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Twisted - 2 dager siden
As an English person I can confirm all we want to do is DRINK TEA and EAT PLAIN TOAST
Happy Honey
Happy Honey - 11 dager siden
Its so funny how people wanna hide on the internet and insult someone while they dm their fiance and try n sleep with him. Bailey
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones - 12 dager siden
I got an ad for a mop that sprays water, but in the add it sprayed dirty water to look like it was good at cleaning, like bitch if it doesn't work then don't sell it
the golden rings
the golden rings - 14 dager siden
"They look like they can speak docter's handwriting"
Ask Stevey and gems AU
Ask Stevey and gems AU - 18 dager siden
They are not wrong.
music Studio
music Studio - 22 dager siden
2 guac
2 guac - 24 dager siden
1:52 my thought before this was revealed was the ceiling has a fan, but the other one hurts just as bad.
Dragonkiller 07
Dragonkiller 07 - 29 dager siden
sikoo31 - Måned siden
Divorced mom can get it
ThatOneGamingLatias - Måned siden
Emkay is like the relatable teacher
Volts - Måned siden
the joke on the thumbnail is actually funny
Tubba Goodman
Tubba Goodman - Måned siden
5:42 he was surfing in hawaii and put on to much sunscreen and someone happened to get a picture
Random peep
Random peep - Måned siden
Checked myself on the dark web, cost 15 cents, free shipping. Hilarious
Jamal Khanfar
Jamal Khanfar - Måned siden
The guy in the thumbnail is the enemy of whosevile
Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen - Måned siden
I want to look at me I'm going to eat go eat some plain toast
Minty Fresh
Minty Fresh - Måned siden
2:47 I can confirm this and it’s fricking hilarious!
Grand Theft Auto Vice City
I mean he is right his nose DID stop downloading at 15%.
Arandomcomic - Måned siden
Israel Vaught
Israel Vaught - Måned siden
the guy at 1:59 looks like he gained more pounds
ROCKRUFU animations
ROCKRUFU animations - Måned siden
Person: heres fan art it sux real bad ik
Emkay: no no we dont do that here
natral skitsophrenia
natral skitsophrenia - Måned siden
5:37 Fucking hell, Mark!
I think Doctor Loomis is looking for you!
R3K0R! - Måned siden
Mark Zuckerberg I said bird instead of Berg why he was so thick and looks female I don't quite know it's because he was on a surfboard turning in a weird way so I made him look thiccccc and she had sunscreen on
DreamBreaker - Måned siden
i loved the voice over when reading the old lady and 2 Koreans twas the funniest shit i have watched all day!
MmmMm mMm
MmmMm mMm - Måned siden
ONE - Måned siden
The best hostile post I’ve ever seen is
This is a threat”
Sad Little Irish Kitten
Sad Little Irish Kitten - Måned siden
Jack:maybe a little bit of my irish is showing but,that dosent sound like a problem to me,potatos are soft as frick"
Seàn: *happy irish noises*
Niamh Evans
Niamh Evans - Måned siden
9:12 Bert be enjoying himself
VFSAliena - Måned siden
I swear that Amy Schumer's jokes are so recycled she should get a peace award.
VFSAliena - Måned siden
Mark went surfing and put too much sunscreen
Ivy Graham
Ivy Graham - Måned siden
I see a Russian Village Boy's picture in there. One of their non hard bass videos too.
Pufferfish - Måned siden
Mathias The Inkling
Mathias The Inkling - Måned siden
Me: *watches recent Emkay videos
Emkay: *doesn’t show up with Damien Lee or Zack
Me when there’s no Damien or Zack: *WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!*
Sorry, I’m just more used to Damien Lee and Zack
M W - Måned siden
The whole "my mask protects you" narrative is crazy false.
ALooseEnd - Måned siden
1:24 my boah is dead and yet he still dropping some mad killers
Sten Jõemaa
Sten Jõemaa - Måned siden
6:18 don't disrespect ma boi
Rashin Estino
Rashin Estino - Måned siden
Despite a Mexican beer running on the loose
What the actual fuck😂
Dragon Eye
Dragon Eye - Måned siden
I think they would deliver me same day shipping
Venisce Rodriguez
Venisce Rodriguez - Måned siden
7:05 can we agree that he sounds like tommyinnit in this moment?
Corrine Mills
Corrine Mills - Måned siden
4:35 omg Kevonstage has finally made it to reddit memes I’m so happy I love that comedian.
I R Frostbite
I R Frostbite - Måned siden
Thought the title was r/ rare in sluts
Zachery Jequinto
Zachery Jequinto - Måned siden
4:16 where's our Femboy Hooters come on people.
Mr. TurtleZZ
Mr. TurtleZZ - Måned siden
My country (America) is more disappointing then my grades
Syphaxis - Måned siden
Whenever people ask me where my mask is, I just show them my umbrella.
Scilent Smile
Scilent Smile - Måned siden
I'm not like other girls I'm a man (if you know f1nn and natt say hi)
MegaAstroFan18 - Måned siden
Ellen being exposed for... Nothing? Not giving pampered people the appropriate amount of pampering? Doing segments some dumb writer thought up because they didn't have anything better to fill that slot? Ellen's a good person.
Doom fry
Doom fry - Måned siden
These people would be called mistakes by Bob Ross, not allowed in Mr. Roger's neighborhood and to dangerous for steve Irwin
Son Gohan
Son Gohan - Måned siden
4:15 Would this count for Kamikaze by words?
Spookyfanman 07
Spookyfanman 07 - Måned siden
Rare insult me in the reply’s
Jake La Squish2
Jake La Squish2 - Måned siden
Not only did they not gym together, the dude got fatter.
also, he didn't go, because this is one of those fake ads that probably tried to sell the cure to food not being tasty as fuck.
Aidan Pina
Aidan Pina - Måned siden
0:51 I have one and my parents don't mind
Vin Cesar B. Pelayo 8-F
Vin Cesar B. Pelayo 8-F - Måned siden
that guy is a weeeb but i guess i am as well a emo bitch. huh....i like it
Danielle Trujillo
Danielle Trujillo - Måned siden
Mark Zuckerberg put on too much sunscreen.
Christian - Måned siden
1:35 .. Lol - Andrew looks just like her
TheSeventhPrussian - Måned siden
Emkay sounds like a 14 year old that ate too much vitamin gummy bears.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda - Måned siden
AT HG - Måned siden
Me this entire video: DaUm
mac cross
mac cross - Måned siden
Denim Noo noo
Denim Noo noo - Måned siden
The kid at 0:49 used to go to my school (I think that’s him) and hes is a weeb and he told me that he would buy that anime jacket and wear it to school
Daniel Penev
Daniel Penev - Måned siden
3:45 he looks like a mix of Rick Astley and a WW2 veteran
AntiSkills - Måned siden
The comment below me is triple gay
Soviet Virus
Soviet Virus - Måned siden
10:25 I guess I should plan to die at age 46
Erbsen Zähler
Erbsen Zähler - Måned siden
Lol a girl from my class has that hoodie
HoneyBadger Videos
HoneyBadger Videos - Måned siden
wow that grandma sign was brutal. i wanna live in that store now.
Meme Master69
Meme Master69 - Måned siden
Rip damien
get played lol
get played lol - Måned siden
My blue tooth headset died the second the first "5G" came up. It was a bleep lol
Cyan - Måned siden
*Dead Body reported*
Matthew Aldridge
Matthew Aldridge - Måned siden
Whats the nickname you give a virgin. Humpfree!
Pedro Solis
Pedro Solis - Måned siden
Azazreal - Måned siden
Time to ruin some days. Not only has Lucas stated that no, there will be no reset but Rian Johnson has been given another Star Wars trilogy to destroy.
Jason Groze
Jason Groze - Måned siden
Was it the nose or the mustache?
HybrydATP64 - Måned siden
That Jeff Bezos tweet was not made by him but rather through a big wave of hacks that targeted verified accounts and spread the same tweet on each with the same link, resulting in verified accounts temporarily being prevented from tweeting until the issue was resolved it happened about a month ago
JJ Merrow
JJ Merrow - Måned siden
the mark zuckerburg pic is him with too much sunscreen on, atleast i think
King Bread, Lord of Toast
King Bread, Lord of Toast - Måned siden
actully he is expensive the heart is 80k the lung for each is 45k the stomach is 15k the liver is 23k and so on to 8,962,433
King Bread, Lord of Toast
King Bread, Lord of Toast - Måned siden
dont ask why i have this imformation
WindKing0 - Måned siden
Yes more please, r/RareInsults and r/(Murdered/Suicide/Kamikaze)byWords are some of my favorite things. :"D
Craig Penfold
Craig Penfold - Måned siden
Jeff Bezos is always giving back to his community... his community of 1...
why you here
why you here - Måned siden
2:50 oh my god i cant stop laughing
Jack TheRobot
Jack TheRobot - Måned siden
“Bold of you to Assume i have the money”
“Bold of you to Assume your expensive”
Bold of both of you to Assume people would Actually Want to sell me
Nicky Engelbrecht
Nicky Engelbrecht - Måned siden
It seems to me that there are quite a lot of flat earthers under 30.
Cattrap - Måned siden
I've seen a lot of pr*cks in my day, but I've also seen whole cacti.
Inked * *
Inked * * - Måned siden
And this is exactly why i want to be korean
Faic Legion
Faic Legion - Måned siden
At no point did I see that nose in the video...
Faic Legion
Faic Legion - Måned siden
7:44 To be fair, Reddit doesn’t exactly have a history of downvoting idiots
Faic Legion
Faic Legion - Måned siden
The neckbeards need to start leaving Brie Larson alone. It’s really starting to get old.
No Count
No Count - Måned siden
8:58 Nah, they've just switched places. The leaders of BLM are avowed Marxists.
Elliot Warren
Elliot Warren - Måned siden
The Zuckerburg context is he went on vacation like a twat and then put on sunscreen on his face like a twat.
DiamondArmorGaming - Måned siden
6:50 I keep laughing at this.
Tȟåt ÂwęŞømë Čøõł ḲìÐ
at 7:05 I paused it went downstairs and began eating popcorn.
shannonjean coombs
shannonjean coombs - Måned siden
Reddit made me stab my mom just throwing that out there
先生CherryPepsi - Måned siden
Ngl, Robin sounds like the type of guy who would open up the inspect menu and act like he's hacking google chrome
He's good tho
Toast Studios
Toast Studios - Måned siden
That Kevin Hart ad i got was a bit weird
hispanicwuero - Måned siden
Q: How do you tell the difference between Brie Larson and the ceiling in her house?
A: The ceiling has a fan.
Catastrophic Mid-life crisis
2:54 They did my mans Casey wrong
Cepheusrose - Måned siden
I am disappointed in comments because no one has mentioned what "Ernie-chan" sounds like. Imagine someone moaning that to him.
Mikeinator - Måned siden
"Oh, Ernie-chan! You're *soo* sexy!" Best read in an anime girl voice. You're welcome.
JoshTheCringe - Måned siden
the guy from the thumbnail looks like that one image of obama
LEGO - Måned siden
Limbo Prime
Limbo Prime - Måned siden
10:33 as a slavik my self i can only say its Magic also dont insult babuskas like that you dimwit
Ivan Caravaca
Ivan Caravaca - Måned siden
1:42 Ok. With only that you got my like. That was savage
Golden Gear Grinder
Golden Gear Grinder - Måned siden
Fun Fact: Yo Mama did the M&M joke years ago
GOLDEN Knight - Måned siden
I almost died at the Ernie roast
ThomasTanker02 - Måned siden