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Zesty The Gopnik
Zesty The Gopnik - 4 dager siden
11:18 uh jack I don't think you want people thinking about your throat just saying
Leah Beezley
Leah Beezley - 6 dager siden
13:01 r/tihi
Fanta guy
Fanta guy - 11 dager siden
Click this comment and go to a link where your ulimate wafiu will be.
Sun Dominic
Sun Dominic - 13 dager siden
9:03 Eiffel tower soufflé?
CrimsonJay's Flight
CrimsonJay's Flight - 13 dager siden
I intentionally cough on the bus while sitting next to someone just to instill fear into my fellow mortals.
Cannabis Express 420
Cannabis Express 420 - 14 dager siden
I love listening to you tubers from other countries because they are all like
What the fuck is up with America and why do they suck at everything
And people here in America are like
Yeah bitch we are the best in the world.

No we ain't.
C4K3 Delicious
C4K3 Delicious - 14 dager siden
That avatar meme was me today
Evangelina Kensicki
Evangelina Kensicki - 16 dager siden
Guys! Petion for the wonderful guys at emkay to do a face reaveal so we can make more fanart!
Slaniakii - 17 dager siden
I once at work cleared my throat at the cash register and the customer leaned back and ASKED IF I HAVE COCOCABANA. Like, dear customer... If I had cococabana, I WOULDN'T BE AT WORK!!!!
Slaniakii - 17 dager siden
I love how he said meowntain
Slaniakii - 17 dager siden
At 3:57
Joseph - 18 dager siden
7:15 Pretty sure that says "Denis" and not "Doris"
Willow Hawley
Willow Hawley - 19 dager siden
C h i l l i
tomtomton - 19 dager siden
3:52 meowton
X-37bNASA - SFS - 19 dager siden
They exist! They are called KRAVE if I remember correctly.
Melted Freddy
Melted Freddy - 19 dager siden
myexperiencewithdepression 26
Roast me for no reason
waterzila - 21 dag siden
I dont get memes at i am almost a teen
Just your average Bagel
Just your average Bagel - 23 dager siden
Hit the road jack, and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more
Anon1776 - 23 dager siden
hold up wait a minute did emkay just advertise their subscribe button? thats new
ali - 24 dager siden
•   ゚  。
  .  ° .  • •   .     。 .  。° .
 .   。  Red was ejected. ඞ 。  . •
• •   ゚  。
  .  ° .  • •   .     。 .  。° .
 .   。  。  . •
• Red was not the impostor
angel wolf demon
angel wolf demon - 24 dager siden
interforth - 24 dager siden
Mia Urban
Mia Urban - 24 dager siden
Puro - 24 dager siden
emkay has changed ever since Damien left
Ronald Icely
Ronald Icely - 24 dager siden
2:41 did anyone also think of the pokemon rap?
Haylie Darling
Haylie Darling - 24 dager siden
Thinking about throats is weird.

Meh, I'll do it anyways.

Oh God I regret everything
You’re just like your Father
11:18 He gave off a much different energy that he did not intend
makeupqueen_ mommy
makeupqueen_ mommy - 26 dager siden
Let's just all agree that the bird from the bird meme has all for one
Cat Gece
Cat Gece - 26 dager siden
Obtuse, rubber foose, green moose, guava juice
LuvU2Much - 26 dager siden
“Funnel web SPIDEEEERR” I’m dead
Lord Jschlatt
Lord Jschlatt - 26 dager siden
3:35 all I can hear is joe from family guy yelling “BRING IT OOOOOON!” and I love it
Iron Doom
Iron Doom - 27 dager siden
3:00 Harley Quinn is a therapist and in some version of Harley Quinn is the robin
UwUBannana - 27 dager siden
I Wheezed But Its Because My Dad Was Smoking And I Had A Fucking Asthma Attack
Private Niko
Private Niko - 27 dager siden
You know if we were being charged for in-game war crimes we fellow Stellaris players would probably in well. . . dead by now due to us Cracking open worlds and enslaving entire species because we wanted to. Bloody hell I'm pretty sure most of us killed our own species in a civil war before.
Cazerburn - 27 dager siden
I have a few things to say. One, I love your intros, Jack. Two, who does the best Skeletor impression: Jack, Robin, or Lexi? Finally, serious question for Jack, Robin, and Lexi. Did you guys inherit the channel, or are Damian and Zack still around?
Cole Knowles
Cole Knowles - 28 dager siden
"Giant Meowtain Sphinx"
TheGlobalRaider - 28 dager siden
Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more
What'd you say?
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more
Oh woman, oh woman, don't treat me so mean
You're the meanest old woman that I've ever have seen
I guess if you say so
I'll have to pack my things and go (that's right)
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more
What'd you say?
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more
Now baby, listen baby, don't you treat me this way
'Cause I'll be back on my feet someday
Don't care if you do, 'cause it's understood
You ain't got no money, you just ain't no good
Well, I guess if you say so
I'll have to pack my things and go (that's right)
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more
What'd you say?
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Jack and don't you come back
No more
Well (don't you come back no more)
Uh, what you say? (don't you come back no more)
I didn't understand you (don't you come back no more)
You can't mean that (don't you come back no more)
Oh now baby please (don't you come back no more)
What you tryin' to do to me? (don't you come back no more)
Oh, don't treat me like that, baby (don't you come back no more)
I had to make this joke now that he remembered me this music
mohamed elsheikh
mohamed elsheikh - 28 dager siden
You say that as if that's not the real reason Trump and anyone else cares. Because "China bad America Good".
No country is better or worse than the other
All corporations are douchebags who would steal our data even if we were offline but that's the price we pay for having Capitalisms and not being in a gulag
Griffin Martin
Griffin Martin - 28 dager siden
Don’t be dumb, it’s pronounced me mes
Sonya Taylor
Sonya Taylor - 28 dager siden
Hit the road jack
Fizzy - 28 dager siden
So that’s why I was singing hit the road Jack yesterday
chains is in a pickle
chains is in a pickle - 28 dager siden
Did this man call a pretzel bread
Papyrus The Carrot
Papyrus The Carrot - 28 dager siden
What's Jack's favorite card game? Black JACK!
Horny Patrol
Horny Patrol - 28 dager siden
Meems funny.
clouds - 28 dager siden

DIOrno DIOvanna
DIOrno DIOvanna - 28 dager siden
That cats meow mound sound like the meow cry that the intergalactic nova makes in planet robobot
おぜえ - 28 dager siden
I did not fimd this enjoyable and I did not smile or laugh once❤❤🤣🤣
Bottt Productions
Bottt Productions - 29 dager siden
Joseph: be careful. The enemy stand user could be anyone
The enemy stand user: 2:03
d3stinyz - 29 dager siden
8:42 (⊙_☉)
Devon Klipp
Devon Klipp - 29 dager siden
2:28 the most likely reason we dont see the same patterns in the sky is because air and light pollution has blotted out most of the smaller stars and only left the brightest dots that look nothing like the original constellations.
litfuse293 plus
litfuse293 plus - 29 dager siden
0:39: bold of you to assume we'll survive past 2021 *gets read the anti-crusades coming our direction*
s31t0r4 - 29 dager siden
Ooh almost pokemon rap
Random Roblox
Random Roblox - 29 dager siden
3:38 is that a dnd reference? Or am I just a idiot?
Casey Surface
Casey Surface - 29 dager siden
"My name is jack, i broke out my back"
Oliver Thompsett
Oliver Thompsett - 29 dager siden
This literally made me anti-laugh.
Pirate Toast
Pirate Toast - 29 dager siden
I'm sorry. Did he say meowtains at 3:59? I have listened to it multiple times and I cant tell?!
Kelly White
Kelly White - 29 dager siden
Its doing really really REALLY bad over here. Air pollution, wildfires, 200k people died from corona. And so much more. But I have straight A's, so that's good
Patrick Lacy
Patrick Lacy - 29 dager siden
I didn't wheeze instantly, but I won't lie, it was a close call
Kelly White
Kelly White - 29 dager siden
At 3:37 the bird reminded me of Mezo Shoji
KingMan Gaming
KingMan Gaming - 29 dager siden
the mtg thing is SO relatable
The Proclaimed
The Proclaimed - 29 dager siden
08:44 the Swedish word for bitch is actually “slyna”
Bernadette Racine
Bernadette Racine - 29 dager siden
" think about my throat"
I'm way ahead of you
da_xbox360YT - 29 dager siden
3:45 the subscribe button turns red when you unsubscride so...
King Creator
King Creator - 29 dager siden
I don’t like the sockets with built in Stanchen chord because what if there’s a spider in there and you pull on it and then all of a sudden the spider comes out in crowds if you’re sleeping yeah
Bob Wilson_19
Bob Wilson_19 - 29 dager siden
The part with the cat on the game bored ,they were playing magic the gathering
Catelynn Does Random Stuff
Catelynn Does Random Stuff - 29 dager siden
I'm surprised that he didn't pronounce memes "me-mes"
Im Crunchy
Im Crunchy - 29 dager siden
I Was in the bus ones and i banged my head so hard into the window i cracked and thats why i have 2 Brian celle nvm 1
Chaos's Nuclear Brush
Chaos's Nuclear Brush - 29 dager siden
Are you winning son will be remembered
Shiedtha - 29 dager siden
I wheezed at the thumbnail cause its do true
_ShadowFooxy_ - 29 dager siden
People are first

People are last

Ennard is depressed
Mr Exclusion
Mr Exclusion - 29 dager siden
M'dir MCMXCIV - 29 dager siden
Why you cannot pronounce corona in the video?
wesley bishop
wesley bishop - 29 dager siden
@M'dir MCMXCIV idk i guess they just dont want contreversy or drama to happen but your video gets a strike when you say it, so
M'dir MCMXCIV - 29 dager siden
@wesley bishop why? You can talk about flu and other virus but not corona . I don't understand. What the difference between corona and other virus?
wesley bishop
wesley bishop - 29 dager siden
because you can't say coronavirus on youtube, you get demonetized
Tenshied - 29 dager siden
Илья Витцев
Илья Витцев - 29 dager siden
"So glad we've almost made it
So sad they had to fade it"
- Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World, 1985
HyperX - Måned siden
Hit the road
Memelius Pandarieus
Memelius Pandarieus - Måned siden
1:50 Finally I found the perfect Papyrus Voice!
Me Cooper
Me Cooper - Måned siden
3:43 I've literally been in this situation so many times and my cat was such a good girl that we ended up just deciding she was a 20/20 creature enchantment with defense and high reach attached to everything she lays on (including land/permanents) that gives them pacify. Every time she is hit for damage you put counters on her (which sometimes annoyed her into moving) ...However,... You could also tap her to attack! (she didn't seem to care about being tapped/rotated lol)
Always made the games entertaining.
MicklePickle 27
MicklePickle 27 - Måned siden
2:44 Inland taipan and stone fish too!
zwelklark57 -
zwelklark57 - - Måned siden
No no, you've got it all wrong, it's pronounced 'me-me'
TheSolidMidget - Måned siden
Jack: My name is Jack and no. I refuse to hit the road.
Me, an intellectual: I wasn't asking.
Don Findlay
Don Findlay - Måned siden
I miss damien
Flat Broke Studios
Flat Broke Studios - Måned siden
You know what's fun? When you start choking on your saliva but you're backstage in a musical and the main character just died so not only am I not allowed to cough it might break the immersion, if I cough it'll fully ruin the mood and it's closing night so the stakes are high and I just have to sit and suffer whilst I suffocate on my own stupidity.
Oh whoops did I put I in there I meant you because this is entirely a hypothetical and not at all a thing I have experienced, certainly not recently! A ha ha I am humourous.
Magnolia Avalon
Magnolia Avalon - Måned siden
🎶Hit the road jack 🎶
Shadoboy - Måned siden
Boomers saying this generation doesn't know how to treat girls is hilarious because "I hate my wife" is the punchline to 49% of their comics. (The other 51 percent is "kids don't know how to click the book")
TINA GLASSGOW - Måned siden
X Ash Archangel, my dude.
Lethal Misfit
Lethal Misfit - Måned siden

Did my mans just unsubscribe
nyan cat
nyan cat - Måned siden
way to convert the meme to dnd
James Larsen
James Larsen - Måned siden
Wait mems? don’t you mean mem cake
The Clock Box
The Clock Box - Måned siden
Then the road will hit you
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith - Måned siden
Another article from the guardian
And, no it’s not satire
Micah Slentz
Micah Slentz - Måned siden
Don’t you come back no more no more no more no more!
Francis Hornung
Francis Hornung - Måned siden
I was already wheezing ofwouwefjoejwi;fjaiowefo3nq4u
Gyro - Måned siden
Jack: call them mems
Me, loading a shotgun: *say sike right now*
Pineball 43
Pineball 43 - Måned siden
Me when I don't wheeze instantly: What other lies have I been told by the council?
Mossious - Måned siden
Papyrus, what happened-
Get Tooasted
Get Tooasted - Måned siden
A mtg meme? That's rare
Irene D
Irene D - Måned siden
My name is Doris...
Hyunjin's Americano
Hyunjin's Americano - Måned siden
"Eifel Tower soufflé" 😭
Ginger Siders
Ginger Siders - Måned siden
Hi jack. I'm immortal!🤣
Nameless Games
Nameless Games - Måned siden
That pop up literally says to unsubscribe