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EmKay - Måned siden
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Griffin Willmore
Griffin Willmore - 4 timer siden
I didn’t say they were *real* pockets, more like those fake zippers
EIiza - 4 timer siden
@Griffin Willmore You get to have pockets?! I certainly don't.
Griffin Willmore
Griffin Willmore - 7 timer siden
Sigh. Unfortunately, I can’t use this product because women’s clothing pockets, are too small.
EIiza - 22 dager siden
I want a ridge wallet, but I don´t have money. Edit: The wallets look cool.
ShockDragon Makes Music
ShockDragon Makes Music - Måned siden
Tehe :D nah, it’s just that I don’t want ridge
Corrie Mann
Corrie Mann - Dag siden
The iPhone one was actually a common iPhone repair they use a tooth pick to get grunge out of the charging port so iPhone cables stay in and conduct electricity better
AngelCraftGaming - 5 dager siden
11:13 unlimited data? Is it only me or is that a thing
Criminal - 6 dager siden
"Hey there its your dad"
Me whos dad died 5 years ago:
Why must you hurt me in this way
WorldTravel1518 - 13 dager siden
10:01 I am the proud owner of zero Macs.
Uzork XXIV
Uzork XXIV - 13 dager siden
“Middly infuriating”
Melon Man
Melon Man - 15 dager siden
5:55 I found the difference
Evie Rugg
Evie Rugg - 16 dager siden
Most iPhone users dont know how to break their phones....but you can do it TODAY 😂🤣
SKITT LES#4641 - 19 dager siden
I know that game at the start
Kesna 7
Kesna 7 - 19 dager siden
12:00 it has to be Worldwide i guess xD
Ya Boi Darren
Ya Boi Darren - 20 dager siden
5:55 the difference is Line 4, 5th from the right, South America is a creeper face
EIiza - 22 dager siden
But, I don´t want to be crashing every 3 minutes. 4:20
P.S. The way around this is getting a better mask.
No signal For life
No signal For life - 24 dager siden
12:39 those scissors are meant for kitchen purposes...
NotHereBoi - 24 dager siden
Also I’m from America, so yes, it’s worldwide
wrgirlie86 - 24 dager siden
The Switch controllers come in different colors purposefully and the red and orange are paired with a blue and green not sold together (cause that was my beefday gift ^^')
Callum Stewart
Callum Stewart - 26 dager siden
For the record, 2:55 is actually how you're supposed to cut a cake because it means that it stays moist instead of going dry and gross
Iron Doom
Iron Doom - Måned siden
5:56 4 row on the right side
Chris Botha
Chris Botha - Måned siden
Fog blocking your sight use anti-fog now half price at select retailers.
GOOD AC - Måned siden
me: sees the image of the video
also me: *There is 1 impostor among us*
Pile of snow
Pile of snow - Måned siden
Find the difference: 4th row down 14th earth
DERPY_GUY200 - Måned siden
Who else got so mad when they show the "off color" switch remotes, THEY ARE FROM DIFFERENT PACKS the actual red controller has a blue controller and the reddish-pink controller comes with a green one
General Grievous
General Grievous - Måned siden
Can we all just acknowledge that every single computer lab on the earth has the one broken stand
MIIIiiiINE DIAMONDS - Måned siden
**There is one imposter among us**
Keegan Young
Keegan Young - Måned siden
I once found one of those screws that were made incorrectly, found it pretty cool. Having to go back to the store was not so cool.
GreenGamer - Måned siden
The compact vehicle was on this subreddit a year ago and it's in another video I watched just before this narrated by the same person
Perzurewrath - Måned siden
Something similar to this should be posted on Reddit. I’m left handed, and so many things are meant for right handed people.
Journals: Hand goes off the pages
Binder: Clippers hit your hand
Table Chairs: Have to reach my arm across the whole thing
My point is, it’s pain.
Khai Ðặng
Khai Ðặng - Måned siden
Thumbnail: there is 1 imposter among us
L.J. - Måned siden
Holy crap. This is probably a very random and sad message, but I'm going through a lot with my transphobic parents right now (I'm non-binary) and my depression and anxiety are skyrocketing. Thank you so much for your non-binary mention. It was very subtle and ideally should be more common, but it's not, so thank you! I'm incredibly grateful and this just made my day.
Richard Zhou
Richard Zhou - Måned siden
Ben - Måned siden
12:44 13:15 simp simp simp simp
Toastlover92-Gaming - Måned siden
i have some EmKay fan art 👌
Jona Pallasigue
Jona Pallasigue - Måned siden
i just broke a 20 us dollar head set i use it before it broke if i didnt use it that day it didnt broke from my pov im so fucked up and im only 7 years old i dont even have 10 on my walet help im dead inside now help meee plssss
ElickRose - Måned siden
5:56 the 61 earth is the different one
Rose Hart
Rose Hart - Måned siden
10:48 I checked my internet to see if I was connected and I wasn't I am now visibly frustrated >:I
TheChillZone - Måned siden
At 0:00 the percent isn't actually 50 it's 49.50% Rainbow Six rounds it up to 50% for some stupid reason but if it was truly 50% then it would look how it should
mcfoxduv - Måned siden
Something that truly infuriating, when some does the hole caps at the start of every word thing in a sentence but forgets to have one of the words not start in a cap!! Like if your gonna do it, DO IT RIGHT!
BossOfBros101 - Måned siden
For the first post on R6, it actually rounds up so its most likely 49.5%
Piglin - Måned siden
Alternate title There is 1 imposter among us
Misa Kei June
Misa Kei June - Måned siden
That has always been the way to cut a cake, it keeps the inside from getting dry, and ensures the entire cake gets eaten.
Some Idiot
Some Idiot - Måned siden
Why robin look like he wearing my dad's skin
DaRedKitten - Måned siden
7:54 My mom has 86,523 notifications
Yuuki - Måned siden
Remember that one video where he said and I quote! "And if your not wearing headphones right now, *Moans* It's time to watch some mildly infuriating stuff (In a weird voice) Let's go (In deep voice)"
atomicskies - Måned siden
7:03 lol i would just hang up after 20 minutes
Slowedxvibes - Måned siden
Hi dad I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead hi dad I’m dad and daughter dad dad dad dad dad I’m dumb and dad a dad and
Slowedxvibes - Måned siden
Slowedxvibes - Måned siden
Slowedxvibes - Måned siden
Slowedxvibes - Måned siden
Litch The Shinigami
Litch The Shinigami - Måned siden
12:04 that’s defenitely a worldwide issue.. i live in the netherlands and most keyboards that are public often have at least one of them missing if not both.. AND IT’S SO ANNOYING LIKE WHY DO PPL HAVE TO BREAK STUFF
Stina Angelöv
Stina Angelöv - Måned siden
Spy - Måned siden
Your average perfect Disaster
thanks dad
cpark101 - Måned siden
Mr Jack
Yes the keyboard missing the stand piece also happens in america
Teardrop Inc
Teardrop Inc - Måned siden
The title; There is a imposter among us.
ElectraCat Forever
ElectraCat Forever - Måned siden
7:35 sorry what is the joke here
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck - Måned siden
I had nothing better to do 4th row 14th place over counting left to right
Luke Byron
Luke Byron - Måned siden
I starting to realize that Emkay is using the same exact fan art clips from other videos... :(
Kenny Martin
Kenny Martin - Måned siden
Dear Ani-Maskers
Do not produce, buy, nor carry fake documentation.
You are still an idiot for breaking mask ordinances and you are a danger to everyone, but its not nearly as illegal as fraud.
Possession of one of those $5 fake cards can land you a $5000 fine, and 2 years jail at minimum. The person making and selling those cards is facing at least 10 years jail time and could be sentenced up to 14. All for their dumb ideals and some chump change.
Document fraud is a serious crime, don't do it.
AUSTIN the cool kid
AUSTIN the cool kid - Måned siden
Ever have a friend who says play this game with me and you wait twenty minutes for them and then they say I don’t want to play
Kenneth Elsasser
Kenneth Elsasser - Måned siden
6:04 the one that is different is the 14th column and 4 down
(Not including the top)
Zine - Måned siden
0:03 any siege players here?
twolilbrosgaming - Måned siden
Macbauer 42
Macbauer 42 - Måned siden
He's wrong about the Simpsons not predicting Trump's presidency.
sabastian bishop
sabastian bishop - Måned siden
The solution is to play with your keyboard like it's an extra clicky pencil. Eventually the teacher or classmates will make sure you don't get the wonky one because they don't wanna put up with your shit.
Alexander Pritchett
Alexander Pritchett - Måned siden
Anyone else find it mildly infuriating that the background is now off white? I do.
blooddragon25 ##
blooddragon25 ## - Måned siden
I found it row 14 3 down
Bastian ask
Bastian ask - Måned siden
FInD tHe DiFfeREncE:
CTmacintosh86 - Måned siden
Yeah I know that feeling at 8:38 . My dad cracked the screen of my phone after borrowing it for less than 2 weeks. Didn't even apologies or pay back for the damage. Got himself a new One plus Nord and here's me using a cracked phone.
Ghost Lee Mann
Ghost Lee Mann - Måned siden
5:25 I'd throw all the other sponges away for being too similar
mainn 0606
mainn 0606 - Måned siden
Ill give it to you for your birthday!

Oh am i not supposed to tell?

Btw that is a long ad...
Box_Bro! - Måned siden
Asking Lexie to say hey there I'm Lexie and I'm smexy!

*Have some self confidence Lexie :D*
Ok Raimy
Ok Raimy - Måned siden
7:41 They did. It was on r/memes I believe. Sadly they made it to hot weeks ago and I didn't get a chance to save it :(
Phrog_can_draw - Måned siden
Sometimes, when I use my dad’s phone to play music in the car (he has pandora and I don’t) and his YouTube has like, over 1000 notifications because he never checks it.
Al3xway.s - Måned siden



you're closeee



sorry i just wanted to make you mad :)
Jasper Smalley
Jasper Smalley - Måned siden
Pika pika death 😎
Jevil - Måned siden
he didn't even look at the thing used for the thumbnail... now THAT is mildly infuriating
Fryode - The Fried Diode
Fryode - The Fried Diode - Måned siden
@9:56 - Two Z Keys. Two Zeekys?
"Zeeky Boogie Doog!" *Nuclear Explosion*
"Zeeky Boogie Doog!" *Nuclear Explosion*
DblTrbl226 Xd
DblTrbl226 Xd - Måned siden
10:40 I use the Jersey sheets, they are basically the same thing but made of cotton, so it stretches over the mattress more easily. I haven't had to readjust it in 2 years.
MrTesla1231 - Måned siden
10:43 So relatable
Turtle Boi
Turtle Boi - Måned siden
I swear the person with the switch joy cons has a pink and red color
John Q Sample
John Q Sample - Måned siden
once i was reviewing a game where all the ads were lies and anytime somebody commented on the fact that the ads weren't even close to the gameplay the developers would leave a comment like "Hello! We are testing out new methods for advertising, which is why some of our advertisements are different. Thank you for reviewing!" like "experimentation" is interchangeable with "false advertising" -_-
Kegsydagangsta - Måned siden
Why would you need to put 12 cards is 1 wallet
Fandom Freak
Fandom Freak - Måned siden
Ad: the snack that smiles back, goldfish!
Me: snap that child's back, goldfisha
William Hackett
William Hackett - Måned siden
There are four computer rooms at my school and all only have one stand
Krabztakrabz - Måned siden
Me after Halloween
The Man of Milk
The Man of Milk - Måned siden
2:54 Za Hando ga kesu
Nathalorial - Måned siden
That Dollar Tree t-shirt - I'm wearing one right now as I have work in a few hours. There is more to it. The company also gave everyone a $2 raise during the height of the pandemic as "Care Pay" (A.k.a. hazard pay). It is being lowered depending upon how the pandemic is being controlled in each state. In my area, we went down to an extra $1 an hour. And by the end of this month this "essential worker" t-shirt (which is the only t-shirt we are allowed to wear for our uniform, all other Dollar Tree shirts must be green polos with either the logo on it or with an apron over it that has the logo on it) will no longer be allowed. Which is stupid. Why give us an approved uniform work shirt and then tell us that after a certain date we can't wear it anymore immediately after it becomes everyone's favorite work shirt. Also the majority of Dollar Tree workers only get 15 hours a week at the minimum wage their state allows. If we get overtime but get more than 20 hours a week (and are not assistant managers, as this doesn't apply to them) the managers get heat from the higher ups. But because of the pandemic everyone is calling in sick and no one is answering their phones to cover the hours and so the bosses have to keep hiring more people which ultimately leads to even fewer hours for everyone if we manage to miraculously have a week where no one calls in sick. It's a mess.
Luuk Wegdam
Luuk Wegdam - Måned siden
7:57 I’ve got a little more like 12.8k but at least 12k are from YouTube from when I was a little kid and wanted to get a notification from everything
Julien Johnson
Julien Johnson - Måned siden
2:09 it is a world wide problem
halladall1 - Måned siden
Cutting cake like that is a good idea if you want to keep it fresh for longer though...
Blocky Round
Blocky Round - Måned siden
I love your voice acting but please I beg of you please get a pop filter
Nick Wallace
Nick Wallace - Måned siden
5:56 the difference is in the 4th row and it’s the 14th globe
mirokudivine - Måned siden
7:53 ya my email has 13,585 so ya. 99% is junk mail
EricE549 - Måned siden
video resumes at 2:36
ShockDragon Makes Music
ShockDragon Makes Music - Måned siden
Trust me, in Canada there would either be broken stands on keyboards or one missing (or it’s normal)
Also, i bookmark my books by folding the pages as well
Anomaly._Optic - Måned siden
I wasn't infuriated till I looked at the title in the video
will6940 will6940
will6940 will6940 - Måned siden
I am smoking these memes
AFschizoid - Måned siden
Intentional infuriating misspelled title in video? "MIDDLYinfuriating"
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf - Måned siden
In Britain, the "IT class issue" is considerably worse, we have people ripping the top-cover from the mice and removing the keys just to throw them or snap the spacebars. It's so damn infuriating.
Abir Mazrab
Abir Mazrab - Måned siden
find the defrence --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------÷------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Neil Mackinnon
Neil Mackinnon - Måned siden
You shall not delete siege
Adam Wasserman
Adam Wasserman - Måned siden
In regards to the confusing road signs, the truck sign is misplaced. Normal cars can make a U-turn, but large transport vehicles have too wide of a turning radius to make the maneuver safely. There are multiple lanes, and only the leftmost is safe to make a u-turn from.
Tabitha Walker
Tabitha Walker - Måned siden
none of them are different i wasted my time for this comment XD
Bluespider Gaming
Bluespider Gaming - Måned siden
Shut it Robin I understand breezy is spending all of you credit card on bree Corp but you dont need to sell out this hard