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1fov - 2 dager siden
I wand to die.
Fire is nice
Fire is nice - 4 dager siden
1:15 when the pizza party is going on but not your birthday
glassofwater - 6 dager siden
8:54 they really didnt get it cause wack is bad. I.e. it'd be shit if you joined the book club.
7Tsuki0 - 15 dager siden
Regret watching this...
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor - 17 dager siden
8:20 tbph. I rather watch Disney Movies on Physical Media than Disney+
Game God
Game God - 17 dager siden
is it bad i bought the meme shirt in animal crossing
lazerpie 101
lazerpie 101 - 20 dager siden
you are dehydrated, memes are water, these are salt.
IAmNotAZebra 09
IAmNotAZebra 09 - 20 dager siden
"You don't slap a bunch of random pictures together and call it a meme"
Is that not what a meme literally is
Vilothaine - 21 dag siden
the pizza hotwheel wasnt too bad
egg universe
egg universe - 24 dager siden
r/fellowkids is just the unfunniest thing in reddit
Scout Tf2
Scout Tf2 - 26 dager siden
I’m Christian and the Christian ads are cringe to everyone at my church
Neko Kind
Neko Kind - 27 dager siden
8:20 🤮 thos Books in the Background
Arcanine-Espeon - 28 dager siden
Looney Tunes has got to be the most surreal one here because it's a series/product/franchise/? that's nearly a hundred years old and doesn't have as broad a scope as Disney, so it feels like a WWII vet has risen from the grave just to tweet at you.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think Looney Tunes is dead and I'll always love it, at least parts of it. I make the comparison to a WWII vet because both of them were incredible, especially in the 40's.
Arcanine-Espeon - 28 dager siden
5:13 Okay, don't be mean to the Animal Crossing Meme Shirt. That's a good shirt. It's a meme that is so dated and non-specific it manages to come full circle and be timeless again. They did it correctly.
Arcanine-Espeon - 28 dager siden
3:03 If you can tell me what's being said under "COOL PEOPLE WHO SUBSCRIBE TO RIVER MONSTERS" I will love you.
All I know is the last word is "saying."
Wait, I think the last part is "figure out what I'm saying."
Am I being played here?
Serperior Snake
Serperior Snake - Måned siden
11:24 that's how heinz advertised for the redo of the splatoon 2 mayo vs ketchup splatfest
Dcy50 - Måned siden
9:39 was actually kinda funny to me
White Obama
White Obama - Måned siden
4:11 ok I kinda like that one ngl
Powerful Does Stuff
Powerful Does Stuff - Måned siden
9:15 ngl the stickers are cool-

don't judge me its just my opinion-
Kashifa Ellahi
Kashifa Ellahi - Måned siden
1:28 milk gang is better
Gabriel The Magolor Main
Gabriel The Magolor Main - Måned siden
r/Holup just waiting in the corner
Mike. Studios
Mike. Studios - Måned siden
Companies: (says anything and puts tic tok at the end of it”
Awe come on we shit on older people and make fun of them for not understanding memes, but then when they try to understand and get involved in meme culture, we STILL shit on them and make fun of them
Let’s get to 10K subs before 2021
Meme culture for old people is still stuck in 2011
april van pelt
april van pelt - Måned siden
Not second hand embarrassment. I get anger and cringe.
Bentendo64 _
Bentendo64 _ - Måned siden
I know you guys are gonna hate me for saying this but

I like some of these fellow kids things
Goose lad
Goose lad - Måned siden
I'm watching in the middle of the night and I have school tomorrow -_______-
Ari Whitepaw
Ari Whitepaw - Måned siden
6:01 just a timestamp for me
Johnny Veritas
Johnny Veritas - Måned siden
The VHS boxes or even DVD boxes occupy a lot of space on the house tho
RainingNans_SFM - Måned siden
5:20 my friend owns this board game. i played it with him once as a joke, although it turned out to actually be a really good game ngl. they definitely got the entire fortnite part right
owo - Måned siden
i hate the word yet
I used to watch lazarbeam, he always said "yEeT"
i thought it was "funny"
now people overuse the word, it's basically ruined lazar for me-
Donny Shields
Donny Shields - Måned siden
Why does the chicken tender at 1:44 look like a human pancreas?
p2Universe - Måned siden
10 points for cupcake mom
AuntieCreed - Måned siden
OMG, "wack" wasn't ever even a word for cool. That was the worst one. Wack meant something was stupid or lame. I accept my age and know not to make memes. lol
diamondkid300 - Måned siden
6:10 honestly though, that’s one good hell of a way to get the message across, not bad at all
The_Mind_Tricker - Måned siden
Hee-ho Melo
Hee-ho Melo - Måned siden
6:15 Now that's funny.
IMakeBadVideos - Måned siden
My old elementary school had a facebook themed yearbook. Also an Emoji one
Pixel Paladin
Pixel Paladin - 2 måneder siden
11:31 You did not just do what I think you did.
IceWing10 - 2 måneder siden
my subscribe button is missing i literally cannot subscribe is just gone...
looneybergonzi - 2 måneder siden
English Bullterrier top left, wooooo! Bullybullybullybully
MC-ATE-BIT - 2 måneder siden
The Religious one almost made me an Atheist
The 2D Gamer
The 2D Gamer - 2 måneder siden
I find this very insulting from the religion side and movie side.
AndiGravity - 2 måneder siden
Share constructive things about passwords... okay.
You know how "they" keep saying you need to use complex passwords consisting of random combinations of upper and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols? Then, because that's difficult to remember, the same people who keep warning you about needing strong passwords offer to sell you a program that will make up and remember your passwords for you so you don't have to bother to do it... because security is, apparently, not only having no idea where your keys are, but having no goddamned clue what they even look like, and just taking the word of some random guy you hired off the street that he's got them and it's all good.
Here's an easy way to get around that. Pick something you like. Don't pick something super specific like "the names of dogs I currently own that start with F and end with elicity." Pick a general subject which interests you, like _Star Wars._
Now, choose a couple of things about that subject which you will remember off the top of your head, but which aren't completely obvious. For instance, don't pick "Luke Skywalker" or "Darth Vader." If people know you like _Star Wars,_ those would be really obvious guesses. But let's say you like the Legends stuff, so you decide to go with "Darth Caedus," "Fallanassi," and "Tahiri Veila." All of those references are related to something specific in _Star Wars,_ which you can easily remember, but which would be nearly impossible for someone else to guess.
Next, make up substitution rules you will consistently stick with, that way if you remember the words you used, you know the password. For instance, your rules could be that you substitute @ and ! for the lowercase letters a and l, and use numbers instead of vowels. To alternate capital letters with lowercase ones, simply capitalize the first letter of each word, or the last. It doesn't have to be that particular substitution system, of course. The important part is that it's a consistent system you make up, that you keep to yourself, and can easily remember.
Then, convert your passwords: "D@rthC@3d2s" "F@!!@n@ss1" and "T@h1r1V31!@".
(Before you ask, because there aren't any Arabic numerals that look like a U, but 2 rhymes with U... like I said, just make it consistent in a way you'll remember.)
Or let's say you... have feelings... about the Disney _Star Wars_ films, so your passwords are "K1ssMy@ssJJ," "R1@nJ0hns0nSh02!dD13," and "R3y1sntAM@ryS23."
A human who shares the same interests as you *might* notice the pattern and figure out what you're doing, but to a computer, that is as meaningless as any string of random upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
But despite looking like nonsense to other people and computers, it all means something to you, so it will be easy for you to remember despite looking like a random jumble to everyone else, because you won't remember it as a random jumble. You don't need to write down hints or have an app to remember your passwords, because they're all things you readily remember, and if you have to change your passwords, you can change them all on the fly with minimal risk of forgetting the new passwords.
There you go, something to help you make stronger, easier to remember passwords.
AshenTycoon - 2 måneder siden
5:23 I mean Hersheypark (an amusement park in Pennsylvania) has their own Monopoly game and I've seen some strange ones come though GoodWill (a religious one, one for dogs, etc.), so a Fortnite one (as much as I want that game to die) isn't really too cringey, I mean it has locations that could be used for properties. It's not the worst thing ever and if you added in some kind of new rules tied to Fortnite you could make something interesting.
Flxmingo - 2 måneder siden
1:18 its a reference to that meme thats already dead of the gang wars that happened like 4 months ago on gta V of purple gang vs green gang
DiamondKittyCat - 2 måneder siden
2:08 hello pink pony.
Elias Bischoff
Elias Bischoff - 2 måneder siden
The joke with the cupcake is that although it is at its lowest and completely broken down, it is still saying "YAY". But it did not choose to say so, it was made to say so by a society that demands positivity from people, even if they would feel a lot better, if they were allowed to show their sadness for a while
Jack Cooper
Jack Cooper - 2 måneder siden
1:30 yea, that is a reference for GTA5 online alien gang wars, look it up on YouTube for more information.
Shakae - 2 måneder siden
When you beat the highscore on your sister
José Castro
José Castro - 2 måneder siden
6:15 The Bidening is real
Hand Fetis
Hand Fetis - 2 måneder siden
11:25 is actually the Mayo vs Ketchup splatfest from Splatoon 2. I’m pretty sure that that was a random person or the splatoon news account (which isn’t official) instead of Nintendo.
Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei - 2 måneder siden
2:09 You want a cursed comment for it? Here's my best shot.
My sister's highscore isn't the only thing that's getting beat.
Hendrix Tinsley
Hendrix Tinsley - 2 måneder siden
The cat on a unicorn minus the sword is on a six pack of beer I saw
Mops SPOOF - 2 måneder siden
2:48 I’m an avid HotWheels collector and I’d fucking by the IMMEDIATELY because memez
Weleho - 2 måneder siden
Well, at least the police used the meme quite right.
M4STA_GEEK - 2 måneder siden
Jumping out of a plane be like would be a great deep fried meme
Lucy Brimstone
Lucy Brimstone - 2 måneder siden
Hi Jack! I still have Bob Evens Mac&Cheese.
A Rezerd the mage
A Rezerd the mage - 2 måneder siden
1:03 Me when i wake up :
d_o_o_d_l_e_n_o_o_d_l_e - 2 måneder siden
idc what you say 4:14 was actually funny
The Agent
The Agent - 2 måneder siden
*sees green gang and purple gang and doesnt get it*
the comments who watch joshdub: RGRGRGR HOW DARE U AAAA GRRRRRRWEWWAAAAAA
Deutalios 818
Deutalios 818 - 2 måneder siden
“Let’s make fun of old people”
bendy the M A L K god!
bendy the M A L K god! - 2 måneder siden
G a M e O n
ZeeEmeraldTree - 2 måneder siden
8:21 Why all them books backwards???
Username - 2 måneder siden
In my experience, yearbook designs are made by students so that's the teens' faults for not knowing how to make a design that's less cringe
Wallflower - 2 måneder siden
I guess Jack isn´t part of the GANG #longboigang
M S - 2 måneder siden
When you finally hit rock bottom and you celebrate because you can't get any lower 1:11
Forever Cliche
Forever Cliche - 2 måneder siden
The only one worth having is “Not today, Satan”
Nathaniel Cedrick Laroza
Nathaniel Cedrick Laroza - 2 måneder siden
James Courser
James Courser - 2 måneder siden
My music teacher showed a minion meme that said
Singing in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth, then it just becomes a soap opera. She recently turned 30
k.h.production 22669
k.h.production 22669 - 2 måneder siden
Ok legit, I want that "BIOTCH" sticker
Fak3Us3r - 2 måneder siden
You think that's bad?
*Laughs in Chavo del 8*
Disappointment Alert WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO!
“Well if my Husband/Wife said that...”
“...my Husband/Wife...”
“...my *Husband* ...”
Samurai seven☑️
Samurai seven☑️ - 2 måneder siden
1:03 I have that shirt
Bria Becker
Bria Becker - 2 måneder siden
A college emailed me and said “We’re on TikTok. Oh yeah.”
Jasmine Latham
Jasmine Latham - 2 måneder siden
I literally just stopped doing my assignment to have a break and then like 1 min in I get called out for it😂
FlameWing ElementalBlack
FlameWing ElementalBlack - 2 måneder siden
1:20 *WiLlIaM!?*
Jacob Thomson
Jacob Thomson - 2 måneder siden
Oh your name is jack?
I don’t believe you.
Bluefoxfriend Boigaming
Bluefoxfriend Boigaming - 2 måneder siden
Daniel17 studio
Daniel17 studio - 2 måneder siden
3:27 yes
Yes we are animals
And we are looking at cameras
Szerra - 2 måneder siden
I don't like that you said when we are 30, we can't post memes anymore. Is posting memes something only kids can do?
Its like saying anime is for kids.
Szerra - 2 måneder siden
@Beep beep Who said I am a guy?
Beep beep
Beep beep - 2 måneder siden
Look at Mr. Offended! The opinion man must of hurt you, wowchys owchyyss! Here's a link for you Mr anime man, noburn.info/id/video/sqmuq9hooGWFpX4.html Go back to your mom's basement creep.
Link The Fox
Link The Fox - 2 måneder siden
I swear I once saw a sign on a church that said "yeet away satan, dab on the heathens and prey to Jesus"
Link The Fox
Link The Fox - 2 måneder siden
Simon G.
Simon G. - 2 måneder siden
belgische friet met chocolat
belgische friet met chocolat - 2 måneder siden
6:34 I shouldn’t have laughed at that
Xman - 2 måneder siden
When something wack....that's not good. But that baby yoda bank account one was great and funny to me lol
keniakittykat - 2 måneder siden
The cupcake could be a me:irl meme.
"When the party's cancelled and you pretend you didn't wanna go anyway."
lux 03
lux 03 - 2 måneder siden
6:13 actually no this post doesn't belong here, I actually laughed at this
Froggy - 2 måneder siden
1:24 isnt this about that thing in GTA ONLINE that lasted like two weeks?
ARC the Cartoon Master
ARC the Cartoon Master - 2 måneder siden
0:40 When I was a kid, I just assumed that's how teens looked in America.
CommunistPotatoe - 2 måneder siden
This... is painful.
Kimberlly With 2 L's
Kimberlly With 2 L's - 2 måneder siden
Why is it that I feel as if most of these fellowkids memes are actually pretty similar OR the same as a lot of memes we *actually* consider "funny"? Like, what's the difference between them other than the people who made it are too old for meme culture?
Am I just too dumb to notice the differences orrr-
Dominator Plays
Dominator Plays - 2 måneder siden
After this video I’m getting 20 years of therapy. I’m not joking.
Michael Finnigan
Michael Finnigan - 2 måneder siden
the cupcake one is perfect.
Mabus - 2 måneder siden
8:30 can we speak for a moment about the fact, that this person has all the books in their bookshelve pointing backwards? That person is a psycho
Nomad Scavenger
Nomad Scavenger - 2 måneder siden
ngl the 14-year-old on the Western Front one gave me a chuckle. The rest was all embarrassing.
Big Brain Time
Big Brain Time - 2 måneder siden
"Like as if it could be anything else"
*Shows mlp inside jar*
If you know what this reference is, congratulations you are cursed.
Bearded dragon Gamer
Bearded dragon Gamer - 2 måneder siden
I do but I wish I *did not*
The jugernaut killer
The jugernaut killer - 2 måneder siden
When u finish university 1:13.
James Heflin
James Heflin - 2 måneder siden
Plz do not dis like
James Heflin
James Heflin - 2 måneder siden
Me hate fortnite I wish it was never existed but me LOVE!!!! Minecraft
Stemara Bella the Cat
Stemara Bella the Cat - 2 måneder siden
"once your over 30 you lose your meme license"
What about Markiplier or Jacksepticeye?