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Runtime: 13:40


Yeeter P90
Yeeter P90 - 22 timer siden
That is 5 tabes
Dawson Schmidt
Dawson Schmidt - Dag siden
1:32 I've actually experienced this glitch before.
Retopumoc 8960
Retopumoc 8960 - Dag siden
I’m not human, I’m a furry
JayJay Studios
JayJay Studios - Dag siden
As someone who knows enchanting table Im suprized how much everyone refers to stupid things as it
Lord Bibble
Lord Bibble - Dag siden
Marek Šťastný
Marek Šťastný - Dag siden
3:18 that reference got me.
Andrei Soldatkin
Andrei Soldatkin - Dag siden
1 to the power of 1 B byte
1000 to the power of 1 kB kilobyte
1000 to the power of 2 MB megabyte
1000 to the power of 3 GB gigabyte
1000 to the power of 4 TB terabyte
1000 to the power of 5 PB petabyte
1000 to the power of 6 EB exabyte
1000 to the power of 7 ZB zettabyte
1000 to the power of 8 YB yottabyte
Sapp - 2 dager siden
i realized that emkays intro was saying "I'm Mr.King Dice, I'm the game'st in the land"
Kalen Martin
Kalen Martin - 2 dager siden
In among us I had 2,500 ping once
RedstonePRO - 2 dager siden
There is a sonic in Kansas that says a problem occurred
Darkphase - 2 dager siden
Is nobody gonna mention that intro
Francisco Lizarrga Torres
Francisco Lizarrga Torres - 2 dager siden
lol thats the best intro i've ever seen. one-punch man intro? attack on titans intro? smash bros. meele intro? NO NO NO NO NO NO.
now, THIS is the real good intro:
C A K E - 2 dager siden
Actully, in 7:52 "najbardziej punktowane" is from polish and it means "most scored".
Tiny Desk Engineer
Tiny Desk Engineer - 2 dager siden
Ah yes the perfect graphics settings
Resolution of NONE
And graphics level of FABULOUS
The high graphics level doesn't affect performance if you never render anything in the first place
Jaiden Playz 2
Jaiden Playz 2 - 3 dager siden
if your in arizona annd u know it clap your hands!

clap clap
Coastalwaves360 - 3 dager siden
Robin dark: Will it bring my mom back from the dead?
Robin light, shoving dark out the way: I'M JUST KIDDING! She's not DEAD!
Robin dark, jumping back into frame: Aaaannddd it's the end of the video
*off screen*
Dark: Yeah, we need to talk.
bEpIs mAn
bEpIs mAn - 3 dager siden
Adlerschwinge - 3 dager siden
*the void*
My thought:
„Ohhhh toasty toasty breeeeeeeed“
alergic gamer
alergic gamer - 4 dager siden
I’m polish najbardziej punktowane means most scored
Kaylib Green
Kaylib Green - 4 dager siden
Just wanted to say you made my day with the Spaceballs reference
Jachii .
Jachii . - 4 dager siden
7:52 its just in polish. that means something like "with most points"

and btw srry 4 bad english im from poland

Jachii .
Jachii . - 4 dager siden
5:39 r/grammallyhadastrokeithink
Fully grown purple Crewmate {among us}
T̷̛̼̝̖͋̈́̽͂e̸̮̎̉̇̍c̷̝̿h̷̯̖͐͜͠ ̵̢͊̅ͅd̴̫͇̝̅͆̇͘͠o̷̩̰̿̀̏̊̚e̷̫̳͋͝s̴͍̥͎̀̄̍̈̀ ̷̙͍͒̓̐͠n̴͔͔͎̥̳̎̇̈́͘ȍ̷̢̰̗̯͔͌t̵͋̓̇͜ ̶̜̮͔̫̦͊͋w̷̗̤̻͑̆́̊̚o̷̟͔͚̦̟͊r̵̢̭͈̣͙͆͛͌͋̈́k̷̠̤͉̆͘͠ ̶͎̥͖͇̮̆̂̂͠͝v̶̱͛̕ẻ̴̘r̴̬̦͑̃͝ỹ̵̖͇͛̿͝ ̶̮̦̖͊̋͝g̸̩͈̙̲͋̐̐̕͜͝o̸̥͉̕͠ȯ̶̦̲d̸̞̃ ̵̛̘̫́̽s̴̯̙̺̿͝ȍ̵̈́̎̎̋ͅḿ̷̨͍̦̲̜̔̔͠͝ȇ̶̬͙͖̈̆̈́ṭ̵͑̀̓̔̚i̷͓̫̪͠m̵̛̘̫̪̹͋̍̎̚e̵̗̣͍̓̚s̷̛͍̱̅̎̏
Spookcraft wismy_
Spookcraft wismy_ - 5 dager siden
Around 3:35 I like how he censures "crap" but not "a**".
Joshua Trujillo
Joshua Trujillo - 5 dager siden
I like how he didn’t sencer Ass but he seccered crap
JMZ Producciones
JMZ Producciones - 5 dager siden
That intro is absolutely incredible
Wharton L
Wharton L - 5 dager siden
Clever intro...
SFS Atlas
SFS Atlas - 5 dager siden
I have had an app delet for 2 weeks
Yujia de Kok
Yujia de Kok - 5 dager siden
I got kerbal space program
ivyツツ - 5 dager siden
i dont think enough people are appreciating that intro though.. it was so clean!!
Mr. Noob
Mr. Noob - 6 dager siden
7:53 that was Polish and I know how other people read this language 😂
Wesley Mays
Wesley Mays - 6 dager siden
I went on an hour-long hunt for this specific video. The reason, would take a bit of explaining. ( LONG STORY )
Yesterday, my computer's hard drive just died, for no reason. The first time I restarted it (before I knew about this issue), it got through to Ubuntu (Guess the drive was just barely hanging on) *recovery mode* but the second time it was stuck at Grub rescue mode. For reference, I'm using Linux Lite, so it never loaded all the way.
About 6 hours ago, after more debugging, I realized that not only were neither of the partitions on that drive bootable, as far as the computer was concerned the drive didn't even EXIST! I decided to give up on that specific drive, and dig through my bucket of spare parts and found a 250GB Western Digital hard drive. An hour later, the drive has been compressed and backed up to a USB, and the hard drive wiped. Another hour later, I finally reinstalled my OS to it. And then, another hour of resetting all my passwords because my memory is total trash.
I then thought to try to recover and/or replicate my most valuable files, i.e. login data, reminders, and EmKay fan art. I got everything done in about 15 minutes, but there was one specific image missing; the fan art you showed in this video. I tried starting with the most recent video and moving backwards, starting with a "checkpoint" episode (CrappyDesign: Gates you can just walk past) and moving in both directions, but I had given up for a few minutes.
Until, I remembered just how much I love Robin-related fan art, and (for reasons I would rather not explain, within the next 8 years at least) this image specifically. I decided to start over with the checkpoint idea, only this time moving to more recent episodes and not giving up, since the most-recent approach was not yielding anything, and checkpoint-down already ended. ... And it actually worked! I found this episode, decided to re-watch it as a sort of victory lap, before jumping back to the beginning to take a screenshot of that specific image.
Thank you so much, Robin, because you (and the guy in your DM's) gave me the motivation to finish this recovery project.
P.S. I realized what the issue was with the old hard drive; both of the connectors just removed themselves from the controller board. I could have just resoldered those and reused the drive, except that I don't own a soldering iron, and wouldn't trust myself with one anyway, since I'm too good at burning my fingers on hot metal objects.
SlyHikari03 - 6 dager siden
Where I’m from there is no screen resolution.
we imagine how the graphics look..
Joseph cavagnaro
Joseph cavagnaro - 6 dager siden
1:50 X AE A-12 Musk: finally a worthy opponent
our battle will be legendary
Athalla Zayn channell
Athalla Zayn channell - 6 dager siden
Ah yes my favorite intro
Ediolon Wyrm
Ediolon Wyrm - 6 dager siden
12:49 is that the... 32 bit interger limit?
Mason P
Mason P - 6 dager siden
3:17 Why did he not show a picture of Eleven from Dragon Quest XI S? I like playing as that character in smash bros ultimate!
And I hate stranger things.
Mason P
Mason P - 6 dager siden
1:49 Why is Stanislaw,Dawid,Milosz,and Maksymilian liked baby names?
Tara Fenimore
Tara Fenimore - 7 dager siden
For one of my zoom classes the ping was 10 million
GamingK - 7 dager siden
I loved the intro
bru bk
bru bk - 7 dager siden
Error Sonic is hacking your computer wtf
DreamyFrosty I Matt
DreamyFrosty I Matt - 8 dager siden
Lol I broke my spotify and it made it say I put a song in my playlist in 70 years. I guess im 70 now.
natalia konkel
natalia konkel - 8 dager siden
7:54 most pointed it forgot what leanguedge (it was in polish)
Alexis 34 lol
Alexis 34 lol - 9 dager siden
2:49 now that i play overwatch i understand
GhostMiner - 9 dager siden
10:15 That's windows 7 with classic theme, you uneducated swine
Travis The Hedgehog 2
Travis The Hedgehog 2 - 10 dager siden
nice intro
Niko_ Plays
Niko_ Plays - 10 dager siden
Pepper .t.rabbit
Pepper .t.rabbit - 10 dager siden
So Sonic is hacking my computer
Kris Trosclair
Kris Trosclair - 11 dager siden
ok wasn't paying attention at the beginning and it scared the crap outta me. 😂
Leah Beezley
Leah Beezley - 11 dager siden
The Spaceballs reference made me very happy.
Dawid Tan
Dawid Tan - 12 dager siden
1:48 iz dat mah name
Dawid Tan
Dawid Tan - 12 dager siden
The Microsoft Errors is The EmKay's Intro.
Chance Johnson
Chance Johnson - 12 dager siden
Creative opening!
Gaming Dragon
Gaming Dragon - 12 dager siden
Keep using that intro
router 665
router 665 - 12 dager siden
7:53 I don't want to flex but just a tip: it mean "most pointed" Polish
Austin Brake
Austin Brake - 12 dager siden
0:55 google space
Kyokorous - 12 dager siden
1:32 This happened to me multiple times while playing, and when my mom played, the NPCs were underground. Not even tilted, just buried alive in the fields
art k
art k - 12 dager siden
9:55 was Finland
Alex Rose
Alex Rose - 12 dager siden
I uninstalled discord like 5 times now but it comes back every time
Levy Paauw
Levy Paauw - 13 dager siden
I got this oculus website site problem where the name is OK but idk how to post on reddit
Mercury - 13 dager siden
2:40 h-he said my gay one's name! he said the gay one's name! ... AND MY NAME. poggers.
Arcade Invader
Arcade Invader - 13 dager siden
7:03 268,374,015 milliseconds is just over 3 days, in case anyone is wondering
Tiankuo Hua
Tiankuo Hua - 14 dager siden
Google Earth resides _Among Us._
Endarus - 14 dager siden
Lilith Pitts
Lilith Pitts - 14 dager siden
"Every'nt many book"
I have repeated a few times...
Matthew Maldonado
Matthew Maldonado - 14 dager siden
r/softwaregore has a anthem r/blursedimages need one, too
Ani - 14 dager siden
This editor deserves a raise!
Zanu - 14 dager siden
How do I submit a picture
Cedric Avery
Cedric Avery - 14 dager siden
Something smaller than zero is - ♾️
JAIDEN EVERETT - 15 dager siden
My school Chromebook used to do this thing where it would glitch and all you would see were thousands of "new tabs" and whenever you clicked them it got worse. The Chromebook would crash regularly, and just glitch out of control.
Extremesour Scott
Extremesour Scott - 15 dager siden
the thumbnail of this video
that's happened to me too
TurboGem Plays
TurboGem Plays - 15 dager siden
I always find a channel that cures my d----------ion uhh sadness, for about a month, and then I have to wait another month until I find another one, unless I finally found the permanent cure. :)
Jencarlos Castellon
Jencarlos Castellon - 15 dager siden
I'm not a human I'm a h. u. m. E n
Its Us
Its Us - 15 dager siden
3:10 Just a normal day in Florida.
xander the saiyan
xander the saiyan - 17 dager siden
love the intro 👌
Aidan Chappelle
Aidan Chappelle - 18 dager siden
Ah yes, X Æ A-12's twin brother
Lolli pop
Lolli pop - 19 dager siden
I want to be somewhere between Venus and Mercury ;)
Leonora Montenegro
Leonora Montenegro - 19 dager siden
7:50 I literally die 😂😂😂
conflict knight
conflict knight - 19 dager siden
i love the intro of this video
fox foxy
fox foxy - 19 dager siden
The 7:54 is most pointed or something like that i am from Poland so i know
Arif Sudibyo
Arif Sudibyo - 20 dager siden
I am actuallyn't wrongn't for thatn't.
Phoenix Electrum
Phoenix Electrum - 20 dager siden
So what you're saying is it's hotter than the surface of the sun, and the atmosphere is literally just water. Seems legit.
Stick Boi
Stick Boi - 21 dag siden
Cool intro at 0:07
Aleksander Czajka
Aleksander Czajka - 21 dag siden
Hey, I know "enchanting table" (really, I can read that just a bit slower than this comment), it's actually a version of latin called "standard galactic alphabet" and NONE of the stuff You named as "enchanting table" had anything to do with SGA. I say it was really the ancient elvish.
Thanawin Supawesmanont
Thanawin Supawesmanont - 21 dag siden
6:07 just some hololive references
Reitze Jansen
Reitze Jansen - 22 dager siden
"what got this result"
super-resolution AI
Eroth Gaming
Eroth Gaming - 22 dager siden
7:52 what?
i mean i'm from poland, ant that's NOT how it sounds.
Code_Triumph76 - 22 dager siden
8:01 I've had that happen to me before. This happens when you insert a fake game card into your 3ds.
Mafaki Renthlei
Mafaki Renthlei - 22 dager siden
R/ i daz a stork
Mafaki Renthlei
Mafaki Renthlei - 22 dager siden
The gliech intho
RanTime - 23 dager siden
your way of saying "speedometer" gives me a funny feeling
ClockWork Folf
ClockWork Folf - 23 dager siden
"I am human"
They are the android sent by cyberlife
Snufikin - 23 dager siden
7:53 im polish and it says "most scored"
brasilball - 24 dager siden
him: *thats a mixure of california and arizona a place nethier of us want to go*

me who lives in arizona: pathetic.
noob - 24 dager siden
EB = Exabyte , I know because i used 2 exabytes of storage i have 863 yottabytes (YB)
noob - 24 dager siden
Bytes Kilobytes Megabytes Gigabytes Terabytes Petabytes Exabytes Zettabytes Yottabytes
jeffdog102 - 25 dager siden
The lowest my ping gets is 50. The highest is 2000 so far
Brenden Sauerwein
Brenden Sauerwein - 25 dager siden
Why you got problems with September of 2000😭
Jan Janko
Jan Janko - 25 dager siden
1:49 Alright w e have Miłosz,Maksymilian,Alan,Stanisław.
That weird FANDOM lover
That weird FANDOM lover - 26 dager siden
I think Jaime is supposed to be spelt "Hai-mey"
Paul LoL PL
Paul LoL PL - 26 dager siden
7:54 the third option is in Polish xD (leave a like under my comment od u from Poland)