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Narrator ► noburn.infovideos
Runtime: 22:39


EmKay - 2 måneder siden
Get 10% off a premium Ridge Wallet using code EMKAY! Just go to https://www.ridge.com/EMKAY
Filindo YT
Filindo YT - 2 dager siden
nah maybe later
Fire is nice
Fire is nice - 22 dager siden
hah i made it 170 replies
Fire is nice
Fire is nice - 22 dager siden
no u
Sophia FLAIG
Sophia FLAIG - 24 dager siden
Cryptonics - 26 dager siden
Sensei #2 no
Carley Blackburn
Carley Blackburn - 3 timer siden
Is lexy short for Alexis or alexa just ceriose
Eric Sanders II
Eric Sanders II - 6 timer siden
thank you guys for being a great channel though and though
Mistwith Wings
Mistwith Wings - 9 timer siden
"You movation challenged Pineapple"
Tom: *cries in Pineapple*
Mistwith Wings
Mistwith Wings - 9 timer siden
(sorry for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about)
Nikki sturkie
Nikki sturkie - 12 timer siden
Idk why but Lexi kinda reminds me of bbh(badboyhalo a mcyt) I guess it's his voice
Andrzej Zaborowski
Andrzej Zaborowski - 12 timer siden
Yo know the ridge wqllet were do I put my change
Kai Edits
Kai Edits - Dag siden
You remind me of Bryce Gaming
This is the first I've with Lexi as narrator
Cameron Henwood
Cameron Henwood - Dag siden
so is arthur morgan dead?
XxXproxXx - Dag siden
13:56 looks more like the romanian flag to me
Jack Slavin Gaming
Jack Slavin Gaming - Dag siden
Lexi got that rare insults
Jeremy - 2 dager siden
sponsor ends at 3:40
꧁Denki꧂ - 2 dager siden
For the wafer bars, the bad part about them is the chocolate sometimes sticks to the wrapper.. also I suffer with mysophobia and all of these are mildly infuriating..
Robert Kilbon
Robert Kilbon - 2 dager siden
Imagine if lexi went through the vents...

...to your house...
Robert Kilbon
Robert Kilbon - 2 dager siden
Ridge wallet be like "Can we fit like 5 credit cards and more? Yes We Can!"
But I be like: I can barely fit my £20 note in here!
Ripple Krip
Ripple Krip - 2 dager siden
My ps4 was downloading something and kept going in between 76 hours and 20 seconds
Melissa Spaulding
Melissa Spaulding - 2 dager siden
Lost faith in humanity
Jason Halverson
Jason Halverson - 3 dager siden
12:52 yes, i'm a cashier and licked money is a thing, i've gotten credit cards and money handed to me right after they were holding them in their mouth, sometimes the bills were still wet with their saliva!!
Sans the Cucumber
Sans the Cucumber - 3 dager siden
Sans the Cucumber
Sans the Cucumber - 3 dager siden
Idk why I did this but hop you like it
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous - 3 dager siden
Wait your adopted?
igreaterthenu - 3 dager siden
I like ridge wallet but I'm to broke to have bulge
Not british tea
Not british tea - 3 dager siden
Lexi you have to good of a voice it's actually legal now get in the car
Silver Zachary
Silver Zachary - 3 dager siden
9:11 my new insult
gaming whif shawn
gaming whif shawn - 3 dager siden
most of the ppl how watch these or like 13 why would they need a walet
someguy chilling
someguy chilling - 4 dager siden
Who tf uses emojis
Another Irish Tragedy
Another Irish Tragedy - 4 dager siden
“So I put that gift card in my over sized wallet and stuff it in my back pocket.”
Girls: *Laughs in fake pockets*
Plutarian - 4 dager siden
Did you notice that Lexi talks in a third person.
Jayden Donset
Jayden Donset - 5 dager siden
ThE sPiDeRs ArE vErY cRuNcHy MmMmMmMmMmM
Hewo 16 Beast
Hewo 16 Beast - 6 dager siden
You. Raddish
Wyatt da Vloger
Wyatt da Vloger - 6 dager siden
Lindsey McIntyre
Lindsey McIntyre - 6 dager siden
Don't worry I still love your vids
Lindsey McIntyre
Lindsey McIntyre - 6 dager siden
He is legally blind at 10:45
Dakota Rose
Dakota Rose - 6 dager siden
Lexi raging over potatoes gives me energy.
Bethany Marston
Bethany Marston - 6 dager siden
Here’s a crown you trans queen 👑
Cash The Realest
Cash The Realest - 7 dager siden
Ok, you are legally blind. We get it.
Shadow Vulpria
Shadow Vulpria - 7 dager siden
3:40 end of add, your welcome.
Micro Animators
Micro Animators - 7 dager siden
Me who likes eating melted candy filled with spiders 😅
Evan Salter
Evan Salter - 9 dager siden
now im thinking of puting lucky charm marshmallow on top of pizza
Evan Salter
Evan Salter - 9 dager siden
go to lunch at 12 pm go to work at 3 am
Cherry Menshew
Cherry Menshew - 9 dager siden
Two things to say here:
1) I'd be in a r/mildly infuriating, but my post didn't get much traction and besides my account is now lost into time thanks to my old phone breaking on me.
2) my grandma will occasionally get colored marshmallows and they aren't individually wrapped and you can still tell what flavor they'll be, and when it comes to marshmallows we usually get like Jiff's or something similar to that name and they always stick together? Idk about other brands of marshmallows but Jiff(?) definitely sticks together. And yes, they also make colored marshmallows and yes that's the brand that my family always gets. No individually wrapped marshmallows and not mixing flavors
Joshua James
Joshua James - 9 dager siden
press c at 15:50 "music"
Space Weasel
Space Weasel - 10 dager siden
You could walk through my local kroger one time, and walk out with 3 videos worth r/mildlyinfuriating bullshit 😂
therudedude YT
therudedude YT - 10 dager siden
I once did this with Duplos so everyone knows that i have doplos then Sold them 0.30€ a pice
Ryan Langman
Ryan Langman - 10 dager siden
Do you wanna talk about 18:26? Long day at the computer?
WW3gamer - 11 dager siden
Why was it Ron Swanson as your dad
BA_ Josh
BA_ Josh - 11 dager siden
15:51 I’m concerned for your health
CHONKEYDoggo - 11 dager siden
1:45 its free real south Africa
Ayana Fluor
Ayana Fluor - 12 dager siden
Anyone else on the Lexi Narrated video’s playlist?
Sairi_Taisaku - 12 dager siden
20:09 why is it that i smile when i see something philippine-related?
Tyler Herrera
Tyler Herrera - 13 dager siden
Lexy is such a sweet girl
꧁ WallBumps ꧂
꧁ WallBumps ꧂ - 14 dager siden
I hope IGN steps in a puddle with socks on
Samantha Lamica
Samantha Lamica - 14 dager siden
so i keep seeing the thing with the drinks left on a self in stores. now im not saying this for all those cups but um some of those are from the employees...
i have worked in 3 different retail/grocery stores and me and my old coworkers would stock shelves and have our drinks on the shelf or u-boat thats near us and ill admit ive come in the next day and found my water bottle, soda, coffee, ect left still sitting on the shelf....
cammoron feucht
cammoron feucht - 14 dager siden
15:00 looks like the car escape game
John-117 Master Chief Petty
John-117 Master Chief Petty - 14 dager siden
19:59 "her"
MARIKO DOBBS - 15 dager siden
20:48 it looks like the yin yang sign
Amane - 15 dager siden
why does lexi remind me of badboyhalo in some way idk-
Christopher Tetreault
Christopher Tetreault - 16 dager siden
I watched the entire Ridge Wallet ad thinking it was a mildly infuriated meme.

I was mildly infuriated when I found out it wasn't a meme.
Doom Guy
Doom Guy - 16 dager siden
A lot of Lexis insults and threats have to do with either fruits or vegetables, I would like to know the reason for this.
rase mitchell
rase mitchell - 17 dager siden
Btw ign has been stealing content for quite some time. Facebook also generally never stops swollen videos. Another side note watching a Facebook video for 5 sec counts as a view, this includes the scrolling and a video auto playing. Also can't remember what the channel it is but they also stealing y'alls content/video's as well.
P.s. love you all keep up the good work and i hope you find who is doing that to y'all.
Yoshai Friedman
Yoshai Friedman - 17 dager siden
In Florida, fireworks constantly, my only guess is to hide gunshots
WorldTravel1518 - 18 dager siden
21:34 on the Fourth of July this asshole was setting off illegal fireworks, and when confronted they said “It’S mY rIgHt, i CaN dO wHaT i WaNt”. There was a barn with something like 15 horses, all of whom had to be tranquilized, which was extremely expensive.
Rae Flowers
Rae Flowers - 18 dager siden
Society: Women can’t be funny. Lexi: Hold my hoops
Francisco Lizarrga Torres
Francisco Lizarrga Torres - 18 dager siden
Zhion3xcm 039
Zhion3xcm 039 - 18 dager siden
15:08 Why is nobody talking about how there's nothing wrong with it and it's just his spelling it wrong
Kit Victory
Kit Victory - 19 dager siden
Did I just send this video to my friend purely because its narrated by a legally blind trans lesbian, because my friend is also trans and she would like some representation?
Ezra - 19 dager siden
Oh my gosh, people in elementary school did the how many fingers am I holding up thing so often. So annoying
Ezra - 19 dager siden
5:39 it took me like a solid minute to see what *might* be them
Fluff YT
Fluff YT - 19 dager siden
Wait so she isn’t blind?
TT Knaack
TT Knaack - 19 dager siden
I'm loving the food puns/insults XD
coolkhgirl madbrit
coolkhgirl madbrit - 19 dager siden
Am a shop cleaner..people drinks cups on stuff is annoying as it could make a mess or still have stuff inside of it..
Jamal Khanfar
Jamal Khanfar - 19 dager siden
You sound like a 15 year old girl who got experimented on and turned in to a boy
Jamal Khanfar
Jamal Khanfar - 17 dager siden
totzq ya...
totzq - 17 dager siden
Isn't that just trans gender explained by someone that does not know the word trans gender
just some kid
just some kid - 19 dager siden
Jrose Gaming
Jrose Gaming - 19 dager siden
15:00 its one of those get your car put of the maze games where you have to slide the others around
Daymian Gamer
Daymian Gamer - 20 dager siden
ignore this comment
Egg Enby
Egg Enby - 20 dager siden
Lexi's insults are so fucking hilarious
Cindy Black
Cindy Black - 21 dag siden
who plays terraria
AeRo Dynamic
AeRo Dynamic - 21 dag siden
He said punch the block but in survival you can’t get a grass block unless you kill an enderman
SomeRandomGamer - 22 dager siden
4:08 that airsoft youtuber sucks as much the airsofters in "airsoft cheaters caught complitation #3"
kaden wooster
kaden wooster - 22 dager siden
youtube is drunk i got a five minute unskippable ad
ItssMidnightStar WolfX
ItssMidnightStar WolfX - 22 dager siden
Pfft that's nothing compared to what happens to the toothpaste me and my little sister use.
Try making your toothpaste worse.
*I fricking dare you.*

*I have no fricking regrets.*
Quin mullen
Quin mullen - 22 dager siden
16:18 this is why you buy the Estwing not the 5 dollar Pittsburgh
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas - 22 dager siden
Not trying to diss Lexi but how DOES she read the posts if she's legally blind?? I don't think you can digitalize braille can you???
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas - 21 dag siden
@KAREN TOOK THE EGGS "Hands a dozen fresh eggs." Cheer up mate! She can't hurt you anymore.
KAREN TOOK THE EGGS - 21 dag siden
@Cole Thomas No Its my ex wife who stoke my eggs out if my frige then left😓
Cole Thomas
Cole Thomas - 21 dag siden
@KAREN TOOK THE EGGS Thanks. And please don't steal my eggs 😂
KAREN TOOK THE EGGS - 21 dag siden
She can still see but she says that she sees the world fuzzy
marcuz xeric a de la calzada
marcuz xeric a de la calzada - 22 dager siden
wew filipinos made it to emkay but wow why did they even burn that marijuana tree did they not know whats gonna happen after? no offense to my felow filipinos but wow
MasterChief aka John117
MasterChief aka John117 - 22 dager siden
I like the wallet, but let's say you drop it in water, then your cards and money have a higher chance of being soaked
TM - 23 dager siden
Wow nice 4 minute ad
Tiger Lisa
Tiger Lisa - 23 dager siden
9:08 I have never been to a McDonald’s in America, nor any outside Europe, but here where I live, you as a customer can sort your trash after you’re done eating. When I worked at a McDonald’s I noticed that all the trash went into different trash bags that we then threw into the same trash bin. So all the trash went into the same bin. That’s false advertisement if I’ve ever experienced it.
Kristina Payne
Kristina Payne - 23 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: luckycharms I great with out picking anything out (I have sensitive teeth and too much sugary marshmallows hurt)
X-37bNASA - SFS - 23 dager siden
Lexi: Hey there Sexi, I'm Lexi.
Me: **happiness noises**

Honestly, Lexi is too wholesome, I visibly smile each time.
coin kid
coin kid - 23 dager siden
Me: skip skip skip sponcer
Also me: frick i went to far
Also also me: goes back and sees the sponcer again
Lexi: mildly infuriating
ninja3r - 23 dager siden
I love liexies insults like "motivationally challenged pinapple" comedy gold
ninja3r - 23 dager siden
Thelittlenekogirl - 23 dager siden
18:24 That's not infuriating, that's TECHNICALLY the truth XD
myexperiencewithdepression 26
My husband was like: why are you angry? It's all normal.
Sooo, how do I divorce him 😅
Moomoomilk V1
Moomoomilk V1 - 23 dager siden
Bio logical parents?
Mujtaba Ali
Mujtaba Ali - 24 dager siden
My fucking god 2mins paid promo
Brooke Brannan
Brooke Brannan - 24 dager siden
Lexi was my gay awakening
ChippieX - 24 dager siden
18:02 I felt that one real hard. I understand.
I’m Tired
I’m Tired - 24 dager siden
3:41 is the end of the commercial
the shy artist
the shy artist - 24 dager siden
I love how lexi talks about herself in third person
SomeoneYouDont Know
SomeoneYouDont Know - 24 dager siden
Emkay has hired staff and I love it
Starry Animator
Starry Animator - 25 dager siden