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Penguin Redux
Penguin Redux - 5 timer siden
15:26 that is sydney...
J - 3 dager siden
11:14 Hi Bendy
Ethan Obrien
Ethan Obrien - 3 dager siden

Gucheline Castin
Gucheline Castin - 3 dager siden
a channel called meatcanyon created the bugs bunny but it got taken down for copyrightt
Sans the Cucumber
Sans the Cucumber - 4 dager siden
I Exist against my Will
the philosiphizer
the philosiphizer - 4 dager siden
Lexie, I just wanted to say that you have a lovely speaking voice.
bendy official
bendy official - 4 dager siden
at 11:10 i come in and out
Dank creeper [2nd channel]
Dank creeper [2nd channel] - 5 dager siden
Me: drinking milk

Video: 3:13
Me: eight I ain't thirsty anymore
Harley Mills
Harley Mills - 6 dager siden
5:42 as someone who has a tree that grows fruit like that, I can tell you with absolute certainty: that's a mutated lemon, fam
Copterinx 0
Copterinx 0 - 6 dager siden
I think the idea behind the plant mask is that it produces oxygen so he doesn't need the air from outside.
mrflimflamjr335 6
mrflimflamjr335 6 - 6 dager siden
13:11 meat canyon is responsible
Sakura!! - 7 dager siden
11:47 when your custom character shows up in a cutscene
Mickey Thomas
Mickey Thomas - 8 dager siden
Casyn Hindman
Casyn Hindman - 8 dager siden
Theres a werid thing anong us
Creator -Exe Mila
Creator -Exe Mila - 8 dager siden
13:45 my dear friend, that is a hole in the ground.... A BIG HOLE.
Shelby the frostdragon
Shelby the frostdragon - 9 dager siden
Aimie Glisson
Aimie Glisson - 9 dager siden
It's a lemon
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks - 9 dager siden
No one:

Me: Mesa dinner!
Ink Scrap
Ink Scrap - 10 dager siden
0:55 Gold Sharks the snack that bites back
Jayden Donset
Jayden Donset - 11 dager siden
This is my favorite person
Shain Pierce
Shain Pierce - 11 dager siden
13:52 what the hell is he saying there is only the hole in the ground
Ayden Gardner
Ayden Gardner - 11 dager siden
13:56 its a literal hole in the ground
Scott Jones
Scott Jones - 13 dager siden
*Mutant lemon thing was not An Impostor*
Ask Stevey and gems AU
Ask Stevey and gems AU - 13 dager siden
That... I believe that’s a Lemon.
64-Bit Warriors
64-Bit Warriors - 13 dager siden
7:56 so we all just going to ignore the strange protrusion on the rabit
Chevydox 2.0.1
Chevydox 2.0.1 - 13 dager siden
My lil bro's nickname is chapie or however you spell it lol
Amane - 13 dager siden
“I THINK CHTULU IS REAL” -GrayStillPlays during a game
youw6f gaming
youw6f gaming - 13 dager siden
I just started eating sushi when the pizza come up
Asmielle - 13 dager siden
The thing you thought was bread or chicken, is a real monstrous lemon from a woman who has a lemon tree in her garden! ^^
Senpai Slave
Senpai Slave - 14 dager siden
The thing was grown in a back yard That's the most disgustang Lemon ever
Kiki Chan
Kiki Chan - 14 dager siden
Was this hmm or tihi 🤔
willies_humanz - 14 dager siden
A seagull crapped on my pop circle
Kay, see Em?
Kay, see Em? - 15 dager siden
You think setting Ramen on fire is bad? I literally smokes up my entire house making hot chocolate from a pre-made hot chocolate mix.
Give me your mangoes
Give me your mangoes - 15 dager siden
10:09 Touhou usually uses DX9

This persons pc specs scare me
Fire is nice
Fire is nice - 15 dager siden
i was watching this but i could only hear lexi and it took me 12 hours to find out i two google tabs opened
O-man The Human
O-man The Human - 15 dager siden
one time i blew up a Hershey kiss while cooking.
Yes the tinfoil was removed.
Pepsi Man21
Pepsi Man21 - 15 dager siden
Lexi, a trans: "Hey sexy im lexi!"
Me: *sweats profusely*
Andy Hodges
Andy Hodges - 16 dager siden
I don't see it,can we have been working to be gay,but we are onknow going for it.To do I seem that you are in my grandma gem of course,but we can make mistakes.To make 9percent and ur gonna have the shining star on a few feet from the other one ☝to me and said that they had the chance for it is also important for me.To do you think I can we please we have one more year and is a very bad at the same way that you get to
Manga Brony
Manga Brony - 16 dager siden
Want to go skateboards?
NovaStorme1312 - 17 dager siden
Emkay.....are you O.K?
Trash Man
Trash Man - 17 dager siden
SCP fans understand the first picture.
Tor Håkon
Tor Håkon - 17 dager siden
I didnt know zenyatta is chappies cousin : 12.01
shadowhawk143 - 18 dager siden
Hey, lexi, buddy, y'all bring Lego's into everything else, don't be bs'in other people's interests like that.... I personally don't care for Lego's period...
•Squirrelflight Le Floof Tail•
*I can't decide whether I should live or die-*
Wild808wolf 0808
Wild808wolf 0808 - 18 dager siden
13:56 it’s a hole
Gold Control
Gold Control - 20 dager siden
I love lexi
A Moon's Sun
A Moon's Sun - 20 dager siden
Can I just say I love when y'all post pictures of *mouths* photoshopped onto random things and then I can make it my home screen
Imagine a thief taking my phone and turning it on, taking a look at 11:34 and just going ...
*What in the-*
And running away
Notaka 06
Notaka 06 - 20 dager siden
thats a hole
Ani Baird
Ani Baird - 21 dag siden
12:00 Experience Tranquility!
Cats uwu
Cats uwu - 21 dag siden
Me, hearing Lexi for the first time : *gets happy*
Me, hearing Lexi for the 100th time : *gets happy*
sneksis -
sneksis - - 21 dag siden
SaveTheAmazingCakes - 23 dager siden
12:49 I did not do this as a child! so haha?
and 12:58 I wanna rip that thing to shreds, if you don't know where it's from, I think it's the weird alien rabbit cat thing from Madoka Magica, and its name is Kyubey
Happy Frog
Happy Frog - 23 dager siden
The bugs bunny is form a Youtuber called "meat canyon" and the video is called "wabit" he makes creepy and weird videos Lexi dont watch them
Gemma Sandoval
Gemma Sandoval - 23 dager siden
Lexi is one of my favorite Emkay narrators ngl
The other ones are good dont get me wrong but lexi is my favorite
Josiah Wester
Josiah Wester - 24 dager siden
13:18 meatcanyon made that
Not british tea
Not british tea - 24 dager siden
Mk: I'll jump in!
Me: Should I tell him its furries?
Lisa - 24 dager siden
8:16 _If that piano doesn't play that damn chime-_
jr bugg441
jr bugg441 - 25 dager siden
1:37 what
Olivia Fairchild
Olivia Fairchild - 25 dager siden
hey this may be an odd question but is lexi a man turned woman or woman turned man that still identifies as female? i know it sounds dumb but im just curious either way i support her in her decisions
Condensed Milks For Sale
Condensed Milks For Sale - 24 dager siden
Man turned female
Benjamin Lulic
Benjamin Lulic - 25 dager siden
lexi is awsome i swear to god every time i watch her i burst out laughing
Lunar [Nightmare & Killer's Daughter]
The Eggs Are Screaming "Eat us master" Im terrifyed....
Agehana Nina
Agehana Nina - 26 dager siden
8:02 it's a word play. On top of the horse there's a word ウマれたよ (uma retayo). Uma means horse but also can means birth (of something or someone) so the horse (ウマ) is already giving birth (ウマれたよ)
Edit: it's an advertisement for horse racing field in Kokura (kyushu island)
Kiran Harvancik
Kiran Harvancik - 26 dager siden
demonic lemon
Kiran Harvancik
Kiran Harvancik - 26 dager siden
a plary the platypus
Carson Harrell
Carson Harrell - 26 dager siden
"Mr.Mcdonald." That's the name of my band director...
Aleksa Antić
Aleksa Antić - 26 dager siden
bradley gonzalez
bradley gonzalez - 27 dager siden
5:15 cyriak
Shark a Wave
Shark a Wave - 27 dager siden
Lexi, Meatcanyon made the bugs bunny. he makes super strange animations and you should check them out!
Katriin The Cardinal
Katriin The Cardinal - 27 dager siden
i love lexi's voice, every single time i come across these videos that lexi is narrating i feel as if i had found gold (dw yall not simp, im gay)
yumiko_ izuki75
yumiko_ izuki75 - 27 dager siden
*me currently eating pizza*
Logan AKA Arin
Logan AKA Arin - 27 dager siden
Lexi: *exists*
She's got to be the best narrorator I've ever seen.
The demon under my bed: So may it seem.
Cody Games
Cody Games - 28 dager siden
1:39 that was my school background for a month
Valessa Jackson
Valessa Jackson - 28 dager siden
5:46 Kylie Jenner could never

I dont care if I spelled it wrong
Foxxicle - 28 dager siden
come on use your f ing brain
Tom Ward
Tom Ward - 28 dager siden
4:32 "That looks like something *I* would make."
Kitti Wolfe-Slattery
Kitti Wolfe-Slattery - 29 dager siden
When you started saying Kitty how rude, I got very confused because my name is Kitti haha
Cuprite Ruehle
Cuprite Ruehle - 29 dager siden
lexi and i both hate seagulls. The chips got stolen for her, for me, a seagull bit part of my thumb off when i was feeding pigeons at a local marina.
micky arlt
micky arlt - 29 dager siden
That Bugs bunny is from meet clayton
Ming Kang Lin
Ming Kang Lin - 29 dager siden
r/hmmm is basically blursed images but with more status
The kitty conveyor belt got me
marcoblazin - Måned siden
u take the left i take the right sounds good
pop12 trees
pop12 trees - Måned siden
conflict knight
conflict knight - Måned siden
Jean-Dominique wahl
Jean-Dominique wahl - Måned siden
16:23 is it just me or does anyone think Wendy's when looking at her?
Jean-Dominique wahl
Jean-Dominique wahl - Måned siden
1:46 I used to eat the whole watermelon slice in school and it's not hard to eat, just not really tasty
Raya Rodoshi Sultan
Raya Rodoshi Sultan - Måned siden
for the setup at 10:00, id love to take the right hand side one. i say we could get along pretty well!
cthuhlu 10
cthuhlu 10 - Måned siden
Ooh. I was mentioned!
cthuhlu 10
cthuhlu 10 - Måned siden
Tasha Sams
Tasha Sams - Måned siden
It’s kinda funny how a guy goes by Lexi 😂 poor dude
Tasha Sams
Tasha Sams - Måned siden
Ernestine Rowland men can’t be women sweetie. I’m sorry to say.
Ernestine Rowland
Ernestine Rowland - Måned siden
She's transgender, so she isn't a guy or a dude.
Charles Calvin YT
Charles Calvin YT - Måned siden
the littlest toothed egg was kinda cute ngl
Brown Family
Brown Family - Måned siden
I am responsible
Cynthia Madison
Cynthia Madison - Måned siden
15:46 man no why would a girl do this
izach estep
izach estep - Måned siden
“Is that bread?”
No ITS A LEMON gotta welp when life gives you demons oh I mean lemon..
Robo-Lion 2000
Robo-Lion 2000 - Måned siden
Hello legally blind, I'm dad! please dad come back I haven't seen you in 11 years...
sonnytapman - Måned siden
Wh-who is doing Shibari of Kubey?
Grady Browning
Grady Browning - Måned siden
I have never heard anyone call fish water birds..... I will now call them that from now on
Spedur - Måned siden
lexi, that bugs bunny was from meatc anyon. have some respect.
Grevohs Draws
Grevohs Draws - Måned siden
13:11 hey Lexi, that’s from a video from the channel MeatCanyon. Not sure what the title is but, I know MeatCanyon’s art.
Gujo MRG
Gujo MRG - Måned siden
when the
Carter Hatfield
Carter Hatfield - Måned siden
Messie Historian
Messie Historian - Måned siden
Pretty sure that's a sinkhole
Fancy Cat
Fancy Cat - Måned siden
im so confused by this channel. every video is a different person?