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Bottle o Bile
Bottle o Bile - 4 timer siden
ur username is what u last ate
Bottle o Bile
Bottle o Bile - 4 timer siden
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo tssss OOOooooOoOooaaa ttssssssss AAaaaaaa
-Robin 2020
Joezilla 101
Joezilla 101 - 5 timer siden
3:54 how did he know it was that much is what scares me first off second why Jaiden
WolfyVR - 6 timer siden
Start throbbing it's robbi-
Dizzy cord
Dizzy cord - 9 timer siden
2:29 he’s not wrong tho
Elias - 10 timer siden
from the thumbnail i thought this is r/technicallythetruth
The Clown
The Clown - 11 timer siden
The thumbnail belongs in technically the truth.
Kango Cookies
Kango Cookies - 12 timer siden
If you have children and they have children with each other, then half your DNA+ half your DNA= full your DNA. You can clone yourself if you children have intercourse with each other...
Emiliano Guerra Lopez
Emiliano Guerra Lopez - 13 timer siden
Whats the reference on 3:01
kayziro321 - 15 timer siden
Drayyvon Drister
Drayyvon Drister - 19 timer siden
Hamm is literally 30 minutes away from where I live, people all over the world are stupid-
calico 277
calico 277 - 23 timer siden
Kill me now
Peter Mileto
Peter Mileto - Dag siden
5:31 the fuckinfice
Deadshot-Snipe - Dag siden
Russians heading west to invade germany:
"Hey comrade i think we got these nazi pigs surprised"
The other russian guy:
*I guess they did nazi us coming*
(Laughs hysterically)
The Ness That Could Ech
Black Friday
czarina delancy
czarina delancy - Dag siden
i like ya cut g
Jack Rodden
Jack Rodden - Dag siden
us Americans using the metric to measure bullets and drugs, i suddenly feel very patriotic
AJ Schadow
AJ Schadow - Dag siden
3:47 or i forgot to take my schizophrenia meds
Rohan McLaughlin
Rohan McLaughlin - Dag siden
17:47 FÜRrŶ
Little Person
Little Person - Dag siden
i dont get the shane dawson bit
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - Dag siden
10:04 No Okuyasu Dont *laughs* -what the F* why the heck am i laughing aa*laughs* Dam İt oKuyasu
Jangmo o
Jangmo o - 2 dager siden
Jangmo o
Jangmo o - 2 dager siden
Mr Moist
Mr Moist - 2 dager siden
This channel was good until they brought robin in as a narrator
Comrade Vanskiov
Comrade Vanskiov - 2 dager siden
I failed the Art School so I watch this video instead
JEC FT - 2 dager siden
I feel like i should say “duh” to the thumbnail, but then again, i might get woooshed.
why why
why why - 2 dager siden
The fart one had me dying
Can0e - 2 dager siden
the question is do you have to near the person to make them fart? you could make the president rip a wet one during a speech while your laughing your @ss off at home
ozge duman atilla
ozge duman atilla - 2 dager siden
me: *says just 1 spanish word*
every single karen in mile raidus:
Netherite Sword
Netherite Sword - 2 dager siden
dont mean to be that kind of guy

but whats the vid at 10:25?
BendyFazDevil 2!
BendyFazDevil 2! - 2 dager siden
Hitler got really pissed off cuz all of the grades kept being f like how you got really pissed off cuz of hitler jokes Robin
《Comet Galaxia》
《Comet Galaxia》 - 2 dager siden
what do you mean rotten egg fart?
Creative 8D
Creative 8D - 3 dager siden
AverageDamian - 3 dager siden
8:38 well considering that it rains in the pikmin universe and the pikmin and perfectly fine with it, so it’s safe to say the red pikmin is safe
Liese W.
Liese W. - 3 dager siden
But but.. where's Damian..
SavageShane 69
SavageShane 69 - 3 dager siden
When you think about it in an alternate universe the earth is completely uninhabitable but the other planets are habitable. There’s also another one where the white people where suppressed and in slaved. Aight it’s 2:35 I’m tired and I think of weird shit
Myra Thompson
Myra Thompson - 3 dager siden
2:35 ouch my poor gay feelings.
Final starman
Final starman - 3 dager siden
Final starman
Final starman - 3 dager siden
Final starman
Final starman - 3 dager siden
Final starman
Final starman - 3 dager siden
Kevin da real one
Kevin da real one - 3 dager siden
17:41 what about lizards and moths?
PsyolthSP64 - 3 dager siden
I agree, the baby does look like a bowling pin. Might have a hard time balancing but thats what sanding discs were made for
•Notyouroriginal_girl• - 3 dager siden
[Jalenjack20]:I'm so jealous I wanna be gay too
Me: *I just had cursed comments in roblox*
Yeet YEET - 3 dager siden
Vaccine memes always make me embarrassed because my family goes against vaccines. But surprisingly, I haven't gotten sick for a very long time
Javier Alonso Ruiz
Javier Alonso Ruiz - 3 dager siden
12:52 as someone who also makes sometimes videos, this is very relatable
Theahnaf UwU
Theahnaf UwU - 3 dager siden
Shinra - 3 dager siden
12:46 Am i terrible for thinking the baby is the most realistic Fleshlight ever made?
Yosua Hariyanto
Yosua Hariyanto - 3 dager siden
"ill cut off my pp and inform you in a month"
*a month later*
"how is your pp?"
"it still feels great!!!"
"how long is your pp now???"
"its one inch!!!"
Alex Fessler
Alex Fessler - 3 dager siden
2:57 wait a minute
Miguel TG
Miguel TG - 3 dager siden
Emkay the thumbnail is r/technicallythetruth
Caden Vogek
Caden Vogek - 4 dager siden
The baby looks more like a flesh light
Cazaplier Harv
Cazaplier Harv - 4 dager siden
Hey this isn't that bad*me watch these videos for five hours* holy shit it's bing, traitor😑
Christian Heisinger
Christian Heisinger - 4 dager siden
They say third times the charm.
Germany’s failed twice.
Tara Blue
Tara Blue - 4 dager siden
"Hi I'm robin and you better lock your doors or else."
RedoxTing - 4 dager siden
5:29 can we please first talk about jack's name though?
Jacob Ross
Jacob Ross - 4 dager siden
no just NO
Cake 878
Cake 878 - 4 dager siden
she does relise that the monkys ment se no evil and speek no evil
KevinPlayz lil'Kev
KevinPlayz lil'Kev - 4 dager siden
wow this vid was made at my birthday thats cool ( 26 oct rn )
Burritoman76 - 4 dager siden
17:47 what r u doing step gorrila
MICheeHL - 4 dager siden
Donut, more like, do nut amirite
Cute cat Lords
Cute cat Lords - 4 dager siden

* chuckles* no it’s not
HorizonSniper __
HorizonSniper __ - 4 dager siden
1:34 ma screen is darker than a black hole
Onyx Animations
Onyx Animations - 5 dager siden
the beginning of the video: “hey hey hey!”
my mind: *haikyuu intensifies*
April Kessel
April Kessel - 5 dager siden
When the comments aren’t cursed so you sue reddit
think gaming
think gaming - 5 dager siden
7:00 I had a thought about this once but instead of making people fart you could just close there ass hole shut so they couldn’t take a shit
M0ZZ1E33 - 5 dager siden
17:47 think I found my new favourite sound.
Cookiegalaxyqueen 9567
Cookiegalaxyqueen 9567 - 5 dager siden
Idk why my children should exist
Torpito - 5 dager siden
How to Break Someone's Neck
Imposter: Interesting
Luca an ren
Luca an ren - 5 dager siden
O fk
Lia Savola
Lia Savola - 5 dager siden
Me: WTF I wAs eATiNg
TZee - 5 dager siden
So I was drinking my water and i-
Niko Bellic
Niko Bellic - 5 dager siden
0:25 me on my wedding night
Ryuya S
Ryuya S - 5 dager siden
Video: "Why should your children?"
Me: *Uncontrollable laughter and unable to pause video*
Video: "Feel the burn!"
Me: *Now uncontrollably crying of laughter and unable to see or pause the video*
Audio: "...for not making eye contact durri-"
Me: *Finally able to see long enough to pause video, wiping my tears while still laughing and finally able to see the image*
Also Me: *I can't breath!*
Dib Dab
Dib Dab - 5 dager siden
Should I go incognito?
SMASHFANX - 5 dager siden
岩崎もっと - 5 dager siden
- •CãndyQuêen• -
- •CãndyQuêen• - - 5 dager siden
0:11 BOKUTO?
CNR - 5 dager siden
2:22 She looks like Pennywise's wife
justin rattan
justin rattan - 5 dager siden
after this video, I have lost all my fate in humanity
THE ALMIGHTY CUBE - 5 dager siden
him: oh, that one got me, i need a drink.
stumbling around in the dark
fells fleshy waterbottle
him: finally!
Not A Boomer Tree
Not A Boomer Tree - 6 dager siden
That person:
"When you watch [eeep] with no humans:"
me: *watches air* "this is great"
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay - 6 dager siden
Austin The gamer
Austin The gamer - 6 dager siden
17:40 that scream SENT ME
Elly - 6 dager siden
CultofJobby Toy Reviews
CultofJobby Toy Reviews - 6 dager siden
6:38 Well, they would be looking for his grave, but they wouldn’t know which one is him because they all look dead
KptKosmit91 - 6 dager siden
13:56 looking at the guy's profile picture, i feel it's something TF2 soldier could have done
Julius Caesar Zeppeli Gyro
Julius Caesar Zeppeli Gyro - 6 dager siden
Richard Bravo
Richard Bravo - 6 dager siden
Gummybear Stopmotion
Gummybear Stopmotion - 6 dager siden
Like the bird?
Meatball Philosopher
Meatball Philosopher - 6 dager siden
Andre The Giant once let out a 16 second fart.
That is all, gentlemen.
Your local french meme dealer
**duplicates baby 10 times**
**Puts them in the end of an hallway**
"Time to go for a strike"
Calamity Echoes
Calamity Echoes - 6 dager siden
1:05 It’s good for banging when you’re alone and desiring.
bitchkiller 69 420
bitchkiller 69 420 - 6 dager siden
12:47 s/he looks like the pencil button at the right
Person Say Hi
Person Say Hi - 7 dager siden
0:10 All I thought of was *B O K U T O*
Jaxson Siroky
Jaxson Siroky - 7 dager siden
2:22 That girl would not be able to even make eye contact .......... just how look at those eyes
Robert Summers
Robert Summers - 7 dager siden
Robin, you did it wrong. When you ask someone if they liked it a little, then they hit the like. If they somewhat liked it, then they subscribe. If they really liked it, they should see a therapist.
MercurialMærc 2
MercurialMærc 2 - 7 dager siden
18:56 is by far the best part in the entire video
literally_trash - 7 dager siden
6:20 two things my country is know for is a war with emus and we lost and fairy bread

I wish I was lying about the emu war, I wish.
The Flock
The Flock - 2 dager siden
Technically a peace treaty was never signed, so we’re still at war with ‘em. Goddamn Emus!