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Andrewthepug - 2 dager siden
I missed ny D.C. trip because of covif :(
Alexander Elderhorst
Alexander Elderhorst - 6 dager siden
"top 5 contries you've visited"
me: Australia... Australia... Australia... Australia... and Australia
what just happend?
what just happend? - 8 dager siden
Well, there are two good cops...

Horses and dogs👀 they never did anything. If so its the bad cops fault
Stargazer 199
Stargazer 199 - 12 dager siden
The government is not handling the virus well. I am terrified that I won’t be allowed in other countries when I grow up because of this failure to kill a virus.
Stargazer 199
Stargazer 199 - 12 dager siden
And I wish I could go to the D.C. trip, but I understand why.
Redemption Comeback
Redemption Comeback - 14 dager siden
Emkay: don't click
me: *proceeds to grab axe*
Princess Mermista
Princess Mermista - 15 dager siden
10:30 oh hey sokka
Princess Mermista
Princess Mermista - 15 dager siden
I clicked Because of the thumbnail
Cannabis Express 420
Cannabis Express 420 - 16 dager siden
I never went to those trips because I never wanted to work to make money and would have felt bad asking for it. Idc.
I have alot of other family members who went places like paru and I just didn't care to. But looking back on it, my life could have been alot more interesting.
SomeRandomGamer - 18 dager siden
dont mind us Pilipinos, just finding exuses to get high, and yes the hat our police force uses are mesh
Audrey Mannlein
Audrey Mannlein - 18 dager siden
The more I learn about America the more I dissaponted with America
Why not both unus annus
Why not both unus annus - 19 dager siden
I just believe good people matter
NoTopic YT
NoTopic YT - 20 dager siden
1:34 r/woooosh
Jacob Gibbs
Jacob Gibbs - 21 dag siden
All lives matter means “all lives matter” including blue lives and black lives it’s not based on color or gender, i support the people that help one another and black lives matter was a good organization for a while and then a few bad apples ruined it like usual and now are burning down towns so yeah
andy flores
andy flores - 22 dager siden
Zeaxe - 22 dager siden
haha both of my parents were dead by the time I was 21 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima - 23 dager siden
why I dont want to live in the USA and move somewhere else.
reason 1: This video
reason 2: nearly everyone is an idiot
reason 3: karens. need I say more
reason 4: Donald Trumps' existence
reason 5: Im 100% sure it's a lot better in the UK
reason 6: *I live in the United States*
The list can go on
Thunder Hawk
Thunder Hawk - 23 dager siden
Those people protesting for a haircut probably didn't burn down anything
Fuega23 - 21 dag siden
Yeah most of the people protesting in fear for their lives didn't either
KingBoxNugget 777
KingBoxNugget 777 - 24 dager siden
I did some research and the us isnt even in the top 10 for best healthcare....so yea
Trump 2020
Trump 2020 - 25 dager siden
I am just asking a question what about the black live matter riots because you can't get the corona virus if you rioting but get it when you are peacefully protesting it make no sense and I still love you videos.
BloodBath YT1
BloodBath YT1 - 25 dager siden
This subredit is the reason i hate the USA
Valiant Gold
Valiant Gold - 26 dager siden
Jake starts to sound like a karen each video a bit more
Dream Desk
Dream Desk - 26 dager siden
This video is so politically charged
Danielle Stryker
Danielle Stryker - 28 dager siden
Survey: Have you ever met someone who hasn't had Covid?
Random Person: Yes.
Survey: Well, that doesn't count. Only people who say no count.
Results: Everyone on earth has had Covid.
GothicSlytherin - 28 dager siden
Hey another one of my post made it on emkay I am sooo happy right now 10:12
Pablo - 28 dager siden
Why is this so political in the end half
Patrick Tucker
Patrick Tucker - 28 dager siden
popnep popnep
popnep popnep - 28 dager siden
It may be a surprise to the people who support BLM but the entire white community myself included of South Africa don't support BLM and most are actually against it.
popnep popnep
popnep popnep - 24 dager siden
@Egr03g The fact that our government basically called us undesirables and made plans to remove all whites within 5 years.
popnep popnep
popnep popnep - 24 dager siden
@Egr03g The farm murders.
Egr03g - 24 dager siden
popnep popnep
popnep popnep - 28 dager siden
Ah the South African health care system you get a broken leg welp guess I'll die.
Falcon Society
Falcon Society - 29 dager siden
6:29 So I’m a high school freshman and live in New York but because of Covid-19 We couldn’t go on the dc trip in May and in my middle school every group of 8th graders sense 1984 have gone to dc and now they just have a plaque next to all the old 8th grader pictures at the Lincoln memorial saying “the year we stayed home” and now their just planing on continuing in 2022. Anyway thx for reading my rant 😁
xavier killerxman
xavier killerxman - 29 dager siden
That title won’t stop me I can’t read
Shooting Studios
Shooting Studios - 29 dager siden
This video is just ripping on us but the us has the most powerful things ever Florida man and the fattest food ever that can make anybody say*I'll take your entire stock* also oil I guess
Deag Edwards
Deag Edwards - 29 dager siden
at the end it told me to like and subscri
I liked, but couldn't subscri because I don't know what a subscri is. I am, however, subscribed.
Shane Espinoza
Shane Espinoza - Måned siden
I saw a picture of a guy at an Anti-Quarantine Rally holding a sign that said "Hail Hydra!"
jak kos
jak kos - Måned siden
Oh my! All these snowflakes asking you to wear a mask must be so offensive!! I can believe you could be such a victim!!! Do you need a safe space? Does the little baby need some support because the big bad mask is bullying them out of their oxygen?!?! Huh does baby need a hug, oh i know it must be really scary to be asked to not spread a pandemic that you've already allowed to kill over 200,000 of your fellow americans!!!! Oh poor you all your rights, taken away just because you had to put a tiny piece of cloth on your face in order to save people lives, but no that's just too hard isn't it? Wow you really must be more oppressed than slaves!!! QUICK GET THIS SNOWFLAKE A SAFE SPACE!! THEIR DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO BEING TRIGGERED!!!!!! OH GOD QUICK GET THIS CHILD 100CCS OF KITTENS TO HELP HIM COPE WITH ALL THIS OPPRESSION!!
You fucking failure ass micro brained cunt
Obamabinladen - Måned siden
My father had covid, hes old, obese and diabetic. He went to the hospital and survived, he's also an undocumented immigrant. Didn't have to pay a thing. We live in az. So Idk why people think our healthcare system is bad. I guess it depends on what part of the u.s. you live in. And for those who have someone in the hospital for covid, make them say yes to the dialysis. Saved my old man's life
Sunny Sunflower
Sunny Sunflower - Måned siden
Me thinking like a mad lad after clicking on this video : YOU CANT STOP MEE
FightingZoom - Måned siden
This vid light on the facepalm heavier on the face slaps.
Ian Langowski
Ian Langowski - Måned siden
Are you stupid that's a fox→1:32
Nilas JunkYard
Nilas JunkYard - Måned siden
The stupidity of people is limitless. ... Let's just grab nachos, cold soda and lean back while watching humanity meet its end.
I'm really looking forward to it tbh. ...
Anthony Escobedo
Anthony Escobedo - Måned siden
giovanni gumalo
giovanni gumalo - Måned siden
Title: Dont click on this video
350k people: I dont think i will
Isabella Merrigan
Isabella Merrigan - Måned siden
I need to be doing my homework😬it’s due in like 20 minutes but this is more important
Still Something Completely and Utterly Random
He's lovin' his job, just look at his eyes.
And yes, his hat is transparent, more accurately a mesh, it has the same logic as a tennis cap that blocks out sun while keeping the tops of your head aerated because it's a hot country, more so in the summer.
It's mesh instead of just a bald spot to block out the sun a little.
Christopher Dean
Christopher Dean - Måned siden
Did we really need a whole minute to digest the story about the school trip? I had the sound muted and still grasped the issue in a single-digit number of seconds........
DynamicRhapsody - Måned siden
was his tech repair client a minor who hasn't seen a fan before?
Minecraft Doctor who adventures
1:09 that is the town of pripyat maybe
THINGv2 - Måned siden
Clicked cause of thumbnail. Wasn't even in the video. Should have listened and not clicked...
Gamingstar - Måned siden
emkay's gotten way too political and at this point i'm considering unsubscribing.
Raymundo Austria
Raymundo Austria - Måned siden
Why did my fellow Filipinos burn marijuana trees.
Peter Birch
Peter Birch - Måned siden
Gonna have to unsub. Wayyyyy too much politics in Emkay these days.
Awesome awie
Awesome awie - 20 dager siden
emkay then do it ;)
Silvie’s Corner
Silvie’s Corner - Måned siden
I can’t take the DC trip because America sucks 😔 I hate it here someone just let me get rich and buy an island 😡
gabe rosema
gabe rosema - Måned siden
dude i remember when i was a little kid and someone did a video where it said dont click it and guess what my stupid ass did not click it
Sora The heartless hunter
Sora The heartless hunter - Måned siden
Hikari Pyun
Hikari Pyun - Måned siden
5:11 I- now that's dumb-
Bauke Hilgenkamp
Bauke Hilgenkamp - Måned siden
also why dont american get learned how to read army times like bruh we learn that as standard digital time in elementary school in the netherlands
Bauke Hilgenkamp
Bauke Hilgenkamp - Måned siden
2:20 i mean youtube tutorials for school can explain thing better than my teachers can but ok
yandere chan
yandere chan - Måned siden
Gopher M.
Gopher M. - Måned siden
9:30 well that’s coincidental. Robin reading something from robin lmao.
ArmoredWarrier - Måned siden
4:58 i'm gonna have to r/wooosh the person who put that on facepalm.
LordBaneThePlayer - Måned siden
4:25 You see that sign in the background? It says DEFUND SCIENCE. Okay, no more inventions that make your life easier, then.
Dwarf planet Quaroar
Dwarf planet Quaroar - Måned siden
Unpopular opinion warning:

Every single life matters no matter what, but we need to help the people in the most danger, IE black people.
PaintedWolf - 28 dager siden
​@Cameron D. No, I think you were just too stupid to understand. In short, black lives matter. Do you agree or disagree with that statement? Because if you agree, good job! You're smart! And if you disagree? You're an idiot. Plain and simple. Black lives matter says that all PEOPLE on earth matter, but black people are being actively oppressed and need to have their voices heard more than anyone else in America right now. "All lives matter" states that black lives don't matter. Get your facts right before commenting like that next time!
Cameron D.
Cameron D. - 29 dager siden
@PaintedWolf everyone that read your comment is now more stupid from everything you just said.
PaintedWolf - Måned siden
I agree that every life matters, and I hope that everyone does. All lives matter isn't the same and is just a device used to suppress people who say that black lives matter. Black lives matter is the movement that says that everyone matters, but we need to protect people who are in the most danger right now. So, your opinion is perfectly valid, just be careful how you phrase it so that it doesn't sound like all lives matter.
YeetusTheFetusAndCommitSelfDeletus 69
7:30 I think she meant that she’ll raise her daughter without gender stereotypes, not raising her without telling her she has a vagina and she’s bio a girl. I could be totally wrong tho ✌️
Sergio Guerra
Sergio Guerra - Måned siden
Title: don’t click on this video
Me: I’m going to pretend I didn’t saw that
Zacc Fitzgerald
Zacc Fitzgerald - Måned siden
I hate my country.
Kali_ Graf_2132
Kali_ Graf_2132 - Måned siden
My school that still has my 75 dollars that I paid myself to go on local trips for 8th grade👁👄👁
JotaroKujo_StarPlatinum - Måned siden
I clicked on this video.
I facepalmed.
borderlands 2 fan
borderlands 2 fan - Måned siden
Too lat3
charlie/krazy wingenbach/kid911
I sold chocolates for a year so that I could go to the dc trip but I didn’t even get to go
Akuma Shuken
Akuma Shuken - Måned siden
This video is 6 days old and i just got the notification come on youtube
Joey Khristian Nunez
Joey Khristian Nunez - Måned siden
As a Filipino citizen yes the police hats are transparent and yes they do burn weed.
Just subed love the vid.
Ivan Gajduko
Ivan Gajduko - Måned siden
Trip to dc, um that was every day for me
Zhadow Storm Gaming
Zhadow Storm Gaming - Måned siden
5:12 reminds me of an article I read earlier this year about a group of police officers walking into a house and getting dizzy
Zhadow Storm Gaming
Zhadow Storm Gaming - Måned siden
0:01 they don't do ID/age checks in New York?
Vince Mikhail Sarabia
Vince Mikhail Sarabia - Måned siden
As a person who uses Military time:
*who cares on how they check on the Time*
Pedront Teiron
Pedront Teiron - Måned siden
『DinoBox』 - Måned siden
As a Filipino. I can say we do not own those cops
Sven Kars
Sven Kars - Måned siden
People say that when you continue your dream that you are a god... I did it three times this morning
izzy - Måned siden
i clicked the video 😼😼✌️✨‼️👍😹🥴🔥😛❤️
Derpygamer 27
Derpygamer 27 - Måned siden
I did tho
Kla rsicht
Kla rsicht - Måned siden
In germany we have something like socks for our hands we call them Handschuhe (Hand Shoes). It's gloves, it translates to gloves.
Henry G.
Henry G. - Måned siden
Your middle schools went to DC? Mine went to the library across the street...
I do cock ratings
I do cock ratings - Måned siden
Vampyr Vids
Vampyr Vids - Måned siden
Go there sit on the bench and take a noir photo and send it them
Cthulhu - Måned siden
Thing about u.s. healthcare;
That phat bill?
You literally can just... Not pay it.
They won't arrest you, your credit score will drop like a rock, but you won't get arrested
PhanderWasTaken - Måned siden
Do you ever re-watch a video and then think:
"Have I already commented?"
But you don't know, so you comment anyway?
Danzig Fan 2006
Danzig Fan 2006 - Måned siden
For that “ISIS” Post. My man just roasted some Old guy.
психопат дорожка
Clicky clicky
Marek Misar
Marek Misar - Måned siden
i clicked on this video
Aidan Tanny
Aidan Tanny - Måned siden
I got a car instead of going on that DC field trip. Used the money for a truck instead lmao
Toadstool - Måned siden
3:40 The exact reason i
wish i wasnt American right now because people want to complain about masks and not wear them. So now us people who actually want to visit different countries and actually WEAR masks and listen cant go anywhere because people just dont listen.
Link Hckr
Link Hckr - Måned siden
Emkay : Don't click
Me : *clicks* Huh MADLAD
Gamerr Boyy47
Gamerr Boyy47 - Måned siden
I like watching memes while my mom and dad argue in the other room
abc def
abc def - Måned siden
Geez, let me have at least a little bit of pride in my country will ya? Say something good about America please?? Just one....
Dat One guy
Dat One guy - Måned siden
i remember my 8th grade year, it was april and i was super excited cuz i, as well, had a chance to go to DC, prices paid and all that and we didn't get the insurance plan cuz we wouldn't need it, then covid hit, still kinda sad about it.
jorell lucena
jorell lucena - Måned siden
I misheard Robin's intro.
Istead of "It's me! Your host Robin", I heard "It's me! Your host Ramen".
Rogue - Måned siden
didnt click, was auto play, am true sav gang
last one
last one - Måned siden
Free healthcare would suck because you would have to pay for it with tax Wich is over 50%
Kathryn Moen
Kathryn Moen - Måned siden
I was supposed to go on the New York/DC trip, it was all paid for, I babysat for spending money on the trip.... Thennnnnnnnnnnn Covid happened and we still haven't been given our money back, its been 6 months
Riley Is Awkward
Riley Is Awkward - Måned siden
I'm American and I can say that there is thousands of idiots in the US.
Delmarva Rail Productions
Delmarva Rail Productions - Måned siden
*says “Don’t Click This Video”*
*Clicks on video*
Me: “Oops I clicked it!”
But seriously I enjoy your content
random trash artist
random trash artist - Måned siden
I live in America and trust me, it's worse than it looks.