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Tanuki Squad
Tanuki Squad - 5 timer siden
You steal kids I buy them it’s much easier
HydesR01 - 23 timer siden
*"It was I, CHOMAS DA CHANK ENSHIN"* - Robin, 2020
Origamimaster2 1
Origamimaster2 1 - Dag siden
“If I ever have kids that I didn’t steal”
He has stolen kids before???
maddox carroll
maddox carroll - 2 dager siden
wana bet
Fishy Nippy
Fishy Nippy - 2 dager siden
10:41 well crystal meth would wind you up on the street drowning in debt, so ye.
Purple Dragon
Purple Dragon - 3 dager siden
Rick astley wanna you to say goodbye
Mystic Viper Gaming
Mystic Viper Gaming - 3 dager siden
9:25 lol
9:30 uhh ok
9:35 I do not like this
Mason Tews
Mason Tews - 4 dager siden
2:30 well people can be born with a missing limb
Dwayne Greene
Dwayne Greene - 5 dager siden
Ahh man some of these were from 4 months ago
Always Relic
Always Relic - 6 dager siden
13:40 I’m now even more depressed than I was
BlazingStur :D
BlazingStur :D - 6 dager siden
Robin has absorbed everyone else
Zlatan Jusufovic
Zlatan Jusufovic - 7 dager siden
9:44 imagine steping on a lego block every day
Peter Won
Peter Won - 8 dager siden
I live in Czech republic
Killerwood7 - 8 dager siden
Omg you said "hmmm im thinking arbys" I work for arbys XD
Taikoul - 8 dager siden
that broken arm giving me midoriya vibes-
Dory, Tabby, and Piper My three cats
1:18 XD
ChickenMaster06 - 10 dager siden
“Anyone remember 2013? Seems like a lifetime ago”
7 year olds: seems?
RubberChuken - 10 dager siden
Robin:I'm thinking Abry's
Me: I'm thinking D'arby
Kelly Meharry
Kelly Meharry - 10 dager siden
When Then
Where there
What That
Nazirah Abdullah
Nazirah Abdullah - 11 dager siden
Cow can swim
• Mistymoor •
• Mistymoor • - 11 dager siden
Is it bad that I used to think Czech was pronounced "sie-zech"?
 - 11 dager siden
13:48 robin says that hes scared of living skeletons. I have a skeleton in me. I am alive. I am a living skeleton. >:)
Ondřej Zástěra
Ondřej Zástěra - 12 dager siden
7:16 To answer that...
Efepro - 12 dager siden
Which one came first the chicken or the egg
Me:neither Because the chicken and the egg are imaginary
Spongebob Memepants
Spongebob Memepants - 12 dager siden
The reason Emkay is trash is because he ate trash in the trash bin on a trashy day.
RaddieB YT
RaddieB YT - 12 dager siden
9:26 she's not stepping *on* lego she's stepping *in* lego
Magnesium - 12 dager siden
Hey that Denmark joke den var mærkelig meget mærkelig tror jeg
Mawarti Wahyuni
Mawarti Wahyuni - 13 dager siden
If you never has a birthday you never gona die
Assasin Redstone
Assasin Redstone - 13 dager siden
Lol dis funny
Clay - 13 dager siden
7:10 někdo Čech?
Gacha_ Fox_Lover
Gacha_ Fox_Lover - 15 dager siden
Hey I live in Czech Republic And I am proud cuz we went thru a lot And we dont have the protest cuz we Are all chill (btw this is not supposed to be a hate comment just saying I love my country)
Asianboi6945 - 15 dager siden
Yes deer talk, when I was fucking one it told me to stop. Then after that I shot my first deer
Melissa Scraper
Melissa Scraper - 16 dager siden
it is an odd sensation to accidentally suck coca cola up your nose. once in high school one of the drama club kids said something funny and didn't want to do a spit take and covered my mouth. resulting in sucking Coke up my nose and i had a weird fizzy head for about 15 hours afterwards
SAITAN 593 - 16 dager siden
3:18 emkay sounds like Zapp Brannigan
Hanky Boi
Hanky Boi - 16 dager siden
"bobbys we have the meat"

robins mind- 2020
Goose Guy
Goose Guy - 16 dager siden
*honks for robin
Nekdo vod tamtaď Ololo
Nekdo vod tamtaď Ololo - 16 dager siden
7:09 im from czech rebublic wow i never thaught that our flag is ao about us
Headphones' Headgear!
Headphones' Headgear! - 17 dager siden
6:50 : Google buys fitbit for $2,100,000,000.
him: google buys fitbit for $2,100,000
Bene Richie
Bene Richie - 17 dager siden
No I’m 🗑
Sophie Pomroy
Sophie Pomroy - 17 dager siden
it is trashcan not trashcannot
Let's plays with Shot
Let's plays with Shot - 18 dager siden
* hides Jack's body* He's gone
dan mackintosh
dan mackintosh - 19 dager siden
2:27 calling out that one as technically NOT true. If you consider the number of amputees in this world and the bones they subsequently are missing, the *average* human body contains less bones than a full skeleton. All us running round with all our fingers and toes, not to mention arms n legs, are in fact above average human beings. Thank me later for this inspirational quote.
stickbot vids
stickbot vids - 20 dager siden
i need my daily dose of memes
CeRuLeAn !
CeRuLeAn ! - 20 dager siden
13:12 can we not ignore the fact that there is a FRIGGEN HURRICANE on that picture of earth?
Es Nuynay
Es Nuynay - 20 dager siden
Miki Ayalin
Miki Ayalin - 20 dager siden
Direfulmirror - 20 dager siden
Damn robin u got dem rhymes
McMaxer Minecrafter
McMaxer Minecrafter - 20 dager siden
You've got a living skeleton inside you. Right. Now.
damaged brain
damaged brain - 20 dager siden
murderer is just operating someone for death.
Brent Eldridge
Brent Eldridge - 20 dager siden
I want rodin in all the vids
Lil Soup
Lil Soup - 20 dager siden
Why does he sound like the guy from jackbox
LEGO Games and more!
LEGO Games and more! - 21 dag siden
You have 207 bones when you wake up
CornQueen - 21 dag siden
Any remember this sentance: Steve swolloed Vern
GhostWither 899
GhostWither 899 - 21 dag siden
Gretgor - 22 dager siden
Fallow McOlstein
Fallow McOlstein - 23 dager siden
LucasWD2006 - 23 dager siden
1:12 It it just me or does that egg thing look somewhat appetizing?
Dorian Kucio
Dorian Kucio - 23 dager siden
4:34 I am from poland and this is what it says:
F***ing lopsided concrete brick
Edit: swear word
mateusz maciag
mateusz maciag - 23 dager siden
4:29 God, I love my country
Ali Saade
Ali Saade - 23 dager siden
It's dream
Joy Galme
Joy Galme - 23 dager siden
Hey i found a good and old dead meme https://youtu.be/6_b7RDuLwcI
Faris Surya Munthe
Faris Surya Munthe - 24 dager siden
Time paradox 😒
Astley paradox 👍
Cozmo257 - 24 dager siden
Now i f**king hate this im from 🇨🇿 czech republic 🇨🇿
Dillon Bergman
Dillon Bergman - 24 dager siden
8:56 i love this anime its on netflix and its called ¨cells at work¨
Arwen Davidson
Arwen Davidson - 25 dager siden
Let's go Australia, we have only had 1 new covid case in the last 2 weeks in NSW and it was from a returned traveller
jki987 - 25 dager siden
11:29 what about Icebergs?
Alyx Franklin
Alyx Franklin - 25 dager siden
I also believe coca cola is worse than cocaine. Cause shoved a straw up his nose put the other end in a bottle of coca cola and snorted that mfer like no tomorrow. Complained for an hour.
Shikaschima - 25 dager siden
"When I have kids.
That I didn't steal."
*scratch record sound* Wait a moment.
Odin Cousino
Odin Cousino - 25 dager siden
I got rid of the ice giants get it cuz my name is odin
Evan Salter
Evan Salter - 25 dager siden
Sans is a livening skeleton also Papyrus and WD Gaster
CobyKid Gamer
CobyKid Gamer - 25 dager siden
Captain America:do you realize buying lots of toilet pape instead of medicine is stupid. Society:how. Captain America:what if you get sick. Society:(starts beating him up)
dinodinokid - 25 dager siden
Anyone knows this anime?
Fredy Rodriguez
Fredy Rodriguez - 26 dager siden
1:23 he sounds like one of diamonds laughing
Antti Heijala
Antti Heijala - 26 dager siden
3:24 my calculator does that always
Rachel Dunn
Rachel Dunn - 26 dager siden
My aunt: admits I used ironically correctly
Me: *emkay*
Daniel Andrés Palencia Torres
Kinder is italian...
L5cg - 27 dager siden
Emkay you are NOT trash
Dali Bramley
Dali Bramley - 27 dager siden
1973 a mortar flies out of FUCKING NO WHERE
Dali Bramley
Dali Bramley - 27 dager siden
Because the war ended in the 1940s
MR. FLIPPY - 27 dager siden
Wrong curve America
ClownWist - 28 dager siden
@dream y are u here? aint u supposed to be speed running Minecraft?
Milton2k - 28 dager siden
The Rick Astley "paradox" is not a Paradox, it is an oxymoron.
Queen Ketchup Of The Fry Wings
Mister Franglais
Mister Franglais - 28 dager siden
she got bit by a radio active lego
Foot 2511
Foot 2511 - 29 dager siden
11:16 son of a frickin' niscus this got me.
Dillon Waller
Dillon Waller - 29 dager siden
Hearts can sell for 1 million dollars it's worth a lot more than whatever money that guy has in his wallet
Logan Ellis
Logan Ellis - 29 dager siden
15:28 well... google translate says it is pronounced: P (as in the letter "p") tough (as in a very brave, or buff guy) nay (as in no, or what a horse would say) p-tough-nay
Chris Caldwell
Chris Caldwell - 29 dager siden
Can someone explain the neurosurgeon one?
Angel Carlos
Angel Carlos - 29 dager siden
8:56 cells at work
tjat one juicy birb
tjat one juicy birb - Måned siden
Loads shotgun while looking his next victim in the eyes*
Holo M
Holo M - Måned siden
when he said that A fat lady was singing at the end, my sister was singing and yea she is fat.
Poefeathyr - Måned siden
Some human bodies have enough bones to make almost two human skeletons
Boi - Måned siden
16:00 cheating is okay as long as you never tell anyone and the wine mom meme is a lot more depressing irl
bruchpilot747 - Måned siden
2:28 technically this is incorrect. The average human body is not complete due to accidental amputations, amputations after and accident, joint replacements as well as birth defects. Thus the average human body contains not enough bones to make an entire skeleton.
Audrina McSherry-Hensley
Audrina McSherry-Hensley - Måned siden
I was gonna say something

Audrina McSherry-Hensley
Audrina McSherry-Hensley - Måned siden
I hate it here so this is what my humor has come to. It sucks that I still laughed at this knowing that this was a cry for help.
peter sanok
peter sanok - Måned siden
everyone with arms and no wepon is both armed and unarmed at the same time
harold the 5th
harold the 5th - Måned siden
Every one has an addiction breathing
We do it every day
The chosen Waffle
The chosen Waffle - Måned siden
Where is damein
Pøtatø Squad :3
Pøtatø Squad :3 - Måned siden
Me *polish*
Me “what”
Me “what”
Me “what
doge guy king
doge guy king - Måned siden
8:57 well if you are 7 it really will have been a lifetime ago.
sxnny softie
sxnny softie - Måned siden
[ Time stamp: 7:45 ]
When I saw that..I almost frickin died laughing for 2 minutes straight. **my parents thought I was having a seizure**