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I LIke Tater Tots
I LIke Tater Tots - 11 timer siden
10:57 is probably my fave mission in NV
Roobum _
Roobum _ - 12 timer siden
It’s 1:27 in the morning and I read ‘me_irl’ as meirl and said aloud ‘who’s mertyl?’
Aaron Keith
Aaron Keith - 22 timer siden
one of the reasons i like lexi the most is just bec of the sounds she makes: 12:51
Flame Pig 06
Flame Pig 06 - 23 timer siden
Flame Pig 06
Flame Pig 06 - 23 timer siden
literally_trash - Dag siden
18:23 i watch this while eating dinner so this is a good vid to watch while you eat
ivan Philip
ivan Philip - Dag siden
4:46 you can get flavoured water lexi,it's called soda
pink Mt. Everest
pink Mt. Everest - Dag siden
I use to like robbin and damien but now i like you
xGacha_ kittyx
xGacha_ kittyx - 2 dager siden
I was cleaning and i heard tis vid
Lila Rat
Lila Rat - 2 dager siden
Ugh LEXI YOU BEAUTIFUL BI- (no but seriously she's my favorite)
Baylea Bug2001
Baylea Bug2001 - 2 dager siden
12:43 that's 14 days
{saru chan yt}
{saru chan yt} - 2 dager siden
Me : does anything
My girlfriend : 12:51
Marcus Sanchez
Marcus Sanchez - 3 dager siden
7:59 i belive your in the wrong place. Here let me guide you to r/ihadastroke
Female Octoling
Female Octoling - 3 dager siden
At least someone thinks im sexy.
Jack - 3 dager siden
my phone has no colour it is depressed
Otto Kalsbeek
Otto Kalsbeek - 3 dager siden
11:45 that's why i don't add stuff in slowly i just throw the stuff into the sink
Alexander Lund GRF
Alexander Lund GRF - 3 dager siden
I am happy to be a gen-z
Sana Can Kinda Draw
Sana Can Kinda Draw - 3 dager siden
I wanna be like Lexi when I grow up
she actually does her laundry
Hrönn Egilsdottir
Hrönn Egilsdottir - 4 dager siden
when you’ve watched food wars so the turtle burger joke just makes you sad
Agne Kitovaite
Agne Kitovaite - 4 dager siden
karens in 2092 be like: The government is controlling us with microchips in our water! I say we start drinking natural, ocean water as the gov doesnt need to vontrol us like this anymore!
Blaze Honeycutt
Blaze Honeycutt - 4 dager siden
Post:no no i don't think I will me:hey I'm in that post
Aiden Daniels
Aiden Daniels - 4 dager siden
Just gotta make through 1 minute 40 times
Callum Coombs
Callum Coombs - 4 dager siden
12:53 it’s obviously not you, it’s Dave the goblin who steals and hides things from you. Missing one sock in a pair of socks, that was him.
KitKat Koo
KitKat Koo - 5 dager siden
Yea it's Sunday and I went awake at 6: 23
Shion Tweed
Shion Tweed - 5 dager siden
Replace “consoling” with “murdering” and it still could probably work
Dexter Lim
Dexter Lim - 5 dager siden
Imagine being a bold cinnamon roll, that is how the Lexi do.
キングDEMON - 5 dager siden
I would trust the guy at 4:33 with my life.
dontenglish - 5 dager siden
18:29 they realy got to call me out right now jeez
Lord Zeb
Lord Zeb - 5 dager siden
I don't say here, I put on can't touch this at full, volume and make everyone go "wtf lol"
Jonathan Gurley
Jonathan Gurley - 5 dager siden
Yo all know about Detroit become human
Now what about human become Detroit
Christina Merritt
Christina Merritt - 5 dager siden
Microsoft diddnt make halo 3, they created halo 4, 5, and now halo infinate. But they diddnt make anything before halo reach.
Filip Obrovac
Filip Obrovac - 5 dager siden
My favorite narrator is lexi :D
the lamb sauce
the lamb sauce - 5 dager siden
David Kipp
David Kipp - 5 dager siden
Lex just called me (a minor) sexy... hmmmmmmm
Mr Exists
Mr Exists - 5 dager siden
18:23 the decedent of "over 1000 channels but nothing to watch!"
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones - 5 dager siden
Do i count as "human"
White - 5 dager siden
As a swede, can confirm Aaaron is Swedish
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - 6 dager siden
your voice changed so much
Cursed Soldier
Cursed Soldier - 6 dager siden
11:41 you should not sleep while driving
Link The Fox
Link The Fox - 6 dager siden
would you live in a city with 10000000 clones of yourself for a year for 10000000 in your countries currency
julianebug8 - 6 dager siden
You know you can create a game right so you should make that chick game happen
Lilac Floof
Lilac Floof - 6 dager siden
Me: casually laughs
Grandma: what you doing
Aaron Robertson
Aaron Robertson - 6 dager siden
Bro that one about the lining up hit me hard. but not the part with aaaron
Alex Stratton
Alex Stratton - 6 dager siden
Weird Godzilla
Weird Godzilla - 6 dager siden
I thought the kid was stabbing the burrito. 4:51
Jimmy Mitchell
Jimmy Mitchell - 7 dager siden
Your voice sounds different every video and I love it I always forget who I'm watching
AnimeKat 2
AnimeKat 2 - 7 dager siden
*"Shark-infested houses"*
Oh boy, wait till he finds out about aquariums.
The Dragon Lord
The Dragon Lord - 7 dager siden
lexi (sorry if i spelt it wrong) i have a similar way i found emkay i was bored in my bed and tryng to sleep and now you guys are one of my favorite YouTube channels
Gon freecss
Gon freecss - 7 dager siden
Guess what
I got my crushes phone number two weeks ago
After like 10 years of knowing them but it's wHaTeVeR
Dread Wolf
Dread Wolf - 7 dager siden
I'll do you one better: House infested sharks
The Teal Queen
The Teal Queen - 8 dager siden
I can relate to the one on part 11:29
Karma - 8 dager siden
Every time I hear "what's up sexy!-" I immediately pause and then leave.
Sunbea - 8 dager siden
I’m very happy there’s finally a girl on emkay!!
Alexandrea Falcetta
Alexandrea Falcetta - 8 dager siden
Ah yes. The burtle turger
Elkhart Koala
Elkhart Koala - 9 dager siden
Good for u
Lukethebalistic - 9 dager siden
1:54 I guess I am an introvert
Arctic Weasel
Arctic Weasel - 9 dager siden
Where I sleep, my door is on one side and my double closet it on the other. I’m never safe.
Zero Layne
Zero Layne - 9 dager siden
7:52 So it took Breathn't, but not asthma?
IrisLovesBooks - 10 dager siden
Oh my! It took me 7 minutes of listening (while coding) to realize it's TheLexiKitty
Ana Borshun lol
Ana Borshun lol - 10 dager siden
If lexi isn’t your favourite reader for emkay, go to hell haha
female papyrus
female papyrus - 10 dager siden
4:53 lexy is like me with tacos
Blobman1717 - 10 dager siden
"eggs of rage"
Galactic Tunes
Galactic Tunes - 10 dager siden
He sounds like he never hit puberty but his voice still got a bit deeper
Hi_IsAlex - 10 dager siden
Ayyyyyy I thought you were the Lexi kitty! Love your stuff!!
The Dancing demon
The Dancing demon - 10 dager siden
I always get sad when people make fun of all Americans like we are all as bad as the worst of our country, come on, if we were all stupid, we wouldn’t be alive
Kaelin Clyde
Kaelin Clyde - 10 dager siden
As ky kpop stan self I must do this for the memes

"LiKe MaTe StOp PrOcASTiNaTiNg"

Stan stray kid lol
Im. Crabman
Im. Crabman - 10 dager siden
Random Songs
Random Songs - 10 dager siden
14:56 Halo announcer: OVERKILL
UNK03N GH027
UNK03N GH027 - 11 dager siden
2:02 imma be for real with ya I’m an introvert I like to stay in my room by my self all day and sleep eat and only leave my room at night to sneak me some snacks and watch videos barely leaving my room but when I’m at school I’m different I’m talking to people and crap moving around like crazy it’s weird
Megan Migues
Megan Migues - 11 dager siden
That lil squee she made after Neil gaiman
Keno The king
Keno The king - 11 dager siden
at first i thought linsy was a annoying he is but like me i like him
Elina Cosey
Elina Cosey - 11 dager siden
Anybody else thoroughly enjoy Lexi's intro? Like what's up sexy I'm Lexi like dang I'm happy now , thanks Lexi you're just amazing.
Sakura!! - 11 dager siden
11:59 Adapt doesn't even sound like a word anymore
Alex - 11 dager siden
"What's up sexy, I'm Lexi" always makes me happy lol
Ian Womack
Ian Womack - 11 dager siden
our my favorite narrator
Nicky h225
Nicky h225 - 12 dager siden
9:00 what do you think would happen if you put one of those computer killer usb inside that?

Creek And Jacob
Creek And Jacob - 12 dager siden
15:58 he’s actually cars playing as a Pickman from the game series Pickman for the Nintendo Wii game cube Wii U and switch
Christian Ross
Christian Ross - 12 dager siden
I had a dream that was a few months long but it was so real I thought it was real but I turns out it was like thirty minutes long
No Name
No Name - 12 dager siden
“I miss sleeping in the car, i barely do it now”
Uhhh, should i be concerned?
Bloxyoyo - 12 dager siden
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox - 12 dager siden
Me *exist*
Lexi “Hey sexy I’m Lexi”
“Hey sexy”

Me “No, don’t do that, don’t give hope”
I don't care about what you think
I know the feeling 8f being 12 even doe I look 16 but I'm 14
Starry_Eyed_ Wolf_666
Starry_Eyed_ Wolf_666 - 13 dager siden
Me: getting ready to watch some memes after having a bad day
**hey Sexy I'm Lexi!**
(Physical happiness)
wierdo 950
wierdo 950 - 13 dager siden
5:10 is bitterly me and Im texting this on the weekend and woke up at 7 am
Lordmaymay of Sharklanda
Lordmaymay of Sharklanda - 13 dager siden
whenever I'm coming home and fall asleep in the car I always wake up ethier on my driveway or the hill before my driveway
Zodiaq - 13 dager siden
This is how many times Lexi said swedish/sweden
warthunder gamer
warthunder gamer - 13 dager siden
My school has already had 23 cases of covid
kieren tempest
kieren tempest - 13 dager siden
9:34 i have ADHD and this is so true lol
BADEAGLE - 13 dager siden
I swear to fucking christ this new narrator could be a fucking hazbin hotel character
linda Bonilla
linda Bonilla - 13 dager siden
I stopped sleeping in the car mostly because I'm the driver 11:32
charles claiborne
charles claiborne - 13 dager siden
At 2:19 Lexie just become Batman
Sayler - 13 dager siden
4:19 that Texas one was not racist but stateist? And by the way I’m Texan
Dark Eevee
Dark Eevee - 13 dager siden
itz_jesse ree
itz_jesse ree - 13 dager siden
Don’t mind me, just eating while watching this video-
Faby Duarte
Faby Duarte - 13 dager siden
That is more common that you think
Scp- 049
Scp- 049 - 13 dager siden
I slept on a video and I woke up to this...........
The Spectacular Spider-Mite
The Spectacular Spider-Mite - 13 dager siden
As someone who lives in scotland I can confirm this is true 17:52
vinegar toast
vinegar toast - 13 dager siden
17:16 I dont get it
The Spectacular Spider-Mite
The Spectacular Spider-Mite - 13 dager siden
I'm not even lying when I say I've seen someone do this 5:25
marcelo de lima
marcelo de lima - 13 dager siden
14:46 this man is playing life with lucky blocks