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mason - Dag siden
my boy razz made it here nice
Han0rita - 2 dager siden
I mean...Razz does look like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye's son...
Remize Fromst
Remize Fromst - 4 dager siden
Wait who's voicing this?
destiny kemp
destiny kemp - 8 dager siden
This channel is so simple but so entertaining. I could watch these videos all day
Roger Dean
Roger Dean - 9 dager siden
I’m deeply offended by this; I like the smell of salmon hatcheries.
tyler hooker
tyler hooker - 10 dager siden
2:14 the daughter was like "oh my god your so dumb"
Satya jith
Satya jith - 10 dager siden
Sit down reddit boy your entire career is reading out memes
Owen Gill
Owen Gill - 11 dager siden
At 00:15 his forehead is so big you could draw a line from the top to the bottom and run out of ink
IronsightKilla - 15 dager siden
8:15 Johnny Bravo before he got into showbiz...
Evan Wright
Evan Wright - 17 dager siden
The eminem section....dude looks like a discount TOKEN 🤣🤣🤣
Reyes Joachim
Reyes Joachim - 17 dager siden
10:25 ngl he looks like a guy with both flabs and abs
Emperor Moist
Emperor Moist - 18 dager siden
Is there an r/rarethreats?
Example: I will squeeze your kneecaps and then harvest your toes.
Pepsi Doggo
Pepsi Doggo - 19 dager siden
1:55 Wait, his shirt looks like Queen's Hot Space album cover
Egg Enby
Egg Enby - 19 dager siden
As an autistic person, that terrible lady getting blasted by her father made me very happy
darkous dragon
darkous dragon - 20 dager siden
10:05 you leave Papa Razz out of this
peachy corgi
peachy corgi - 21 dag siden
Come Sprouse huh? U meana different version of roomie official?
Dominic Gallegos
Dominic Gallegos - 21 dag siden
When you said "Jennifer" it sounded like "Genital" lol
KatGamerYT - 22 dager siden
7:19 the doll looks more realistic
Stephen Whitton
Stephen Whitton - 23 dager siden
Wasn't this supposedly meant to be funny?
Hunter Lewis
Hunter Lewis - 23 dager siden
At the end, the body looks like your narrator
Let's plays with Shot
Let's plays with Shot - 24 dager siden
A twitter i saw: I became antivax because Vaccines are the leading cause of adults and those annoying pieces of ____ are everywhere.
Anon1776 - 24 dager siden
fraser wilson
fraser wilson - 25 dager siden
This boys “Scottish” accent sounds like a 14 yr old Irish boy with a lisp
Ethan Wesson
Ethan Wesson - 25 dager siden
7:36 color blind people?
Jerry Razo
Jerry Razo - 25 dager siden
Jerry Razo
Jerry Razo - 25 dager siden
JustDanielOVA - 25 dager siden
"what a world we live in where you can sit in front of a camera and eat as a job?"
Emkay: *sits in front of a camera reading things*
No hate, love this channel
Wailmore [GD]
Wailmore [GD] - 26 dager siden
4:21 Lucid Nightmares really do be getting destroyed over here
Nico Bellio
Nico Bellio - 27 dager siden
The m&m bootleg rapper-
Notsuoh - 27 dager siden
i miss damien :/
Haroldina - 27 dager siden
3:52 I live next to that town, it’s not even called that it’s just they wanted the longest town name
Llan-fire-pool-gwin-gid-pool idk the rest
James Kerins
James Kerins - 28 dager siden
The Scottish accent isn't too bad, with no attempt at caricature. We don't all sound like Shrek, but I sorta do.
allen salinas
allen salinas - 28 dager siden
I love the Welsh’s name for the town and often play the song in how to pronounce it! I also like the “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116” song where the name is pronounced “Albin” but spelt the other way
Jacobiscuit - 28 dager siden
4:34 saber simp go brrr
Saladcakewithnolife - 29 dager siden
Who actually got the joke at 4:19
Jack's Ghost
Jack's Ghost - 29 dager siden
Oh, oh god, oh dear God I just witnessed so many murders in a row. These insults are extra spicy today 🥵🥵
Jeeves Inc
Jeeves Inc - 29 dager siden
What happened to Damien
Conspiracy 980
Conspiracy 980 - 29 dager siden
8:15 he kinda looks like Johnny Neutron 😬
Conspiracy 980
Conspiracy 980 - 29 dager siden
I'm Scottish im from Fife and that accent is spot on!
lucy valis
lucy valis - 29 dager siden
1:21 is that turbo from Wrack it Ralph?
Ian Rowland
Ian Rowland - 29 dager siden
10:15 he missed the perfect opportunity to call him slim slim shady
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 29 dager siden
Loved the Scottish accent
Pugsriel the Sticker
Pugsriel the Sticker - Måned siden
Autism is awesome. (trust me, I have aspergers)
blankkaneki - Måned siden
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
henry yaeger
henry yaeger - Måned siden
4:58 hehe thats me
henry yaeger
henry yaeger - 24 dager siden
@Jerry Razo is that you
Jerry Razo
Jerry Razo - 25 dager siden
F B I - Måned siden
Thanks, I will remove you from the watchlist
4-Bit Charlie
4-Bit Charlie - Måned siden
10:03 oh come on, septiplier is nasty y'all. Nasty.
Man behind the slaughter
Spectre - Måned siden
The Septiplier ship has sailed. The boys said so themselves.. Besides, if ANYONE fucks with Amyplier I will be out for blood.
Gabriel Lopez
Gabriel Lopez - Måned siden
10:14, dude looks like if Ken had a child with a mannequin.
Am I the only one who like is Swedish accent
Lily-Surya Severine
Lily-Surya Severine - Måned siden
Emkays scottish accent just got me swoooninggg
Reel Zoid
Reel Zoid - Måned siden
600,000 people every year die from heart disease
People: Kalm
100,000 die from covid
people: PANIK
Reel Zoid
Reel Zoid - Måned siden
People not wearing masks in public
People: Ewwww what is wrong with you?! `¬´
Guy dies after jumping off bridge
People: Lmao xD destroyed
Tiki Maglaya
Tiki Maglaya - Måned siden
i ate your cereal
i ate your cereal - Måned siden
i live near that very long town name, everyone usually just calls it LlanfairPg, LlanfairPwll or just Llanfair
just that dude
just that dude - Måned siden
8:18 johnny bravo is that you?
MTFsoldier - Måned siden
I don't actually hate the accent
Lord Farquaad
Lord Farquaad - Måned siden
0:03 my mans has a mustache like poorly shaven pubes
AJ Jacobs
AJ Jacobs - Måned siden
I'm mostly scotish/irish and we dont all sound like that,its like half American accent from the way you do it.Just to let ya know
• Pacifa •
• Pacifa • - Måned siden
Cake-vengeful950 - Måned siden
9:52 can’t believe they put Bane from Batman irl
Jack Landry-stewart
Jack Landry-stewart - Måned siden
Damn, I was not expecting a geometry dash insult comment on here. Good on them
shelby kostick
shelby kostick - Måned siden
I almost spat out my water at the river one no joke omg
The Meme Guy
The Meme Guy - Måned siden
Holy shit, this is my second time being on this channel. Do I get a cookie?
Essence Weeb Kittyx3
Essence Weeb Kittyx3 - Måned siden
Never thought i'd hear such a sentence in 2020, but here we are...
--septiplier away--
Elective Oath
Elective Oath - Måned siden
I miss edd... I was talking about ur pfp
King Bread, Lord of Toast
King Bread, Lord of Toast - Måned siden
teach me the scottish accent
•Ari •
•Ari • - Måned siden
7:05 Ya know it's a problem when you look so much like a wax figure that even snapchat filters think your the same 🤔
Rot - Måned siden
6:41 i copied this anser to my friends they were w h e e z i n g so hard they couldt breath
xDaZez - Måned siden
I miss damien
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards - Måned siden
8:10 Chad 4k
Baby Black
Baby Black - Måned siden
10:06 what
EMO DEKU - Måned siden
Poor razzboiski he does look like he's jacks and marks kid😂
Oofblox_456 roblox and more



Erik Roda
Erik Roda - Måned siden
Here's a little something that will never let you sleep for the next 14 days, why do your lips not touch when you say "touch" but do touch when you say "separate".
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki - Måned siden
As a Scotish girl, that accent was both highlsrious and beautifull XD
Еwqweb - Måned siden
dude looks like budget eminem
Sh4rk_Flamman - Måned siden
your welcome: 3:38
Catcat Pokemon
Catcat Pokemon - Måned siden
As a Scottish sitasan I can say we don’t run around in kilts and your acsent was pretty good.
Vampyria - Måned siden
Of course vaccines cause autism..... The children actually live long enough to be diagnosed with it.
SCP 173
SCP 173 - Måned siden
7:08 Kelley Jenner is pretty much 100% silicon atoms and no electrons or even quarks just a plain block of silicon that somehow defines physics
SCP 173
SCP 173 - Måned siden
Hello humans it is i Wooden material and i don’t like you punching my fellow desks so stop. Or else they might throw you out of the window and then fill your computer with pictures of desks.
Hazoh - Måned siden
5:37 neither the fall
Grimmy - Måned siden
10:22 Slim Slim Shady
Aditya Chowdhuri
Aditya Chowdhuri - Måned siden
I think his scotish accent is copied from how to train your dragon
lanimations yipang
lanimations yipang - Måned siden
My dad now: we can't go to your school friends that you met in 3rd grade because of covid-19
My dad back then: you can't go to your friends that you have known since 2nd because they might steal you

Me: wtf
Connie Ng
Connie Ng - Måned siden
Shawn Furl
Shawn Furl - Måned siden
8:11 People look like that? He looks like Jimmy Neutron's dad as a teenager.
Brady Clark
Brady Clark - Måned siden
I’m Scottish and that accent made me want to cry
Kayotime - Måned siden
How DARE you insult Razzbowski like that! I mean... you're not wrong, but still!
mini crewmate of mr. fruit
I've HUGGED Tony Hawk before, HUGGED...
Dunthril - Måned siden
He has more ads in his videos than likes
Bluedemons 2007
Bluedemons 2007 - Måned siden
1:38 what a world we live in where people stealing other peoples reddit posts and upvotes can be a job
Karen Hofer
Karen Hofer - Måned siden
he sounded like Merida from brave
Karen Hofer
Karen Hofer - Måned siden
lol the first one
Eternal Sin
Eternal Sin - Måned siden
6:04 what's called
Tizona Amanthia
Tizona Amanthia - Måned siden
this stuff is better by far than the pick up lines ones. keep on chooglin, my dudes.
DARK PIXEL - Måned siden
Karen is a cursed name...
This Iz Ma Söver
This Iz Ma Söver - Måned siden
4:00 im autistic and I feel personally offended
im not weak because im autistic
lilfloofies - Måned siden
I can still hear the raspy “IIIII’M MISTER KING DICE” in the intro
leo king
leo king - Måned siden
10:15 he's the REAL slim shady
Oop- - Måned siden
@3:37 here’s the link https://youtu.be/fHxO0UdpoxM