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meatoroit Thilo
meatoroit Thilo - 3 timer siden
Internet: * makes memes ever second *
Jobs: ohhhh 2000s MEMES The kid's These days will love it!
Arthur Mark .-.
Arthur Mark .-. - Dag siden
We have Rick & Morty in Brazil
The Archer
The Archer - 2 dager siden
Ok personally I own a di that the Nat-1 says F*** and I always roll a 15 or higher somehow I’m sad I don’t get 1s
Potato Brick
Potato Brick - 2 dager siden
4:50 this makes me sad.
Ronnie Roo
Ronnie Roo - 3 dager siden
I GOT 100 GIGS But I have to share with brother
Resting Ninja
Resting Ninja - 3 dager siden
I live in the middle of nowhere and if there is no wifi I am 100% cut off from society immediately
waterzila - 4 dager siden
Jack why would I put you in my mouth
Mixed Bag of Content
Mixed Bag of Content - 4 dager siden
My mans doesn't know what Corsair is
gamerlaw 09
gamerlaw 09 - 6 dager siden
Tap galaxy is actually decent
gábor patai
gábor patai - 6 dager siden
It's like if memes are a language and they have shit grammar
Edward Forster
Edward Forster - 8 dager siden
I don't know how much I get
TopGaming - 8 dager siden
We dint get rick and morty on netflix
Rancher 06
Rancher 06 - 9 dager siden
Me: What's wrong with Kum and go?
Also me: Is this a joke I'm to American to understand?
TheAnnoyingExtrovert 2454
TheAnnoyingExtrovert 2454 - 10 dager siden
I'm in America and I don't get Rick and Morty on Netflix.... ToT
DFX2KX - 10 dager siden
YEP, there's a Kum and Go right down the road from me. It's a gas station.
Slaniakii - 11 dager siden
I am very thankful that my phone plan has unlimited data.
Metal Vengeance
Metal Vengeance - 12 dager siden
ngl the one from xbox was kinda funny
Just a moustache
Just a moustache - 13 dager siden
Company: *makes a halfway good meme*
Also company: *adds a laughing crying emoji*
SoggyDonky - 13 dager siden
And the worst part is that I have some of theses games.
DeviserDevon - 14 dager siden
Ummm I get... half a gig of data......
ChocoCookieBear - 14 dager siden
oh no please dont do this to my otome games...
ANH VO - 16 dager siden
As a Viet person I hurt internally when you pronounce food wrong.
Calvin Malcolm
Calvin Malcolm - 16 dager siden
Joseph Holmes
Joseph Holmes - 17 dager siden
You guys have gigs I just watch he rocks
ACTA NON VERBA2 - 17 dager siden
Do they really think these jokes they put out after each abortion of a meme is funny?
Liam Quinn
Liam Quinn - 17 dager siden
I use over 100 gigs. Don't look at me, my wifi sucks...
Toasty Garbage
Toasty Garbage - 17 dager siden
Not everyone has data. I had to use google voice for a number for a while cause I couldn't afford a phone plan. Google voice is a good hack when you're homeless, its free you just need wifi. So if you need to text or call someone just hangout at a McDonald's or gas station or alot of places now a days.
Anonymous Goose
Anonymous Goose - 17 dager siden
20:09 I like how it is supposed to be about gamers, even though gamers don't go outside, don't actually sleep that much, don't do sports, rarely check their phone, and usually hate using emojis
Anonymous Goose
Anonymous Goose - 17 dager siden
13:45 nice price, 69 cents
Jillian Crawford
Jillian Crawford - 17 dager siden
To answer the pimp fish question; male angler fish are because they fuse their bodies with the females to be used to fertilize eggs at her wish.
Jillian Crawford
Jillian Crawford - 17 dager siden
Lucidchart is the only company that does memes well in my opinion.
Manga Brony
Manga Brony - 18 dager siden
I used to have this game and it never had this. So either in that very short period of time after I deleted the game, it somehow put this in (which I highly doubt) or this is fanmade.
Blue Ninja
Blue Ninja - 18 dager siden
No I just found out how to use photoshop or something
Toaster Goat
Toaster Goat - 18 dager siden
There's a South African Christian literature franchise called "CUM books"
Voonex - 18 dager siden
Vet I am socking
eles keletitto
eles keletitto - 18 dager siden
all i know about computers is that i require nvidia
Fiery Kitten
Fiery Kitten - 19 dager siden
Oh poor poor foreigners... I get unlimited data a month for like 30€
Kougat Wheat
Kougat Wheat - 19 dager siden
@EmKay what is that website where you can buy that thicc seal plushie I've been searching for so long please I just need to know where I can
KaigamerTV - 19 dager siden
I saw a Kum and go in Colorado on vacation it’s real
Wolfx - 19 dager siden
trypticon09 765
trypticon09 765 - 19 dager siden
I’m on the pixel gun discord and a saw that horrible “meme”
Lurkman08 08
Lurkman08 08 - 19 dager siden
I have clash of memes it’s lokey fun
Bonnie the bunny
Bonnie the bunny - 19 dager siden
Im a bunny
rareswag - 19 dager siden
17:27 smh
john smith
john smith - 19 dager siden
Emkay please do more r/fellowkids and r/sbubby, they are my favorite when you do them.
ARC the Cartoon Master
ARC the Cartoon Master - 19 dager siden
5:55 I'll at least give them credit that they knew those are his lips, and not his teeth.
15:05 Anne from _Little Britain_ designed this ad.
RealBossGamer 21
RealBossGamer 21 - 19 dager siden
Americans don't get rick and morty on Netflix
Satoshi Yamamoto
Satoshi Yamamoto - 19 dager siden
That russian wasn't that bad.
Adam C.
Adam C. - 19 dager siden
16:16 SRLSLY? SOI meme in 2020?
OrbMaster - 20 dager siden
at 14:20, i only get 500 MB a month, try dealing with that lol
G. S.
G. S. - 20 dager siden
14:48 ... okay, as a medical professional, I’m a little stunned you went after kids with acne and implied it was their fault and that getting medicated creams / stuff to treat it was.. laziness? It’s a myth that Acne is purely dependent on those things. Genetics also plays a big role, man, and no one can actually help that.
Amberly B
Amberly B - 20 dager siden
Funny thing about the kum and go...once when my father-in-law went there to get a drink, had a receipt and my mother-in-law found and actually did think he went to a brothel or sex shop.
Julia Amerioun
Julia Amerioun - 20 dager siden
I only get 2 GB a month ):
deerkota - 20 dager siden
16:22 reminds me of when my parents forced me to go to this young adult church group meeting or whatever and they had one of those backlit boards with the moveable letters and stuff and it said "stay lit in the spirit fam ⚡"
edit: found the picture of it https://imgur.com/a/sC2iCdB
why not no
why not no - 20 dager siden
To dab is to do drugs and pullout more dopamine
Mathias The Inkling
Mathias The Inkling - 20 dager siden
Thanks! All these images made me want to commit suicide
Beth the Khajiit
Beth the Khajiit - 20 dager siden
This is one big ad
Kiki Melendez
Kiki Melendez - 20 dager siden
8:57 Me out of straight reaction: hmm bars.
anime lover
anime lover - 20 dager siden
8:00 Fuck they found ud RUN BOYS
BlackBerry Freddy
BlackBerry Freddy - 20 dager siden
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - 20 dager siden
1:39 I briefly played this game. It wasn't that good-looking and the grammar was off, but it was okay otherwise. I have to say, though... this company (Lion Studios) is surprisingly aware of memes, imo.
4:20 And Lion Studios is back again! Only this time, although they were aware of the meme, they did it late (I have not seen this ad before).
Илья Витцев
Илья Витцев - 20 dager siden
ah yes, jake noting that he pays $40/month for 80 gb of mobile data, then stating that if you go past 40 gb, you watch way too much hentai
Marou Bronwen
Marou Bronwen - 20 dager siden
Callum Coombs
Callum Coombs - 20 dager siden
I am annoyed at how they used the stonks background for helth
cheese stick
cheese stick - 20 dager siden
5:56 youtooz.com/technoblade
Soon we get to watch a egirls explode and rejoice for them finally being dead
Random Guy Goes Viral
Random Guy Goes Viral - 20 dager siden
Honestly? Honestly. The d20 at like 18:10 ?? urwizards is expensive as all fuck but as someone who plays dnd???? FUCK as the nat one is so unreasonably funny to me and if the set didnt cost like 60 dollars id buy the *shit* out of it.
Baicus_IL - 20 dager siden
What u trying to say all these things r cringe when u really r. ( dont take this the wrong way ok)
captainminky - 20 dager siden
I know what you're getting at, but Bitlife isn't a bad app. It's fun to play and most memes are actually funny, they just try to hard with the ones they post on Instagram.
TikTok it self also isn't that bad, it's like vine. There is some gold in there but in both there also was a lot of cringe, yet we still "love to hate" TikTok and praise Vine like it's a literal God. Cosplayers, "Memers", Dancers and many others find a good platform in TikTok and many use it for good. Virtual pride was founded by TikTokers. A massive amount of money was spent to BLM movements because of TikTokers telling their audience to stand up for their rights and the ones of others. Struggling Americans found happiness and friends through TikTok after they were thrown out for being lgbt/anti trump/left..
I know I'm getting pressed at something that doesn't really mean that much to me, but I just hate it when people talk trash about apps they most likely know nothing about.
Sorry for any grammatical errors, I'm not a native English speaker.
Kill The Killer
Kill The Killer - 20 dager siden
I don't get any data because my life is empty and so is my calendar.
Aiden Miller
Aiden Miller - 20 dager siden
The hot dog is stoned to supres the pain
randoalexa - 20 dager siden
4:51 so that's how I subscribe and hit the bell
Lucas Dieugenio
Lucas Dieugenio - 20 dager siden
This was the best video in a long while imho but I downvoted for the cringe segway
Gabe Donlon
Gabe Donlon - 20 dager siden
12:54 actually, that IS the point.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 21 dag siden
In response to the Yeet D20 we had a one off game where the paladin threw his great sword at a kobold killing it , followed up by the barbarian taking the paladins sword and refusing to give it back, the paladin then grabbed the barbarian picked her up and threw the barbarian at another kobold nat 20ing the athletic check...yes you read right the paladin legit Yeeted the barbarian at an enemy
gamermc - 21 dag siden
Even fucking germany get rick and morty i know bc im in germany
Frisk Dreemurr
Frisk Dreemurr - 21 dag siden
Bruh i only get 2 gig of data every month.
Alex Kyte
Alex Kyte - 21 dag siden
Jeez my phone plan just got upgraded from 2 GB to 11 GB and I thought that was really good...
WateverWatever04 - 21 dag siden
14:23 _cries in Canadian_
Aleta Harrington
Aleta Harrington - 21 dag siden
Sad part it is not the floss. It was called the dance
Craig // Monaca
Craig // Monaca - 21 dag siden
18:13 you sound like Jimmy from South Park
Creepy Shortcake
Creepy Shortcake - 21 dag siden
I lived most of my life in southern California and thought it was hysterical to find a Kum & Go when I moved to the midwest. My mom also found it hysterical when she came to visit me.
NIM Studios
NIM Studios - 21 dag siden
6:23 we don’t... but I wish we did...
『Blooper Final』
『Blooper Final』 - 21 dag siden
"yeet is for a nat 1 a f*ck is a nat 20 there is no other meaning" my dnd bard Dharid
LionEDY - 21 dag siden
Dang, Pixel Gun 3d used to be my favorite game. Look how they massacred my boy
Sarah lovee
Sarah lovee - 21 dag siden
Yall don't have unlimited data?
Slukage - 21 dag siden
Emmanuel Lewis
Emmanuel Lewis - 21 dag siden
The speak to the manager one is actually real
Luvu TV
Luvu TV - 21 dag siden
This is the new doctor Suess book in the making!
mohamed elsheikh
mohamed elsheikh - 22 dager siden
16:06 she can't be a hoe if she's in space and millions of miles away from the earth where she should be
mohamed elsheikh
mohamed elsheikh - 22 dager siden
6:06 I have a store in like the local mall which sells shirts like this
French Toast
French Toast - 22 dager siden
CheeseAddict - 22 dager siden
wait until he finds out about 'Kum Ho' tires! not american but still why?
Corey Pryde
Corey Pryde - 22 dager siden
14:30 I get less then one gigabyte per month (witch is only 200 mega byte) what are they complaining about? I just wanted to express that to some one that might understand
Legend Of Link
Legend Of Link - 22 dager siden
8:35. If this was in my school somebody would have 100% put a cigar and sunglasses on “Jonesey the default”
RayquazaKing04 - 22 dager siden
Hate me all you want but I do use Ifunny....but part of the ship, part of the crew and we do know Ifunny is cringe but we cant leave so...
RandomGamer - 22 dager siden
20:22 i've gotten that card...
Elena Sweetapple
Elena Sweetapple - 22 dager siden
The pufferfish is the simp of the sea, actually lmao. The video was genuinely educational
John Marston
John Marston - 22 dager siden
I live in Colorado and the gas station right at the bottom of the mountain I live on is a kum and go lol
Sentient Potato
Sentient Potato - 22 dager siden
I get 2 gigs and I pay 0 dollars
Miyah Smith
Miyah Smith - 22 dager siden
Ok but the Ifunny is bad and cringe thing made me laugh