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Sophie - 23 timer siden
Apology accepted👍
Siky Silal
Siky Silal - 2 dager siden
The Islam thing meant that it’s rude to make a face of someone if you never knew what they looked liked
RxGtxZen - 2 dager siden
Guys stop hating and stop tryna to stop anti-vaxxers,anti masks, and people that are saying coronavirus isn't real, let them be because you guys are making God have a hard time wiping out stupid people on earth
The Casual Googler
The Casual Googler - 2 dager siden
Masks are actually pretty comfortable for me
Andrewthepug - 2 dager siden
8:14 at least they're wearing something lol
A - 3 dager siden
quick note about 12:09-12:19. From what I know, you can't be sued by saving someones life in the America's. Even when it's a suicide attemp and you save them from themself you can't be sued. This was to ensure that someone would save someones life without having the fear to be sued so that they didn't avoid to save someones life because they don't want to pay the prize of it when they are sued. From what I know that law was made around/between 1960-1980, but if someone knows better say it?
MegaAstroFan18 - 4 dager siden
If you're a vegan you're just doing a thing. Not a good thing, or a bad thing. Just a thing. And if you're fussy or delusional, then you're an idiot.
Zahkrosis - 4 dager siden
As a Conserv, I cant say, being against taking down statues is not because we want to praise the racist person or whatnot. Its because of the whole "fail to learn from history will be doomed to repeat it".
Its like if you stopped teaching about the Holocaust in history. You're just hiding the horrific truth of humanity. You know how you normally something like racism and Nazis? When you're afraid to talk about them.
Thats why we are against taking statues down. Face them and shame them. Teach why it was there. Dont hide the truth and ignore history.
Bartu Gökerkek
Bartu Gökerkek - 4 dager siden
İ have the gas mask so
Scare Pumpkin Crow
Scare Pumpkin Crow - 6 dager siden
0:11 the end
ThisGalaxyCat - 7 dager siden
Jack should be a politician
Cable Kcub
Cable Kcub - 7 dager siden
I can confirm that you can’t be sued for breaking someone’s rib doing CPR as long as you’re certified
Devon deBorst
Devon deBorst - 7 dager siden
Donald Trump never called coronavirus a hoax
Alex Stratton
Alex Stratton - 7 dager siden
12:24 I live in America and I think that goes for us to but that person who is trying to sue them is just stupid.
The Guardian
The Guardian - 7 dager siden
11:46 well as a muslim myself I agree except for one thing for our religion we can't show all prophets faces in animations, drawing, statues etc. But other than that I also agree
Tachanka is our true savior And god
11:03 ok the guy who wrote the tweet forgot that they tried to rip down Abraham Lincolns statue
Kazmo - 8 dager siden
Trump: mortality rate are quite low.
Tweeter being dumb as fuck: no they're not, *shows cases graph*
EmKay being even dumber: *doesn't understand the difference between mortality rate and confirmed cases*
Extrox SU1TRA
Extrox SU1TRA - 9 dager siden
I speak german and ngl that was not a bad accent for someone that speaks english

just kidding it was terrible
DGKoolkid 357
DGKoolkid 357 - 9 dager siden
5:00 He said bless you right as I sneezed.
Rosie Fay
Rosie Fay - 10 dager siden
1:42 Good call about celebs running for political office, but why do you want hazing? Says something about you.
6:34 It's nothing to do with Covid, but she has a point: "Made in China" deserves to be a badge of shame, for all the things China sells us which turn out to be unsuitable once we get them.
Or outright scams.
Creator -Exe Mila
Creator -Exe Mila - 10 dager siden
The narrator: *intense earrapeing into the microphone but still making the whole video funny *
Me: dude, these guys... I love them.
Weskimo Jo
Weskimo Jo - 11 dager siden
In America the person cannot be sued due to the Good Samaritan act.
Drew Bowman
Drew Bowman - 12 dager siden
12:15 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Samaritan_law
Sahara Smith
Sahara Smith - 13 dager siden
I didn't think this is what they meant by the roaring 20s
JERRY tm - 14 dager siden
9:36 wtf ? Thats normal , why not ?
Retro Darling
Retro Darling - 14 dager siden
4:34 I genuinely cried because of how stupid this is. Like, it's not tears of laughter I can tell you that...
TherealJanczareq - 14 dager siden
8:16 if you think that this is a mask that can stop a virus, buy it, go on no one stops you, just stay safe dumbass.
No Way
No Way - 14 dager siden
the number of post for these videos has crushed my faith in humanity
Mik •
Mik • - 14 dager siden
The german accent was actually kinda accurate..
prince mehta
prince mehta - 15 dager siden
yeah a 70 year old with only junk food diet and survived
Flashlight237 - 15 dager siden
Homosexuality existed in Ancient Greek; daily reminder to anyone who needs to know.
Homophobia exists because Theodosius I of Rome said "no" to homosexuality and everyone rolled with it.
Just A Fallen Captain
Just A Fallen Captain - 13 dager siden
Well theirs also the Bible basically out right saying that gays are sinners that will burn in the fires of hell and then the idea that humans are scummy enough to write this shit down
AetheralMeowstic - 15 dager siden
The U.S. has the same Good Samaritan laws as Australia.
Madeline Ronau
Madeline Ronau - 15 dager siden
Katy-Cat Weeaboo
Katy-Cat Weeaboo - 16 dager siden
As someone who took 2 semesters of German and passed with a solid C, and as someone with German relatives and a grandmother somewhat fluent in it, that German accent actually wasn't bad.
waffel hd
waffel hd - 16 dager siden
Me from Germany at 2:33 in the Video BRO we do not have a Accent well Not when you speck hoch deutsch
Chris Grady
Chris Grady - 17 dager siden
Plz tell me I'm not the I'm not the only dumbass that fell for the emkay symbol, mistaking it for a new update?
Martytorojr - 17 dager siden
I usually like emkay videos, but I down voted because of the stupid thumb nail. He never claimed the corona virus was a hoax.
teletubby mcnugget
teletubby mcnugget - 17 dager siden
Just a reminder that Trump called covid the 'kung flu' and the 'Chinese virus' and got covid on Chinese national day
Lazy Paladin
Lazy Paladin - 17 dager siden
These are exact reason why I dont associate with you earth dwellers -.-. Alot of rotten eggs in one basket. Some of you are sound tho ngl👌
Flame WitherHeart
Flame WitherHeart - 17 dager siden
Well the Good Samaritan law protects her I’m pretty sure (IDK I watch gaem thoey on da topic)
Julien Mauro
Julien Mauro - 18 dager siden
They should start doing dark mode videos
Monsieur Clean
Monsieur Clean - 18 dager siden
I guess technically, if you tried for a c few thousand years, you could totally make lions vegan 👍
xXI am somethingXx 101
xXI am somethingXx 101 - 18 dager siden
“Where was homosexuality two decades back? Nowhere to be seen.”
Alexander Hamilton:
Deleon 45
Deleon 45 - 18 dager siden
Idiots: I can barely breath in my mask
Me: wear your mask or you won’t breath at all
Audrey Mannlein
Audrey Mannlein - 18 dager siden
You know what I would rather live in Australia a Place filled with bugs than USA thats filled with idiots
Audrey Mannlein
Audrey Mannlein - 18 dager siden
I honestly think we should just not have politicians and I think we should make all Karens go to preschool again, And to stop furry hate
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn - 18 dager siden
2:36 so far out the box they are IN the box
Abderrahman Boukitab
Abderrahman Boukitab - 18 dager siden
So also ask so wish once mine of cefkncwj before kdhwlcuhwefcljfcpoe
Steel YT!
Steel YT! - 18 dager siden
4:59 yep that’s Islamophobia at its peak
Jacob Conyers
Jacob Conyers - 18 dager siden
11:41 can imagine his face.
vaporeon 3
vaporeon 3 - 18 dager siden
ah a luxray stay away from me please please
Darian Kimberly
Darian Kimberly - 18 dager siden
Not every furry is like that. You know it. The joke's been done to death. Stop perpetuating the stereotype.
Pinkus Dean
Pinkus Dean - 18 dager siden
Honestly a female led pirates movie would be pretty cool in concept, like if they ain't making it purely to just have a female led movie but put actual solid effort behind it i'd love it. As the series has expressed before women weren't allowed on ships so many did pretend to be guys but there where some notorious female pirates and since its a fictional series they have alot of room to work with when it comes to playing with the idea.
XD out of all the things in the video I wanted to focus on the one that didn't make me lose hope
Jackson Ridenour
Jackson Ridenour - 17 dager siden
it’ll fall terrible
Unique_Star101 - 18 dager siden
9:03 why tf was my first thought HUGS!! as in the lion is giving the gazelle (idk if I'm right but correct me if you want) a hug. I am an idiot and facepalmed myself so hard I nearly choked on my irn bru
Possibly Dell Honne
Possibly Dell Honne - 19 dager siden
wait vanilla ice is still alive?
Iul San
Iul San - 19 dager siden
Trump never called coronavirus a hoax! I'm guessing you get your news from CNN? Maybe you should do some fact checking first...even if it will be part of a joke.
ash sakurai
ash sakurai - 19 dager siden
0:44 *mmm smooches :)*
Hacker of the end
Hacker of the end - 19 dager siden
Guy 1: don't worry I'll save you!
Guy 2: no no, let the flame die out on its own
Guy 1: bu-
Guy 2: NO, her life isn't important
Guy 2: just walk away and let someone else deal with it
Ur Mum 123
Ur Mum 123 - 19 dager siden
If you do CPR and break a rib you can't be sued because of the "Good Samaritan" Law
James II
James II - 19 dager siden
When Karen's say they cant breathe in their mask I just punch them
ShallowZehri - 19 dager siden
Oka okay okay so I can relate to the first one SO MUCH like I once got through half a movie in Spanish thinking that my brain just wasn’t able to process the words-
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - 19 dager siden
5:59 - 6 is an easy mistake if you're a fan.
Evan King
Evan King - 19 dager siden
One of the passwords were mmmkay
Renpai - 19 dager siden
This sub kinda sucks though, everything that isn't political is usually just jokes that go over people's heads. Its a lot harder to enjoy.
Mr MeepMeeps
Mr MeepMeeps - 19 dager siden
Cutting chickens' heads off and making them fight is fucking amazing
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard - 19 dager siden
Did that guy use a chart showing the rates of new cases based on country, to debunk trump's tweet about its mortality rate? I get it he may not be the sharpest shape in the oval office but if I was right about that then anyone's gotta admit that this guys reply to the tweet was about as stupid as my computer for not being able to run Red Alert 2 despite being brand new for its time
*S i r S t o n k s*
*S i r S t o n k s* - 20 dager siden
karens are judging my religion,
my religion:
god: "dont eat animals with sharp teeth"
people in wuhan: "bat soup go brrrrrrrrr"
Simple Photography
Simple Photography - 20 dager siden
No clue if you will see this or if someone else has answered but in the US you legally can not be sued for attempting to save someone’s life these are known as the good summation laws. Cheers keep up the vids emkay team
Zachary Woudstra
Zachary Woudstra - 20 dager siden
I'm an EMT with athena. Masks are not hard to breathe through. Also, we have laws against being sued for CPR.
Seth Almanzar
Seth Almanzar - 20 dager siden
Idk about other states, but in New Mexico we have the good Samaritan law where you cannot be sued for injuring a person while trying to save their life but I think you can be sued for walking away and not trying to help. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Nicole M
Nicole M - 20 dager siden
Yup, we have Good Samaritan laws in America too. You can't sue someone if they injure you whilst saving your life.
Phoenix Coursey
Phoenix Coursey - 20 dager siden
Your thumbnail is wrong
FuryJuice - 20 dager siden
2:22 you sound like Mr. Scudworth from clone high not a german during WW2
Cool CatAtion
Cool CatAtion - 20 dager siden
8:41: What happened was she peeled away from the group to change clothes and just freshen up and when she came back (because of her switching clothes obviously) and noticed they were looking for someone. (Her) And joined in the search. You know the rest.
Jayden Cunningham
Jayden Cunningham - 20 dager siden
5:37 who gonna tell him
Dillon Perry
Dillon Perry - 20 dager siden
Hey um by the way vanilla 🍦
... bro... we did have coronavirus back then. It was just different strains than the current one.
Also i feel like there should be a charity that evacuates people from the United States to escape the stupidity we're surrounded by.
Josh Nabours
Josh Nabours - 20 dager siden
I am going to start saying "ZebraForce" instead of horsepower now.
Sir No No
Sir No No - 20 dager siden
He said it's OK to take down Mohammed statues because we don't have any, it's like a sin to draw the face of a prophète so we usually just make their face a bright light in any documentary on them
SkyPie - 20 dager siden
4:38 that girl just racist and wrong and he juat blame indonesia for being 85% islam or idk/ when i watch this there were 666 dislike
BlackieLeone - 20 dager siden
2:32 - German here: Apology accepted. I laughed my butt off.
MineGaby YT
MineGaby YT - 20 dager siden
There should be a Guinness World Eecord of the man who made people lose all hope in humanity in the fewest words possible.
There's a lot of choices in this subreddit.
(Btw please forgive if my sentences are not formulated well I'm french.)
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper - 19 dager siden
Your English is perfect!
Callum Stewart
Callum Stewart - 20 dager siden
I have never used the phrase "I love America" and if things keep like this, I won't be able to anymore because America will have been consumed by Canada and Trump will be on life support.
Bill Gates JR
Bill Gates JR - 20 dager siden
666 dislikes :l
this is a name
this is a name - 20 dager siden
OMG this has 666 dislikes! First how and why? And second that's great
Ava Corey
Ava Corey - 20 dager siden
666 dislikes i dont whant to be that one person, but, i had to i have commented this
Rapadash The two sided Human 2nd
being part of the LGBTQ group in my town and then seeing this...
you know someone's about to die.
Kitty Bee
Kitty Bee - 20 dager siden
Wait I didn’t know that they added a new among us costume!
Exotic Cheese
Exotic Cheese - 20 dager siden
Donald trump is the type of guy to put his mask under his nose because if the mask is above his nose within 1 second he is out of breath
chikken - 20 dager siden
You kinda know America sucks when Americans kinda hate it. Cuz I’m American and don’t need to explain the rest
*xProtecBEan*X UwU
*xProtecBEan*X UwU - 20 dager siden
me that watches country humans and not even knowing the actual history but people draw history there sometimes:
*shows mask*
Chipz - 20 dager siden
666 dislikes. This is good. It means everyone who disliked this has bad luck. Oh yeah. It’s all coming together.
ewok king
ewok king - 20 dager siden
As a American ide like to state this the north is smart the south have lower education and there not that many people there do yagh we honestly screwed ourselves very very hard and to the south with a brain weither your republican democrat or independent im sorry your surounded by braid dead people I wish the south actually left the union it would've been so much better we'd get higher education and understanding they have guns and put religion into everything we both get what we want
FrostyHotCocoa - 21 dag siden
Now I think that if I lived in America, I'll probably be dead by now
Agustinus Reynaldi
Agustinus Reynaldi - 21 dag siden
Random anti masks: WE CAN'T BREATHE!!!
Random drowned people: *Random drowning noises*
Someone choked with something and died: What a stupid!
Astronauts/Cosmonots THAT stranded in space: *Claps*
Reid Kraemer
Reid Kraemer - 21 dag siden
eric simmons
eric simmons - 21 dag siden
i punched a hole in my monitor
Yanni V
Yanni V - 21 dag siden
this is offensive i kinda like trump and hes 70 and has corona plz be nice
BallisticCatz - 21 dag siden
Word to all fellow Americans, stop going to protests where your packed together closer than six feet and where many people aren’t wearing masks. If you want to protest at least wear a mask or face shield and stay distanced from others.
Green / Among Us
Green / Among Us - 21 dag siden
Almost 666 dislikes..
DemonRox8 - 21 dag siden
All i hear in the intro
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