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rusminah sarbini
rusminah sarbini - 21 time siden
10:42 nice there is a stando and a stand cry in this picture
Certified Idiot
Certified Idiot - 2 dager siden
9:00 its his fault for getting the pal version
Gaming Engineer
Gaming Engineer - 2 dager siden
quick question... What Happened to Damien?
rusminah sarbini
rusminah sarbini - 21 time siden
TheSleepy_potat OwO
TheSleepy_potat OwO - 3 dager siden
robin you need to do puns ok i will love that ok bye
Joshua Hard
Joshua Hard - 4 dager siden
wait that's illigal
wait that's illigal - 5 dager siden
We are to lazy to center lights
Piers Johnston
Piers Johnston - 7 dager siden
I aspire to be an architect later in life and we don't do the tenants do
Warper Agent 658
Warper Agent 658 - 7 dager siden
Thank god i have a laptop and not a computer.

Weeb King
Weeb King - 8 dager siden
The reason why we don't center the light is because we're too lazy
Mikey Chuckle
Mikey Chuckle - 8 dager siden
2:44 oh I get it they took this pic before gravity was discovered
Mrcheez - 10 dager siden
8:31 I had the exact same friken thing happen to me
Kyan Bakhshi
Kyan Bakhshi - 10 dager siden
7:27 My father is An architect. He told me he doesn't know. So dont question the architects. Question the builders lazyness.
rhyon linger
rhyon linger - 11 dager siden
and im very familiar with architects
rhyon linger
rhyon linger - 11 dager siden
why they are never centered is that the jackasses that designed it were trying to be a fucktard to make half of it dark but y'know it didn't happen. :)
Ribbit Rootz
Ribbit Rootz - 11 dager siden
I think non centered lights are most common in old houses, they put them closer to a window so then nobody can see your shadow if you’re naked. But I would put some more lights following it up going the opposite direction to make it look bubbles, that would be cute.
Wyatt Gonzalez
Wyatt Gonzalez - 11 dager siden
Clair Han
Clair Han - 11 dager siden
I can’t this- XD
Ernie Bakla
Ernie Bakla - 11 dager siden
Herobrine - 11 dager siden
I probaly have full OCD
TOAD BIG BOY NUB - 12 dager siden
when i saw that pixel in the start of the vid i kinda died inside
eidan janver M. bernardino
eidan janver M. bernardino - 12 dager siden
16:35 thats from philipihins
Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues - 13 dager siden
when your door is closed and your grandma comes in to do something and then leaves the door wide open -.-
Alan_Roblox_ Gaming
Alan_Roblox_ Gaming - 13 dager siden
Wow nice name of this video ARGHRHGAGAGAGA
TVD _Raids
TVD _Raids - 13 dager siden
People don't center lights because it annoys the hell out of people
Silver Strings
Silver Strings - 13 dager siden
Just sayin, the mask thing is not as big of a deal as it is always made out to be.
Star Blaze_360
Star Blaze_360 - 13 dager siden
I relate....
I really do.
nozman jr.
nozman jr. - 13 dager siden
2020 sucks
Leonidas Karousis
Leonidas Karousis - 13 dager siden
Leonidas Karousis
Leonidas Karousis - 13 dager siden
Ok this is weard
Ethan Elliott
Ethan Elliott - 13 dager siden
You almost sound like war owl
Xander Johnson
Xander Johnson - 13 dager siden
7:35 the awnser is the wires are only accessible from there
When you’re a perfectionist with OCD watching this: *What is my life*
Owen Watkins
Owen Watkins - 13 dager siden
Children are disgusting
I can confirm this is true
spaz ninja
spaz ninja - 14 dager siden
7:20 >=(
Losetry - 14 dager siden
Gacha Life Power And Love
Gacha Life Power And Love - 14 dager siden
i have found that before it sucks @16:54
VeryDannyMoments - 14 dager siden
Mounting a light or any thing is done before the ceiling is put in and has be off to the side of a support. So this is way more common than you think and even happens in Homes costing more than most people will make in their lives. Which is even more irrating
Bill Smg3 comment
Bill Smg3 comment - 14 dager siden
The dude who had the f key pop out paid too many respects
Jöyfüll Dręamzz
Jöyfüll Dręamzz - 14 dager siden

FluffyEeveeGamer - 14 dager siden
All these infuriating things hurt my eyes
Cindy Black
Cindy Black - 14 dager siden
the reivew thing isint midlyinfurating, its EXTRMLY enfuriating
elizabeth whipple
elizabeth whipple - 15 dager siden
If you give the bees honey they won't be stinging you left and right
Buttered Chicken
Buttered Chicken - 15 dager siden
I figured out the reason why they leave the door open slightly is so if they burst the door open when your watching something really bad..... And catch you so you don't hear the rattling of the handle
Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott - 15 dager siden
this vid makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Derpnerp1 - 15 dager siden
i had a test at one point where the answer was 0.3%, but i put 0.3 % and it was marked wrong. that really pissed me off
Student Maryam JabbarAlQaisy
Student Maryam JabbarAlQaisy - 15 dager siden
Bene Richie
Bene Richie - 15 dager siden
Ummm I’m a kid
Mobile Playa
Mobile Playa - 16 dager siden
Eckstein Kids
Eckstein Kids - 16 dager siden
daniel lambiase
daniel lambiase - 16 dager siden
33:3 lol I don’t know how timestamp
AlohaDaBoi_YT - 16 dager siden
7:09 I am a lefty and trust me, that’s not funny.
Chelsea Naylor
Chelsea Naylor - 16 dager siden
well its usally bcs the wiers arent long anof
Edward Crisp
Edward Crisp - 16 dager siden
Oh my god! About at 8:45 in the episode the ant things on the lady are SO SCARY!!!
Edward Crisp
Edward Crisp - 16 dager siden
Me: remember this location.
Google or something: Ok, I will remember that.
Me: what did I ask you to remember?
Google: I remember you told me "this location"
Alpha flower
Alpha flower - 16 dager siden
My step granny's light is not center and its because of the wires they don't think they reach the middle of the room
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera - 16 dager siden
Drops pastashio shels on the airplane floor wow hope they make her pick it up with her God damn HA-: add.
Trash - 16 dager siden
Lights aren’t centered because when they build houses they typically put the roof up before the walls 😂
Stefi TV
Stefi TV - 16 dager siden
plz plz
Samuel Sanchez
Samuel Sanchez - 16 dager siden
I recognize that advertisment, it's from my country. And it was 12 hours long because the people in my country begged for it
Booshcoco 2007XD
Booshcoco 2007XD - 16 dager siden
The light is off center because it would be right on the support and it would screw up the wires
gamermanxc 2
gamermanxc 2 - 17 dager siden
Danger Dash
Danger Dash - 17 dager siden
10:41 That's why I download anything and everything I like to watch/hear repeatedly.
Just a Hungarian guy
Just a Hungarian guy - 17 dager siden
11:11 I felt the pain :(
Ri Kou
Ri Kou - 17 dager siden
I'm a right handed and I relate, when writing arabic from right to left...
Tyler Mcbee
Tyler Mcbee - 17 dager siden
I can also explain houses with just a singular window, basically in many state very bedroom in the house has to have a8% natural light coming into the room from a window (or for fire escape) and for cheap housing like that they cut corners to save costs and just put one window in the needed room
Tyler Mcbee
Tyler Mcbee - 18 dager siden
So I am an electrician and I can answer your concern about uneven lights, there’s one of two options 1. Lazy electrician 2. There’s a support bean that runs down the middle of the ceiling above the drywall and the electrical as to be kept a certain distance from the beam forcing lights to be offset
Robbin Peyton
Robbin Peyton - 18 dager siden
The bathtub made me snap and my brothers not moving with his neck turned 180 degrees
Jquill3r 115
Jquill3r 115 - 18 dager siden
Emkay: *see's someone take a full on bite on bubble gum tape* him: understandable have a nice day
Nile Thompson
Nile Thompson - 18 dager siden
4:08 Looks like the laptop wanted to get the out of there.
David Wright
David Wright - 18 dager siden
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Yeeterpowerrouxveriscol Yay
Yeeterpowerrouxveriscol Yay - 18 dager siden
What does r/ mean?
Ivonne Lee
Ivonne Lee - 18 dager siden
As someone who has chickens, I can tell you that chickens have favorite nesting boxes and are petty as hell, so the three chickens in one nesting box was everyone refusing to give up their favorite box. Kind of annoying when you put a lot of time into designing and building them a bunch of cozy boxes but at least it makes egg gathering easy
Emilia-tan is pretty
Emilia-tan is pretty - 18 dager siden
Ah yes vsco slangs on MY dad's ashes
Kaden Power
Kaden Power - 18 dager siden
3:58 This isn't mildly infuriating, this is mildly awesome.
go away
go away - 18 dager siden
15:52 no no no no nononononononononono please no oh god no
EpsilonX3 - 18 dager siden
Actually it plays ads while you pump. Funfact if you want to mute dispenser ads hit the 2nd button from the top on the right side of the screen.
-a fuel technician
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict - 18 dager siden
The lights are done like that as reduce the lack of lights behind objects
lebegru - 18 dager siden
14:27 german roads be like
Fred Montgomery
Fred Montgomery - 18 dager siden
Stop it with the mask bs
Kyle Bear
Kyle Bear - 18 dager siden
Lights are never centered because the grid system just won’t let them place the light perfectly.
Fdskyogre - 19 dager siden
2:45 you will all look at green BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW RED WON BUT THEY STILL WHENT ON >:(((((((((((((((((((((((
Peanut In a Tree
Peanut In a Tree - 19 dager siden
15:04 literally my school cromebook
Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor - 19 dager siden
This channel just doesn't hit right after Damien left
Pikapic - 19 dager siden
15:48 Okay so this i think might be a joke, but seriously "children are disgusting" im an 11 year old wtf
elcyymaee89 - 19 dager siden
These people had one job
Silent Autumn11
Silent Autumn11 - 19 dager siden
2:09 Siamese twins
broken frame
broken frame - 19 dager siden
I had a whole pack of kitkats and none of them had wafers. It was H E A V E N
Loony Riddles
Loony Riddles - 19 dager siden
MILDY infuriating, nah man this is really infuriating. Nice vid tho
Dev Kird
Dev Kird - 19 dager siden
The first one i screamed so hard omfg WHY JUST WHY
Maxwell Lombardo
Maxwell Lombardo - 19 dager siden
The answer to the light question is architects are idiots
AlexWolf - 19 dager siden
Myles Gaming Poppie :D
Myles Gaming Poppie :D - 19 dager siden
EmKay 👌
Sera Fong
Sera Fong - 19 dager siden
omg- u sound like a voice actor like- bro- u should do voice acting or somethin'-
*ahem* i sorta- y'know- flipped my desk to the moon while watching this-
DJ LYTE_0096
DJ LYTE_0096 - 19 dager siden
He false on the letter f it is supposed to be F
c00lrad - 19 dager siden
7:11 i have the same problems but im no lefty
Galaxy gaming 1987
Galaxy gaming 1987 - 20 dager siden
I killed 50 kids in my basement that's how I aggravated I was I killed 50 Children innocent most likely one of them was very bad don't know I just woke up and there was 50 Corpses
stonky boi.
stonky boi. - 19 dager siden
I had a stroke while reading this
Possum - 20 dager siden
4:09 F
Christopher Lawson
Christopher Lawson - 20 dager siden
Plz tell me what you are voting for this year of what you parents are voting
HyenaHarvey ROBLOX
HyenaHarvey ROBLOX - 20 dager siden
I’m gonna die
The justice bringer
The justice bringer - 20 dager siden
6:46 that once happened to me I was surprised but it was delicious
The Lolbit Show
The Lolbit Show - 19 dager siden
Hey the same thing happened to me but it was white chocolate
chester james degracia
chester james degracia - 21 dag siden
16:37 SM mall of Asia!!