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ちゃんすき - 10 timer siden
You know who the dislikes are from...
Scrib - 12 timer siden
Hehe lesbians
Zach Gitlin
Zach Gitlin - Dag siden
Good schtuff
Dumitru Gabriel
Dumitru Gabriel - Dag siden
Wow EmKay is so funny. He should become a youtuber one day.
-_- - Dag siden
I also speak 4 languages English American Australian and Canadian
Derrick Robinson
Derrick Robinson - 3 dager siden
Lmfao I laughed at this shit and I am that guy who believes in Hypergamy. That's why I used that to better myself and get a submissive housewife 😂 but hey to each they're own though, we're all different.
Catherine Tran
Catherine Tran - 3 dager siden
The TexAnimal
The TexAnimal - 3 dager siden
Some of these text exchanges have to be staged.
Vylue - 3 dager siden
Guy: men dont like that you should probably fix it if you want to get a date
Me, whos dating a woman: https://i.redd.it/fefoqbc89ck51.png
Ann Nee
Ann Nee - 5 dager siden
I had a nice guy once. I schooled him. He genuinely liked me it seems so he took all the abuse he richly deserved on the chin.
4in4 - 5 dager siden
I'm the europien way but I call myself jack still
The Supreme Xtream
The Supreme Xtream - 5 dager siden
Got any pointers to any good Psychology books you’d recommend?
Susan Wojcicki
Susan Wojcicki - 5 dager siden
My friend is les and I feel every one of these posts
That one Weeb
That one Weeb - 5 dager siden
“Such as tomboy features which men don’t find attractive”
My wallpaper says “Lesbean” with a drawing of a bean with the colors of the lesbian flag....I think I’m good
Amy Xoxo
Amy Xoxo - 5 dager siden
Does anyone else think alpha male or female is a dumb title? Who decided he or she was above anyone else?
Necromantic 529
Necromantic 529 - 5 dager siden
The “4500 y/o demon god” guy is literally the only adult I have ever seen who is chunibyo and I hate it even more now
Grom76300 - 6 dager siden
I love the response : "If I have the choice between an egocentric asshole who's condescending, good looking and good in bed, and an egocentric asshole, who's condescending, overweight, weak willed and pretends to be virtuous, guess who I'll go out with."
lil chxrrpp
lil chxrrpp - 7 dager siden
*ACTUALLY* 16 I *MOST* states *WITH* parental consent. Without it, well, it's called *STATUTORY RAPE!* And even *IF* a parent allows it, the other can call rape OR change their mind and it be rape. Even if you've dated for 1 1/2 and she's about to turn 18 well, that parent could call rape and you be screwed! So don't be a fucking creep!!!
Franco Flores Pérez
Franco Flores Pérez - 7 dager siden
but i like tomboy-ish girls :c
RH Game Dev
RH Game Dev - 7 dager siden
hahaha I love your political commentary on each post
Amanda Knowles
Amanda Knowles - 8 dager siden
Sawyer Bass
Sawyer Bass - 8 dager siden
"I'm just antisocial and want a really hot girl who stays with me because I give her lots of things that actually bankrupt me and make me resent her".....

Sawyer Bass
Sawyer Bass - 8 dager siden
I love how lots of people pretend that intelligence is some sort of indicator of character, especially for the mega-wealthy, but they always miss the literal psychopaths and guys likes James at 9:37.
It's almost like moral character is more about research, self awareness and compassion than IQ :0
Fate - 8 dager siden
What's wrong with tomboys...
Lil crewmate
Lil crewmate - 8 dager siden
If you ear over 102k a year then buy yourself a sex doll you would treat it as much as you would treat a woman
Vincent M.
Vincent M. - 9 dager siden
I learned what swan song means today! Thanks Emkay!
airtheo !
airtheo ! - 10 dager siden
Mane u is simpin a lil too hard
Actually Psycho
Actually Psycho - 10 dager siden
12:04 YES
Mr. Victor Disaster
Mr. Victor Disaster - 11 dager siden
First dude: Blocking is not a solution
Also first dude: I'll block you myself.
kaido shun
kaido shun - 11 dager siden
these videos make me happy to be gay
Kranky. K!
Kranky. K! - 12 dager siden
All 50 states? I'm from Asia and I like the western cinema, AND I KNOW ITS 18.
THElbhorsie - 12 dager siden
The legal age in America is not 16 everywhere...a quick google search shows that he's wrong lol. So that guy was just lying.
Coolguystorm YT
Coolguystorm YT - 12 dager siden
Every time I see a nice guys video I'm reminded of how I was early on in highschool
Poulami. - 12 dager siden
Okay but Jack can like...get it
Claire Choi
Claire Choi - 12 dager siden
wow, those guys suck and that gives rest of the male population a bad name.
Manners Bananers
Manners Bananers - 15 dager siden
You want a housewife / maid, but you also want her to be financially and emotionally independent? Yeahhhhhh. That's not how that works.
Crazy Little Strings
Crazy Little Strings - 15 dager siden
Welp, at least she tried her best to censor it, such a shame what the app showed up the name in the messege bubble at the end.
Allison Hart
Allison Hart - 15 dager siden
"Not interested, 10/10 would use a pepper spray upon meeting you"
"You wish you would meet someone like me"
Yes, probably so she can spray pepper in your eyes so hard that it improves your absorption of turmeric
Missy Hustler
Missy Hustler - 15 dager siden
Yesterday I saw a tiktok of three men thinking they were meeting a thirteen year old girl and they started touching her and said “there’s no way you are getting out of this one” and I saw this when I was 12 on YouTube and so I commented “I saw this when I was 12 and it’s one of the reasons I’m scared of men today” and some guy just had to respond by saying “females are so sensitive these days” and “not all guys are like this” the audacity must have been on sale because fuckkkk man
That mouldy Avocado
That mouldy Avocado - 15 dager siden
Ik it’s sad that this makes me happy, but can we just appreciate jack respecting women and openly talking about toxic masculinity. He must b protected.
Grace Wolfrum
Grace Wolfrum - 16 dager siden
I'm bi and I'm a girl and yet I still wear boys clothes.
undeadocarinagamer .s
undeadocarinagamer .s - 17 dager siden
To EmKay and anyone else who sees this question What are your thoughts on the idea that men need to not show much emotion? unless they lost a loved one.
To any woman who sees this question can crying too much can be a turn off? Or it varies
The part of the video 6:50 to 7:00 guys/men etc expressing their emotions to a trained professional is a good idea. Be it for the mind, one for the body and one for the soul.(Well finding someone who is trained in exercise, while using music and certain food carefully to help with healing the soul.
Diamond HD
Diamond HD - 17 dager siden
If you actually approach a girl respectfully than she should be respectful too. What I’m saying is that these “nice guys” don’t even approach girls respectfully. A real nice guy wouldn’t call themself a nice guy they would act like humans and treat others like humans respectfully. Not these “nice guy” dipshits
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf - 17 dager siden
And my parents wonder why I’m not dating anyone, people like this is only one of the reasons!!!!
Hope Guerra
Hope Guerra - 20 dager siden
The Animation Channel
The Animation Channel - 20 dager siden
Привет, Джак!
That Dumbazz
That Dumbazz - 20 dager siden
I bet every dislike is a nice guy
Phantøm _Aries
Phantøm _Aries - 20 dager siden
Once a nice guy(or gay) kept annoying me to go out with him
Cuz he's a Virgin and blah blah blah
And when I said I'm not interested in sex
The guy freaked out
And bruh
Phantøm _Aries
Phantøm _Aries - 17 dager siden
@Shadow Wolf hahah Yeah
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf - 17 dager siden
This is why I prefer to stay single
K B - 20 dager siden
Pls tell me women’s are not like that too on those BS dating sites...
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips - 21 dag siden
Where’s Damien, this kid talks too much
That mouldy Avocado
That mouldy Avocado - 15 dager siden
How dare u. Jack is a precious sunbeam. Go 2 ur room and nvr dis him again.
Valentin D
Valentin D - 21 dag siden
Well I thought it's this 'nice guy' thing when you're just acting nice to get dates.. Am I mistaking something? bc most of this chats are pretty rude straightaway
Boo Crimson
Boo Crimson - 21 dag siden
With the first post if I drank for every time I could respond to him with "I'm a trans guy"I'd be blackout hammered by the end of the post
Rakku - 21 dag siden
everytime i see videos of this type only one word goes through my mind:
Smexy Patrick
Smexy Patrick - 21 dag siden
Bro everyone so stupid the legal age is literally 18
Alex Searle
Alex Searle - 21 dag siden
12:05 sounds like terms and conditions to me
Kirsten D
Kirsten D - 21 dag siden
😅 Infuriating. All of them.
I’ve had so many encounters with guys like this over the last 14 years 🙈
ResidentMilf - 22 dager siden
Guys like the one in the thumbnail are so frustrating, because they put all the most superficial bullshit in their profile, which logically attracts the most superficial women, then complain about how superficial women are.
MostMajesticWaffle - 22 dager siden
Ok for that second one, I hate it when girls say “sorry, I have a boyfriend” after every compliment.
Piper Fournier
Piper Fournier - 22 dager siden
His accent is keeping me going man.
megan rose
megan rose - 22 dager siden
The dude who was like do you really think that any other dude would have told your boobs were hanging out like yes because most people don't have weird fucking porns scenarios in there head like yeah, other men would have told me my boob slipped out of my swimsuit like wtf.
Billy Boy
Billy Boy - 23 dager siden
The thing of it is is most of these guys aren't in the wrong. I'm not saying they're right for being douches I'm saying it's different for different people. Believe it or not location does change how people act and feel. f.e. Where I live most men and women actually date people honestly and therefore if you're a fucboy you won't get very far. But I've noticed in bigger and more populated cities such as la or nashville where people go there in hopes of fame relationships are more of a past time than a life changer and a girl can be with three different guys in one week and it's normal. Once again not saying any of them are right bc they aren't I'm saying they're right to themselves bc of what they experience.
Fabinho - 23 dager siden
When I see these videos I cant always believe these chats are real because I dont know a person who is even remotely like that
Samuel Tomaz
Samuel Tomaz - 23 dager siden
Cut the moralistic, political correct act, it's annoying
Luka de Smit
Luka de Smit - 23 dager siden
My boyfriend wants to be a stay at home dad later so that I can become a drama teacher.❤️
josel317 - 23 dager siden
Do like I do, tell the girl you like her, and if she invites you to a bar you go there and find out that she's dating some other guy like a man, wish her well and call it a day on trying to date her because maybe you got the wrong idea and she was inviting you as a friend and not to date.
Vindictator1972 - 23 dager siden
That first guy, Is an absolute fucking charlie.
He doesn't even get to be a Beta if he wont acknowledge Mans NEED for a Tomboy GF.
David Palos
David Palos - 23 dager siden
I am confused on what r\niceguys really is?? ( honestly tho)
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ERROR FileCatchefailed754 - 23 dager siden
Pew pew pewdiepie
Não Sei 2.0
Não Sei 2.0 - 23 dager siden
Ismael - 23 dager siden
The first guy literally made me stop eating and look at my phone with a disgusted look
Greg Forge
Greg Forge - 24 dager siden
It’s people like those ‘nice guys’ who cause the whole ‘men only want one thing, and the prejudice against men.
Toa Gatanuva
Toa Gatanuva - 24 dager siden
Can I legally kill myself after witnessing this?
hello beautiful human
hello beautiful human - 24 dager siden
I like you Jack. You're _actually_ nice and reasonable
Minimalistic Clothing
Minimalistic Clothing - 24 dager siden
Jesus, some guys are so sad.
Lillian Crest
Lillian Crest - 24 dager siden
JACK BEING A KING Should be the title of the video
Daniel TheWolf02
Daniel TheWolf02 - 24 dager siden
You see most nice guys are like peacocks. Generally trying to be flashy towards a potential mate, failing, and having no other use to humanity besides how funny they can besides their stupidity sometimes.
Mik Mak
Mik Mak - 24 dager siden
Should just start saying to guys “I know a place” and drop them off at a therapist 😂 especially if they are like these
Albin Ljungberg
Albin Ljungberg - 24 dager siden
VexN369 - 24 dager siden
Ugh... I don't really flirt that much, and I still can tell when I'm making a ridicule. So how in the world you get into the habit of "flirting", get rejected so many times, and still don't learn how to be more effective at it? I dunno, it feels like some people just think the problem is always the other, not oneself.
I totally agree with you. People need to talk about this more in therapy, or something.
vilow boom
vilow boom - 24 dager siden
Ok so I used to be the "niceguy" when I was younger and seeing some of these guys makes me cring really hard and hate my self for what I did but part from that I laughed a little to hard at most of this
AlphaVon Cosplay
AlphaVon Cosplay - 25 dager siden
I'm sorry. Forgive me if I sound overly sensitive. But I'm a lesbian, and when that guy said "no wonder you're a lesbian. You're super dramatic and obviously mentally ill." I was honestly, kind of - only kind of - offended by that statement. More shocked then offended, though.
Hime bae
Hime bae - 13 dager siden
Don't be, he ain't worth it sis.
Colonize Me
Colonize Me - 25 dager siden
Dw jack, Jaques are uhhh.... Yeah
junji's blue eye contacts
junji's blue eye contacts - 25 dager siden
4:23 kpop idols. all 10s
Dead_Beat_Evil - 25 dager siden
The first one when the guys says being too tomboyish is not something men prefer uh I have a huge crush on tomboys
the pyromancer
the pyromancer - 25 dager siden
Men like this give the rest of us a bad name...
draco._. yt
draco._. yt - 25 dager siden
Dude when that guy tried to date that girl and said 16 is the legal age in all 50 states- LITTLERALLY IT SAYS SHES A LESBIAN IN HER USERNAME-
KindAceman - 25 dager siden
8:18 everyone on reddit is good at hiding names
Robo Bagel
Robo Bagel - 25 dager siden
this while subbredit is the definition of the word "Simp"
Thine Frick
Thine Frick - 25 dager siden
I’d rather have no personality than have one like this...
puffy yoongles
puffy yoongles - 25 dager siden
12:04 im so glad emkkay acknowledges this type of stuff
Derrick Robinson
Derrick Robinson - 3 dager siden
Societal pressures and stereotypes exist for a reason. Men usually don't want to marry cumrags (not saying that girl was a slut btw)
puffy yoongles
puffy yoongles - 25 dager siden
5:18 if someone ever sends u a pic like this to make u "jealous" or something just tell them, "pull ya pants up mate, you're not a toddler anymore. oh wait, with the way you're throwing a tantrum it seems you are"
i mean, thats what i did--
Harpyboi48 - 25 dager siden
1 word
AngeBlack - 25 dager siden
I would've told him "I'm lesbian f*ck off"
Saber.x - 25 dager siden
It Smell like *SIMPS* in here
ZombieDasher - 25 dager siden
Girl: is a lesbian
Guy: You haven't met the right guy yet
I swear to God those guys deserve to be alone forever
Agent K
Agent K - 25 dager siden
This brought back bad memories.
Moist Beans
Moist Beans - 25 dager siden
Hiroshi - 26 dager siden
Am I the only one picking out the name of the dude in the chat box in 8:18?
David GP
David GP - 26 dager siden
Noah M
Noah M - 26 dager siden
Damn, why the hell do you sound like such a white knight here? Chill.