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Pebblep - 2 timer siden
Here’s the deal I just saw this one and it was my fault that you didn’t want me, it was just a joke.
Orange Cup
Orange Cup - 9 timer siden
Jake Gyllenhaal did what now
๑• ̇D3• Drawings ̇•๑
When i do that i just fully commit and hold there hands the rest of the way there and they're just like "ok"
Harrison Gardner
Harrison Gardner - 11 timer siden
Question one how do you log into what it too is there search bar
A Random God Eater
A Random God Eater - 13 timer siden
WTF is this subreddit....
Tanieny - 14 timer siden
wait a minute Lexi said lesbian ... WAIT WHA-
Phebee And Violette
Phebee And Violette - 17 timer siden
“Holden Cox.”
Oh sh-
Cursed_ Dio
Cursed_ Dio - 21 time siden
1:42 Here's the deal, you know what this means is that you are vietnamese in your head and not a single word that
Xxlostded _boixX
Xxlostded _boixX - Dag siden
no _
no _ - Dag siden
If there are more straight guys then gay guys on this reddit, then what do I count as being bi.
Just a low quality memes salesman
Heres the deal.
Oh my man is going to do a lot better than me and I don’t think I can do anything for him I don’t know what if he’s going on the bus I don’t want you to do it I mean he’s like oh yeah I’m sorry about it but I’m sorry I’m just trying not a good thing I know I just feel bad for me and my girlfriend and my friend I got a little worried I was just a bit confused and I’m scared to be a good man and I’m sorry for that but I’m sorry for that I mean I don’t know what you mean I mean you know what I mean I don’t know what you mean I mean you mean I don’t mean to you mean you don’t know what I mean I don’t mean to you.
Is this what you wanted, god?
music is yes
music is yes - Dag siden
*me a trans male and realizing Lexi is a trans female* :0
c๑nfused〰p๑๑j - Dag siden
Here's the deal, I have a good feeling about this one is a little bit of a late night D I have to go.
c๑nfused〰p๑๑j - Dag siden
there we go
L. Elizabeth Cincotta
L. Elizabeth Cincotta - Dag siden
Anyone else get straight shamed by their lgbt friends?
Anna May
Anna May - Dag siden
4:37 fun fact. the rainbow bridge behind the guy from norse mythology would incinerate people if they tried to go up it without A) being a god or B) with permission.
Random Guy
Random Guy - 2 dager siden
This is *gay.*
Captain Hindsight
Captain Hindsight - 2 dager siden
That intro made me question myself considering the subject lol
Duck The Carno
Duck The Carno - 2 dager siden
Me an ace Pansexual: Ahahahahaha
My girlfriend an ace bisexual: hahahahaha
Us: Ahahahahaha hah.... haha. Wait we’re gay
SCUID - 2 dager siden
Here's the deal. get a ride to the airport on Sunday and I will be there at the same time I don't want to be a part of the team
Romeo Martinez
Romeo Martinez - 2 dager siden
jim pickens
Relator - 3 dager siden
Me an aroace watching this and finding the memes hilarious even though I don't relate at all
Lawrence Greenlee
Lawrence Greenlee - 3 dager siden
I opened this video thinking "I hope this is Lexi" ❤
-- 아리아미Zen
-- 아리아미Zen - 3 dager siden
11:37 Barbe à papa...yeah now that I think about it, it sounds really wrong, even more in English 😂
Eric - 3 dager siden
hes a trans lesbian...... wait..... wait.... so hes a girl who likes girls..... wait.....
Oh! Cool! that confused me :D
Gacha Thingies :v
Gacha Thingies :v - 3 dager siden
Here's the deal with the samsung SM-G930VL and the ibisPaint X is the only thing that has to be done to make it look like a good fit
I like horror movies
I like horror movies - 3 dager siden
Heres the deal, I think it's because and the reason for the new kid on the pulse monitor it said blue was dead on the roblox version of this with a hand in front of people like the actual charactters to be specific about you longer available to get it with my friend is gonna live in that made a girl just her away face in her face reveal the body is even more stupid then we have a good day at work 9th and they are all mangle Nd street and 30th the dead children in into the actual charactters to get it with my it I is is her it's is is her it's you you get the pumpkin patch and I don't think 3 or 9rane I gonna live in that area is and of course I don't think it really was a feature to hait to get it with my friend is gonna live in that made a girl just a game called guest y skin and he thought he ordered a pizza when I was doing my tasks and saw the scene he'd be specific about you longer available to get it with my username but the videos with his face have under my name on the roblox version is a certain type of the (what have I been typing), tried it
Bookworm 4513
Bookworm 4513 - 3 dager siden
Here's the deal with Zachary instead of marquees and Jean before she tried to kill me ... It actually makes sense
Cat Manchester
Cat Manchester - 3 dager siden
Here’s the deal if y’all are going out for a walk tomorrow night or tomorrow morning I will be sure you will have some stuff for you tomorrow or tomorrow night
Blufferfish089 - 4 dager siden
I’ve lived in Britain all my life, NOT ONCE have I heard someone call it “fairy floss”
dude it’s candyfloss, everyone knows that!
myexperiencewithdepression 26
Can someone make a playlist with lexi-narrated videos
Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus
Here’s the deal: you can get a new one for you to do that to you see if it’s a new place for you to do something on the other side
Erik Snake
Erik Snake - 4 dager siden
6:53 I mean, ya look hot with or without so......
Jcknight7996 - 4 dager siden
7:29 gotta say that was adorable
XxAlexandriaxX - 4 dager siden
Jokes on u I'm a straight girl hahahahahahahagaggagagaga
u better b legget podcasts
u better b legget podcasts - 4 dager siden
XR Sera
XR Sera - 5 dager siden
0:35 the fact that you gave Kevin and RtGame those voices lol
Esc Chatty
Esc Chatty - 5 dager siden
Here’s the deal for a couple errands and I have to go to pick you guys at my office to get a few things.
KingMB XJ - 5 dager siden
Girl: Zelda is hot
Guy: his name is link
Girl: *ZELDA. IS. HOT.*
PRSM _Maniac
PRSM _Maniac - 5 dager siden
KingMB XJ - 5 dager siden
1:43 here's mine: here's the deal, and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car so I can get it to.
Kate Maldonado
Kate Maldonado - 5 dager siden
Here is the deal with family and I will have a good day in class life in class a mi day for some of us who are in a different position to know what is going to be done
k - 5 dager siden
wait what if you put a G instead of the K in emkay 🤔
xXIzzy_GachaXx - 5 dager siden
Are you that guy from tiktok that got a whole box of pink starburst or something?
Leviathan - 5 dager siden
Here's the deal. I'm not sure if you have a great day. You're not a good person to have a great day. Like I said I was wondering if you have a great day at the time to perfect.
Sounds like a Biden speech, to be honest.
Mia Davis
Mia Davis - 6 dager siden
He said whats up sexy, I'm lexi and my confidence fucking skyrocketed
Ash TheGamer
Ash TheGamer - 6 dager siden
I did not expect to see Kevin and RT tweets, but here we are.
Alyse Rickman
Alyse Rickman - 6 dager siden
Me: none, because I’m Asexual
Djtomb 59
Djtomb 59 - 6 dager siden
Here's the deal, if you enjoyed the video and your server is the same without the help me in my life and the other side.
Bea - 7 dager siden
wtf is fairy floss? (I’m British)
Ace Glorinz
Ace Glorinz - 7 dager siden
You know it is a suddenly gay subreddit when it starts with pewdiepie
Mika - 7 dager siden
i`m pan
kitchen work is very hard
Mika - 7 dager siden
Here's the deal with the report and my post was added to the list of the rings sauron I was talking about when I was (14). (the biden one)
disappointed rain
disappointed rain - 7 dager siden
Lexi has literal MAGIC in her voice- like... Why do you introduce yourself and I'm just happy? ✨👁👄👁✨
Atman Gotango
Atman Gotango - 7 dager siden
The Roman stuff is..... Well....wrong. We still have Roman writings, we have a pretty good view of their attitudes. Sucking dick was NOT acceptable in the army. In fact fraternization of that kind was considered a serious breach of discipline. Ancient Rome had a serious macho obsession. As a citizen, you were expected to top. Bottoms were slaves or much younger men (teen boys). You were also expected to keep it on the DL but that applied to promiscuity in general, it was seen as shameful to let your physical passions get in the way of your job/family/etc.
But if you could plow teen boy slaves without it getting in the way of your responsibilities it was all good
Lo wo
Lo wo - 8 dager siden
first of all good for u, second of all how u do that voice, I am male and unsecured af about my voice, thx
Alex Stratton
Alex Stratton - 8 dager siden
When your bi but haven't realized yet 2:50
DragonsGaming - 8 dager siden
10:50 I look, then I realize all the women I know are as flat as a dollar bill run over by a steam roller driven by Rick astley.
AaroninSA Aronicus
AaroninSA Aronicus - 8 dager siden
What do you mean by transgender lesbian
autumn mcbryar
autumn mcbryar - 8 dager siden
Me and the bois do dumb crap
Here's the deal with this music and the Boys of my baby in nav black and white I and a nine of us
Arvid Peters
Arvid Peters - 8 dager siden
We are gay
*communism intensifies*
therudedude YT
therudedude YT - 9 dager siden
You do Not want to Go to ancient rome or greece or any other country in that time for that matter
Dexter Njoku
Dexter Njoku - 9 dager siden
6:51 not the same person, cover the face on the right from the nose down with your hand and they dont look the same
Why you lookin
Why you lookin - 9 dager siden
Aiden B
Aiden B - 9 dager siden
8:52 god fUckIng damn it dAve there goes the last shit that I ever gave-
ITS_TIME_TO_SIN_ ;-; - 9 dager siden
What if they aren't real 🤔 13:13
That one guy who likes metallica
Heres the deal: A new guitar pedal and the last line across west London in a way that would make sure that it is big and the most powerful of all
ඞCyan Crewmateඞ
ඞCyan Crewmateඞ - 10 dager siden
Me walking into class like: Hello fellow heterosexuals
Diana Brandusa Vasilescu
Diana Brandusa Vasilescu - 10 dager siden
so I had some kind of 'date' with this girl, and we were literally holding hands and cuddling ... Then She said She _loves_ me And i said 'hehe i love You too' ... BUT THEN I FUCK!NG MESSED UP , BY JUST SAYING 'I'M NOT GAY THO'

:'0 idk how to fix it help me
Jaeger Gaming
Jaeger Gaming - 10 dager siden
Here’s the deal, if y’all are still in a bad game or just want something else you can get done ✅ I like the sonic game so much but it has to
Muaaz Ibn Zayed
Muaaz Ibn Zayed - 10 dager siden
Here’s the deal I am going through the next few weeks I have submit to the one I am going through a few things I need a little bit of a problem I have
MoonlitDefender - 10 dager siden
7:56 yeah same. I got into a fight and they put me in a headlock and I moaned a bit. I need jesus
Goosænimates - 11 dager siden
11:00 considering I'm 13, I hope not
Envious Penguin • 69 seconds ago
Leah Toohey
Leah Toohey - 11 dager siden
Wow.... wasn't expecting to get called out in the first 17 seconds 😐...
Tired-Susie - 11 dager siden
Me, a Panromantic:

Hah. Yes.
xalivent - 11 dager siden
here's the deal with the coins and I will be there at the same time I don't have a car 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗
Chrysalin Gray
Chrysalin Gray - 11 dager siden
i thought when he showed the fan art i thought he fr said "M gay" ;-;
Master Ghost
Master Ghost - 11 dager siden
Here's the Deal with the same time as a result of the year and a half years of the year and a half.
Kathryn Dunn
Kathryn Dunn - 11 dager siden
As a bisexual woman who identified as straight while at an all-girls Catholic school, this is not true.
We focus on the boobs. And we find them magnificent.
Lingx Cats
Lingx Cats - 11 dager siden
Lexi why is your voice so nice??? like- damn girl you have a smooth voice!
Also, mostly cis lesbian to trans lesbian, you are 100% valid queen you get them girls
Tyvan Hansen
Tyvan Hansen - 11 dager siden
Here's the deal with the ground and spat at him and I have to get resources to work on it and I will use your arm as an ash tray for the next to the lockers of your blood
Galaxy Steve
Galaxy Steve - 11 dager siden
Here’s the deal, I’m going home I’m gonna way you want to go home to me I like gay people and I’m gay
Just that witch bitch
Just that witch bitch - 11 dager siden
Whats up sexy Im Lexi
I love that thank you ❤

Thank you also I love the rhyme Also what are your pronouns
RIATtheFurry - 11 dager siden
Wait Emkays trans? Me too!!
moonless_ night
moonless_ night - 12 dager siden
All hail the bravest of them all, Jake Gyllenhaal
Dark Void
Dark Void - 12 dager siden
4:14 im done dude im going to sleep
Cleiton lopes
Cleiton lopes - 12 dager siden
0:38 Look is Kevin
ay o
ay o - 12 dager siden
Why does he sound like the whitest man alive ( no hate but frfr)
Jurky - 9 dager siden
【 A Q U I L A 】
【 A Q U I L A 】 - 12 dager siden
I had a pansexual awakening back in first grade
Ryoth Gaming
Ryoth Gaming - 12 dager siden
Here’s the deal, you have a lot to say, you have a lot to say, your life and you are a great person to help with us.
Demi god 8599
Demi god 8599 - 12 dager siden
I’m new and are they a girl who turned into a boy or a boy who turned into a boy ahhhhhh
Demi god 8599
Demi god 8599 - 8 dager siden
Sick as in awesome
Jurky - 9 dager siden
male to female !! :))
yocelin sandoval
yocelin sandoval - 12 dager siden
jokes on you intro im a girl >:))
the secret organisation of gravy drinkers
Omg Kevin and rt
Why the hell do people Keep subscribing?
_Here’s the deal. The first thing I did was to be a part of the world and the other is a great way too._
Alex Rickli
Alex Rickli - 13 dager siden
8:51...god fucking dammit dave!
Goldet - 13 dager siden
Heres the deal, but I think they are not the intended recipient, you can get a chance to win the game. I am a new man, I am a new man, I am a beautiful person, I am a beautiful, the only thing that you can be used for this. The only one of the Caribbean, I will not be a problem.
Nearbi - 13 dager siden
I have a need for beans
Wazzy Kid77
Wazzy Kid77 - 13 dager siden
I actually think I'm lesbian tho-
*Ash 9 Kitsune *
*Ash 9 Kitsune * - 13 dager siden
I fallow u on tick tock XD I gasp when this video started