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Shay_Mendez98 - 12 timer siden
3:26 Christ gets nailed on a cross by 2 buff Romans
Linus tech tips filled up a 950tb hard drive.
Alexis_ snekk
Alexis_ snekk - 2 dager siden
Why have they subjected the bean to this
Karma Playz
Karma Playz - 2 dager siden
4:19 true. _very true._ my friends use the emoticon in roleplay to scare me and i use it to scare them. :)
8:27 oh. _oh my god._
10:26 Add 1 more follower and you’ve got a solid game of manhunt!
Darth Plague - Gaming
Darth Plague - Gaming - 3 dager siden
Everyone's reaction to every single cursed comment to exist: whaaaa?
Darth Plague - Gaming
Darth Plague - Gaming - 3 dager siden
Why is this cursed?
Galaxy Steve
Galaxy Steve - 3 dager siden
Alwayz_Salty_ - 3 dager siden
I so want to seee lexi do this again
Wicked Wizard
Wicked Wizard - 4 dager siden
You sound like emmet Brown from the back to to the future game
RiskyWorks - 5 dager siden
No, I am not sexy...I am the ugliest dumbest idiot on earth >:( How dare you try to take away 99% of my personality (The other 1% is doing selfburns)
ZodiacQueen3 - 7 dager siden
"I could have made smores"
This, this is why Lexi is my favorite.
Mr. Birb
Mr. Birb - 7 dager siden
help me
Alexander Jagd Asbøl
Alexander Jagd Asbøl - 8 dager siden
if my pp was a deodorant stick then it whould only last 0.4 bites
Dodi Foxy
Dodi Foxy - 9 dager siden
bendyrin - 10 dager siden
Wait if Lexi is a cat just take a nap
Hydr Solula
Hydr Solula - 11 dager siden
Lexi sounds like if Elmo was a girl going through puberty
• Cypher Gacha •
• Cypher Gacha • - 11 dager siden
2:38 NUUUUUUU MY POOR GIRL i'm so sorry for you ;^;
Lent Landsdrove
Lent Landsdrove - 12 dager siden
He's not wrong. Like I mean he is right...
CR Zone
CR Zone - 12 dager siden
Your blood is still delicious
Joshua D
Joshua D - 12 dager siden

Marie - 12 dager siden
eastern asia
eastern asia - 12 dager siden
ok what?!?!?!?!?! 2:01
Swindle 96
Swindle 96 - 12 dager siden
"2 Followers in a Dark Alley"
Me, turning around to the 20 cats following me and my freshly potted cat nap.
"Those really are rookie numbers. Dear God!"
Heroine Creeves
Heroine Creeves - 13 dager siden
Eyyy, Thoughty2*
*not sure about the spelling btw
鄭茂廷 - 13 dager siden
Gota know the source of the first comment to pass him some likes.
cheese ___
cheese ___ - 13 dager siden
Deodorant makes your mouth dry would not recommend
Pedro P
Pedro P - 13 dager siden
I just love cursed comments
BurgerDragon571 - 13 dager siden
Why was Thoughty2 on the thmbnail
Jael Gomes
Jael Gomes - 13 dager siden
Lil secret, I've done them both :) 4:24
GachaCell - 14 dager siden
Asked my mom about xhamstercom
She told me to look at all the cute hamsters
Pandaboinate_06 - 14 dager siden
I regret searching the hamster site
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson - 14 dager siden
*E X P A N D D O N G*
Hexemerealda Attica
Hexemerealda Attica - 14 dager siden
One of my classmates had his gym locker broken into and told me that the person didn't steal anything, but took a bite out of his deodorant.
WonkiestGoose11 - 15 dager siden
Cursed comments is like watching the kids in my basement crying when I electrocute them so they shut up, it’s very enjoyable and relaxing
遺忘與約定 - 15 dager siden
Cursed comments...? But it isnt cursed... It is just comments that super truth or about p0rn,gay,trump,corona or karen. Yea now i think i am "cursed"
MaxDragon - 15 dager siden
this is the bare minimum
If you still wanna believe in humanity, do not visit r/gachalifecringe. This is not an invitation, it's a warning.
Corinne Faith Roldan
Corinne Faith Roldan - 16 dager siden
This sounds like BadBoyHalo reading Cursed Comments. We should never let somethng so wholesome anywhere near Cursed Comments.
Not Bad Gamer
Not Bad Gamer - 16 dager siden
that was the smoothest pickup line imma use it .............the one u gave at the start.
Michael is stupid
Michael is stupid - 16 dager siden
Lexi, I feel so sorry you got paired with cursed comments- stay the wholesomely chaotic ruler
Blake Milton
Blake Milton - 16 dager siden
I enjoyed all of it ;)
James Miller
James Miller - 16 dager siden
That squirrel comment was stolen.
bass gamer
bass gamer - 17 dager siden
Lexi be like this is so bad when this is a pretty tame episode 2 be honest
Gabriel Stier
Gabriel Stier - 17 dager siden
Why do you sound like grian?
Brooke Smith
Brooke Smith - 17 dager siden
0:57 I don't know if there are any Fanders in the comments, but I would ask Remus. DWIT (https://youtu.be/Tn0pKxShY8Q?t=1552) His deoderant is Pickled Poo Logs flavored.

I am correct. FLAVORED. watch for maybe 10 seconds of the link.
Maksims K.
Maksims K. - 17 dager siden
The soviets didn't just invade Berlin from the front :)
Jacob’s Channel
Jacob’s Channel - 17 dager siden
Why did it take so long for me
Haru YT
Haru YT - 17 dager siden
Not gonna lie you sound like dr.bright from scp and I love it
ttv_ Cudlefish134
ttv_ Cudlefish134 - 17 dager siden
Before i heard lexi's voice i thought my voice sounded high (i doent try and insult anyone with this and im sorry if i did)
Pennywise ;-;
Pennywise ;-; - 17 dager siden
YAY ITS LEXIIIII ❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨✨✨😆😆😆🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Griffin Gaming
Griffin Gaming - 17 dager siden
lexi is meh fav
Sour Melon
Sour Melon - 17 dager siden
5:37 who originally posted this?
7:03 lol
Farrensya Lisanjaya
Farrensya Lisanjaya - 17 dager siden
Can someone put the whole emkay squad pronounce in the replies my brain is just homework for anything
Choco Muffin
Choco Muffin - 18 dager siden
Bless your poor soul Lexi
Edit:What’s a simp? (2:04)
Also whats wrong with 8:51
DepecheModeFan2009 - 18 dager siden
For your information, deodorant tastes like soap, but sweetish
The deodorant one reminds me of Remus. Yeah definitely.
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox - 18 dager siden
“What’s up folks, I’m Fox. I’ll beat you with an ox.”
Epic Sans
Epic Sans - 18 dager siden
Hey Lexi can I say your intro makes me feel so much better about my appearance
Tribute Tribute
Tribute Tribute - 18 dager siden
The only notification's I have for this channel is for cursed comments so I can make my own
MoonlitSteak like a cheep
MoonlitSteak like a cheep - 18 dager siden
I didn't know what the hamster website was so I looked it up. Those weren't hamsters.
Riddle Me this
Riddle Me this - 18 dager siden
8:57 for your eyes or
Alexander Taylor
Alexander Taylor - 18 dager siden
...During this I spent 20 minutes trying to not choke on water.
Azriel Johnson
Azriel Johnson - 18 dager siden
I love cursed comments. So much more fun than entitled people.
weirdguy 54
weirdguy 54 - 18 dager siden
A stick of deodorant tastes like a candle (don't ask)
otto panttila
otto panttila - 18 dager siden
If you spill milk, blame carl.
If you lose your job, blame carl.
If you drive over someone, blame carl.
TimTastic - 18 dager siden
Bruh her/his voice sounds the same as all the videos she/he does (Still don't know what gender lexi is could be a man could be a woman still don't know)
Rock Melt
Rock Melt - 18 dager siden
You sound like badboyhalo.
Gregory K
Gregory K - 18 dager siden
Ha ha, I can’t breath...
Zachariah Shaver
Zachariah Shaver - 18 dager siden
Lexxi (sorry if I spelt ur name wrong) sounds like a mop fan trying to Imamate a character from that show
Idk who but someone on that show definitely sounds like her/him
1067A 1aaz
1067A 1aaz - 19 dager siden
michaelflash123's stuff
michaelflash123's stuff - 19 dager siden
4:19 I love black people, every house should have one (:
michaelflash123's stuff
michaelflash123's stuff - 19 dager siden
I love black people, everyone should have one (:
Steve Bruce
Steve Bruce - 19 dager siden
Yes, more Lexi.
Jorge Gutierrez
Jorge Gutierrez - 19 dager siden
5:41 that unexpected mickie mouse impression.
Michael Hice
Michael Hice - 19 dager siden
The 'Ronzoni' ... years from now, when these videos are in some archive somewhere, people may look back upon these videos and wonder, " what the fuck is all this disease that happened in 2020?!?" (I write this praying this doesn't extend into 2021......)
Alexis Clayfield
Alexis Clayfield - 19 dager siden
Lexie: oh god it’s happening. Everybody stay calm. STAY FUCKING CALM!!
Good Mandalorian morning
Good Mandalorian morning - 19 dager siden
I’m getting déjà vu....
Say... sayo... dang, guess I couldn’t snap too it,
would have been a cutting edge pun.
pippe pagan
pippe pagan - 19 dager siden
8:20 https://youtu.be/c07ktnFs3m8
that random ten year old
that random ten year old - 19 dager siden
Nooo Lexi's poor innocent mind T^T
Fiona Sorensen
Fiona Sorensen - 19 dager siden
2:35 he’s too soft
Agent Washington
Agent Washington - 19 dager siden
For the record, deodorant does NOT taste good. At least Old Spice doesn't.
If you're wondering how I know, it's because I took a bite of a stick for a Tik Tok cuz someone dared me to.
I'm dedicated to my craft.
But yeah, it doesn't taste all that great.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 19 dager siden
Deodorant tastes like soap
Liggliluff - 19 dager siden
(7:30) It's that "Huston, we got a problem. – What's the problem? – I don't want to talk about it"-joke, but in real life.
Sam - 19 dager siden
Ayy that's my boi thoughty2 0:00
Noobly Walker
Noobly Walker - 19 dager siden
9:00 Do mantises even get that big?
JoshuBin - 19 dager siden
Why does the dude on the start of the video looks like Paul Prenter.
Trey Marcum
Trey Marcum - 19 dager siden
Hey ya gays I’m trey
MemeAzim Likes MSM And Brawl Stars
I saw somebody say they couldn’t hear the difference in Lexi’s voice, so does that mean she always sounds deep?
Molly Bason
Molly Bason - 19 dager siden
One time I called the suicide hotline and they told me to hang up, I found it so funny that I didn't kill myself.
Dumb Janitor
Dumb Janitor - 19 dager siden
there is a japanese myth that a person has 3 sides
one for everyone
one for friends and family
and one no one sees
and if you know mine why are you looking at me pooping
thundering dumbass
thundering dumbass - 20 dager siden
it was only a matter of time before cark was on cursed comments
Kpop Guy
Kpop Guy - 20 dager siden
I watch videos with Lexi so I can reassure myself that I am sexy.
Leeward_ Wind
Leeward_ Wind - 20 dager siden
Left them hanging.
I can’t run from sayori. That experience still haunts me
Jake the weirdo
Jake the weirdo - 20 dager siden
lemme just thank lexi for the ego boost everytime he starts a vid
Dr Cake
Dr Cake - 20 dager siden
Thoughty2 British man
robblequoffle - 20 dager siden
3:25 John F. Kennedy gets blown while in a car
Satan Has Logged In
Satan Has Logged In - 20 dager siden
"Our mother."
Mr.Skeleton - 20 dager siden
Is it wrong that I liked this
FloRin Flo
FloRin Flo - 20 dager siden
You know what this needs?...more ads
Toymation Studios
Toymation Studios - 20 dager siden
Ive never heard someone call it "the runzoni"
Jerry Howard
Jerry Howard - 20 dager siden
Thumbnail made me think that Thoughty2 started doing cursed comment videos.