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Captain Plague
Captain Plague - 2 dager siden
Watame Train
Jing Dalagan
Jing Dalagan - 3 dager siden
There should be a People of Jollibee subreddit
KirbFan75 - 3 dager siden
Iggy walk, cig cat
The Cat Monster Sings
The Cat Monster Sings - 3 dager siden
do not watch any r/hmmm videos when eating
Tired-Susie - 4 dager siden
Me: Nightmare Chica, is that you?
N. Chica:...
Me: Gimme some pizza.
Tired-Susie - 4 dager siden
Angel Dust: I’ll take that.
Tired-Susie - 4 dager siden
Lexi: Hey! It would look cooler on FIRE.
Bakugo: My pleasure...
Me: Baku, NO.
Bakugo: Baku, YES.
Spookcraft wismy_
Spookcraft wismy_ - 5 dager siden
How many people try to guess who is recording the video before they reveal themselves
AnnasStorybox - 5 dager siden
8:23 yea... You've done it... You managed to say caffeine in exactly the same voice as the word "Benzin" is sung in the Ramstein song Benzin.
I am now wondering whether it was on purpose or a pretty awesome coincidence.
Christian McNally
Christian McNally - 7 dager siden
No ciggy cat no 😭
JJMDIAZ - - 7 dager siden
What’s up sexy- IMEANLEXY
Sad Rad Child
Sad Rad Child - 8 dager siden
0:06 Lexi no fire
Colin’s Animations
Colin’s Animations - 9 dager siden
9:12 i dont care what it takes, i need can car, she lays down for me to hop in, no steering wheel or pedals, its just some seats, she gets up and takes you for a ride.
Rafael Gloria
Rafael Gloria - 9 dager siden
Lexies pick up line be like
"Whats up sexy im Lexie"
Machiel van Dijk
Machiel van Dijk - 9 dager siden
he's on fire ;D
Killer Queen
Killer Queen - 10 dager siden
Your voice is annoying
Logan Bjorklund
Logan Bjorklund - 10 dager siden
8:06 wait...have I been playing McCree wrong this whole time
Le moist snake cat
Le moist snake cat - 12 dager siden
dxvileggz - 12 dager siden
2:30 gundham? as in?

*G U N D H A M T A N A K A* ?
Larry Avent
Larry Avent - 12 dager siden
Why does lexi sound gay
Tea Lover
Tea Lover - 7 dager siden
She's trans
Raif willis
Raif willis - 12 dager siden
Hi im aaron kyro amd im a sponsored skateboarder from the sanfrancisco bay area
Brezzy 5000
Brezzy 5000 - 12 dager siden
A sweater for Angel Dust
Brenna Gatton
Brenna Gatton - 13 dager siden
10:14 it's a sweater for angeldust😂
Markmallow - 13 dager siden
2:20 I drive a the Mystery Machine idk how I can make it more interesting-

Suppose I could always trick it out like Fred does but that’s an unhealthy amount of hydraulics
Daniel Marquez
Daniel Marquez - 13 dager siden
I think the bread sheath was made by unnecessary inventions. He makes a lot of stuff like that
PotatoGamez - 13 dager siden
4:24 that mall is close to my house I went down that slide omg
Michael B.
Michael B. - 13 dager siden
Tail gates are actually very easy and light
Glitch - 13 dager siden
12:56 nightmare chica 😌
Michael B.
Michael B. - 13 dager siden
Actually my near by Walmart had the boxes filled and used super thick cardboard with a small layer of aluminum foil super glued inside that I invented for them
I also make different drone attachments for my reindeer drone (one even has a water balloon dropper so you can Airstrike your friends and still likely have friends after words)
Irene Parkin
Irene Parkin - 13 dager siden
0:49:- somebody get Lexi a coffee.
XQZr163-qwFR DlJpH-183
XQZr163-qwFR DlJpH-183 - 14 dager siden
Kids in Alabama can acomplish that by themself
Fnaf fan Foxy king
Fnaf fan Foxy king - 14 dager siden
12:53 -12:55 is nightmare chica from Fnaf
gawdzilla - 14 dager siden
Do they know what FNAF is?
Jillian Crawford
Jillian Crawford - 14 dager siden
I would love to see Lexi visit r/sbubby.
Tiki - 14 dager siden
Lexi is the type of dude to climb up a glass wall just to see what's on the other side.
Mucteba - 14 dager siden
lexi feels like a girl name
Tea Lover
Tea Lover - 7 dager siden
Yes, she's trans
gamejotter 109
gamejotter 109 - 14 dager siden
When you pull it out and thrust it around
Stuart Fruchtenicht
Stuart Fruchtenicht - 14 dager siden
Someone: dips oreo in salsa
Me: Dips them in ranch
SuperNoob - 14 dager siden
ciggy kitty
pajdu9 cz
pajdu9 cz - 14 dager siden
Is it only me but lexi sounds like moxy from helluva boss
Coalboss12 - 15 dager siden
bro leave him alone hes just chilling man (thumbnail)
sunlightseekergames - 15 dager siden
The "now you might be reallygood at painting" in the image withe the cut off ear got me
Chalice Liam Capistrano
Chalice Liam Capistrano - 15 dager siden
12:58 you spend to much time looking at the halls just freaking close the door to make chica go away
How do I pay bills
How do I pay bills - 15 dager siden
“I regret your reality and substitute it with my own”
I love this and I hope you know it’s a reference
Smol Nezuko
Smol Nezuko - 15 dager siden
All of my friends knows I am not sexy stop giving me hope 0:15
SmallSpeaker - 15 dager siden
Lexi sounds like he tells the teacher about homework as a “jOkE”
SmallSpeaker - 7 dager siden
@Tea Lover ... oh
Tea Lover
Tea Lover - 7 dager siden
StilleHere - An Unus
StilleHere - An Unus - 15 dager siden
thelostzelda - 15 dager siden
3:56 - calls Jika-tabi (traditional Japanese footwear) "crappy design" even though it's actually a historically significant piece of Japanese formal dress that was invented by the founder of Bridgestone.
agree on the camel toe though because yeah, poor choice of color on that pair.
Ma Ka
Ma Ka - 15 dager siden
If it isnt my favourite legally blind Person
Amelia Koch
Amelia Koch - 15 dager siden
everyone else in the zoom :
Saul Beare
Saul Beare - 15 dager siden
13:05 oop
Saul Beare
Saul Beare - 15 dager siden
13:04 nightmare chica is satan confirmed.
Devlin Madden
Devlin Madden - 15 dager siden
13:28 thictrik
egg shen
egg shen - 15 dager siden
how this guy got 2.1 mill subs. you make fun of some of there people but have no idea what there doing. its just strange to me you can get millions of subs by being a dumbass and not useing any of ur own content. just basicly porting reddit into youtube.
Toa from Siberia
Toa from Siberia - 16 dager siden
Milk gallon mask looks like a mask for Pyro from TF2.
CupidTheGachangel - 16 dager siden
8:15 that knife looks like it cuts potatoes
Or apple cores out of the apple, not sure why
Elitesniperghost - 16 dager siden
just so you know the mtn dew lightbulb trick does work
Karuma - 16 dager siden
For fuck sake i'm trying to sleep and now i have dis
Zack Herkerson
Zack Herkerson - 16 dager siden
11:21 Wait what is wrong with this image?
Random Person
Random Person - 16 dager siden
No, you were wrong.. This will be the out of context Lexi comment..
*"You never know when you're going to have to pull it out and thrust it around-"*
why even living
why even living - 16 dager siden
the posts are good but i mute the audio cuz u are not funny and ur voice is annoying. talk less and u wil get more subs
why even living
why even living - 16 dager siden
wow you are an idiot the person is going up the escalator
Paracotis456 - 16 dager siden
the beef lasagna is actually real bc colgate decided to start making microwavable foods but the are toothpaste company and people think it has toothpaste in it
Issac Davis
Issac Davis - 16 dager siden
Queen Of Flames
Queen Of Flames - 16 dager siden
Lexi: Hello sexy!
Me: this makes my day a lil' bit better :')
Gay disaster
Gay disaster - 16 dager siden
God, Lexi is my favorite narrator this channel has ever had, she gives me joy
Coffee Toffee 0x0
Coffee Toffee 0x0 - 16 dager siden
JaISISIWOSOS LEXI HAS A WIFE?? That's adorable omg look at her go
aleksi k
aleksi k - 16 dager siden
*me every time Lexi narrates a video* What's up sexy? I'm Aleksi!
((my name sounds like Lexi with an "a" in front of it and I think it's funny when I say it at the same time as she does haha))
Wojciech Wesołowski
Wojciech Wesołowski - 16 dager siden
2:25, behind the "Ladybug car" there's a supermarket called "Ladybug"!
Asher Kinsey
Asher Kinsey - 17 dager siden
Lexi is me favorite narrator.
Yellow - 17 dager siden
Cat do be chilling doe 1:03
Zoe Ostrosky
Zoe Ostrosky - 17 dager siden
I have an irrational fear of both slides and escalators. I mean the escalators fear is more rational because of something that happened on those like moving floors in the airport, but it's still irrational
Stephen James G. Uquia
Stephen James G. Uquia - 17 dager siden
TakenHoly Lamb
TakenHoly Lamb - 17 dager siden
Lexi is the best (:
M'aiq - 17 dager siden
11:05 oh hey my bf posted that, that was found at the city park here
Nicholan Asher
Nicholan Asher - 17 dager siden
"It looks cooler on fire*
No is not
Kamonek Tustu
Kamonek Tustu - 17 dager siden
6:39 how can you understand me a brazilian in such ditails?
Froot - 17 dager siden
swaggersouls on welfare
Sheep G
Sheep G - 17 dager siden
first, we had ciggy bird.
we had another one but i forgot
but now, *CIGGY CAT*
philip cleaves
philip cleaves - 17 dager siden
Nightmare chica be like hello you want to die.
KEBABS pah - 17 dager siden
everytime i wonder what lexi looks like i can't imagine her without asian facial features idk why i just made up my mind that she is asian
Tea Lover
Tea Lover - 7 dager siden
She has her own channel, TheLexikitty
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper - 17 dager siden
“I know you want to make your own distopian version of the dreamworks logo, but this is 17 flavors of Kentucky fried dumb.”
PokemonUB - 17 dager siden
"I reject your reality and substitute my own"
Love me some mythbusters
FIREBALL_Z42 - - 17 dager siden
The one where you went crazy was nightmare chica from fnaf 4
Periodic Gaming
Periodic Gaming - 17 dager siden
Man, I’m disappointed. At 5:18 or so you said come back in 5 minutes, but at 10:19 when it transitions, it doesn’t go back to the car.
valfano1213 ishere
valfano1213 ishere - 17 dager siden
nobody :
me : thats a dock
Gavin Norton
Gavin Norton - 17 dager siden
4:49 A Guck
Gavin Norton
Gavin Norton - 17 dager siden
sorry I mean A Flying Dock
Mason Mayes
Mason Mayes - 17 dager siden
Xavier Gingrich
Xavier Gingrich - 17 dager siden
this is just a onesie but you can crap and pee whenever you want to without changing.
Jane septiceye
Jane septiceye - 17 dager siden
He reminds my of David from camp camp. So positive.
Jane septiceye
Jane septiceye - 7 dager siden
@Tea Lover she still validated
Tea Lover
Tea Lover - 7 dager siden
Brendan Rue
Brendan Rue - 17 dager siden
no offence lexi but your voice gives me a headache
Epic Sans
Epic Sans - 17 dager siden
Honestly that train reminds me of the flying animal in avatar (I forgot the name don’t hate me)
true blueleaf 07
true blueleaf 07 - 17 dager siden
0:07 it wouldn't look cooler it would be hotter.
The user behind the Slaughter
No no no I literally watched em Kay on tv And watchedthis vid on accident and it scared me
Edit: someone please tell me the title/name if that picture
Phone Guy
Phone Guy - 16 dager siden
Nightmare Chica fnaf 4
Jako Santese
Jako Santese - 18 dager siden
Schatt train
Bottom text
Green_Mario_8 - 18 dager siden
Lexi sounds like a guy in my band that wants to build a flamethrower out of his trombone
Joel - 18 dager siden
"Highly motivated stairs"
Iona Perez Morillo
Iona Perez Morillo - 18 dager siden
Actually, Colgate makes pretty good food. My family tried this, and even my father, who is the second biggest picky eater I know (my younger sister comes first), liked the lasagna quite a lot.
It does not taste like toothpaste or anything, it's just made to be healthier for your teeth.
Nathaniel Carver
Nathaniel Carver - 18 dager siden
11:38 A N A N A S T A T U E
Gabby - 18 dager siden
I can't sleep -_-