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EmKay - Måned siden
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Eri Is AWESOME - 12 timer siden
Makochild The Destined
Makochild The Destined - Måned siden
Robin with Zack on the wallpaper.
Jack Kirkpatrick
Jack Kirkpatrick - Måned siden
creepanater08 tre
creepanater08 tre - Måned siden
Big mac
creepanater08 tre
creepanater08 tre - Måned siden
Big mac
Jeremy - 7 timer siden
Sponsor ends at 2:24
Cookie Aly
Cookie Aly - 11 timer siden
I stay up past my bedtime to watch MadLads be MadLads.
SMASHFANX - 19 timer siden
"vanessa sounds like an asshole"
ngl the msgs seem poetic
Nitro - 3 dager siden
you cant fool me, even with that skin suit Robin... Im on to you >:(
Robin JKS
Robin JKS - 4 dager siden
1:03 why did he replied after 2 years?
Neighborhood crusader
Neighborhood crusader - 6 dager siden
The reason behind 4:26 is because "Eragon" is the name of a book written by Christopher Paolini. And beneath the comment, there is Christopher Paolini saying "This.". Here's the explanation :)
Cup Of Tea Premium
Cup Of Tea Premium - 6 dager siden
You guys see these as madlads? Pathetic I drink tea from anything. Yes even from the kettle.
peace was never an option
peace was never an option - 6 dager siden
Markiplier: exists
EmKay: *hippity hoppity your laugh is now my property.*
RubberChuken - 7 dager siden
Wow this video wants to make me comment on my own comment.
RubberChuken - 7 dager siden
Uh Same
jared karl L. johnson
jared karl L. johnson - 9 dager siden
Why can't the makers of wallets put trackers and make a tracker app to track your wallet when it's dropped
Marcin Roman
Marcin Roman - 12 dager siden
9:33 how does she know that they are friends? Even if they are, what their ethnicity have to do with anything? Multi ethnical frienship is more valuable than not? Frienship is friendship. These blm, sjw, soytards need to learn that the most important things are personality and deeds not fucking skintone...
Kavacoh Brothers
Kavacoh Brothers - 12 dager siden
Angel Master 75
Angel Master 75 - 13 dager siden
4:08 *Holy music stops* thats..... smart but not how it works
Unseen - 14 dager siden
The eragon one- the guy who said "this" wrote the book
Kyle Bear
Kyle Bear - 17 dager siden
I’m stupid so can someone explain the entangled joke to me?
im.not._.thimposter yay
im.not._.thimposter yay - 17 dager siden
Is it just me or is that about Kaito Mamota?
Lu Wah
Lu Wah - 21 dag siden
Thermo atomic nuclear anti matter castle bravo tsar bomba nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nike nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke nuke
darkjannn - 21 dag siden
As for challenging the universe to make 2020 crappy: I make it a point to challenge and insult Poseidon every time I get onto a ship or boat. I'm still here and he still doesn't seem to be.
darkjannn - 21 dag siden
Aww please don't screw with autopilot. Chapeau to your understanding of AI learning, kind Sir.
Lex Hawkins
Lex Hawkins - 22 dager siden
the burnt titanium is just heat anodized
katsuki bakugo
katsuki bakugo - 22 dager siden
OKAY as someone from the U.S i would take "Big mac" as a form of hello or hi, with no hesitation
Eleanor Biggs
Eleanor Biggs - 25 dager siden
i have a bunch of jokes about unemployed people, but they don't work to well.
Polly Woggy
Polly Woggy - 25 dager siden
Robin looks like a late 1960s music/film producer who eats cocaine cakes for breakfast
Lucille Greatfeild
Lucille Greatfeild - 26 dager siden
Ahaha JackSucksAtLife is a true Madlad all the way, stealing play buttons and tricking autopilot 😂
Art Case
Art Case - 26 dager siden
The seagull on the thumbnail: "That sign won't stop me, 'cause I can't read."
Art Case
Art Case - 2 dager siden
@Kirameki-Wolf They weren't when I made this post. 'Sides it's both true and funny.
Kirameki-Wolf - 3 dager siden
Everyone is commenting this, be original.
Aqua Doom
Aqua Doom - 26 dager siden
When he was talking about the sponsor I got mad swagger souls vibes.
Carlos Mejia
Carlos Mejia - 26 dager siden
12:43 he got demolished
Epic Sans
Epic Sans - 27 dager siden
Nice pic robin you are officially my favorite person now
Decepticus Prevails
Decepticus Prevails - 27 dager siden
I don't get the will smith one...?
Snowcat212 - 27 dager siden
There has only been 1.2 million deaths so far.
Disco Lizard
Disco Lizard - 27 dager siden
Me: *watches video*
*ridge wallet ad starts*
EmKay: ''Hello! it's me! *accidental skip* Ridge wallet!''
:') i laughed a good minute or 2 at this
Wingman - 29 dager siden
This actually happened
*me* plays flight sim
*my brothers* Sees a plane
Heilsfir - 29 dager siden
9:53 unless 600k people have been revived, current number of deaths is 1M
Clae Mayor
Clae Mayor - Måned siden
Dave grohl
peebin aeugh
peebin aeugh - Måned siden
Hey fricks, I just got x- plane 11 and flew over my house in a fighter jet with a yoke, 4 monitors, a homebuilt pc, and a gaming seat. A fighter jet flew over my house, I screamed like a dumbass
Kelpy G Alternate Universe
You DID kill my dog in a fire, Dio. But even so, I do not like seeing you be injured or killed!
-Jonathan Joestar probably
Eric Carnahan
Eric Carnahan - Måned siden
if you become the president you are officially a meme
Pink Ball
Pink Ball - Måned siden
Beat quote "I can hold 12 cards and theres plenty of room for the cash that I dont have"
Kermit The Frog
Kermit The Frog - Måned siden
As looking at the thumbnail i tamed a seagule and trainded it to drink water its not supposted to...

I am the super villkan
Inked * *
Inked * * - Måned siden
Most of my bullies think they are 'too good' for these kinds of videos, which mean i can totally blow air onto their face when they bully me
fransisca low cality vega
fransisca low cality vega - Måned siden
draco5991rep - Måned siden
2:57 the censoring of the commentators names worked very well here.
james hosking
james hosking - Måned siden
13:57 what is cake day?
Braydon Gregg
Braydon Gregg - Måned siden
jrad306 - Måned siden
5:17 My ears: *hear the music*
My brain: "Mornin'! Nice day for fishing ain't it! Huha!"
Chibi Plutia
Chibi Plutia - 14 dager siden
Mornin'! Nice day for fishing ain't it! Huha!
Orian Williams
Orian Williams - Måned siden
Bro u is even not my dad
Landon Bolanos
Landon Bolanos - Måned siden
I watch videos and continues play and stop continuing
SilentKhaos 117
SilentKhaos 117 - Måned siden
16:30 I can't believe the bots are this fucking dumb. How do people fall for this?
coin kid
coin kid - Måned siden
Xero Aishintu
Xero Aishintu - Måned siden
shaking in silent chuckles.
Tori Vinciguerra
Tori Vinciguerra - Måned siden
wat is a egg in a mall. A COLD EGG
Sylviea Overly
Sylviea Overly - Måned siden
Me fair sir of the land,thou one may be just a fair peasant in the ways of fighting,thou wishes to tell thy lord that this may be the best battle strategy to finally win thy long war the kingdom Covid19 and our fair land,Emkay.Thou i may be a fair peasant,please consider using this strategy for the better of our kingdom.
Warm Regards,
Daughter of the Dragon women,or as most call I,owner of the Meme Market.

(Yes,I actually did this.)
TheLightiningWithin - Måned siden
I created a new sound and a new letter just click the link if you want to see it bruv
Riley B
Riley B - 16 dager siden
Wow it's really good I hope you make more
Abombpatron425 - Måned siden
I can write backwards, and thus I used it to make almost every paper I did in school have to be decoded by government hackers just for it to be graded. I only did that (cause I taught myself how to write backwards, I didn’t get the info from somebody else) because I hate writing in cursive
Parrxt - Måned siden
reply "meep" if you die
FORTNITE GAY - Måned siden
so my logic was if one year was bad the next one will be great and i was so happy when the decade was ending cause it was gonna be a happy year cause 2019 was shit

well i rather have 2019 over this
Erasure head
Erasure head - 19 dager siden
I like this better than 2019
Purple Wolfy Gacha
Purple Wolfy Gacha - Måned siden
With the cash that I no longer have
Hahah me
Kunie Flink
Kunie Flink - Måned siden
You burn titanium by burning titanium. It's simple.
 - Måned siden
4:29 - and guess what i got in this video recommended
"I stay up passed my bed time and play Destiny 2... yet again!!!"
SugaMilk - Måned siden
If I get you the wallet will you come back with the milk?
ass class best class
ass class best class - Måned siden
I watched all 48 of the madlad videos on the playlist in one day
Veedubit - Måned siden
dont reply this.

Riley B
Riley B - 16 dager siden
Hello fren
Veedubit - Måned siden
OK fine
Veedubit - Måned siden
Veedubit - Måned siden
Veedubit - Måned siden
G-mod - Måned siden
So.. The ridge wallet color is burnt titanium correct? now I know this is just a name but I think its fucking hilarious because when Titanium catches fire It cant go out until its completely just a puddle
Ryan Sardjoe
Ryan Sardjoe - Måned siden
Jack looks like theRadBrad
Armaan Madahar
Armaan Madahar - Måned siden
Noodle Dragons
Noodle Dragons - Måned siden
Did anyone see Robin’s wallpaper ? Or was it just me
Jay Loco978
Jay Loco978 - Måned siden
Me when he said he was ma pops:
How the heck are you out of prison and why would I get u anything other than a knife in your chest ya child-yeeter
Robin who just made a joke:
0o0 😅 OK?
David Johnston
David Johnston - Måned siden
The book is "White Fragility". Never read it myself but that sounds like some kind of reference to black people in the south who were in fact being denied the right to vote until 1964.
thine ancient one
thine ancient one - Måned siden
i have no bed time
RossJar16 - Måned siden
Dad, where's the milk??
Dawar Ali
Dawar Ali - Måned siden
some guy in the comments is getting ready to tell you a story about someone with alzheimer's.

i think he perhaps, maybe, possibly could be the main character
DorkClassic - Måned siden
The opening screen sounds like the scream used in the Ahhh! Real Monsters intro
why you here
why you here - Måned siden
1:54 lol
SaveTheAmazingCakes - Måned siden
15:56,and now I'm sad. Kaito's death was sad.
human bean
human bean - Måned siden
I got rick rolled in an online class today
StealthyInk - Måned siden
this sounds like comedy cemetery
I do cock ratings
I do cock ratings - Måned siden
I found my new screen saver
Savysmarty - Måned siden
Hey I’m robin
And today I’m robin a bank
Raging_salad3 - Måned siden
Ryan seacrust
Just A weeb
Just A weeb - Måned siden
7:08 am i the only one that think that he sounds like markiplier
Maxwell Swann
Maxwell Swann - Måned siden
Dad? I thought the police took you in for child abuse

(Pls help me, the pain won’t stop)
Scratch - Måned siden
so heres how you burn titanium...

you put any good heat source next to it and watch as the oxygen merges with the titanium
creepanater08 tre
creepanater08 tre - Måned siden
Big mac every one
Warhammer Elite
Warhammer Elite - Måned siden
Yo someone posted the entire Shrek movie in one of my discord servers
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis - Måned siden
No no. I’m fairly confident the air on the face trick will be much more effective now.
Kalen Gray
Kalen Gray - Måned siden
2:27 i did it already :P
Carter Adams
Carter Adams - Måned siden
4:37 i'm watching this at 7:35. time to sleep!
;-;;-; - Måned siden
Some kid, who I do know so he's not that random, told me to look up "Two Girls And One Cup"
That was a few years ago.
The kids now 9.
Ghosty 636
Ghosty 636 - Måned siden
Anyone else here watch Jacksucksatlife
SnakeySloth - Måned siden
The fact that the first one actually happened in a DISNEY MOVIE is even better
Danish Jordan
Danish Jordan - Måned siden
3:33 Favorite one
Miki Martinez
Miki Martinez - Måned siden
11:28, yo Angelo
Captainwiggles s
Captainwiggles s - Måned siden
On the highway there is a giant sign and my Tesla thinks it's a stop sign
Sgtjames17 :-\
Sgtjames17 :-\ - Måned siden
i wish Robin was my dad 😞
MegaAstroFan18 - Måned siden
Of course Lewinsky takes seducing the president in stride.
go solo gaming
go solo gaming - Måned siden
14:19 *pacific rim music intensifies
Wolfsie jk
Wolfsie jk - Måned siden
12:47 this boi be lookin like syndrome from the incredibles
Lenny Kween
Lenny Kween - Måned siden
I used to think the tooth fairy is real I don’t anymore but I fake like I believe it so my parents will still give me money when I lose my tooth
Kai’s Toys And Other Kid Stuff
0:04 RIP headphone users