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Polaroxic - 8 timer siden
SmartGavin - Dag siden
Sweet Vibes
Sweet Vibes - 2 dager siden
I edited this so you wont know how I got so many likes
just6070 just6070
just6070 just6070 - 2 dager siden
In the future, humour will be randomly generated.
Layla_Gacha _Diamond
Layla_Gacha _Diamond - 2 dager siden
Luigi Mario
Luigi Mario - 2 dager siden
Kevin Sides
Kevin Sides - 3 dager siden
Is no one gonna talk about the shoutout to Mrbeast, I think it worked.
Minecraft Boy
Minecraft Boy - 5 dager siden
The worst thing that could happen to a comment is one of the reply’s get more likes than you’re comment.
Angela Moss
Angela Moss - 6 dager siden
3:30 hold up im a konekokitten subscriber in the uk lol
Simimenco - 7 dager siden
I still don't know what chodes means
Just here 4 the T
Just here 4 the T - 6 dager siden
Ominous Hunter
Ominous Hunter - 7 dager siden
Slowly turns into a pirate
LuciusMax Plays
LuciusMax Plays - 8 dager siden
LuciusMax Plays
LuciusMax Plays - 8 dager siden
LuciusMax Plays
LuciusMax Plays - 8 dager siden
Not Bad Gamer
Not Bad Gamer - 9 dager siden
i was really suprised when i saw Gigguk
Charpule Y
Charpule Y - 9 dager siden
I bet you $10 that Emkay will not like this
Headofthelime66 - 9 dager siden
I frickin died on that letter to the crow laughing
Konno Junko
Konno Junko - 9 dager siden
If his name HAS been Jack, what is it now?
Dominic Kunz
Dominic Kunz - 9 dager siden
2:12 did it
Quin jago
Quin jago - 9 dager siden
ahhh yes so EmKay finally acknowledges konekokitten
Liggliluff - 9 dager siden
Why are people still using 12 hour time today? It's an ancient thing we don't need no more. Instead of "9 am", it's "09​:00". It's much simpler.
•Rxses• - 9 dager siden
Okay,but why does this say 5 days ago,if you just gave me the notification-
MicahAnimations - 10 dager siden
i need the cake video lol
3Alya Ahmad
3Alya Ahmad - 10 dager siden

the cooler Emkay:
Luis Molina
Luis Molina - 10 dager siden
Imma need that link to the birthday video
Britton Dallape
Britton Dallape - 10 dager siden
I love the drop slides they are so fun
Zandor Clegane
Zandor Clegane - 11 dager siden
Trap card
karen destroyer kyle
karen destroyer kyle - 11 dager siden
I need to find disstrolls channel please help me comrade
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 11 dager siden
Blokki - 11 dager siden
lmao was not expecting a KonekoKitten tweet in this
Kameron Ryder Blue
Kameron Ryder Blue - 11 dager siden
At school before lunch I brought my hand sanitizer and used it before lunch after that I used it again than my friend said stop using it and I said don’t mind if do and used it again get seconds after I used it again
unholy screeches
unholy screeches - 11 dager siden
Hello friends it's fen and welcome back to EmKay
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahi hello u still here have u eaten yet? No well go get some food (make sure it's healthy) HEY BEFORE U LEAVE MAKE SURE U GET SOME WATER. Ok are you back?good. I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful and if you disagree well then. COME HERE AND LET ME BEAT THOSE DAMN INSECURITIES OUT OF U ❤️.
you are amazing and don't you forget it. No matter what your going through you will beat it. If your sad then this is for u ❤️❤️❤️❤️ GO TAKE IT. Thank u now go to sleep if u want to you can vent In the comments and um goodbye
Why you lookin
Why you lookin - 11 dager siden
Kevin layer
Kevin layer - 11 dager siden
Honestly theis reminds me af daimen he was funny
Angelica Gacha
Angelica Gacha - 11 dager siden
My mum owns a CD that has Never gonna let you down on it, so I put down all the windows and blasted that song at max sound the whole trip from school to home and the reactions are crazy
Kc 2249
Kc 2249 - 11 dager siden
Tge last one that was for the bird got me Lauging one hour straigt...

Mr Rew
Mr Rew - 11 dager siden
3:29 *oh me oh my*
TheMineBloxPlayer123 _
TheMineBloxPlayer123 _ - 11 dager siden
congrats koneko, you've entered the madlads
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller - 11 dager siden
i like ya cut g
Rose's Zen Garden
Rose's Zen Garden - 11 dager siden
one time this kid in class kept tryna talk to me in class, so i whispered to him to hold his tongue and yell i was born on a pirate ship, so he stands up and yells it. totally worth getting the bastard in trouble, i was losing braincells listening to his rambling
Fire is nice
Fire is nice - 11 dager siden
I Posted this for Harassment
honeycomblotus - 11 dager siden
Jack are you Aussie, mate?
Ryel - 11 dager siden
Devan's Vlogs
Devan's Vlogs - 12 dager siden
HyperGod1 - 12 dager siden
14:09 holy shit where is that video
Odin Angie
Odin Angie - 12 dager siden
Please dislike this comment. Or don't. I will have no idea how much attention this got.
SAY UNCLE!!! - 12 dager siden
1000 comment
Jack Gaming
Jack Gaming - 12 dager siden
BillyBob did it cause he knows Myth will somehow find a way to die of fall damage without going off the map...
TyTy Talks
TyTy Talks - 12 dager siden
Ayy you mentioned kneoke kitten (kenoke kenoek? Whatever)
『A Q』
『A Q』 - 12 dager siden
"I and our copilot, a jar of dirt,-"
Sobhin Mukherjee 11d 43
Sobhin Mukherjee 11d 43 - 12 dager siden
Konekkokitten made it here woo hoo
Basketball 13
Basketball 13 - 12 dager siden
Never expected Konekokitten on here.
BeanBeingABean - 13 dager siden
At 0:25 YouTube did it as a joke because of the bug it’s not a actual bug.
KnightEix - 13 dager siden
3:28 i was not expecting to see konekokitten on here
Kian Mouton
Kian Mouton - 13 dager siden
13:10 aight ima get a xbox series x now thanks
It’sNotDave2007 - 13 dager siden
10:32 umm... that’s pretty sus ngl
SeriouslyCitrus - 13 dager siden
Was not expecting Koneko on here.
But you know what?
I don't mind this :)
Lucy Brimstone
Lucy Brimstone - 13 dager siden
Hi Jack! I had a Dixie Queen Oreo-shake today!
Cloud McWaterVapor
Cloud McWaterVapor - 13 dager siden
The sentence
“I never said she stole my money.”
has different meanings when you say one word loudly

everyone who read this comment: ブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツブツ
SomeDudeWhoMakesStuff - 13 dager siden
I’m just gonna jump in this for likes
Suntje Schubert
Suntje Schubert - 13 dager siden
A mole is unit of measurement. A mole of water is 6.02*10^23 water molecules
『BlueRox』 - 13 dager siden
lol koneko was in here
Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami - 13 dager siden
I opfupdoufoufphdutsutspsitsoydaoydoyrspufzpyrapurapuraupraupururiysoydoydyodhodhodhodhogdogdphfpugspjfxphfzphfzpufzpufžčgghduroyjfjfidkgdtdpufdihfpjfpufphdphxljgjgjgkgkgjgkgkglhfpjflhdohfphfphhfpufpydpudpupupfpigxpufogdktzjftgggg
Fumikage Tokoyami
Fumikage Tokoyami - 13 dager siden
Hey HI I’m just going home to do my work for dinner tonight I’m going home now I’m sorry I’m gonna is that the day you was the last night you is a day or a day to get sober or to stay sober or whatever it was just like you is it to me pack my house and I’m gonna I gotta get it out and then I’ll be back in my house 🏠 I wanna go home 🏡 day I gotta go get my kids ready and I’ll be there for dinner 🍴 I love 💕 is it that you I love 💕 you new life I gotta was gonna we will
一碗可樂_A bowl of coke
一碗可樂_A bowl of coke - 13 dager siden
3:28 oh look it’s koneko
Gamer Wizard
Gamer Wizard - 13 dager siden
-_- '-' :_: *-*
Sean Messick
Sean Messick - 13 dager siden
The quote from Wilkes’s opponent actually said syphilis, not pox. This makes the quote better because it makes so much more sense that way.
IdiotKid - 13 dager siden
3:31 lol thank you koneko
DutchM - 13 dager siden
6:09 lol your pronunciation of that name is fucking hilarious.
Epic Sans
Epic Sans - 14 dager siden
I love that pirates of the Caribbean reference
BasicallyKirbo - 14 dager siden
1:31 30 shades of gray?
Jerica Robison
Jerica Robison - 14 dager siden
Pirate Jack is infact life
Derpyfailz - 14 dager siden
Am I out of the loop? What’s a chode?
ShaiaPouf - 14 dager siden
Slowly, Jack is turning into an Irish pirate...
ItssMidnightStar WolfX
ItssMidnightStar WolfX - 14 dager siden
I'm weak. XD
ItssMidnightStar WolfX
ItssMidnightStar WolfX - 14 dager siden
Oh I already did that :p

Also I am currently ruining the perfect number of 960 comments.
ZeroFusion28 - 14 dager siden
"You activated my trap card"
*Shows Uno reverse card*
Imperial Guard#20
Imperial Guard#20 - 14 dager siden
トビー - 14 dager siden
i cant find distrolls acoount on youtube
HoodLord - 14 dager siden
3:30 I was not expecting to see Koneko in one of these videos-
meow - 14 dager siden
Iciebear’s Castle
Iciebear’s Castle - 14 dager siden
Bruh Keneko got on Madlads
Darc Kap27
Darc Kap27 - 14 dager siden
The 301 views is actually a YouTube easter egg.
Counter Blox soilder
Counter Blox soilder - 14 dager siden
Gg koneko got on madlads
Carson Herman
Carson Herman - 14 dager siden
Ok am I the only one wondering what's the video call at 14:17
Crimson Wing
Crimson Wing - 14 dager siden
14:30 dragon
yeetza Pizza Hut L
yeetza Pizza Hut L - 14 dager siden
Holy frick I didn’t expect koneko kitten to be in this
Bug Bug
Bug Bug - 14 dager siden
3:28 Roblox moment
TheLexvon11 !
TheLexvon11 ! - 14 dager siden
I am just here for my dislike
Doom Guy
Doom Guy - 14 dager siden
3:29 dang I didn’t know that koneko could be like that lmao
Poggs - 14 dager siden
3:29 lol I’m subbed to koneko
LightRook - 14 dager siden
DID YOU KNOW.... during WW2 when flour came in cloth sacks, mothers would use the cloth to make clothes for their children due to rationing. When the companies found out about this, they started making nice designs on the sacks and making it so the actual labelling would wash out. This way, the kids could have nice clothes during wartime.
SkyleeKate - 14 dager siden
alex !!
alex !! - 14 dager siden
3:29 our king, lord and saviour... Koneko kitten.
Gerald Mcdonald
Gerald Mcdonald - 14 dager siden
3:30 cool i watch that youtuber
Eclips3 - 14 dager siden
No wonder he calls himself Captain Jack. He sounds like a pirate.
Machiel van Dijk
Machiel van Dijk - 14 dager siden
i died at grocery guy what a winner :'D
Jeannie Miller
Jeannie Miller - 14 dager siden
he just read Kittens comment A ROBLOX YT
J.D Duck King
J.D Duck King - 14 dager siden
who in they're normal spelling problems writes ''evrey1'' like i thought smh was ok or stuff like that but this is an atrocity
RealDaveMiller - 14 dager siden
14:42 when did foxy come here?
Lollipop Kitty
Lollipop Kitty - 14 dager siden
"What's a lie you once said for no reason and people actually thought it was true?"
One time in school we played a game kind of like among us (no, not mafia). Someone asked out loud, 'Hey, who's the imposter.' I raised my hand, looked them in the eyes, and told them it was me. They all voted me out. I wasn't imposter.
Dipak Magar
Dipak Magar - 14 dager siden
Keneko kitten kool
Fruitgum 7658
Fruitgum 7658 - 14 dager siden
3:42 before the American civil war, Charles Sunder said to the Senator of South Carolina, "If slavery was a woman, she'd be an ugly one," "And the Southern Carolina Senator would like to boink her,"
The Senator of South Carolina then beat him with a stick.