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Leah Beezley
Leah Beezley - 10 dager siden
How could anyone not be super fucking jazzed to attend a class taught by Papa Smurf?
Atzin J. Castellanos
Atzin J. Castellanos - 10 dager siden
9:20 it fookin got me again!!! *continues crying*
Two_weird_awkward_ people
Two_weird_awkward_ people - 14 dager siden
Micah Henry
Micah Henry - 15 dager siden
Lexis the best
Ian Mehr
Ian Mehr - 16 dager siden
did anyone notice "Fellow tans family"
TmanEverything! - 16 dager siden
The sandwich one is cool, but I’m pretty sure they were jokes
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - 21 dag siden
2:15 Who is this prime minister?
Angelita Citrahany
Angelita Citrahany - 26 dager siden
This makes me cry in happiness
Moshi Moshi Spiderman Desu
What's up with Lexi's voice? I LOVE IT!!!!!❤
Sam Sugarneill
Sam Sugarneill - Måned siden
lexi is trans???? i didnt know that!!! now i can tick off on my bucket list... 'be called sexy by a trans woman'
but for serious whatsup im a trans man :') love your videos
Joseph Donofrio
Joseph Donofrio - Måned siden
Who the hell is that YouTube at the end, WHO THE HELL IS HE!
Vargot - Måned siden
Ok I need to find this “elderly YouTuber” right now and subscribe to him.
I’m serious - anyone has a link? Would be wery helpful
RandomQuestion - Måned siden
11:39, oh wow she looks good.
RandomQuestion - Måned siden
2:57, I thought the guys on the left picture were girls but after a few seconds of deep thinking I noticed they were the dudes on the right picture.
Joe Bob
Joe Bob - Måned siden
When you try to sneak a fart..... But it was something more.
Isaac Edmonds
Isaac Edmonds - Måned siden
Ok so is Lexi trans or something? Sorry, I'm new to watching emkay and the voice actors are very interesting.
Honeybadger_SC - Måned siden
The elderly japanese people story is a perfect example of something that would never happen in individualistic societies like the United States or Germany. That is also most likely the reason that collectivistic societies like Japan, South Korea and China have a smaller amount of 'anti-maskers'.
The Lab of No Return
The Lab of No Return - Måned siden
not just you lexi xD
Silver Auron
Silver Auron - Måned siden
I only have one stuffed toy, and it's my favorite pokemon Umbreon, I refuse to throw him!
Angelica Gacha
Angelica Gacha - Måned siden
5:04 Yh Not very fluent in Arabic but You said it better then I did first try (it sounded like as-lum-a-com lol)
Angelica Gacha
Angelica Gacha - Måned siden
What is Lexi’s prefer pronouns I don’t want the hurt their feelings
Roy McA
Roy McA - Måned siden
She her
LINDHARDT - Måned siden
Hi lexi, you make me feel all fuzzy inside, thank you for being alive
Meme Cat
Meme Cat - Måned siden
6:20 I wish my grandma was like that. Instead she has no job and makes no point to get one, so her kids are always taking care of her even though she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She’s only sixty and has no medical problems whatsoever. And yet she makes her kids (my family) take care of her because she refuses to get a job. And every time we ask why, she makes excuses. And do we get a thankyou for taking care of her? No. She crawls into bed every night and FaceTimes my aunt to complain about my parents and me and my siblings. My parents don’t know though and I don’t have the courage to tell them. Either way, she flew back up to Oregon to live with her other kids (who are having a hard time supporting themselves on their own already). I feel bad for them but I’m glad my family is rid of her. She makes me sick.
Phllkxs - Måned siden
the sandwich is probably refrigerated in the south pole
B14z3 - Måned siden
5:19 (A salam wa al lay kum)
Chloe Moncho
Chloe Moncho - Måned siden
Soooo, what is the channel of the elderly youtuber?
killer pro
killer pro - Måned siden
You butchered the greeting a little, but still good! Thanks for the fun posts lexi
TRIPLE_THETREATYT hello - Måned siden
♑︎❒︎♏︎♋︎⧫︎ ❖︎♓︎♎︎ ⧫︎♒︎♓︎⬧︎ ♓︎⬧︎ ♓︎■︎ ⬥︎♓︎■︎♑︎ ♎︎♓︎■︎♑︎⬧︎
Leoni Resquim
Leoni Resquim - Måned siden
lulu the piggy player
lulu the piggy player - Måned siden
The سلام عليكم u Did was so Accurate u did a NOT ONLY GOOD JOB A VERY GOOD JOB
Tundra Flower
Tundra Flower - Måned siden
*_0:11_**_- The reason I wake up every day is solely to hear these beautiful words leave your mouth._*
ErzengelDesLichtes - Måned siden
IIRC the Japanese retirees offering to help with the cleanup of nuclear waste were turned down, because we have robots.
Not Dr. Gears
Not Dr. Gears - Måned siden
william smith
william smith - Måned siden
basically everything in this video made me cry for no reason
Sea_Games - Måned siden
Sending lots of love to lexi,your my favorite! hope you always have fun times during covid!
Brooke Agbai
Brooke Agbai - Måned siden
6:36 is Ben Hunte and his boyfriend Tom. Ben is a journalist in the UK who is the first ever LGBT Correspondent :))))
Hannan Tikta Pasha
Hannan Tikta Pasha - Måned siden
Lexi:"yes this is why you should always encourage any sort of interest a child has"
Me:so killing yourself is possible
Note:this is a joke
J Lee
J Lee - Måned siden
"What's up sexy, i'm Lexi" should also be on r/mademesmile because i sure did smile at that hahaha (it's my first video narrated by Lexi)
Conall Coats
Conall Coats - Måned siden
man frak those people who dislike
balloon with glasses
balloon with glasses - Måned siden
i’m cri
Pickle 124
Pickle 124 - Måned siden
Listen, everybody at EmKay (besides Lexi)

If *ANY* of you and I mean *AAAAANNNNNNYYYYYYYY* of you make Lexi go onto r/TIHI, or r/MildlyInfuriating, I am going to break your legs. This is a threat that should not be taken lightly.
CPMansion - Måned siden
Throw stuffed animals at the subscribe button? ~looks at my hundred plus plushies~ I love you all.
Random Robloxian
Random Robloxian - Måned siden
This restored my faith in humanity
kheppie - Måned siden
ok but

your voice is so cute!! i love it!
AlphaAreus - Måned siden
Lexi getting excited about another trans woman's achievements in finding her true self is so wholesome i love it-
Flat Broke Studios
Flat Broke Studios - Måned siden
I agree fully. Support your kids in whatever they want to do, y'hear? Whatever. Not just the things that can make a good earnings in the future. I told my parents I want to do tattoo artistry (still do) and now whenever they see a nice tattoo they point it out and it makes me happy and it also helps me a bit with figuring out realism, which was never my strong suit. And when I did my first play in grade one and afterwards, excitedly said I wanted to be a broadway actor when I grow up? Well tonight's closing night for the Great Gatsby, and I've gotten myself a named role and they drive me to the theatre and even funded my costume. No matter what your kid wants to do, be it engineering, mortuary sciences, becoming an astronaut, art, support them. No dream is a stupid one.
Callum Wells
Callum Wells - Måned siden
“What’s up sexy, I’m Lexi”
Me: *smiling like an Idiot* I’m sexy :>
cu sl
cu sl - Måned siden
Ummmm this is more r/mademesob. Such wholesome and goodness and hope for the world and I so needed this. Holy crap.
Bad Eugene Cops
Bad Eugene Cops - Måned siden
And the kid and the banana story... not even in here.
tilly manson
tilly manson - Måned siden
This was an amazing birthday present ❤️
MuShRoOm - Måned siden
This made me cry I’m not lying
Ratchet Medic
Ratchet Medic - Måned siden
Dr Fauci is a complete joke. Big depopulation fan!
XFlůffııX - Måned siden
Lexi is my favourite I love her so much!
TheElement_OP - Måned siden
Serg Graeham Chong
Serg Graeham Chong - Måned siden
Your narration is so cheerful, it made my day! Thank you
Liz Anna
Liz Anna - Måned siden
This makes 2020 bareable
Ram Buatsaihi
Ram Buatsaihi - Måned siden
Whats porm
Ram Buatsaihi
Ram Buatsaihi - Måned siden
@Shadoliko and uh does it mean sex??????
Ram Buatsaihi
Ram Buatsaihi - Måned siden
@Shadoliko o 🆗
Shadoliko - Måned siden
Human reproduction but recorded and weird
Gysahl - Måned siden
I've always been pretty unsure about my identity. For years, I've been unsure about everything: Sexuality, gender, even little things like fursona.
A few years ago, I recognized I was attracted toward other men. It felt really good to have discovered a portion of myself.
Relatively recently, I also finally created a fursona that I'm happy with, marking another part of myself as discovered.
A few weeks ago, I finally discovered that I'm nonbinary. It took 27 years but I finally feel complete. I'm going to do the official paperwork to get my name changed and my gender changed to an "X" on my ID, since Canada allows that.
I'm gonna finally be me.
Ender Dragon
Ender Dragon - Måned siden
This actually made me cry of happyness
Tipsy《ほろ酔い》 - Måned siden
What’s the last dude YouTube channel name?
Tommyg2002 - Måned siden
Yooooo lexi is back!
william rocha
william rocha - Måned siden
The youtuber who wrote down his subs is Nilsox izainhas papinho,a brazillianyoutuber,and yes,everybody loves him. Unfortunately he has been feeling unwell lately,so go give him some love
Outogetyou Gotyou
Outogetyou Gotyou - Måned siden
Ahhh so are you a dude...I mean were?
Gretchen Kidd
Gretchen Kidd - Måned siden
The sign language one made me ball and I don’t know why ( I’m very passionate about asl)
Ulrich Enevoldsen
Ulrich Enevoldsen - Måned siden
4 min in re mask. F off
Henry Husky
Henry Husky - Måned siden
Omg i dont think I have ever cried this much happy tears, thank you soo much!
Ahmad Kurnia Arzeta ramadhani
Hey lexi its assalamualaikum
Elise Curran
Elise Curran - Måned siden
well, there go my stuffed animals.
Skeleton God
Skeleton God - Måned siden
Guy's, what's the nice old man's youtube
Otterbeans - Måned siden
aaaay, Jacinda!
Dev Shah
Dev Shah - Måned siden
Mr. Yamada made me cry out of respect 😭😭😭😭😭
NateCach 22
NateCach 22 - Måned siden
Make me smile, nah, make me cry
Chris Sanderson
Chris Sanderson - Måned siden
Bird Gurl
Bird Gurl - Måned siden
I needed this today. Thank you!
·•Lemon Boi•·
·•Lemon Boi•· - Måned siden
This made my day alot less shit than it was before
Jack Philip
Jack Philip - Måned siden
What happened to the other guy
s a t u r n
s a t u r n - Måned siden
when lexi said "fellow trans family" i swear a froze and had to take a second because i love finding out that some of my favourite people are like me in some way doshfsojfodjf
RoyalWolf - Måned siden
I don't know why but i feel happy knowing that i don't hate gays, trans, lesbians, etc, like most of my family and in fact actually enjoy it because its something knew for me and Realized that they aren't as horrible my family made them sound.
ShadowKnight 2
ShadowKnight 2 - Måned siden
God, Paul McCartney has to be the coolest old man there is alive to this day. Even back in the 80s he’s still held his ways from then to now.
(Also I really enjoyed this episode, keep up the good work!)
Andi - Måned siden
So many of these made me tear up
The Boi
The Boi - Måned siden
And then r/mademyfacehartfromsmiling
Ripstick Chris
Ripstick Chris - Måned siden
Hey lexi! I’M SEXY
s a t u r n
s a t u r n - Måned siden
indeed you are
Abby Colchamiro
Abby Colchamiro - Måned siden
I never knew Lexi was trans and it made me very happy. There is not a lot of trans youtubers (That Iv'e seen) and it's heartwarming to know one of my favorite youtubers is like me
💛💜🖤🤍 🌈🏳️‍🌈
sleepy pomeranian
sleepy pomeranian - 23 dager siden
You’re too wholesome oml🌈
yeet Garcia
yeet Garcia - Måned siden
Clicked and the first thing that made me smile was Lexi.
Zach TGC
Zach TGC - Måned siden
Lexi has such a good personality that I don't need the subreddit, she makes me smile enough.
CLIFFSIZE - Måned siden
Not like Walmart was going to do it.
Druggie Plays
Druggie Plays - Måned siden
The last one... oh man, sad history...
After a hoax he go crazy
Sir_Estate - Måned siden
I’m waiting for the mad lad to go down to the South Pole and eat that damn sandwich
gaa ggg jdndkkd
gaa ggg jdndkkd - Måned siden
Wait Lexi your trans that awesome
Davis, Giovanni
Davis, Giovanni - Måned siden
" ...my 90 year old grandma who was *blown away* "

One question, how were you able to collect all the limbs?
Almarane - Måned siden
Elderly youtubers are the best youtubers.
Lofi Fluff
Lofi Fluff - Måned siden
Hey I have no idea who you but you are the BEST thibg that has happened to be today
Tony Peppermint
Tony Peppermint - Måned siden
Lucas - Måned siden
TRANS ARMY!!!! I was so happy when I first heard you are trans. I am trans too and just starting my transicion (only meetings at this point. I waited so long because I was scared and no one took me seriously) I am scared and excited and would love to hear how you are doing and how far you have come etc if you'd be up for it?
LY! Stay safe!!
James Elliott
James Elliott - Måned siden
As a trans guy the “3 year difference” and “first birthday as a girl” gives me hope for the future and being happy and content in my own skin. Thank you Lexi ❤️
Lucas - Måned siden
Same here!! We were meant to watch this video.
Aizure Welkin
Aizure Welkin - Måned siden
omg this was so aww inducing
AlphaDelta - Måned siden
5:53 its not Human Beings, its Human Beans (your all precious smh)
Jasmine Ford
Jasmine Ford - Måned siden
Some of these r/mademesmile vids should really be renamed r/mademecryhappytears, cos that's what I did for this whole thing ❤
filip - Måned siden
* watches crappydesign *
"the world is getting bad"
* watches this *
"no, it's getting better"