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Alan Moyer
Alan Moyer - 9 timer siden
Volkswagen owns Porsche
Gladius ExE
Gladius ExE - Dag siden
It’s the English accent for me 😩😭😂
Sebastian Harris - Aldred
14:31 that English accent was very very Irish
Wendtinator - 2 dager siden
To the first ones defense, porche is owned bu wolkswagen and if the key is the same, she could potentially open the car.
Jimmy's friend
Jimmy's friend - 5 dager siden
Palpatine impression on darth vader

I am shocked and appalled
Hazel Underwood
Hazel Underwood - 5 dager siden
I facepalm my face so hard whenever I see anyone makes a geographically incorrect statement or post. I really hope there aren’t people this dumb to not know that Greece and Spain are countries in Europe. Those are like the most recognizable countries.
Charles Jones
Charles Jones - 8 dager siden
We can't afford universal healthcare because we spend 3x as much on "defense" as China, and 10x as much as the 3rd biggest spender (India). We also have as many aircraft carriers in service (11) as the entire rest of the world combined, with two more under construction.
{Kisa Karissa}
{Kisa Karissa} - 8 dager siden
Fuller and starks I'm done
Daniella Rodriguez
Daniella Rodriguez - 9 dager siden
Gotta love las vegas covid deniers
Fyer - 9 dager siden
I just want to point out that if you do not stand for the American national anthem then you are going against everything this great country has given us. Sure, we have had our issues like every other country but we have troops fighting and dying to protect EVERYONES rights. When you kneel for the flag you are saying that you do not care about all the soldiers who have died for your freedom and everything that you enjoy. If you want to kneel for the flag then leave the country and go somewhere else and complain there. I lost my dad when he was serving in the military and it pains me to see that people do not care.
Birb_the_Bird Tweet_tweet
Birb_the_Bird Tweet_tweet - 9 dager siden
Wow sometimes I really wish I wasn't born in America
Terasha Miller
Terasha Miller - 10 dager siden
My aunt had covid
Davie 719
Davie 719 - 10 dager siden
LA ZY - 10 dager siden
om ga
Cedric Feldmann
Cedric Feldmann - 11 dager siden
The design at 5:32 is similar to nazi symbolism but a lot of US Government branches use a similar symbol as well.
2 ideots with a phone
2 ideots with a phone - 11 dager siden
Jack is my favorite narrator tbh
the plaque doctor
the plaque doctor - 12 dager siden
I promise not all Americans are this bad some of us are decent human beings
Shane Clark
Shane Clark - 13 dager siden
Emkay is becoming a content farm filled with covid propaganda... I still haven’t even seen anybody with a sniffle let alone struggling to breathe.
Baby Mika
Baby Mika - 14 dager siden
this is england *does Scottish accent*
Cannabis Express 420
Cannabis Express 420 - 15 dager siden
In America
Because of how much we spend on dumb shit like the military and the war on drugs
Means we would have to have about 60% of our money stolen by the government to have universal Healthcare.
Deeksha Khajuria
Deeksha Khajuria - 16 dager siden
JACK the ripper comic was called From HELL. Sus that you mention the serial killer and highlight hell. Very sus.
Baptiste Guilbaud
Baptiste Guilbaud - 16 dager siden
crapefruit lol
R3HASH - 16 dager siden
Technically men are never allowed to eat again because the term breakfast means “to break fast” so the first meal of any day is technically breakfast therefore if you’re a male you cannot eat or you will be feminine 😁
James Owens
James Owens - 16 dager siden
That is Irish
180Kek - 17 dager siden
As an English person I find that accent extremely Irish but very funny
lester Hernandez
lester Hernandez - 17 dager siden
The guy in the minute 11.17 was killed because he refuse to saluto hitler
Beatrice Mendoza
Beatrice Mendoza - 17 dager siden
Is it me, or does he sound like Danger Dolan at time?
z M
z M - 17 dager siden
I genuinely feel bad for the teen but I also I think he's an idiot also he has pink nails
Jacob Conyers
Jacob Conyers - 17 dager siden
14:35 irish accent.
Logan Phares-Robinson
Logan Phares-Robinson - 18 dager siden
I live in america and im sorry we are so dumb
Juan Pasillas
Juan Pasillas - 18 dager siden
Hell is in Greece
Danger Dash
Danger Dash - 18 dager siden
You'd be surprised how absent minded you can be sometimes, for whatever reason, and end up doing something stupid. One time my mom was having such an off day that she didn't realize she was about to boil AMMONIA! Good thing I was matured enough at the time to point it out to her.
Multishipper 123
Multishipper 123 - 18 dager siden
dude that was Scottish accent
Obsidian Frost
Obsidian Frost - 19 dager siden
There are actually bible masks. The image quality is pretty shit so it could be one of those. Just playing devil's advocate
Danielle Stryker
Danielle Stryker - 20 dager siden
You know, people keep bashing Trump for not doing anything about covid, but where was Obama? He wasn't in the White House! And what about 9/11? Obama did nothing as president on 9/11. And when Lincoln was assassinated? Obama was suspiciously not anywhere near the White House. Coincidence? I think not. /s
CC-3714 Commander Fil
CC-3714 Commander Fil - 20 dager siden
I lost hope in humanity when Jack used a Palpatine impression and the picture being Vade.
Mavrick Daviault
Mavrick Daviault - 20 dager siden
"I hope you didnt punch too many holes in the wall"

Me That punched the house down: :/
Australia - 21 dag siden
In school, someone asked "If all humans left the planet, would Earth float away?" He is in 9th grade and I swear I got super pissed at him.
Danger Dash
Danger Dash - 18 dager siden
A rare Kevin encounter.
Weeb gamer channel
Weeb gamer channel - 22 dager siden
Those are the kind of people that make me pewdiepie bro fist my own face.
goose in a tuxedo
goose in a tuxedo - 22 dager siden
MegaTheProtogen - 22 dager siden
10:37 There are people that put stuff in their cart, and then later decide that they don't need it, so instead of going back the isle they found it in, they just leave it in a completely different isle.
MyNameIsDark - 22 dager siden
"How many other pandemics were around in other terms."

Easy, the "Spanish Flu" in 1918.
InItForTheParking - 23 dager siden
The Trump eagle is actually just the eagle from the 1 dollar bill.
Hiram Baez
Hiram Baez - 23 dager siden
7:13 any meal you aet wich breaks the fast of the night is breakfast so if you eat at lunchtime its still breakfast
Joshua Klenczar
Joshua Klenczar - 23 dager siden
8:08 waitttttt the last video I watched... it’s a repeat
David Fox
David Fox - 24 dager siden
Maddie GL
Maddie GL - 24 dager siden
why'd he do an irish accent at 14:35 lol
Willamtosay - 25 dager siden
America is an idiot
Shojiro Katsuragi
Shojiro Katsuragi - 26 dager siden
People do understand that the ones responsible for effing up the USA's response to Wuhan Pneumonia are the state governments, not the federal government, right? Look what happened when Trump tried to shut down travel from China when this first popped up. Everyone called him a racist and his policies racist. Then two months later when the shit started hitting the fan everyone said he didn't react fast enough. YOU'RE THE FECKNUTS THAT WERE AGAINST EVERYTHING TRUMP TRIED TO DO UNTIL IT BECAME OBVIOUS THIS WAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM!
And, with how everyone is always screaming about how Trump is a fascist, can you imagine how everyone would have gone crazy if Trump suddenly said we're locking the country down? It would have been utter chaos (not that we have much better now thanks to BLM).
And as far as I have been able to find out, generally the duty of managing responses to health crises on US soil, especially where lockdowns and the like are concerned, falls by law and statute to state governments, hence why Trump stayed out of their business whilst still offering help where he could (breathing machines and whatnot).
I'm not a fan of Trump's person, but this derangement has to stop.
Shojiro Katsuragi
Shojiro Katsuragi - 26 dager siden
He is neither trying to rebrand Nazi symbols, nor does he have a terrible marketing team. He just knows it triggers all the right people in all the right ways.
Danger Dash
Danger Dash - 18 dager siden
The thing is, they're not even Nazi symbols. I don't remember what the eagle used to represent, but the Swastika was originally a Asian symbol of peace, and I'm pretty the way Hitler displayed it was actually an occult symbol of luck (at least that's what I've been hearing some people say).
Maranda uwu Tamayo uwu
Maranda uwu Tamayo uwu - 26 dager siden
Love you too Jack
ayden beasley
ayden beasley - 26 dager siden
Next trump is gonna be selling swastikas that are painted like the American flag
Pasta Turtle
Pasta Turtle - 26 dager siden
Nooo he wasn't on incognito mode when he looked up the trump shirt!. Now he will get so many trump ads!

trump is lowercase on purpose
Vindictator1972 - 27 dager siden
True, China wasn't in charge of the US response to Covid-19, HOWEVER, they were in charge of not letting their people leave the fucking country while infected with something that has thrown everything around.
There's also the fact that Nance over in the States along with the Media saying its novel, no worse than the flu, WHILE Trump was dealing with the Democrats pushing an Impeachment on him.
* LovMyIdol *
* LovMyIdol * - 27 dager siden
Lmao Trump gotta start getting real serious about COVID-19 since he has it now
Dark Side
Dark Side - 27 dager siden
april mccracken
april mccracken - 27 dager siden
i come from the future and donald trump gets coronavirus
cam krat
cam krat - 27 dager siden
u just hate trump and america
PSYCHO GAMING - 27 dager siden
14:12 Im pretty sure we don't have a 40% income tax. correct me if im wrong but I think that guy is just stupid
alanspaz - 28 dager siden
You my dude insult people for believing we are in the best country in the world... the people kneeling insult the reason we play the pledge of allengence... it is to pay respect to the people who died for the country. The ones kneeling are saying their feelings matter more than the respect of the dead. Thats why most people in America are upset about it... the virus also has been shown to not be as bad as people spreading it virtually shown....
Zero Alpha
Zero Alpha - 28 dager siden
And that’s why I don’t believe in god
Endtrocity - 29 dager siden
It’s muslims and I’m one of them
P D - 29 dager siden
6:03 “and you would do it to for a check”
P D - 29 dager siden
Shivam - 29 dager siden
His Porsche pronunciation triggered me more than it should have
Hendy Allen
Hendy Allen - 29 dager siden
4:47 to the people comparing the shirt to the "Nazi eagle " the bald eagle has been the symbol of America for over 200 years. If you see an eagle and think National Socialist workers party of Germany, the problem is you.

Going to be going after all those arian nation Indian tribes next eh?.
SHADOW KILLER - 29 dager siden
As a representative for everyone in American Europe I am sorry for all the dickheads that come into your country
Shane Espinoza
Shane Espinoza - 29 dager siden
Reasons I think Trump is a Nazi:
He's Trump
Ashley - 29 dager siden
Actually that olive oil leave in conditioner may have been left in the olive oil section by another shopper and the person grabbed it thinking it was olive oil. You have no idea how many people place stuff back in different areas of the grocery store that belong in a different sections, in fact I was behind someone in line (last year) at the grocery store and they gave the cashier a frozen turkey saying that they found that stuffed into a shelf in the isle in front of the check out so yeah. I have even found frozen/cold items left behind by other shoppers who changed their minds and instead of handing the item to the cashier (literally 3 feet from them) leaves them in front of the check out.
Cody Gladue
Cody Gladue - Måned siden
Cody Gladue
Cody Gladue - Måned siden
Volkswagen Group
Volkswagen currently holds a majority share in Audi, Scania and Porsche, and also wholly owns Skoda Auto, Lamborghini, and Ducati.
Cody Gladue
Cody Gladue - Måned siden
VW actually makes porches
SourButter - Måned siden
Youtube kids
No comments, because somebody can say some thing bad!
Lori W
Lori W - Måned siden
4:00 You make a good point but if you follow faith based religions, you’ve left your critical thinking skills on the shelf. Along with healthy skepticism and the ability to follow the evidence to where it leads rather than bending it towards said preferred religion.
shinsosimp hehe
shinsosimp hehe - Måned siden
Jack "hello its jack not the serial killer " ... me : ITS EYELESS JACK
Anna Wilson
Anna Wilson - Måned siden
What’s wrong with your country?
I’m an American and I don’t even know
GostMystery - Måned siden
In school a kid was telling people the power of COVID repels you in the line for track
J Null
J Null - Måned siden
14:45 that's An Irish accent not an English one
Davoda 1
Davoda 1 - Måned siden
Wasn't the kneeling down a blm thing?
jwr - Måned siden
12:30 are you serious? how is the group responsible for months of rioting and looting not a dangerous and damaging ideology? lets not forget the nazi's rise to power was founded in exactly the kind of street-level violence and intimidation we are seeing today from BLM
The Jho
The Jho - Måned siden
7:17 get bamboozled I usually only eat one meal a day
Yeetasourus The great
Yeetasourus The great - Måned siden
I’m really starting to wish my America has good healthcare and wasn’t a scam, oh well, at least I can buy a gun from Walmart (which has banned the selling of violent video games but still sells guns)
Jack (LZ) Mcdonald
Jack (LZ) Mcdonald - Måned siden
15:10 I'm 12, and even I know Spain, Italy, and Greece are in Europe. AND I'M AMERICAN.
Sacrimony - Måned siden
Nah you're right, we French people don't love anyone, not even ourselves
Reece Longden
Reece Longden - Måned siden
What a tradegy...
Dominic Fiegert
Dominic Fiegert - Måned siden
Stupid people at 2:28 I live in Australia
STCamera - Måned siden
hey big boy I'm looking for a DIABETIC FATHER😉
Jaysiebell - Måned siden
English accent that’s Irish
rat - Måned siden
Mmmm tasty

R a p e f r u i t
Berry pebbles
Berry pebbles - Måned siden
Yea.. they‘re dumb
itsyedog - Måned siden
Why does he sound like jacksucksatlife
Xilanda - Måned siden
2:15 love you too ^^
Oh wait I'm supposed to hate everyone!
River Water
River Water - Måned siden
11:26 this girl is doing a AOT salute there and why didnt anybody notice that lmao
Slayer16 the hypergod of death and war 123
7:25 John get the car we’re going to Tibet
Taylor_Drift - Måned siden
Interestingly, the EGA (eagle globe and anchor), which is the marine Corp emblem looke oddly similar to trumps 2020 election shirt. Rofl
Krosis - Måned siden
I hate the fact how he was doing the voice of Emperor Palpatine, but Darth Vader was on screen
stevmoon - Måned siden
@5:05 do you realize the eagle is an American symbol??? I think you just made your own facepalm statement.
Workshop Builders
Workshop Builders - Måned siden
i hate how emkay makes fun of americans but i like how he actully uses reasoning and thinking instead of just quoting a florida man article
Forecast Lotus3
Forecast Lotus3 - Måned siden
Jack is just a comedian and the intro shows it I'll tune in soon when I find a video with Zack or Damien might even do Robin
Connor Perkins
Connor Perkins - Måned siden
i wondered what it would be like to vomit inside my mask... i think unpleasant
Connor Perkins
Connor Perkins - Måned siden
so in order for me to not be racist, i have to be racist
i have to treat people differently based on how they look as to not offend them. hell i even dont speak to them sometimes. its annoying, and the worst part is that its fine until i point it out. i dont like babying people.