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Lady V
Lady V - 13 timer siden
Not all women gain weight after breakups. After one break up , I actually had a complete makeover, cut my hair and lost weight. Pretty much, what my ex had nagged me about, except my hair. He actually didn't want me to cut it. But pretty much, I looked the way he wanted me to, but I also made it clear I wanted nothing to do him.
Alan Pollock
Alan Pollock - 18 timer siden
"the problem is that you feel you need to be more than friends to feel loved and cared about"
*aroace tears of joy*
Dragon'sFears 1379
Dragon'sFears 1379 - Dag siden
Or we just...... have...morals? What do you want me to say dude, im an asexual tomboy I f'ing hate the idea of dating.
Jake plays
Jake plays - 2 dager siden
I dont know why i watch these. Ive litterally developed the habit of face palming to cringe from these. I dont want to watch but i cant stop!!
red fire
red fire - 3 dager siden
All men don't suck all people suck
Olivia Ksiag
Olivia Ksiag - 5 dager siden
That image about the hair loss would be terrifying without the context lol
xander Schmelzling
xander Schmelzling - 7 dager siden
00:35 On the contrary jack, my crush said she liked me back! The best part? No alarm clock!!
Jevaroh Dail
Jevaroh Dail - 7 dager siden
† Shaman The grim reaper 死神シャーマン †
A nice girl and nice guy should get together to see if they get along and what their conversations will look like
You know who is gay? Read the last word me
Oh no. Oh no. I thought there were no niceguys where I lived. SHIT
Maddie Ames
Maddie Ames - 9 dager siden
I don't get why 11:15 was funny??
shix - 10 dager siden
robin reading what simps compliment like "you're cute!" at 3:20 makes me melt
Fedico7000 - 11 dager siden
Arcanine-Espeon - 11 dager siden
7:49 "Wittle?" Oh dear sweet everything.
Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?
Gideon Gleeful, living ventriloquist dummy and youngest Nice Guy™ (9-10 years old in 2012 in the town of Gravity Falls) I've ever known of, has grown up, is still a Nice Guy™, and STILL can't make the 'L' sound.
Arcanine-Espeon - 11 dager siden
16:18 Speaking of Gravity Falls, this hand has some serious Bill Cipher energy to it.
Josh Denman
Josh Denman - 13 dager siden
So, what do we call the actual nice guys that don't creep on women or cuss them out when they get rejected?
qwertyuiop - 14 dager siden
No I rejected my crush because I’m a dumbass
•*ClownbaePJ*• - 14 dager siden
No my crush didn’t regect me he doesn’t even know that im gay 👀
Music Lover409
Music Lover409 - 15 dager siden
Imagine a giant ass room where we grouped up all feminazis and nice guys in there. Wonder what will happen. 👀👀
Esomchi Oluigbo
Esomchi Oluigbo - 15 dager siden
Ayyyy Trevor Wallace
Vilothaine - 16 dager siden
the text in the thumbnail would work for LITERALLY ANYONE BUT BELLE DELPHINE XD
BELLEBOY - 17 dager siden
To the one editing this I love you. UwU
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley - 17 dager siden
Him saying no one thinks all men are bad
what about KAM
Ebola Boi
Ebola Boi - 19 dager siden
Ppl in r/niceguys are ppl who leave an among us match just cuz their not the imposter
Joel Oliver
Joel Oliver - 19 dager siden
Me: hey wanna go out
Her: uuuuuuuuuuuuu............ let’s just be friends?
Her: wut
Guilherme Vidal
Guilherme Vidal - 19 dager siden
12:50 algum br no chat?
ExactLemming569 - 19 dager siden
Jack: you got rejected by your crush
Doge Boi
Doge Boi - 19 dager siden
It's worse when they use the forsaken, "UwU" language.
Legoshi - 20 dager siden
I’m gonna go say to my girlfriend “my widdle baby”

Now that I think about it she’ll bite me cause she’s the dommmm
A Voice Crying Out
A Voice Crying Out - 20 dager siden
6:54 someone's got a thing for female serial killers.
Amberly B
Amberly B - 20 dager siden
How to spot a "nice guy " in less a minute
If they say "Female" at any time in a sentence, or asks for nudes in the next and then when you politely decline they become enraged and call you the c word or a bitch then boast about thier male prowess.
If you checked one or more of these then you are dealing with a "nice guy"
Cassie Carter
Cassie Carter - 20 dager siden
“Your crush probably rejected you” ACTUALLY I got a date today!!!
YELLOW - 20 dager siden
Mikhail Gorbachev
Mikhail Gorbachev - 20 dager siden
Plot twist: it was pewpie
Fishy - 20 dager siden
My body count is 10, I want to make it 21, NICE GUY APPLICATION! IM A SOFT E GIRL LOOKING FOR A NICE GUY!

Not that body count, the other one 🙂🔪
Jemzo Maclain
Jemzo Maclain - 17 dager siden
hello my queen, 😀! i have noticed your inquiry for a nice guy, and i feel honored to fill that role. give me your hand and i will take you through a world of wonder and magic! sincerely, your personal nice guy
JicoJoJo - 20 dager siden
Feminazis and misogyny are people who didn’t get out of their no boys or no girls clubs.
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - 20 dager siden
JicoJoJo Not feminISTs, feminAZIs.
Fairy Dark
Fairy Dark - 20 dager siden
Hello, I was thinking of making an emkay stuffed animal and I would like to know if I could have the rights to?
CinderFallenAngel - 21 dag siden
I agree on the friendzone, one of my male colleagues decided to tell me that one day randomly, that nothing would happen between us because he valued our friendship. I never saw that coming.
Harrison Hurst
Harrison Hurst - 21 dag siden
It is 100% ok to respond to "I don't have those feelings for you, do you want to be friends?" With, "Sorry, No. I was wanting to date you, and if we cannot then I do not want to associate with you." You don't have to be their friend, and being their friend is NOT a gateway for them to magically consider you date material when you weren't before.
HappyAYAYA - 21 dag siden
Gimme that link that I was promised to watch the rest of the video
Didn’t ask Don’t care
Didn’t ask Don’t care - 21 dag siden
r/nice guys makes normal men look bad lol
Tawny OwO
Tawny OwO - 21 dag siden
6:56 im sitting here like 'what if they're ace'
Xman - 21 dag siden
I looked up to see what her ex bf was missing

It wasn't much....
Dr.Catnnibal - 21 dag siden
I don't understand the South Africa/Venezuela joke. Explain pls I want to laugh.
Tyler Vandaveer
Tyler Vandaveer - 21 dag siden
A hand puppet is literally just a glove.
isa Mainzer
isa Mainzer - 21 dag siden
I absolutely adore the work of the editors; shit's got wheezing especially the baby bird
David Assouline-Sampson
David Assouline-Sampson - 21 dag siden
Jeffrey Doyle
Jeffrey Doyle - 21 dag siden
Your reading of the 2 last posts was perfect, with the emotions and everything! Cheers!
Jarklor - 21 dag siden
"niceguys" is just post-incel or neoincel
Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels - 21 dag siden
I wanna know what nice guys actually think feminism is lmao it isn't just women wanting SO MUCH it involves more than women sometimes
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - 20 dager siden
Sarah Daniels True. Plus, there’s a difference between feminISTs and feminAZIs. Feminists simply want equal rights as men. Feminazis want MORE rights than men. Get it?
Sylas Kunovo
Sylas Kunovo - 21 dag siden
I said to someone on Discord that I’ve never met “hey cutie” as a joke, I ended up receiving a fat paragraph of text on how that was inappropriate and that I should be ashamed of myself. Long story short, I’ve not complimented anyone ever since.
Duolingo - 21 dag siden
school is shi*
Yella Crusha
Yella Crusha - 21 dag siden
Sorry jack my day at school was good
DarkSaber132 - 21 dag siden
I did not get rejected.... I was.... Just..... we were together......... but we broke up... because I misunderstood....... shutff i hate you Jack-senpai👉👈😖
Queen Silian
Queen Silian - 21 dag siden
Women don't want to be afraid to talk to men, shit like this terrifies us. We all suffer when people like this mistreat others
Adam Ant
Adam Ant - 21 dag siden
He’s talking absolute shit, trust me when I say almost all South African men don’t talk like that, please know he’s an incel and I don’t want him in the South African community
Rady Zacky
Rady Zacky - 22 dager siden
No emkay i had a bad time today i was at home with 9 hours of no internet
Amanda Abrameto
Amanda Abrameto - 21 dag siden
Omg hope your ok-
Zokarya - 22 dager siden
I... genuinely cannot bring myself to watch even half of r/niceguys because these sorts of people piss me off that much. I tried leaving it running in the background to support yall but I just couldnt stand the stupid much longer. Love you guys, btw
WiPPA - 22 dager siden
0:37 No you are wrong Jack My Girlfriend dumped me today.
wassup 32
wassup 32 - 22 dager siden
Every body add that gogh guy on discord and tell him that you are a girl and give them a link to this video
ShoutingRex 9411
ShoutingRex 9411 - 22 dager siden
Crush, what crush. I dont have a crush...
firey Trash
firey Trash - 22 dager siden
WarGodDoe 1
WarGodDoe 1 - 22 dager siden
balloon with glasses
balloon with glasses - 22 dager siden
i think guys ar cool
Yeetus Yeetus Kermit self deletus I like trains
boys go to Jupiter girls drool or something
Noah Miles
Noah Miles - 22 dager siden
sorry to anyone named gogh but that name looks like the sound of a cat vomiting
Razaq Abhimanyu
Razaq Abhimanyu - 22 dager siden
well that is some hardcore simping 10:11
** Blitzi **
** Blitzi ** - 22 dager siden
Hey men, females can now reproduce with their own brown marrow. And the only children that can be born from these pregnancies are female...so you know...tread lightly :)
Derp Corp
Derp Corp - 22 dager siden
The title grabbed my attention not because of belle dOlphoine wearing PEWDS MERCH . And I cannot stand that
Nicki Hilker
Nicki Hilker - 22 dager siden
Bruh the way he kept capitalizing the word Man just said a lot about him ....
ShadowSilverTails Fan!
ShadowSilverTails Fan! - 22 dager siden
6:53 b-but... I have a low body count... Sonic!
7:18 now I am just getting called out... :'(
b r a i n d e a d
b r a i n d e a d - 22 dager siden
“The sweetest coming out acceptance a father could say”
I told my dad I was Pansexual and he gave me A PAN and said “INCASE YOUR HORNY”
Max Teacup
Max Teacup - 20 dager siden
I want my dad to do this when i come out
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - 20 dager siden
Amanda Abrameto
Amanda Abrameto - 21 dag siden
LMAOOO i want that to happen to me-
radisav dimitrijevic
radisav dimitrijevic - 22 dager siden
So im scroling truh New video to watch and its all like cute animal and all of a sutend i SEE MARKAPLAY WHIT A GUN HOLY SHIT.... AND HES FACE IS LIKE: COME HERE YOU LITEL SHIT IM GONO SHOOT YA
Ren Riot 7
Ren Riot 7 - 22 dager siden
If that pulled up outside your house you would think. Oh no. A drug dealer is here
Aryan Lodha
Aryan Lodha - 22 dager siden
From the extensive knowledge that I have gained from watching too many of Emkay's reddit videos at 4 AM, I hereby conclude that nicgeguys and nicegirls are exactly the same, just in slightly different ways.
AwesomeStyles [GD]
AwesomeStyles [GD] - 20 dager siden
And that is why they should be combined into one subreddit, which I would call r/nicepartners. The worst of 2 worlds!
Davis FireStar
Davis FireStar - 22 dager siden
Sorry bud ‘’wittle’’ is used by furries and bronies already
Austin Strahl
Austin Strahl - 22 dager siden
That intro fricking hurt man, I actually got rejected by my crush today
radisav dimitrijevic
radisav dimitrijevic - 22 dager siden
Im waching this at 4am becose i cant sleep im i the only one or not that wacth emkay or YouTube and tik tok in 3am
Shina Lust
Shina Lust - 22 dager siden
What I think is funny about “nice guys”,
In the amount of fucking time the try to scream they are so nice. They could you know just try to have an actual conversation and genuinely talk with someone. Because the fact that they have to scream that they are such nice guys, tell you they aren’t because they have to tell you they just want to say what they can to get laid and they think women are stupid. So when a girl they want to sleep with rejects them all of their insecurities about us seeing through their pathetic attempt at being genuine and they project them onto us. 🙄
Tarquin Green
Tarquin Green - 22 dager siden
anyone else still ashamed of being a guy or is it just me?
Jonny PJ
Jonny PJ - 22 dager siden
Random thing I want to share before I forget it kind of fits in nice guys
So I'm in grade 6 and I never really annoying kid in my class
He think calling himself bad is cool so I said "You think your bad but really your just bad at stuff"
Emily Landry
Emily Landry - 22 dager siden
Dude I’m on fall breaks for 2 weeks lol
IcanSpeakAnime - 22 dager siden
School was good and I'm doing good thank you :)
Emprent - 22 dager siden
I Don' wanna be a nice guy but I know 6 Women and 4 of them have some wannabe gangster boyfriend. the other 2 are single and don't want to have a relationship. Every guy that I know who has a girlfriend is a wannabe gangster. the other guys I know that aren't wannabe gangsters(like me) never had gf's before. so that one nice guy saying that only gangsters get girlfriends, is right in my opinion.
Edit: Im not searching for a gf because i gave up. Im 18 and never had a relationship before. I am not searching because im waiting for the right moment. I Don't just talk to every women that i find attractive anymore because I know I wouldn't land her. even if im 50 years old and never had a gf and sex it doesn't matter in life but it sure hurts my feelings because when i was 14 i started talking to girls, and I made a list of how many times I got rejected, in 4 years I got rejected about 97 times by 97 individual girls. Heres the thing about me what i don't get why i dont have/had a gf.
I am shy and don't talk much, I don't want to impress the girl, I have good hygiene. Sex can wait 5-6 years and more because it doesn't matter to me.
I am not fat, i am not super slim justt normal body wheight. I dont have muscles.
Yet no girl wants me.
Dont understand me wrong, I really am not searching for a gf and I Don't want to say that i am perfect, because im not and nobody is. its just normal body facts about me. Every girl that i talked to that rejected me that i already knew said the following phrase: I really really like you but only as a friend.( those where 7 girls)
the other 90 said something like: Sorry i have a boyfriend and i wouldn't be interested in you anyways. and some other said, not interested in you because you are to normal.
Can someone pls tell me what they mean by being to normal? Is being normal evem a thing? Because everyone has a different opinion about what being normal is
Ya boy Jake
Ya boy Jake - 22 dager siden
Nice guys are just simp extremists
gaming theplaybolt
gaming theplaybolt - 22 dager siden
Asianchild693 - 22 dager siden
I was today years old when I learned “Ily” is not two lower case L’s. Now o just feel bad cause I was texted Ily and was like, “what’s that supposed to mean”
Razvii - 20 dager siden
Wow I feel for whoever sent that
- Cputnt -
- Cputnt - - 22 dager siden
Shhh I already know your crush rejected you today..... yeah your right she said I’d rather be friends 😭
Bot Maker
Bot Maker - 22 dager siden
School was nice, I don't have a crush, and yes, I had a nice day. Thanks for asking.
Fake - 22 dager siden
might be weird, but belle delphine literally has a beautiful smile. shame she does stuff like that :/
sense belle delphine is someone who looks like good friend material, if you ignore the gamer girl bath water and such. i probably sound so stupid right now though-
strxberrymxlk •
strxberrymxlk • - 21 dag siden
Okay but like, I completely agree.
Doom Guy
Doom Guy - 22 dager siden
Nice guys pay the price for to nice and everyone will abuse the power of nice people
The Magician's Daughter
The Magician's Daughter - 22 dager siden
the "wittle and sexy uwu" guy was commenting on a girl whose username was "shrinkingbabe"... she was quite possibly telling him not to call her sexy because she has an eating disorder
Amanda Abrameto
Amanda Abrameto - 21 dag siden
Oh god- i hope she gets better...
Megan T.
Megan T. - 22 dager siden
Jon LaJoie didn't deserve getting dragged into the mud like that 😂
Mark Pinguel
Mark Pinguel - 22 dager siden
when is r/nicegirls coming out?
TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName - 22 dager siden
As a nice guy, I have no problem with women dressing immodestly. In fact, I salute them for it. Here's the thing though. If men aren't supposed to slutshame, then women shouldn't be able to pigshame. It's like if you wanted me to look at your face then why are you giving me so many damn distractions?
Sakanarai - 22 dager siden
Bruh the universe owes me two cakes
SKELEKATT - 22 dager siden
i love this dudes voice so much, idk why but its just so nice to listen to
Mercury - 22 dager siden
my name is jack and i'm on crack.
smithster1211 - 22 dager siden
I dont understand why this channel consistently changes hands between creators. Is there like, a curse on it or?
Gabriel - 22 dager siden
Imagine what would happen if an r/NiceGuy started a text convo with an r/NiceGirl...
Would the universe be able to handle it?
rijk mulder
rijk mulder - 22 dager siden
Isnt it just r/simp ?