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EmKay - 2 måneder siden
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Stormer Kromy
Stormer Kromy - 10 dager siden
Bro, my comment is more popular than yours
nino dubois
nino dubois - 16 dager siden
Get that coinnnn
Chrielo Evil Clown
Chrielo Evil Clown - 17 dager siden
Hey pin me
_minty mocha_
_minty mocha_ - 17 dager siden
Ethan Parks
Ethan Parks - Måned siden
@Emkay 11:09 carbohydrates
Melissa H
Melissa H - 8 timer siden
Did I just watch an effin commercial? Wtf, man?
heddja - 17 timer siden
another day of realizing how much i actually hate people
heddja - 17 timer siden
lol sweden has over a thousand cases, not 57
mika edwards
mika edwards - Dag siden
Em kay* and the money that I no longer have
Me* mhmh I at least have 600 dollars?
Colby Schafer
Colby Schafer - 2 dager siden
I hate people
lil Corgi
lil Corgi - 2 dager siden
I live in Idaho and at 7:26 I was like bruh
PEuPatEr - 3 dager siden
"So, how did you recover from Covid?"
Me, who got covid, did absolutely nothing and recovered: *Good question.*
Mossious - 3 dager siden
Sponsors are usually Ridge Wallet, or _Raid Shadow Legends_
CrypT YT
CrypT YT - 3 dager siden
the emkay fanart looks like a jojo reference
Gianni Cammisa
Gianni Cammisa - 5 dager siden
5:43 sorry WTF is that guy saying?
Vex B
Vex B - 5 dager siden
You sound like a game show host.
Epic sans And me
Epic sans And me - 6 dager siden
I don't wear my mask over my nose sometimes..it fogs up my glasses;(
TheMightyPotato0 - 7 dager siden
From breathing in their "OWN CARBOHYDRATES" *WHEEZE*
BlueMaster75 - 7 dager siden
The gun shop mask one kind of makes sense btw. Masks covering part of your face with concealed carry is illegal, since it is hard to identify the person. Emphasis on kind of, before any of you berate me.
BlueMaster75 - 7 dager siden
The immune system causes symptoms, not the illnesses. Otherwise a cold would end your life. That's why people with weaker immune systems must be careful, cause it can't keep up with a virus or bacteria like it should. If it catches it early, it kills the 3 bacteria or whatever and moves on, no symptoms given.
{Kisa Karissa}
{Kisa Karissa} - 8 dager siden
Sleeping Dragons
Sleeping Dragons - 8 dager siden
If you can smell a fart through the mask....it isn't that safe.
Mitty Bean Cat
Mitty Bean Cat - 9 dager siden
Who do you think you are? Bowblax?

Jk jk. It's a good sponsorship
Gloria R-M
Gloria R-M - 9 dager siden
the first few aren't even facepalms they're just sad
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang - 10 dager siden
People were not believing in masks, now they don’t believe in MATH
Rhonda Welch
Rhonda Welch - 10 dager siden
Anyone else living in america who feels bad about all the america posts
nakaxi - 11 dager siden
menoob bass
menoob bass - 11 dager siden
7:21 we don't want you Karen
NaWlaFF - 12 dager siden
Hi dad
Thomas's Things
Thomas's Things - 13 dager siden
you know what else lacks bulge?
not me
Shojiro Katsuragi
Shojiro Katsuragi - 14 dager siden
To be clear: to be an assault rifle, the firearm in question has to be capable of doing 3 things: 1) firing rifle-calibre bullets, 2) switching between multiple modes of fire, and 3) one of those modes has to be fully automatic.
As far as I know, no rifle in the USA has legally been capable of fully automatic fire since 1934 when that feature was outlawed in civilian firearms, so there hasn't been a single legal assault rifle in the country since before the second world war.
Modern-day civilian AR 15s are at best only capable of semi-automatic fire, which means that, despite their cosmetic similarities to military AR 15s (which are assault rifles), they are not assault rifles.
Jovanni Aguilar
Jovanni Aguilar - 14 dager siden
At 11:14 in the video, the Karen said that they breath in their own “ carbohydrates” if she ever went to high school, u would know that it is a sugar molecule😂😂
Rebecca Armstrong
Rebecca Armstrong - 14 dager siden
people who understand how corona virus kills u .. erm yeah its actually your own immune system that does the killing part thru a cytokine storm which is basically your immune system gets stuck in a feedback loop which eventually leads to death .. just thought id throw in me talking thru the stinging feeling after feeling like a facepalm is happening and so much cringe at how everyone can talk about a thing without doing any basic education on it .. yep the world we live in today .. i mean i live in a country where we actually voted to take back control by causing ourselves to become a vassal state which was always the really meaning of the vote XD im actually registered blind and saw it coming but 17million others didnt the vote was also 52% voted yes which was about 17m out of the 76m that lives in the country about 45.5m that were registered to vote on it .. yep the i have a real dislike for mob rule or as its called officially democracy
Elias Stathoulopoulos
Elias Stathoulopoulos - 14 dager siden
honestly tho, the deaf baby who hears for the first time is great, like ThEy CaNt EmbRaCe ThEiR OwN ChIld, stfu no one cares, is it not great that the baby can hear?
MrBcraze513 - 15 dager siden
Technically it's up to the american citizens to fight tyranny. If they dont then tyranny wins... and the government is winning
Heather - 15 dager siden
Over half this video is political 🤦🏻‍♀️ in 2020 you can’t escape politics
Forbidden Pug
Forbidden Pug - 16 dager siden
9:18 I’m pretty sure this was a joke. There’s a lot of jokes like this.
Landon Smith
Landon Smith - 16 dager siden
The person who says that the guy with the Confederate flag is a racist
1. Flying a confederate flag doesnt mean your racist
2 that's a Norwegian flag or some scandinavian flag
Mr. Miller
Mr. Miller - 16 dager siden
I only like Robin
ngentotsemua - 17 dager siden
It's true though the Scandinavian countries didn't enact lockdown and they have lower infection rates. Maybe because they didn't gather and riot like a bunch of maniacs, idk.
Charis Doyle
Charis Doyle - 17 dager siden
“Hey it’s ur dad” wait what ... I thought u where dead 😂
StrayTrah - 17 dager siden
I’m sorry there was 599 dislikes I liked the video but I wanted to make is 600
Mystery and friends
Mystery and friends - 17 dager siden
My tummy had the rumblies that only hands could satisfy!
Aiden Rutherford
Aiden Rutherford - 17 dager siden
basti roxas
basti roxas - 18 dager siden
why do anti vaxxers exist
King Billy
King Billy - 18 dager siden
So if you drink a little bit of poison you will become immortal to it? Idk that's what i heard you know brb im gonna test it with my brother
(Edit) i think i put sleeping pills instead of poison because my brother has been sleeping for like 3 hours now
Cassandra Wrenn
Cassandra Wrenn - 18 dager siden
Robin: Yum, Yum, Yum?
Me: *C A N N I B A L I S M*
The Obsesed Anime Freaks
The Obsesed Anime Freaks - 18 dager siden
covid-19 is not a dangerous virus... it only matters if you have prexisting conditions 99% of the population doesn't need to worry about it.
Samuel McCarter
Samuel McCarter - 19 dager siden
6:00 you know we could just give em the old wounded knee treatment. Just saying
JH T - 19 dager siden
It's called freedom. You might think it's stupid. You might think it's harmful. It might actually be harmful. But people have the freedom to choose not to wear masks. At least on public property anyway.
James Garrison
James Garrison - 19 dager siden
Most mask do stop anything because they are the cheapest to buy only hospital grade or high works
James Garrison
James Garrison - 19 dager siden
The likely hood of dieing from Coronavirus is next to nothing unless your body is already failing
DiamondGamer - 19 dager siden
EM-KAY play despacito
Darrel Gordon
Darrel Gordon - 20 dager siden
Those national geographic magazines are wrapped in compostible biodegradable plastic
abbas 554436
abbas 554436 - 20 dager siden
The one in the thumbnail is probably a joke
Crispi Pancake
Crispi Pancake - 21 dag siden
Robin:alright maybe not becuase if you survive coko19 you will get internal organ damages(something along the lines of that)
Me:just getting tested positive for covid :|
Roman Tillery
Roman Tillery - 21 dag siden
Dude you literally just said so much bullshit you don't even understand, masks are a waste of money and thought process it does deprive oxygen no they don't kill People on the spot but they do cause long term problems not only that but you are never in a pure environment doctors alone have to change theirs every few hours despite being in clean pure environments we are forced in schools especially to have them on 8+ hours which actually runs a higher risk also CDC even released only 9,000 maybe slightly higher to 10,000 now were straight from COVID-19 deaths so all I see is crap anymore it's actually mostly safer to not wear a mask, I haven't worn a mask for 95% of the pandemic and no one around me nor I have gotten COVID despite being around people who got COVID prior to me meeting them, all I am saying is COVID is bull crap and you don't see
Felix Llera-Jones
Felix Llera-Jones - 23 dager siden
0:58 she be looking like Ryan reynolds in a wig.
Mr. C
Mr. C - 23 dager siden
2:14 cool setup
Pop Pop
Pop Pop - 24 dager siden
It funny that people think that AR means assault rifle.
Mothzilla - 25 dager siden
Saw the thumbnail and the first thing I thought was "Shepherd!"
Robo-Lion 2000
Robo-Lion 2000 - 25 dager siden
AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon, a type of weapon that includes most handguns and pistols. It has a smaller caliber than a shotgun. Check your facts before acting all smart, dumbasses.
Spetnaz - 26 dager siden
People who get angry when you tell them to wear mask and or attack you deserve the public execution
FATE REYES - 27 dager siden
me reciting a ritural the demon that is singing with me the same song with me
XxLOVERI3xX Playz Toh
XxLOVERI3xX Playz Toh - 27 dager siden
EmKay : Ah yes E M Y A Y
R00B - 28 dager siden
the organization that protects animals
yet doesn't know anything about animals
and also kills animals
MrMelonMonkey - 28 dager siden
Okok. You actually got me. I'll get a ridge wallet with my next salary. Saw it sponsoring another one of my fav YouTubers. And actually I think it's really nice. I always have my ol' leather wallet that's falling apart in my back pocket. Sitting on it destroys the bank cards with the button for the coin pocket. An it's really uncomfortable. But that rises the question: where do I put the change with the ridge wallet?
this guys here
this guys here - 28 dager siden
so are we going to just ignore the fact that robins computer montitor is zach from emkay.
apparently bird _
apparently bird _ - 29 dager siden
At least one dude at that protest for the bus drivers death was wearing a mask
_Marluxia - Måned siden
With how many political things were in here I'm amazed that it didn't become straight propaganda for either side. That's hard to do and I appreciate the effort.
dead men
dead men - Måned siden
Bruh lol
polski - Måned siden
1:57 that’s engrish
Jop van Breukelen
Jop van Breukelen - Måned siden
virgin ia
Joseluis Alvarez
Joseluis Alvarez - Måned siden
One of the Disney ladies look like she's on hard drugs
Jordan Young
Jordan Young - Måned siden
I loved this intro
Lina Tonheim
Lina Tonheim - Måned siden
As a Norwegian myself, OOOF
Ryan Hames
Ryan Hames - Måned siden
Y’all way too liberal and trying so hard to please the media for your channel to even be enjoyable at this point, by someone who’s not a psychopath
Ryan Hames
Ryan Hames - Måned siden
Why do I pay for preinum when I still needa what y’all’s nonsense ads smh
Diamond HD
Diamond HD - 27 dager siden
Because youtube ads don’t give them enough money. So they get sponsored. Don’t be so entitled. You can skip their advertisements.
Big Phish
Big Phish - Måned siden
My sister works as a nurse for a hospital, she has to wear a mask for hours on end and she doesn't have any problems with breathing at all
Jay Hall
Jay Hall - Måned siden
“Are you alive or dead?”
Um, what if I want to be dead from all the anxiety I’m having because of all this?
Alfie M but its Tony Montana
well excuse us below nose mask wearers who wanna actually BREATHE
TheDrawingCattus - Måned siden
Even if masks would control you or you could suffocate in them... i think you should still wear them to save yourself and others from the global bastard
Muhammad Rafli
Muhammad Rafli - Måned siden
i like robin's wallpaper
Majes - Måned siden
i got a keanu reaves comic book ad for this video. thank you.
Bel Vue
Bel Vue - Måned siden
Funny... I just finished attack on titan literally just two weeks ago
damn - Måned siden
That fanart... i feel attacked....
Noriaki Kakyoin
Noriaki Kakyoin - Måned siden
Yare yare yare more like Yare Yare Daze...
Kelly X
Kelly X - Måned siden
Robin: "check out the 30,000 5-star reviews"
The one person who gave it a 1-star review: *let me introduce myself*
All the other peeps who loved it: *HI*
Captain Kremmen
Captain Kremmen - Måned siden
I love these, but sometimes they kind of prove the cliche that Americans don’t really get sarcasm. 11.03 is a case in point. Mate, it’s a joke.
OfficialKatsukiKrazy - Måned siden
2:26 is that a real credit card number?!
Confused otter
Confused otter - Måned siden
The third picture of robin looks like a cranky toddler 😂
Bjørnar Lund Mathisen
Bjørnar Lund Mathisen - Måned siden
Gatcha Crumbs52
Gatcha Crumbs52 - Måned siden
3:53 omg both of my parents do this... JUST YESTERDAY my dad got me a new skateboard and offered to teach me to use it.. then a few hours after he took it away until I could "do something that will actually make a difference in my future".. that being the homework not due until next week... this happens all the time, they have even given away a puppy I had for 2 YEARS because I got a C+ on a test...
raaston - 20 dager siden
call child services that is abuse
Richard Richard
Richard Richard - Måned siden
I’ll tell you how many of those people are going to survive .... 99.9992% of them . According to newly released CDC numbers. Hmmmm
Krümel monster
Krümel monster - Måned siden
7:50 wrong. Germanys schools where closed for over 2 month in certain areas
Harris XMMCCCLXXII - Måned siden
You've just wasted time and a shit ton of money, because we require masks here, too.
Nick Peterson
Nick Peterson - Måned siden
What’s racist about Norway *pumps shotgun*
E A - Måned siden
Wait, so i am adopted?
Volta Machine
Volta Machine - Måned siden
It’s a mask of my own face you guys
Volta Machine
Volta Machine - Måned siden
Not In My Kexk I lean I mean NECK
antlatetrbdork_v2 Roblox
antlatetrbdork_v2 Roblox - Måned siden
What happened to damian?
No i dont think i will
No i dont think i will - Måned siden
Red beads
Blue beads
1 bead

I love EmKay
TullyRup - Måned siden
r/woosh is technically r/facepalm but for the people who did not understand the joke..think about that
JustThinkenStudios Official
i like how the post that talked about surgeons dropping dead bc of breathing in their own carbohydrates stated that the info was gotten from an unknown source lmfao