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Egg Enby
Egg Enby - 8 dager siden
Requiring someone to answer questions or pass an exam to vote is literally how African-Americans were excluded from the demoracy for decades. maybe it would work somewhere else, but not here. it would just become another tool for corrupt politicians to stay in power.
CannedGoodness - 15 dager siden
Not listed in the police killing comparison because it breaks the narrative: The UK, fewer deaths caused by police than Germany, training between three weeks and three months. Lol
Slay Jay
Slay Jay - 20 dager siden
My name's in the thumbnail!
Karl Coutinho
Karl Coutinho - 21 dag siden
the channel logo at the end is off-centered... Have a great day!
Also love your videos
white mini crewmate
white mini crewmate - 22 dager siden
am i the only one who realizes the title is
shake my head my head
Yukey_Corruption - 23 dager siden
Johan Iskandar
Johan Iskandar - 26 dager siden
This make me palm my own face
a piece of bread
a piece of bread - Måned siden
11:16 Except for the DLC, unfortunately. Also, AC Odyssey takes place in the years 431-422 BCE. That person is EXTREMELY far off.
YTtubetube Sin
YTtubetube Sin - Måned siden
The title "shake my head my head". Why would you do this.
Kayotime - Måned siden
Ancient Greece was so gay!
*Just like my OCs*
Christian Williams
Christian Williams - Måned siden
Robin Dabank as Zoe
Robin Dabank as Zoe - Måned siden
I absolutely love what u said at the end bc in my school (I’m gay) everyone likes using the word gay as a slur
Jeremy Elser
Jeremy Elser - Måned siden
Also withiut saying anything about trump give me 1 reason you would vote for biden. I will wait.
Jeremy Elser
Jeremy Elser - Måned siden
Congratulations you made a orange man bad joke like you always. I have an idea, how about if your not in the USA we discuss your polatics, oh thats right nobody knows or cares who is leading your country.
Isi MissesYouTube
Isi MissesYouTube - Måned siden
I'm from Germany and I can say the first post is absolutely true. You wouldn't be punished for breaking free from prison. Just for damaging foreign property in the process (which most times is unavoidable). Yes, German law is weird sometimes.
Anddy Lapechq
Anddy Lapechq - Måned siden
why did you said in the best way like that 😂😂😂
Anddy Lapechq
Anddy Lapechq - Måned siden
giving me chills
Raccoon Priest
Raccoon Priest - Måned siden
5:04 Let's talk about the phrase “all lives matter.” The phrase “Black Lives Matter” was created because of the experiences, fears, and problems that Black people face. Many people have used “all lives matter” as a way of saying that all people face similar challenges regardless of their race. This is not true. The purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement isn't to exclude others, but to highlight the violence and racism that Black people face every day in hopes of changing it.
megan russell
megan russell - Måned siden
AngeBlack - Måned siden
Why don't we let them die?
I mean evolution works that way, if they don't adapt cause they are dumb, they die
MINE MINE MINE - Måned siden
I am more of a mutt than a feline
1k subscribers?
1k subscribers? - Måned siden
shm my head. WOW!! smh
God - Måned siden
To be fair though, Aunt Jemima was a slave and the maker of the brand literally stole her image to use for the brand.
I think it's good they change the face of the brand tbh.
Oliver Cramp
Oliver Cramp - Måned siden
2:03 please place the used pen15 in the cup?
VampireHunter5790 - Måned siden
Aunt Jemima is actually very racist. Even Quaker admits it, it perpetuates a false narrative of the contented servitude of African Americans during slavery, at least that is the history. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/17/business/aunt-jemima-logo-change/index.html
treat wlfiez
treat wlfiez - Måned siden
somebody had a video called "r/FacePalm Wh-What?" i didnt watch it but when i wathed a gacha video and looking at my notifications i saw this 0.0
Z. B. Oakley
Z. B. Oakley - Måned siden
Unfortunately, I don't think that the president of the US could really do much about people's stupidity with the mask thing. Unless every single police officer immediately arrested people who chose not to wear masks or left their home without a good reason during quarantine, the idiots would still refuse to wear masks. Like how two or three kids could potentially get everyone banned from certain things in elementary school, except we aren't able to return next year if we lose our privileges to life now, do we?
Black goo Foxfru
Black goo Foxfru - Måned siden
Germany is now legally America
Larry Wical
Larry Wical - Måned siden
Reminds me of people who say rip in peace.
DOGGO POGGO - Måned siden
Biomecraft 35
Biomecraft 35 - Måned siden
As a German, I am proud that my homeland is kind to the clever devils who escape. Except if they're serial killers. Then I'm worried.
Alexander Escalante
Alexander Escalante - Måned siden
My forehead has a huge hand shaped hole in it thanks for asking
sleepy dumdum
sleepy dumdum - Måned siden
9:43 OVER ONE MILLION? holy shit im 1 of those million I AM A FUCKING STATISTIC... i-
jack iceton
jack iceton - Måned siden
@sleepy dumdum R/I had a stroke
sleepy dumdum
sleepy dumdum - Måned siden
no i WASN'T a good student... yes I DID GET IN FIGHTS fdskjsaf
BEN - Måned siden
Elon Musks kids gonna be aight tho
BEN - Måned siden
1:59 uh yeah that says "Penis"
BitterLemons - Måned siden
All this political shit pisses me off seriously thought this was a meme channel 😒😒
jack iceton
jack iceton - Måned siden
M8 it is just the sub has stuff in that category
Dwiki Abdullah
Dwiki Abdullah - Måned siden
I like how on the section of the greek post made half of the comments into historians.
Shayla Lam
Shayla Lam - Måned siden
message from me: dear humans,
I hope we go extinct, for I have lost all faith in humanity.
FancyBosco - Måned siden
420 dislikes? wha-
Mini Knight
Mini Knight - Måned siden
This from the thumbnail
Test: name must be a number.
Me: my time has come
Jayden Eastwood
Jayden Eastwood - Måned siden
*Shaking my head my head*
Woffly J
Woffly J - Måned siden
smh my head indeed
Sir Rant'alot
Sir Rant'alot - Måned siden
On ancient Greece and Rome: being the top was a sign of virtue. The bottom was disrespected in comparison.
Caesar was a bottom.
nolan the seabreeze
nolan the seabreeze - Måned siden
6:45 im pretty sure most places require a bachelor’s degree dont quote me on that if im wrong please tell me.
Cyanideperfume - Måned siden
How can you be dumb enough to think the ancient greeks were christians? When do they think the time period of ancient greece was, ffs?! Do these people believe the history of humanity started with the birth of Jesus or something? Seriously, how can anyone be this uneducated?!
Mephone4 - Måned siden
The first one is also r/crappydesign just we’re to scared to admit that somebody put it there on purpose thinking it would be cool.
s u p h o m i e
s u p h o m i e - Måned siden
I swear I clicked r/faceplam not r/politics
Sean Callagher
Sean Callagher - Måned siden
The stupidity of the Greek post physically hurt to listen too
TheBritishWolf - Måned siden
The irony that the Sesame Street post has a guy, who's icon is a fully grown man, getting slammed by another guy, who's icon is *a child* .
Sums it up nicely, huh? Edit: Also, Jimmy "Civil"? Saville. Sah-Vill. Nitpicky over a pedo's name, I know, but it's like Worcestershire, it bothers me if pronounced wrong (also, America, what is wrong with you? YOU HAVE A WORCESTER! You pronounce that right but can't say Worcestershire?!)
The Peanut
The Peanut - Måned siden
spray paint actually used to spray paint??
no way
H o n e y
H o n e y - Måned siden
Amy my head XD
Valeda Adams
Valeda Adams - Måned siden
if you read the title right it says "r/facepalm | shaking my head my head" :>
Bob Doobie
Bob Doobie - Måned siden
shaking my head my head
Thomas Urech
Thomas Urech - Måned siden
5:55 nonono nonono nonono o o
That is called a “literacy test”
They were used during the Jim Crow era
To stop black people from voting
They were intentionally made to be extremely confusing or impossible
To stop black people from voting
The white people got super easy tests
The historical precedent is 100% racism 53% disguised as “we just want to make sure people know what a vote is, that’s all” 😉
Bad idea. Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad idea
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines - Måned siden
Extreme trampoline also known as suicide
Shadow Phoenix
Shadow Phoenix - Måned siden
11:36 WHEEZE
Acaicia Hogan
Acaicia Hogan - Måned siden
damn yet another Youtube channel using their fame to convince people to follow 1 specific party
Minecraft Kunoichi
Minecraft Kunoichi - Måned siden
"ThE gReEkS wErEn'T gAy"
Me: *Looks at the Greek gods*
Jhon Doe
Jhon Doe - Måned siden
Just to let the dummkopfs that don't know this is about you.
Duck Beats
Duck Beats - Måned siden
I hope the title was ironic “smh my head” r/faceplam 😉
Xanthos - Måned siden
Ben Shapiro is cool
Venustic - Måned siden
I was taking a online quiz and i put my name but when i submitted it it said i got my name wronged -_-
MrGallGo - Måned siden
Who is this
Mangy Anime
Mangy Anime - Måned siden
I wasted my last braincells
Liggliluff - Måned siden
(10:10) Let's do some research:
First of, what counts as a "place" is tricky. some countries are split while some countries are unified in their consent age. So lets start by counting only the countries with unified consent laws:
13+: 4 countries
14+: 26 countries
15+: 42 countries
16+: 94 countries
17+: 3 countries
18+: 31 countries
19+: 1 country
Then you got three countries with different consent laws per region:
United States: 16+: 13 states • 17+: 8 states • 18+: 11 states
Mexico: 12+: 20 states, 13+: 2 states, 14+: 7 states, 15+: 1 state
Australia: 16+: 6 territories, 17+: 1 territory
So I would say it's fair to say that 16 is the common age of consent, not 18.
Liggliluff - Måned siden
(3:20) Considering one of The Click's (another Reddit reading channel) lates videos, being on GatchaLife. Kids, young kids, can be very hateful and racist. – I have had to ban homophobic children from my public Discord server. Children can be really hateful sometimes.
17aelwan Da robloxian
17aelwan Da robloxian - Måned siden
5:47 that grin tho
17aelwan Da robloxian
17aelwan Da robloxian - Måned siden
🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷I’m a true patriot🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷
William Farrell
William Farrell - Måned siden
🇺🇸 is not 🇱🇷 btw im american
mystery man
mystery man - Måned siden
The star and stripes
undeadprincess - Måned siden
Fun fact, in ancient greece, it was seen as somewhat manly to be gay.
;-; Hi
;-; Hi - Måned siden
“Smh my head”
Am......Am I the only one who is confused....? I- I thought that.....Wha? 😐
Aymeric Bernard
Aymeric Bernard - Måned siden
Ancient greece and gay is like the USA and gun.
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton - Måned siden
11:16 in a different video I remember it said the Romans did not care if you were gay.they cared if you were receiving it.
bloody gamer
bloody gamer - Måned siden
In th e thumbnail o wouldve put 3?46£
Xaranar - Måned siden
Imagine quoting NowThis as a reputable source.
GhostInShell MMS
GhostInShell MMS - Måned siden
6:46 ya... one more nail to the coffin why not to visit the states... dont wanna be shoot by saying hello or walk across the street...
ComboverSoul tig
ComboverSoul tig - Måned siden
Your voice is so punchable
ThatOneGuy - Måned siden
keto is no carbs at all. thats racist. /s
You Do Not Know Who I Am
You Do Not Know Who I Am - Måned siden
Title of the video: Shaking my head my head
Me: *facepalms*
chisaki [INACTIVE]
chisaki [INACTIVE] - Måned siden
Why are bts fans EVERYWHERE
aiadoc105 - Måned siden
Pirate is a thing on the website just not on the app
N0RM4L_GU7 - Måned siden
"I dont feel anything anymore"
Matthew Buettner
Matthew Buettner - Måned siden
Don’t mind me, just starting high school and drinking bagged milk at 10:30 PM
Matthew Buettner
Matthew Buettner - Måned siden
Wendillon bloody straight
Wendillon - Måned siden
@Matthew Buettner ah perfection
Matthew Buettner
Matthew Buettner - Måned siden
Wendillon straight from the bag
Wendillon - Måned siden
Are you drinking from a straw or straight from the bag-mother?
ChristianTeen17 - Måned siden
2:03 mistake
Kbthundr D
Kbthundr D - Måned siden
Sorry... but LOLOLOL Ancient Greece is so gay hahahahahahahahahahaha
IkeFanboy64 - Måned siden
May just be me, but does it seem like r/facepalm is leaning a bit too much into calling the right dumb? Oh god, why am I noticing this!? I don't even like or care for politics! I'm becoming one of those people, aren't I?
Rising Phoenix
Rising Phoenix - Måned siden
Jokes aside, a pineapple is a candidate than Kanye and bidden.
:\\ Hawks //:
:\\ Hawks //: - Måned siden
Owen Cottam
Owen Cottam - Måned siden
Anybody else see that it says penis not pens at 2:00?
Plazma Flys
Plazma Flys - Måned siden
Ok i thought i was stupid then i watched this... ok i'm still stupid but not THAT stupid...
a man of many parts
a man of many parts - Måned siden
How's my forehead? Sore, like the rest of my face ... and my palm!
GuyFromUkraine - Måned siden
My name is

GuyFromUkraine - Måned siden
Hello human it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance
BeansNsauce 35
BeansNsauce 35 - Måned siden
Hello 7, nice to meet you
RayRay 1597
RayRay 1597 - Måned siden
Is no one gonna mention that it said "penis" not pencils?
I'm sorry you will never unsee this and neither will I 😂
Flashlight237 - Måned siden
5:27 Must be a Floridian at a Starbucks.
David George
David George - Måned siden
5:27 finally, an "Okay, Zoomer" moment .
Corrine Mills
Corrine Mills - Måned siden
Ok this is funny because the thing in the thumbnail happened to me but my teacher has been trying to fix it and google forms is acting dumb.
naz - Måned siden
i feel like he said pencil instead of penis to make us angry 1:53
Oman44444 - Måned siden
that last post just hit me so hard. like, come on why are some people so dumb.
Furry Funtime
Furry Funtime - Måned siden
how dated the corona number facepalms are amuses me since the cdc silently updated the numbers to only 6% making it only about 9,200 corona deaths
will games
will games - Måned siden