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MonkeyBoy32904 - 7 timer siden
4:39 why does he look so young yet so old
Rantaro Amami
Rantaro Amami - 9 timer siden
i t s t r u e t h o -
Lunar_Memories - 12 timer siden
I cringed so hard when he said “Baka” that I pulled a muscle in my neck
Lunar_Memories - 12 timer siden
No seriously, I did. My neck is in serious pain help
the diamond minecrafter
We listen to single people give relationship advise because if you are emotionally hurt they can be blunt and make you think more rationally
General Jake
General Jake - Dag siden
wait did jack DIE
Luna _Wolf
Luna _Wolf - Dag siden
Me eating goldfish: 👁👄👁 you’re the what?
Halo Supreme
Halo Supreme - Dag siden
Jose Trejo
Jose Trejo - 2 dager siden
4:35 Danger. Danger? DANGER!
Crimson Midnight
Crimson Midnight - 2 dager siden
I'm the most popular person in my friend group and yet I am the only one who's never been on a date and or had a significant other, they're all depressed with anxiety, and I'm an extrovert with great social skills and yet I can't get a date for shit

I'm salty about it
BooWeeDoo - 2 dager siden
As someone who used to live in California, I can confirm it’s because everything is wildly expensive in terms of housing in California.
Bakugou’s right Breast
Bakugou’s right Breast - 2 dager siden
I was making brownies while watching this, I’m now licking the bowl because no one gets left behind
John Davis
John Davis - 2 dager siden
im a weeb with glases so is it just a smoke bomb
cooki - 2 dager siden
アシュリーの恐れ - 2 dager siden
HE BROKE IN HE'S HOUSE!! poor froggy :(
ultimate charizard
ultimate charizard - 3 dager siden
1:17 I forgot every word in my native language and know them in english
this is my channel hi
this is my channel hi - 3 dager siden
i saw the duck
this is my channel hi
this is my channel hi - 3 dager siden
and my vision is so bad I need glasses
Shelby the frostdragon
Shelby the frostdragon - 4 dager siden
Me: *points at Emky* This Is why I love this Man ;]
Shelby the frostdragon
Shelby the frostdragon - 4 dager siden
Frog: Uhh... 911?
199: Yes what's your emergency?
Frog: uhmm.. a man just broke into my home and stole all my money
199: *Hangs up*
Frog: how could this happen to me-
Jennifer Farrington
Jennifer Farrington - 4 dager siden
jack im here to answer your question about Ohio we are very thank foll so we all thank we are rich
gilbert ramos
gilbert ramos - 5 dager siden
love the channel lmao
Juan karlo Abril
Juan karlo Abril - 5 dager siden
3:37 why do i laugh and cry so much at this

Also im taking a s**t
BrandoWompus - 5 dager siden
I clicked on this video and didn’t instantly laugh, disliked, unsubscribed, reported to the authorities as a scam.
Totally-not a_ Psychopath
Totally-not a_ Psychopath - 5 dager siden
As someone who lives in Ohio, Everything is cheap as fuck
Demon Princess
Demon Princess - 5 dager siden
I know how to say I like cake in a lot of languages but cant remember most English, my only language is English
Liam Peeples
Liam Peeples - 5 dager siden
Fun fact: The predator of a tiger is a fucking bear.
I AM A GAY FISHIE - 6 dager siden
“My name is jack, I’m the snack that smiles back.”
Me: I too, cannibalize.
Leopold Hetzner
Leopold Hetzner - 6 dager siden
I am not listening to a singel friend..
Because i am the singel friend and everyone else has a gf /bf
Shouta Aizawa
Shouta Aizawa - 7 dager siden
Jack: Before we end things tod-
The Tin Pilot
The Tin Pilot - 7 dager siden
Rickrolling does nothing to me because it’s a good song in general
AJ Gacha
AJ Gacha - 7 dager siden
I am the single friend, and I have no relationship advise. No-one ask me, I ugly af
justin davis
justin davis - 8 dager siden
6:25 I have glasses and I feel the pain
Melina Gerlisky
Melina Gerlisky - 8 dager siden
0:52 im in florida....and....i 1000% agree with the statement that has been said
Pugamer! - 8 dager siden
the taxes in CA are a lot and the houses are a lot more expensive
Vinny - 8 dager siden
you fool, I AM the single relationship advice giver.
Vinny - 8 dager siden
fun fact: if you don't breathe while you're in space, your lungs will explode.
Lemon ` Robyn
Lemon ` Robyn - 8 dager siden
Video: We rely on our single friends for relationship advice.
Me: No I dont--
Also me: * Remembers when I asked my (single) bestfriend over 70 times for relationship advice *
Me: Sh-t---
XxEchoxX - 9 dager siden
personal timestamp keep scrolling

chad aka chad
chad aka chad - 9 dager siden
I didn't laugh instantly laugh am sueing you and disliking and unsubing

Jk I love your vids and channel
Violet 93
Violet 93 - 9 dager siden
I as a single person is eating burger king in my room as my cat is on my bed and I AM SO STRESSED RIGHT NOW.I am in middle school.
Micael Sevemar
Micael Sevemar - 9 dager siden
the wolf pack
the wolf pack - 9 dager siden
as a california, i will answer
in cali, houses are EXPENSIVE. so basically the joke is "oh in ohio saying you have a 400,000 dollar house is really cool and makes you seem rich but in california saying you have a 400,000 dollar house is like saying you rent a 1 bedroom apartment in a poor neighbor hood"
no joke.
calis expensive.
Fafnar - 9 dager siden
me who wares glasses: i can confirm wearing a mask does look like that.
Valentine Rose
Valentine Rose - 10 dager siden
Jack: I'm the snack that smiles back~
My morbid brain: the snack that smiles back. Children! :)
local weeb
local weeb - 10 dager siden

I'm not gonna Rick roll you
I promise
Riveechu - 10 dager siden
me, someone with scoliosis: 👁👄👁
Mercury - 10 dager siden
As an Ohioan, 400k houses are very expensive. Price ranges here are 100k-160k. BUT the houses are cool and suburban, you get some sick fUCking wine cellars
TheCrafter MH
TheCrafter MH - 10 dager siden
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Just a Typical gamer
Just a Typical gamer - 11 dager siden
8:55 Technically, he did get rickrolled... he clicked on a video that had it as an ad. So he did rickroll himself in a way.
That Funny Trombone
That Funny Trombone - 11 dager siden
Florida is just florida thats it
patti441 - 11 dager siden
realestate in california 400k = shithole
realestate in ohaio 400k = small mansion with pool and a couple of acres of farmland
Hugo Odell
Hugo Odell - 11 dager siden
That frog was pablo escobar #2
Mochie Chan
Mochie Chan - 12 dager siden
Those single anime not like the other girls girls be like “ io io io, shut up f!ck boy”.
Backyard Car Restorers
Backyard Car Restorers - 12 dager siden
I *THINK* that the California/Ohio meme is because California homes are really expensive, so 400k is cheap.
Kenzochu - 12 dager siden
In Ohio land and property is cheaper and in California it’s WAY more expensive to the extent of my knowledge
Deadhead1463 - 12 dager siden
Is it odd that I am the single friend
Chloe B. Rosales
Chloe B. Rosales - 12 dager siden
In 5:10 He thinks all people are adult therefore I'm just 10 and I know a lot of acuasions
ANDERSON HOGGARD - 12 dager siden
I have glasses and when I wear a mask I look like a plague doctor from the medieval ages.
Catherine Banfield
Catherine Banfield - 13 dager siden
Silver Betta cct
Silver Betta cct - 13 dager siden
Anonymous Plays
Anonymous Plays - 14 dager siden
10:53 that series of movies fucken broke my heart
Leah Beezley
Leah Beezley - 14 dager siden
3:20 Just raw dogging life.
UnitedBats - 14 dager siden
Him: so-
gler Mer
gler Mer - 14 dager siden
as an amrican we are NOT ALL STUPID
emerald gamer773
emerald gamer773 - 14 dager siden
If that guy at the McDonald's watches this, I hope he reminisces about it.
Random channel
Random channel - 14 dager siden
NerdyNeko YT
NerdyNeko YT - 15 dager siden
I see it in BOTH ways!
NerdyNeko YT
NerdyNeko YT - 15 dager siden
Same here, except I was labelled as "mentally disabled", so it's not really that much of a surprise, tbh.
NerdyNeko YT
NerdyNeko YT - 15 dager siden
I googled this just now, and, while full-grown tigers have no natural predators, leopards do sometimes eat the cubs, and there are animals that would be big enough to injure a tiger, such as elephants, bears, and buffaloes.
Noway Nodice
Noway Nodice - 15 dager siden
YouTube stuffing more and more commercials and ads in the middle of of clips. Stuffing more money in their pockets, demonizing content providers regularly, and confused when people go elsewhere. Money hungry morons.
seila esse canal n vai ter video
1:21 this happen to me all the time i rebember hive but dont remember colmeia my main lenguage its purtuguese
jacob lansman
jacob lansman - 16 dager siden
I'm sure Canadians will agree with me that the duck was $200k well spent. I speak as a Texas-born Briton (I hope that makes sense but the reality is that most people who read this will be confused)
*•Rae The HufflePuff•*
*•Rae The HufflePuff•* - 16 dager siden
Had a bad day, got better after this. THANK YOU!!!!
Dragon Snake 06
Dragon Snake 06 - 17 dager siden
9:43 yeah it's not the time to make The Monsterverse a reality
symonplayz - 18 dager siden
why i wear glasses and I'm a kid ='(
Kyla Jardine
Kyla Jardine - 19 dager siden
6:25. As somebody that wears glasses I can say this is true 🤠
floofy panda
floofy panda - 19 dager siden
to all the people with glasses keep wearing them like a champ because we are all partially blind at certain distances
Surender Sharma
Surender Sharma - 19 dager siden
1:24 In India, it happens to almost everyone who know English.
portalj123 - 19 dager siden
i miss jack...
Redrum457 - 20 dager siden
Tanner Rogers
Tanner Rogers - 20 dager siden
The worse thing is that I live in Florida and that I agree with the Florida trash idiots lol
Spencer P
Spencer P - 20 dager siden
but i didn't instantly laugh it had to load ;(
stephanie_barrett - 20 dager siden
2:55 I live in Wisconsin. There is a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom on the market right now me and my partner are looking at buying for $200k. $400k is definitely in the luxury home bracket for Ohio.
myexperiencewithdepression 26
Surgeon is the costume of Halloween 2020
Angdwto - 20 dager siden
This video is dangerously close to
Katherine Torres
Katherine Torres - 21 dag siden
TurtleDuck Gaming
TurtleDuck Gaming - 21 dag siden
TurtleDuck Gaming
TurtleDuck Gaming - 21 dag siden
Gamer48 - 21 dag siden
Jokes on you, I'M the single friend.
Xander Potts
Xander Potts - 21 dag siden
Gem Universe
Gem Universe - 22 dager siden
I love the first one lol
RobertatheSpider - 22 dager siden
I am that single friend. Ask me anything
dani9462 dani9462
dani9462 dani9462 - 22 dager siden
Rickrolling? no. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy8kmNEo1i8&lc=Ugw8bhv0mN-WbsX37lh4AaABAg.9EGjJrMtU8q9EZQxvtaDML this is better.
SaveTheAmazingCakes - 22 dager siden
3:08 California is more expensive, so the joke is that he's practically homeless after spending 400,000, and Ohio and a lot of other states are MUCH less expensive. So the person from Ohio seems rich, while the person from California seems poor
Banana Boy
Banana Boy - 22 dager siden
I wanna get out of america
IWasOnceANoob - 22 dager siden
it didnt make me laugh instantly ;-;
Squidward’s House
Squidward’s House - 23 dager siden
'Whatever the fuck a tiger considers a predator'
Oh I don't know maybe those ape like creatures that seem to populate the whole world and slaughter them for medicine and fur coats?
Ivan qt
Ivan qt - 23 dager siden
We are not stupid idiots but I can't tell Florida
Akari Enderwolf
Akari Enderwolf - 23 dager siden
the $400,000 house was showing what you got for that much in Ohio vs Cali, in Cali that box costs $400,000. This means you can afford a lot more in Ohio.
Temmie Shopkeeper
Temmie Shopkeeper - 23 dager siden
Microwaves be like: mmMMmMmMmmMmMmMmMmMMmMmMmmMmMMmMmMmMmMMmMmMmMmM
Piyaneer YT
Piyaneer YT - 23 dager siden
3:44 "At one point somebody could have saved your life without you knowing* , ok so that got me thinking because when i was little i was a dunce and clumsy so i have no idea how many times a stranger might of saved my ass while i wondered away from my parents
Allan titan
Allan titan - 24 dager siden
I don’t listen too my single friends for dating advice I listen too myself