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Richard Clapp III
Richard Clapp III - 10 minutter siden
I'd actually be interested in that dream recorder
Fletcher Simpleton
Fletcher Simpleton - 5 timer siden
1.4 million ping is a joke.
Supercool Gaming
Supercool Gaming - 6 timer siden
Yes the king is :0 while the queen is >:0
Charles Barrientos
Charles Barrientos - 6 timer siden
My dads family had a cat who had kittens and she needed to get rid of them and she was talking with one of the irish nun teachers and she suggested put them in a bag and toss them in the LA river. My grandma was horrified.
Max G B J
Max G B J - 6 timer siden
3:50 fourthy five hundred??

Strawberry Inu Gatcha and Drawing
Finally! Someone who appreciates The Legend of Korra!
awesomeness _bee2
awesomeness _bee2 - 9 timer siden
you know how i respond to "lmao/lol" ?
*i dont, i wait till the other person says something i can respond too.*
I'm ÇrÀzY
I'm ÇrÀzY - 11 timer siden
When you watch meme channels so you know 75% of these
Ben S.
Ben S. - 11 timer siden
2:39 tf
idzcomplainzalldayayay icad
idzcomplainzalldayayay icad - 11 timer siden
4:46 the last stairbender
Dip doply doo
Dip doply doo - 12 timer siden
Earth is the most dangerous planet 100 percent of people on earth die! So don't live on earth
P1ckle700 - 13 timer siden
7:58 *squidward enters*
Existent Content
Existent Content - 15 timer siden
Bisexuals: think of masochism
Askook - 16 timer siden
3:03 that's the equation for a line, not an equation to calculate slope. The slope calculation is m= (y1-y2)/(x1-x2)
As a mathematician this has been bugging me since I first saw that meme :3
elpezdeferia :v
elpezdeferia :v - 17 timer siden
5:13 haha my favorite meme xd
David Brown
David Brown - 17 timer siden
[ErRoR] Rblx
[ErRoR] Rblx - 20 timer siden
It will take I calculated this btw 236000 days until 100 years so you die in 236000 days
jj jayden
jj jayden - 20 timer siden
Dead body: gets reported
Everyone expect the guy who reported the body and cyan: where
Cyan: S E L F R E P O R T
Beep シ
Beep シ - 21 time siden
HeadshotGamer X
HeadshotGamer X - 22 timer siden
If you always take a long pee whenever a sex scene is about to appear, that would probably be suspicious after a while.
"Why does he always go for a long period of time when a sex scene shows up?"
Seth Daulton
Seth Daulton - 23 timer siden
Lazabeam played footnote a 1million ping
Shadow_ Corners
Shadow_ Corners - 23 timer siden
14:57 moment be true tho,hope that doen not happen in the future just because in bi
endernutt - Dag siden
2:50 wait people have less then 200 ping I thought 190 - 280 was good
NatimationArts - Dag siden
finally you understand why i like the tik tok app existing (sorry i meant it to be IN CAPS)
NatimationArts - Dag siden
if you grew up with covid like me you had a great chill childhood us animatiors and gamers are enjoying that quarentine life stop pretending BONUS POINTS if you are a brit
BoiSSP Gaming
BoiSSP Gaming - Dag siden
Mobile gamers: I'm four parallel universes ahead of you
Natorithm - Dag siden
Gimme the five guys burgers and fries
tooilltoheal - Dag siden
The AI is actually trying to make sense out of the human misspelling of the word "February". Puny humans.
Brick Ghandi
Brick Ghandi - Dag siden
Only cowards run. True warriors stand and fight with their dog.
ayden james
ayden james - Dag siden
bisexuals: think of animals , zoofilea: ummmmm
anton tompel
anton tompel - Dag siden
Me, an even bigger intellectual:
*You spelled intellectual wrong*
anton tompel
anton tompel - Dag siden
YEP Fork
YEP Fool
YEP Door
Ferrel Putra Ramadhan
Ferrel Putra Ramadhan - Dag siden
1:34 Im Indonesian And It Is Confirmed True
Kevin Gaming
Kevin Gaming - Dag siden
11:20 I feel offended
e e
e e - Dag siden
2:50 pathetic i had 800k ping once
devan bidleman
devan bidleman - Dag siden
can we stop bullying teachers there trying to help us
Ajax The Protogen
Ajax The Protogen - Dag siden
Mavis beacon brought back ptsd
Claoos - Dag siden
I am smuth bran. i leikje slle wtha ememe
ultimate shrek
ultimate shrek - Dag siden
2:00 I would just respond "and what YOU are doing here, babe"
Little Disappointment
Little Disappointment - Dag siden
What about pansexuals?
Just Some Alligator With Internet Access
When someone says lol or lmao I usually say yeah and then say something else
sparingchaos977 - Dag siden
Me having 10000000 ping on r6
Cosmos on 60FPS
Cosmos on 60FPS - Dag siden
ic seen the last air bender and the legend of kora too robin
Delooloo the Poopoo
Delooloo the Poopoo - Dag siden
Emrs Not telling
Emrs Not telling - Dag siden
Magic Duck UwU
Magic Duck UwU - Dag siden
0:00 me at school
Cool Block DudeYT
Cool Block DudeYT - Dag siden
Uh I think it's called magma cream
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez - Dag siden
The begging tho with the hand placement if you know you know
OmegaSovereign1K0-14 - Dag siden
[5:39] EX-F*CKING-ACTLY!!! WHY!?
RETRO GÉMING - Dag siden
2:49 OMG i didn't know i was working for NASA
The Impostor
The Impostor - Dag siden
the one clip in the intro makes me feel like i'm in the video and i *d o n ' t l i k e i t*
C-Bear 7116
C-Bear 7116 - Dag siden
Logan Fec
Logan Fec - Dag siden
you sound like pathfinder from apex sometimes
Dragonfire - Dag siden
9:25 sounds like how carl from llamas with hats would talk
Tyrell Turner
Tyrell Turner - Dag siden
Is this better? yes. thank you mate
Lil Tom
Lil Tom - Dag siden
[ETT] Lord Zylinderbey
15:05 I fell attacked because I am bisexual
Shyra Stacy
Shyra Stacy - Dag siden
I literally just had the same damn fatherzone crap happen. He's way too old for me, but he's sweet as pie.
Oska Fagan-Stuart
Oska Fagan-Stuart - Dag siden
When he said "we" to the bisexual meme I literally squeaked with happiness
Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki - Dag siden
Versen H.
Versen H. - Dag siden
2:45 You know, playing on Roblox is really helpful for getting used to high ping.
Mr owl ate me metal worm
Nitro Gamer
Nitro Gamer - 2 dager siden
I am glad he knows ATLA and LOC.
Dominic Toretto
Dominic Toretto - 2 dager siden
4:54 Stavatar
Schythes Love
Schythes Love - 2 dager siden
9:29 sounds like oxhorn
GreedIsUnavailable - 2 dager siden
M8 call me i can help u, imma veteran and know every atom in the game
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - 2 dager siden
Pansexuals: f#ck
As a pansexual it’s hard not finding everyone attractive
TRAIT0R - 2 dager siden
Ya the garbage men around here start at $23 an hr and are guaranteed raises each year usually an increase of $4 after the first year and a bit less after that.
FALC0N - 2 dager siden
That is fucking honest to god my natural hand placement on a keyboard and better be yours too lol
Tenko The Gacha
Tenko The Gacha - 2 dager siden
Why call when can walk about 1 second to hug mom
Karma TuT
Karma TuT - 2 dager siden
JustAMemeGuy - 2 dager siden
so, I have even more respect for Robin for calling Paracetamol by it's actual pronunciation which is para-seat-a-mol and not para-set-a-mol
Ivan Caffey
Ivan Caffey - 2 dager siden
My cat is a demon, help me!
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan - 2 dager siden
1:05 haha go ahead I'm already so depressed that I can feel feelings
Jessa Adkins
Jessa Adkins - 2 dager siden
Speaking of drowning kittens. My mom's friend found a box near a sewer drain with only 1 kitten near it.
That's right some asshole dumped new born kittens down a sewer drain.
Giuseppe Coppola
Giuseppe Coppola - 2 dager siden
at the kicking the wifi meme my video started to stutter lol
Miia Wolf
Miia Wolf - 2 dager siden
I post these in my discord memes channel as a link
GamingWith Robby
GamingWith Robby - 2 dager siden
5:15 that actually sounds pretty cool
The Soviet Doggo
The Soviet Doggo - 2 dager siden
11:15 lol I’ve been having a shit week. Got a concussion, failed a test, and ran out of milk this morning. This, this made me laugh. Great shit
GamingWith Robby
GamingWith Robby - 2 dager siden
3:59 ok I will
Cameron M
Cameron M - 2 dager siden
Wait you’re bi?
Dary V
Dary V - 2 dager siden
Dary V
Dary V - 2 dager siden
14:05 I wasn't expecting that
Jon Bluex
Jon Bluex - 2 dager siden
Why does he sound lik squidward be fore squidward became depressed
Dary V
Dary V - 2 dager siden
Why legend of korra?
Arthur Vermillion
Arthur Vermillion - 2 dager siden
James Leonard
James Leonard - 2 dager siden
4:58 This is why Robin is my favourite narrator.
NamelessToastBoy - 2 dager siden
3:24 bruh no joke my video started buffering after you said that
Turtle3 - 2 dager siden
lol that end
cyan the assain
cyan the assain - 2 dager siden
i respond to lmao and lol is ikr
Krabztakrabz - 2 dager siden
8:05 i just get to the point and cry in my room, that's what my mom told me
Nathan Paint
Nathan Paint - 3 dager siden
switch youngest and middle. Go to the end where Thor shoots lighting at Hella. Call the lightning "Squishy Minecraft diamond sword toy" I am the middle child
MassiveEdu - 3 dager siden
15:03 yes
Reed Ackerman
Reed Ackerman - 3 dager siden
14:02 joke's on you, my internet got bad so I had to watch it in 144p and I thought that was the punchline
setan baru
setan baru - 3 dager siden
Duncan Howell
Duncan Howell - 3 dager siden
6:59 one paper cut and he dead
Gosu Kuma
Gosu Kuma - 3 dager siden
Android 18 x Krillin, Yukako x Koichi, Meliodas x Elizabeth just bruh
NovaTheWolf209 - 3 dager siden
Is the narrator xycron
Griffin's Goldfish
Griffin's Goldfish - 3 dager siden
The meme about the meme on the slide. THAT IS THE EXACT THING MY TEACHER DOES. She just posts random pictures of LEGO characters and cats. The last one she did we had to compare a Squirtle between a Pikachu with Combat Points. IT WAS LITTERALY ON POKÉMON GO.
Luz Noceda
Luz Noceda - 3 dager siden
Wait robin said that they struggled with the bisexual meme too, hmmmmmmmmmm robin you got something you wanna tell us
*Dipper Pines*
*Dipper Pines* - 3 dager siden
1:37 Me playing DOOM Eternal