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しん じ
しん じ - 2 dager siden
Wolfy the Cool Wolf
Wolfy the Cool Wolf - 5 dager siden
When the son was talking how he spoke with his mom before she died, I almost cried
Charlie Weekley
Charlie Weekley - 7 dager siden
Last time I went out to the store with my family, I paid for a lot of things, half of which I didn’t even want. But before I got back into the car, I noticed I had a penny as part of my change, so I put it in the parking lot, on the ground, heads side up. As I sat it down, I said “May someone be given good luck when they find this penny.” I smile every time I think of that evening.
the hatman
the hatman - 15 dager siden
I know this sounds dumb and you may just pass over it but if your heart is dead and you cried please say it
the hatman
the hatman - 15 dager siden
I cried at the cat and the food one
Sir Tottman
Sir Tottman - 15 dager siden
Lexi is so wholesome what the hecc-
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins - 20 dager siden
2:14 this one made me openly weep.
Elayna Franklin
Elayna Franklin - 25 dager siden
Name a better ship than Kiwi and his goth girlfriend. I'll wait
Linny Inkky Pie
Linny Inkky Pie - Måned siden
Lexis my fav
Your local victorian lady
Your local victorian lady - Måned siden
Yo guys I think I just saw someone from Mr.Beast-
Ismail Meškić My Last Name Is In My Name! xD
Just Like One Wise Jacob Schwab Once Said *Ahem* "If you don't smile at these, something is wrong with your 'smile'.".
reyn evi
reyn evi - Måned siden
ahhhhhh i cried at this this is the first time ive ever happy cried
Your_ Friend_Varian
Your_ Friend_Varian - Måned siden
(Sorry idk how to spell your name) but I think you are one of my fave EmKay narrators
Aqil Shadow
Aqil Shadow - Måned siden
2:56 The Right Bottom one looks like Chris from Mr beast but with a confuse face
Princess Cupcake
Princess Cupcake - Måned siden
nick moshier
nick moshier - Måned siden
Alright. First of all fantastic video I've feeling down and this helped me restore my faith in humanity. Bruh, I'm 28 and a male. Suppose to be macho and hard core. I cried like 5times in this video. Thank you for it. Really
GalacTicTacToe - Måned siden
This is why I hate racists a *ton*
Like, half, if not, most black people are incredibly wholesome and cool
Silas Whiteson
Silas Whiteson - Måned siden
Is Lexi actually legally blind?
Darth Sparkles
Darth Sparkles - Måned siden
ok so my aunt and uncles cat was dying but never stopped eating. On the day he died. He had a cheeseburger. Then he died that night.
He could haz cheeseburger
II. Abdülhamid Han
II. Abdülhamid Han - Måned siden
You shouldn't start r/mademesmile at 0:15.
CoryGames YT
CoryGames YT - Måned siden
This is the best stuff to watch when doing homework.
Mackenzie Woloschuk
Mackenzie Woloschuk - Måned siden
When you react to the cute things,you sound almost exactly like my friend Astel.
It's so cute and I love it from you just as much as I love it from her!
Ryujin Akuma
Ryujin Akuma - Måned siden
Subreddit name: r/Mademesmile.
Me who is now sobbing a bit: That's a bloody lie.
Moon TheWolf
Moon TheWolf - Måned siden
12:10 I got to know a girl from Austria (I'm german) over the App Amino, where we met in a Roleplay. Now we text everyday, joke around and talk about our problems. She's an amazing person and always there for me. I don't have other friends in school to start the year with, but I know, that she will be there. And maybe we can meet one day in the Europa Park. I'm excited about this though we didn't say when it will be, just that it will be one day
If you see this, Silbi, you're amazing and deserve all my love and affection
Julian Emery
Julian Emery - Måned siden
God my face is a wet mess and the sniffles are real.
CRAZEE GAMING - Måned siden
Lexi I love wholesome stuff but chill out dude you're hurting my ears and plus you might lose your voice and we don't want that btw keep up the videos I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOORREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Team Universe
Team Universe - Måned siden
Hades _
Hades _ - Måned siden
Your gonna cry? I'm already crying 😭
IceCreamSundaeGaming - Måned siden
I’m crying a waterfall 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Lil Does MinCraft
Lil Does MinCraft - Måned siden
Sense I was unconsciously cuddling my stuffed pandamellow the whole video, I decided to listen to Lexi when they said "aggressively throw a stuffed animal at the like button". I don't regret it, it was hilarious XD
Roxette ZAHARIA - Måned siden
Tater Cat
Tater Cat - Måned siden
I never get through these without crying, but at least they're a good kind of crying
Jesse Grootenboer
Jesse Grootenboer - Måned siden
This definitely made me tear up :(
Azam Zahid
Azam Zahid - Måned siden
3:13 plot twist the butterfly was his mama and mom want to see his son again
whozabcjc - Måned siden
That cat bringing food to eat in front of her owner made me freaking sob good god it’s too pure
ADELE DAWSON - Måned siden
I hate to interrupt but the sun is red and the world is orange, and ash is falling from the sky.Maybe this is just my state but ok.
sleepy dumdum
sleepy dumdum - Måned siden
story @ around 6:00 my grandpa was on his death bed and like 7-8 hours before he died i told him “i wish you would open your eyes” and he did for a few seconds... i fully believe she could hear him like my grandpa heard me and did i as i asked. i really miss him, its been a little over 6 years.
sleepy dumdum
sleepy dumdum - Måned siden
7:40 AND THIS ONE my grandma died of dementia in april of 2019 and she got her nails done a beautiful emerald color on Christmas day in 2018 at the nursing home and she was SO HAPPY AND CONFIDENT AND IT WAS GREAT!
corvus13 - Måned siden
My mother's mother made their dresses out of flour sacks.
They were very poor.
Dominic Colby
Dominic Colby - Måned siden
Its buble dog again hes returned in a new form
Cardin Vuong
Cardin Vuong - Måned siden
I ate the doughnut with the least amount of icing on the top so nobody else would have to eat it
Swicheroo skii
Swicheroo skii - Måned siden
I just looked up what legally blind is and now I know that I am also legally blind. I need to be like 6 Meters away to see what it says.
Astro Most
Astro Most - Måned siden
6:14 i am taking those tears i feel you lexi have a good time
NXA BLOOM - Måned siden
The 185 people who disliked this, what is wrong with you?
Blackbutler aj
Blackbutler aj - Måned siden
Lexi is just so freaking wholesome, especially when they do r/mademesmile. As a fellow trans guy, you go Lexi!
Nikolai Harrison
Nikolai Harrison - Måned siden
Lexi: *sees anything cute*
Also Lexi: *High pitch screeches*
Justino Animado
Justino Animado - Måned siden
I'm new to the channel o just now i heard you say that you are legally blind. Can you please expand in tha topic or at least give me soe context?
Justino Animado
Justino Animado - Måned siden
@Ozzy the Bun thank you that was very helpful
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
She’s legally blind, which means that she can’t see at all with out glasses(well it’s super blurry without) google it🙂 but her glasses only help a little bit, so she can’t drive.
LittleCornMuffin - Måned siden
Me: this voice sounds familiar... who is thi--
Her: What's up sexy? I'm Lexi!
Me: wait. Lexi?? As in... TheLexiKitty????? *opens discription* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Nathan Parker
Nathan Parker - Måned siden
That one with the brother holding his sister made me cry, Jesus that was beautiful
Royal_Ice - Måned siden
This isn’t made me smile..
This is made me cry.
Some Idiot
Some Idiot - Måned siden
As a cat owner, I can say cats are just emo, if they see you sad they will most likely try to make you happy because that makes them happy.
Jace Menard
Jace Menard - Måned siden
Alright guys I got a question, what ever happened to Damien?
Tomura Shigaraki
Tomura Shigaraki - Måned siden
I love emkay, they all make me smile when I have a bad day(warning: a little bit of a vent) my friend said that they didn’t wanna be friends anymore and they were my best friend. I was having a bad day but emkay made me smile
Lays Spud
Lays Spud - Måned siden
r/mademesmile? But this r/mademecry
A Random Fox
A Random Fox - Måned siden
That couple looked good on those clothes. Would love to see them in those style.
Agne Kitovaite
Agne Kitovaite - Måned siden
I love lexi 😭 he's great, he's wholesome, he's hilarious, he's adorable, he's just amazing overall! The emkay channel is awesome in general.
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
christopher millar
christopher millar - Måned siden
OMG, I came on for a smile and it's so wholesome I actually cried
Daren Leonardy
Daren Leonardy - Måned siden
I'm not sexy I'm Daren
Violet Vulpix
Violet Vulpix - Måned siden
How to be Lexi:
1: What’s up sexy?
2: Awww!
3: Have I mentioned that I’m legally blind?
That’s it, that’s all you need.
Mon trainer ash D
Mon trainer ash D - Måned siden
I remember back when I broke my leg, it was a hard day because no one gave me an ambulance for no reason, so I hopped on one leg held up by my sister and mom from school, into a taxis and home. But I had to wait at home with no seat. But a random person who lived in my building came buy, started talking to us, and then gave me one of her chairs and her water bottle and said I could keep it.
Still cheers me up when I think about it, unfortunately the water bottle was broken by a friend of mine accidentally, but whatever.
There are still good people out there guys
MotherRatFat - Måned siden
I love whenever Lexi (sorry if I spelt it wrong) does reddit readings! Lexi is so wholesome!! They make me happy,
Thermite Gaming
Thermite Gaming - Måned siden
Lexi its ok if you cry during all these posts it’s natural for us to cry while seeing other people happy
XTYX Gaming
XTYX Gaming - Måned siden
DAY 1 of Asking for Emkay to react to r/ihadastroke
Just Here to Watch
Just Here to Watch - Måned siden
Lexy I cried too
___sky _
___sky _ - Måned siden
Wait if you're blind, how can you read? Im sorry if i somehow offended you! Your voice is very cute 😊👍
Jenny Ingaiza
Jenny Ingaiza - Måned siden
Do some more r/suddenlygay material!
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
YES! Lexi should do that sub.
Trevon Myers
Trevon Myers - Måned siden
Lexi has the best voice for this :)

(Hope I spelled your name right)
fairy scout
fairy scout - Måned siden
lexi is so puree i want to hug himmmn
TeslaGod21 - Måned siden
6:14 I started crying
CASPER - Måned siden
What are the jaw exercises
I need them
Isa Draven
Isa Draven - Måned siden
Lexi’s voice is serotonin. That is all
Vincent Cooper
Vincent Cooper - Måned siden
I'm crying. I'm admitting it 😭😭
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer - Måned siden
This is just so god damn wholesome i needed some of this wholesomeness today
Infinite Sentient
Infinite Sentient - Måned siden
Marito Fuentes
Marito Fuentes - Måned siden
First time i watch a video with lexy
They is so energetic
I love them
Kaito - Måned siden
blank - Måned siden
Do u guys know when Lexi first showed up on EmKay? I’m glad they did. :)
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
About three months ago.
Ruthie Sawyers
Ruthie Sawyers - Måned siden
Please keep Lexi on these nice videos she dESERVES IT!!!
Lucy Brimstone
Lucy Brimstone - Måned siden
Hi Lexi!
Onion z
Onion z - Måned siden
Who dare dislike
Nela Morgan
Nela Morgan - Måned siden
I don't cry much but i felt tears in my eyes several times during this video
little jollies
little jollies - Måned siden
I am also legally blind and a friend to mine is red-green colorblind. They are great artists. Shoutout to Veris (the name I called her because it was their character name in dungeons and dragons to protect their identity on this platform) good luck out there all
Heidi Ullrich
Heidi Ullrich - Måned siden
Throws a stuffed teddy bear at the sub button!! 😊
Thomas Bakker
Thomas Bakker - Måned siden
this is worse than drugs...

*snorts cocaine*
me: *hears Lexi's voicing today*
me: ☺️☺️*happy noises*
Tony Peppermint
Tony Peppermint - Måned siden
Absolutely perfect.
Michael Todd
Michael Todd - Måned siden
I have anxiety disorder and have nausea.can you please cheer me up?
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
Look at my videos(I’m not begging for views, I just think it may help)
Meme Master69
Meme Master69 - Måned siden
Rip damien
Donna Winkler
Donna Winkler - Måned siden
13:01 this isn’t wholesome parenting this is just a grandfather being a grandfather no matter who he is he would come out and go watch his granddaughter succeed
The Phat Pugs
The Phat Pugs - Måned siden
11:50 You are a good woman, Thank you.
Mittens The cat
Mittens The cat - Måned siden
The frick every time you scream I lose in warfare
cakedon - Måned siden
Lexi can cry. Its not a weakness.
THEOPDESTROYER 777 - Måned siden

CoffeeBoii - Måned siden
Lexi reading wholesome memes should do on r/mademesmile
thunda2god - Måned siden
I'm not crying! Your crying! ;(
Scyliend - Måned siden
That *awwwww* sounds like girl voice
Stewart Moran
Stewart Moran - Måned siden
6:09 Yeah I always cry when I hear that.
Danio Aalders
Danio Aalders - Måned siden
My god this is officially the first ever video to make me cry! Bravo EmKay bravo
Fat Kid-ish on the mall
Fat Kid-ish on the mall - Måned siden
Am has tears
Melanie Van der Beek
Melanie Van der Beek - Måned siden
I have a English bulldog puppy and I love him he thinks he is the man he's a little naughty and likes to eat my hair and steal my glasses when I'm lying on the ground
Paula Carroll
Paula Carroll - Måned siden
Lexi is just precious.