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RedditBrew - 22 timer siden
This is such a good idea for a reddit channel. Good job 👍🏻
MMay Cam
MMay Cam - Dag siden
You guys have real pleasant voices, the videos are nice even just to listen to
XxpleggyxX64EXE Clonebuster
I'm hopeless when it comes to love but I can tack an L
ckshotyou - Dag siden
no always means NO
Dillon Waller
Dillon Waller - 2 dager siden
Why do nice guys think girls owe them sex they dont get a better attitude and personality and then they might want to have sex with you.
briennabradley - 3 dager siden
OKAY GUYS GALS AND NONBINARY PALS LISTEN UP!! If he or she acts like this, talks to you or ANYONE like this he is an ABUSER AND LOOKING FOR PRAY. Pity and guilt are how they pull you in. Then they become abusive hopeing to find someone weak and in need of help to kick in the face. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Please be safe babe's real love doesn't come with hate. Love procreates more love so if you need love show love but be wary okay?
kjiuy7890_Michael - 6 dager siden
'Ay I'm 5'6"!... Just like Charlie with none of the clout. I need to take a sit lol.
Kath Beck
Kath Beck - 6 dager siden
Trollies? What?
EphraimKatie Schmitt
EphraimKatie Schmitt - 7 dager siden
Am I one of the guys that treats girls like da bois(and everyone else I know)
RedFoxSkull2001 - 11 dager siden
Jack you talk WAY too much
Adnama Fett
Adnama Fett - 11 dager siden
Part of the ship, part of the crew
NadiaR. - 12 dager siden
After the send me nudes at 6:42, I want to send back "now I want to kill myself"
april mccracken
april mccracken - 12 dager siden
their evolving... just backwards
Your Quirk
Your Quirk - 13 dager siden
Show me a partner that's not so envious and possessive over me that I can trust them enough not to invade my private life outside of them just because I leave my phone around
UwU owo
UwU owo - 13 dager siden
4:10 wow.. it’s almost like that’s what friends are meant to be...
Zee39 - 14 dager siden
Someone give this dude a voice acting reward
Beantato Beep Beep
Beantato Beep Beep - 16 dager siden
I think it's funny when they say "It's what all girls want" by saying that they're stereotyping every single girl, including small children lol
ꜱʜᴏᴛᴀʀᴏ ɪꜱ ᴍʏ ꜱᴏɴ •
"not all men"
yep. Johnny Suh would never treat me like this
Yash Patil
Yash Patil - 17 dager siden
This guy himself sounds like an r/niceguy trying to make fun of other r/niceguys.
Yash Patil
Yash Patil - 17 dager siden
Care to explain why it's wrong to have certain expectations about your partner, especially when you have worked on yourself to increase your SMV? If I want to be with a beautiful girl, and just expect my partner to not be fat, be decently attractive, what's wrong with that?
Yash Patil
Yash Patil - 12 dager siden
@134340 I'm an Indian, I live in India, we mostly eat home cooked food, ride bicycles, and I myself am skinny, trying to gain proportionate amount of weight. How are my expectations unrealistic then?
134340 - 13 dager siden
Dont force your expectations onto other ppl all you will end up with is disappointment. Stop being so shallow and love someone for who they are. Looks fade personality stays. You literally live in america where 70% of adults are overweight and there is a mcdonalds in every corner! Go find a girl in the gym if being skinny matters that much to you
Yash Patil
Yash Patil - 17 dager siden
First up, I don't have a social media presence, I am an intelligent guy who knows his stuff, so before exams girls text me to help them, I respectfully let them out to hang, go about with my business. I literally have no incentive in entering this hot mess, and I don't "hunt" women, or interact with them in general. It is tempting in the start, but once you accept the fact that you are wasting your efforts on women ( Not that I took any to start with, I just learnt a lesson from these chats ), you have no reason to pursue these women, who just exist. No need to bother yourself to interact with them.
Lisi Curletti
Lisi Curletti - 17 dager siden
the people that disliked the video are the nice guys
Anaiya Jason
Anaiya Jason - 17 dager siden
Nice guys finish last that's why I'll
Sir Redfield
Sir Redfield - 18 dager siden
I hate hunting. Am I not a man anymore? 😂
Tyler Eyerly
Tyler Eyerly - 18 dager siden
13:15 “It’s progress but sadly not in the right direction”
*It’s evolving but backwards*
Ms. Murder
Ms. Murder - 18 dager siden
Kinky time... I am so stealing that.
Also stealing that Vibrator line. Glorious.
Sir Rivet
Sir Rivet - 20 dager siden
0:54 this guy just can not handle that some women are dominant
Dr. Othman Al-Jeeran
Dr. Othman Al-Jeeran - 21 dag siden
4:01 Jack the therapist #niceguy
Yushiroユシロ - 21 dag siden
I love this 6:37
StarlightChaarm - 21 dag siden
that guy who wanted to have "fun", sounds so desperate
HAUS OF JOJO - 21 dag siden
Jack: Women don’t like douchebags, they like confident guys. They like men who are grounded like rocks, not like snow
Me: *laughs in lesbian*
Dual wielding hotdogs cause im a piece of s*** Yeet
Please maam just a crumb of choochie 😭
Chris Ernst
Chris Ernst - 23 dager siden
The voice over is simping harder than I have seen in awhile.
Divyansh patel
Divyansh patel - 23 dager siden
Niceguys are my last two brain cells trying to figure out if a girl likes me
Salsabila F.
Salsabila F. - 23 dager siden
Goddamn cut down your commentaries please, it's too damn long and boring.
Little Poodle
Little Poodle - 23 dager siden
I have a guy friend and we always lean on each other. My mom was super confused about it and asked if he ever wanted to date me. Lol no. Can’t people just be friends?
Ashton Draws
Ashton Draws - 23 dager siden
we need Damian for narrator, not this loser
Ty Penick
Ty Penick - 24 dager siden
These subreddits always make me so... UNCOMFORTABLE
moka - 24 dager siden
since i started social medias my excuse was always "i'm lesbian" now i'm a real lesbian and i'm glad i got that pass
Jen Smith
Jen Smith - 24 dager siden
12:50..that's not a nice guy..I would say that is really sad..
Sweet Bee Urban Pottery
Sweet Bee Urban Pottery - 24 dager siden
After this I definitely don't want male friends.
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen - 23 dager siden
Bishop0178 - 24 dager siden
It´s never enough
White Rabbit
White Rabbit - 24 dager siden
Jack just up'd my dating game on a video about assholes
Pixel Intellect
Pixel Intellect - 24 dager siden
Can we get an F in comments for the people who have to deal with this shit?
Pixel Intellect
Pixel Intellect - 24 dager siden
6:30 was amazing lmao
Pixel Intellect
Pixel Intellect - 24 dager siden
That Frist one almost mad me cry from PUREEEEE pain
Haylie Darling
Haylie Darling - 24 dager siden
In the Abuse Is Bad part, that squeak noise he made, reminded me of a velociraptor and a door combined.
SoMario64 - 25 dager siden
I swear almost everyone on this bloody channel sounds like a damn Sonic character sometimes, for example: 0:48 - 2:09 (r/Niceguy the Hedgehog)
And I'm okay with that!
TJ Murphy
TJ Murphy - 25 dager siden
You lot can quote me on this “if I have to crack some simp skulls to eliminate entitled streamers. I WILL DO SO GLADLY!” (I honestly hate simps SO MUCH!)
TJ Murphy
TJ Murphy - 25 dager siden
“Can we stop treating women like our enemies or a huge mountain to conquer to feel confident about” I never started that but I treat conpletionist runs like that because it’s effectively that. Conquering one huge, troublesome and exhausting mountain of pain and grinding.
TheRandomYoYo - 25 dager siden
Did. Did the last guy just flex on being a programmer and then use his phone to take a picture of his screen instead of screem capping?
lopo - 25 dager siden
Hey my names Jack to with the ck
CammoNisse - 25 dager siden
My biggest strength is my nervousness. Cuz I can joke about it, and since it’s a part of who I am I just use it to my advantage
Jean-Paul Guy
Jean-Paul Guy - 25 dager siden
I would agree that nice guys do tend to finish after "bad guys" (not always last) but relationships are more like baking than a race because they take time to build up if you want a proper one that will last and not some deflated souffle that taste like dirt of a relationship
susability lol
susability lol - 25 dager siden
Ya Boi Link
Ya Boi Link - 26 dager siden
The "I'm scared to meet a guy off the internet because he might actually be nice" scenario isn't actually a scenario. You left that part out! Nobody is scared to meet someone off the internet for that reason, wtf.
Akuma - 26 dager siden
Ok, I have decided that I'm indecisive.
Shen Yang
Shen Yang - 26 dager siden
I literally learned some romance type shit from this lmaoooo
Tallest Miyuki
Tallest Miyuki - 26 dager siden
Bro. This is why I am Lesbian!
Megapleb - 26 dager siden
Men at their "lowest" point: HNNRGN...pwease give...coochie...
NerrffThiss - 26 dager siden
That voice tho
Eren Faptastique
Eren Faptastique - 27 dager siden
Jack gives off slight nice guy vibes ;-;
Raven Ramos
Raven Ramos - 27 dager siden
Just coming back to Emkay after awhile and already love this dude's voice. Want him to voice a sarcastic cartoon character lol
Abdulamana - 27 dager siden
This is more of a online dating tips then anything
TheInkyAbyss - 27 dager siden
A guy chased me down the hallway once cause I found out that he was telling my friends that he wanted to have sex with me
That's not the worst thing tho lol.
Moose Salad YT
Moose Salad YT - 27 dager siden
The way his voice slowly faded more and more to the right of my headphones makes the situation way funnier.
Etho the Creative
Etho the Creative - 27 dager siden
“Show decisiveness in your indecisiveness, show confidence in your anxiety” was actually a super helpful quote for me, thanks :)
Loganxtryma Gaming
Loganxtryma Gaming - 27 dager siden
3:55 that post is satire bro chill
Mike and Lynn Callahan
Mike and Lynn Callahan - 28 dager siden
Nice guys do finish last. It’s just that in hindsight, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Crado Dragmire
Crado Dragmire - 26 dager siden
@Mike and Lynn Callahan I know that your not defending them. Its fine. Nobody would defend these people.
Mike and Lynn Callahan
Mike and Lynn Callahan - 26 dager siden
Crado Dragmire I just realized I may need to clarify. The only nice guy in this entire video, potentially, is the narrator. The guys in this video are...immature at best. I’m not trying to defend them.
Mike and Lynn Callahan
Mike and Lynn Callahan - 26 dager siden
Crado Dragmire true. It’s bad form to trash people.
Crado Dragmire
Crado Dragmire - 26 dager siden
@Mike and Lynn Callahan No no I meant bad talking girls. Not talking in general.
Mike and Lynn Callahan
Mike and Lynn Callahan - 26 dager siden
Crado Dragmire I think you mean that nice guys don’t talk about girls like we are owed something, or like sex is the only and/or greatest reason for talking to women. We can do talk about people and friends.
Anna - 28 dager siden
Do you...do you not know nice guys are, the bad guys ??
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen - 23 dager siden
Overall if someone has to assert they are something, they are often the opposite. Actions speak louder than words, so if they're all ready what they say they are they shouldn't have to be constantly telling you about it, it should be clear from interaction alone they are that way.
Spencer plays games Lee
Spencer plays games Lee - 28 dager siden
Hank Woods
Hank Woods - 28 dager siden
You’re a simp
Spotted Trans
Spotted Trans - 28 dager siden
Yes cause females need a guy who can’t use standard grammar. 👌
Spotted Trans
Spotted Trans - 25 dager siden
Crado Dragmire I know average 8 year olds with better grammar, probably younger
Crado Dragmire
Crado Dragmire - 26 dager siden
He was probably like 13 years old.
galaxy2bt - 28 dager siden
jack is a mood
Dr. Diofenshmirtz
Dr. Diofenshmirtz - 28 dager siden
2:53 weasels scare basilisks
Chaotic Purple
Chaotic Purple - 28 dager siden
That code from what I see is pretty simple actually. Just an array with some reassignments. This guy is too up his own head to realize that this is basic level crap.
Chaotic Purple
Chaotic Purple - 28 dager siden
The 1111 th comment lol theres no one here to see it lol. Im the only one lol. This one video is cool lol. lol I said one 4 times to signify 1111 lol. lol Im saying lol too much lol. Please send help lol.
müde ratte
müde ratte - 28 dager siden
5:24 I don't assume woman as my enemys. I assume humans as my enemys
Jesse Lapides
Jesse Lapides - 28 dager siden
Victoria's post is secret because it was deleted lmao
Ido Orion
Ido Orion - 28 dager siden
Red The Horseman
Red The Horseman - 28 dager siden
Can't imagine calling someone a pr*ck when you're the one trying to make the girl break-up in a current relationship with another guy.
Thine Frick
Thine Frick - 25 dager siden
@Red The Horseman I didn’t know it was a curse word tbh
Red The Horseman
Red The Horseman - 25 dager siden
@Thine Frick Because I don't curse.
Thine Frick
Thine Frick - 25 dager siden
Wait why is that cencored
Salsa367 - 28 dager siden
Wow, that was honestly the best dating advice i've heard...
Metalhead351 - 29 dager siden
I feel bad for these guys.
Greg The Aussie
Greg The Aussie - 29 dager siden
6:39 that’s called emotional abuse when your threatening to commit suicide to gain contact with someone
Sophia - 29 dager siden
whats the cool spelling of jack tho
is it like... Jacque?
Jelly - 29 dager siden
Im p sure spreading someone's nudes online is illegal
Have fun in jail
Tree boar 23
Tree boar 23 - 29 dager siden
All I hear from jack this entire video is “ it’s evolving, just backwards”
epicblue 00
epicblue 00 - 29 dager siden
Are quadruple cheese burgers a thing I know triple cheese burgers exits
Oshy :3
Oshy :3 - 29 dager siden
Damn Jack went off there. Go at it bud
El Ray O
El Ray O - 29 dager siden
Can we please get Zach and Damian back
B.l.u.e_ roses_
B.l.u.e_ roses_ - 29 dager siden
12:13 is soooo cute 💗💕💕 I love your voice it so cute >w< please have a beautiful day!! 💕
Cool fastcats
Cool fastcats - 29 dager siden
Can someone let me know what a simp is?
Cool fastcats
Cool fastcats - 29 dager siden
@Pastel Affection thank u :)
Pastel Affection
Pastel Affection - 29 dager siden
Someone who puts the other person they are flirting with on a pedestal, usually not because they are genuine, but just because they wanna get favors (usually sexual ones) back, or just want to flirt.
chicken tendies
chicken tendies - 29 dager siden
12:16 **Autistic screeching**
Anita Margarita
Anita Margarita - 29 dager siden
I used to use a dating website when I was younger. I spent weeks perfecting my profile/bio (I edited it here and there while it was active). Eventually, I started getting messages telling me I had stolen my profile from someone else. It turns out, some jack ass took my profile, edited it very slightly to suit himself, and then told the women he chatted to that I stole it from him even though they probably would never have seen my profile. What about absolute tool.
a random panda
a random panda - 29 dager siden
Myboy "Jack" really be giving the best dating advice on youtube!!
Solareq - 29 dager siden
4:05 thank you Jack, you got some knowledge in my head. I'm trully thankfull bro
Solareq - 29 dager siden
Correction! Whole video got me thinking
Dwayne Mair
Dwayne Mair - 29 dager siden
i feel like "nice guys" are toddlers that stole somebody's phone and are trying to get with people in there contacts
or they actually have the brain capacity and speed of a snail and are 14 year olds emotionally
Un ours bourré
Un ours bourré - 29 dager siden
8:43 yeah but there's so many ice cream flavors, I can't just CHOOSE ONE
Wortilus - 29 dager siden
Vital Spark
Vital Spark - Måned siden
13:07 Looking at his code, it seems like someone needs to learn how to use arrays.