/11 joke
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders - Måned siden
Fun fact : Earth is flat.
Denki Kaminari
Denki Kaminari - Måned siden
2:11 the drunk guy at the end of the bar is biting on a bone
a birb with internet acces
GodzillaGaming - Måned siden
Fun fact: If you shout "KOBEEEEEEE!!!" on a helicopter, you would see Kobe Bryant
Abubokor Siddique
Abubokor Siddique - Måned siden
5:57 look at the up votes.
Mytt'l - Måned siden
I heard the pillow as made a wood out of pillow for some reason.
Unique/ly Special**
Unique/ly Special** - Måned siden
I thought you sounded different for some reason, who ever keeps saying 'no' like that, keep it up
Roman Valeri
Roman Valeri - Måned siden
The internet bringing people together.... thought it was some fancy commercial
brandon day
brandon day - Måned siden
5:21. Jokes into you, I prefer that shit
Nooby - Måned siden
id want to see a list of everyone who thought of me sexually, because its always nice to have another blank sheet of paper
Jeremy Aguero copyright 2016
5:57 yeah all one of them
Jeremy Aguero copyright 2016
Jeremy Aguero copyright 2016
AkteNö - Måned siden
Fun fact, most people have a negative k/d especially women with children!
OScythero - Måned siden
Jacob - Måned siden
The fact that the background has a reddish hue irks me.
Amit Pradhan
Amit Pradhan - Måned siden
It’s been 24s and 14k likes this guy is a legend
reeses pile
reeses pile - Måned siden
Why am I commenting anymore
reeses pile
reeses pile - Måned siden
Commenting for no reason still
reeses pile
reeses pile - Måned siden
Guess what

I cant
reeses pile
reeses pile - Måned siden
I wish I can time travel
Koi Moi
Koi Moi - Måned siden
that first one is somewhat wholesome but at the same time wtf
András Szabó
András Szabó - Måned siden
5:06 Every time I thinking about it too, when I see a gigantic monster tbh
Shane Espinoza
Shane Espinoza - Måned siden
10:39 I don't get this one
Shane Espinoza
Shane Espinoza - Måned siden
0:49 Hey ima Juni- Oh, oh no...
MasterChief aka John117
MasterChief aka John117 - Måned siden
So eminem will kill me
Doctor Noob Gaming
Doctor Noob Gaming - Måned siden
Dad jokes with snek
Dad jokes with snek - Måned siden
9:10.... hey snakes are fun
RightTea Roblox
RightTea Roblox - Måned siden
The reason why your step sister is calling for you is because she wants you as a step ladder.
Fiyah Quacker
Fiyah Quacker - Måned siden
At this point even cursed comments are regular comment.
Fiero Quartz
Fiero Quartz - Måned siden
Wear a mask uwu
Supreme Lord
Supreme Lord - Måned siden
I want to ride the holocoaster
possibly_happier - Måned siden
possibly_happier - Måned siden
No one said he got fired
mistahhbean gaming
mistahhbean gaming - Måned siden
6:25 actually... i think me too
Dickernus, The Bruh Moment.
I want that black man to step on me.
(I am a masochist by the way.)
Woeste Wytze
Woeste Wytze - Måned siden
3:10 and the what are than the purple particols comming from a endermen
Crusadersans_1028 - Måned siden
5:58 best no I’ve ever heard
5 start and would here again
Zexpray - Måned siden
On baby
Computer Gang
Computer Gang - Måned siden
The drunk guy at the end of the bar just got ran over.
Santa Sen
Santa Sen - Måned siden
Where is damien?
heres j0nny
heres j0nny - Måned siden
11:07 im sorry wanna run that by me again
heres j0nny
heres j0nny - Måned siden
7:55 ok now im glad the shells didnt work, that fuckin awesome
heres j0nny
heres j0nny - Måned siden
6:28 oh thanks bro i havent tried the shotgun yet ima go try that.
Update: the shells were duds, they didnt work
Jester Plays Games
Jester Plays Games - Måned siden
The drunk guy at the end of the bar doesnt exist
Shearper2 - Måned siden
EmKay: thumb you until it turns blue.
Me: Phrasing.
Shane Krause
Shane Krause - Måned siden
Coconut oil is not good lube!!!
karim booth
karim booth - Måned siden
Minecrafter 5996
Minecrafter 5996 - Måned siden
Step daughter I'm stuck!
Slightly dyslexic puffle
Slightly dyslexic puffle - Måned siden
3:16 Yo I just watched that
LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté
Yeah the Biden info and pics is
faked... your opinion is noted. Worthless and pointless, but noted...
Avalon of Babylon
Avalon of Babylon - Måned siden
1:02 on that note Readytoglare had an Adam and Eve coupon and I used it to buy strawberry and creme scented bath bombs. they should be here tomorrow
The Yeeter
The Yeeter - Måned siden
I physically recoiled when I saw the thumbnail
Latios Hunter
Latios Hunter - Måned siden
I did it bros! I came as I shouted Emkay so they don't feel lonely.
You're welcome.
Tesla B
Tesla B - Måned siden
There are actually American families where kissing on the mouth for all relatives is normal. You can see people on fb in their 40s and 50s who proudly proclaim that they still kiss their parents on the mouth when pictures of young parents are kissing their small kids on the mouth make the rounds.
ROCK FILLER - Måned siden
Fun fact: most deaths are caused by dying
Galaxyismyaesthetic - Måned siden
It's all jokes until I remember that I actually bought my ds to my dads funeral to play mario kart (not during the service it was after but still)
The Panimation Podcast
The Panimation Podcast - Måned siden
spymaster360 David Velasquez
*biden has won the state of alabama*
CookThe Cat
CookThe Cat - Måned siden
I would of picked it up and moved it

into my car
Joana Dinis
Joana Dinis - Måned siden
10.57 Not an English speaker, so i never really knew what a "circumcision" was, besides, the contexts that term was used in didn't help either. I've been ruined
MeliodicStar - Måned siden
Lol Merry's Ender Girl comic is in cursed comments XD
sensibledog 09
sensibledog 09 - Måned siden
I am the guys that ruined the 669 comment cause why not
Pocket Rocket
Pocket Rocket - Måned siden
It’s a stencil
yeet master6949
yeet master6949 - Måned siden
666 coments
Nullicity - Måned siden
4:15 “That is not a relatable thing!”
If only you knew.
Maiah - Måned siden
I would say that first post would be more blursed than straight cursed