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Aj Mccrumb
Aj Mccrumb - 56 minutter siden
Wait your body has electrons in it then does that mean u run on electricity so then tape fan blades on your arms then spin and u are a true fan hmmmmmm
Zoe Solarte
Zoe Solarte - 3 timer siden
Crotch goblins 😂😂😂😂😂
Fnaf Scorlessbag
Fnaf Scorlessbag - 4 timer siden
What do I do I’m a 13 year old 4:49
Møøn fløwer
Møøn fløwer - 9 timer siden
It took me over a week to wrap my head around there are a lot if narrators
VortexLegend101 - 10 timer siden
I am 14 and grew 6 inches in 6 months and grew a moustache for no reason, if 13 yr old me met 14 yr old me then he would probably say: “what the f*ck happened to you?!”
Starlit Afton
Starlit Afton - 12 timer siden
I was removed.
Benji 69 fortnite
Benji 69 fortnite - 14 timer siden
What if u did nothing
Lucas Eriksen
Lucas Eriksen - 15 timer siden
AAAAAaAAAAAAAA Lexi trans buddieess!!!!
wolf king
wolf king - 23 timer siden
he is 31
Weird Punk
Weird Punk - Dag siden
1:44 as a bisexual I can indeed confirm that we hold a talent show every year to find out who is the most bisexual, and therefore the most talented. Love you Lexi!!
light bulb gaming
light bulb gaming - Dag siden
Hey lexi, you probably wont see this, but what do you go as? (pronouns)
Nickthemaster212 - Dag siden
Lexi has the best stitch voice
chase bentz
chase bentz - Dag siden
Lexi is my favorite narrator
T. L.
T. L. - Dag siden
does anyone else just rewatch emkay vids because theyre so good?
Cubes4 Tube
Cubes4 Tube - Dag siden
I guess I qualify for a true fan
Like90 - Dag siden
Lexi is my favourite narrator. I just love her energy.
Shipper Of People
Shipper Of People - Dag siden
Lexi is my favoriteeeeeeee
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya - Dag siden
Feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Feed a man a poisoned fish, you feed him for a life time.
David A.
David A. - Dag siden
8:08 Damn they raming eachh other.
Jåckål Åyuzåwå
Jåckål Åyuzåwå - Dag siden
Lexi should become an EmKay narrator! If she did she’d be my fav!
I am a gamer And I'm proud!
I am a gamer And I'm proud! - 2 dager siden
Minecraft tip for Lexi in the Nether the only thing that spawns is piglins those bull pig things and those weird lava things
LolbitGamerWon - 2 dager siden
Me:*sees title*
Also me: it should be "memes that make you stop breathing"

Me ten seconds later: ya know...because of laughter...right I'll head myself out now-
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose - 2 dager siden
Lexi sounds kinda like an older version of Nikki from Camp Camp
Kiba Inuzuka
Kiba Inuzuka - 2 dager siden
2:58 I was just playing skyrim and I need sleep send help
Janice Randolph
Janice Randolph - 2 dager siden
Woo hoo 600th dislike
Chino Moreno
Chino Moreno - 3 dager siden
This dude is the type of guy to become Trans and then become gay
MihailDavidov Roblox
MihailDavidov Roblox - 3 dager siden
17:20 this made me havecrossed eyes for like 5 mins
Izabella Dunn
Izabella Dunn - 3 dager siden
You cant spell Success without SUCC!
Ella Summers
Ella Summers - 3 dager siden
Lexi what is your gender
Lila Rat
Lila Rat - 3 dager siden
Ima say it now i know there are a lot of amazing narrators but now that i've heard Lexi, she is the best one i have ever heard
Lila Rat
Lila Rat - 3 dager siden
Ok that intro boosted my self confidence a little bit, so thank you lol
Chyna F
Chyna F - 4 dager siden
More lexie!!!
Chadly Daly
Chadly Daly - 4 dager siden
Lexi is my fav narrator
Volt - 4 dager siden
Why does Lex sound so happy all the damn time? What do.. Uh.. they do and how do obtain the power.
kool253 oof
kool253 oof - 4 dager siden
lamps in games use real electricity
Leviathan - 4 dager siden
16:16 Depends, LeVeyan Satanism doesn't. Theistic Satanism does.
Yoco coco
Yoco coco - 4 dager siden
Eli Stewart
Eli Stewart - 4 dager siden
11:58 Do you voice for stitch?
Ethan Werling
Ethan Werling - 4 dager siden
I finally got an answer not to be rude but I had no clue if you were trans or a women with a deeper voice. So your a trans man right not to be rude
Thank you
SickGrizz YT
SickGrizz YT - 4 dager siden
No she is a trans woman. It’s okay sometime it gets confusing
valentina gastaldi
valentina gastaldi - 4 dager siden
9:22 if I do the HIGH FIVE and FIST BUMP I have the 140% less bacteria than a handshake ;)
red Hunter
red Hunter - 4 dager siden
You have no fans only the ones in your house. technically the truth
John vic Alarcon fire
John vic Alarcon fire - 4 dager siden
pls say no hate comment just please dont say hate things couse if you comment hate comment why did you watched this video say good things not bad couse they wont make video and who is there make good things not bad
and i wish every one has a good day
Daffa Qur'ian Hermansyah
Daffa Qur'ian Hermansyah - 4 dager siden
2:20 my friend literrally talking about how helpfull 0 is
tip chaser
tip chaser - 4 dager siden
lexi is epic
Dank creeper [2nd channel]
Dank creeper [2nd channel] - 5 dager siden
Fun fact: time travel is possible but you need to be fast
Even at 99% of the speed of light your not traveling time fast enough

So we probably need to be faster
That's would probably RIP our flesh and destroy the machine because of dust particles

We will never get time travel
At least we know its possible
Gwans SkeleGamer
Gwans SkeleGamer - 5 dager siden
you were a girl
I like just thought about it
You were a girl now your a boy
(I’m not trying to be mean)
Brother Crash
Brother Crash - 5 dager siden
I rarely coment but had to say lexi with the Wolfmother reference is the absolute best thing ever.
Dimitrios Taliadouros
Dimitrios Taliadouros - 6 dager siden
What’s up not sexy I’m not Lexi
Josue Gomez
Josue Gomez - 6 dager siden
The thumbnail I did it and I feel like I was born thank you emkay
Caio Caetano
Caio Caetano - 6 dager siden
Being arrogant is like being an Elephant in Africa, if someone shots you with a bazooka you die.
Blackjack Ze shadow doggo
Blackjack Ze shadow doggo - 6 dager siden
I just realized Lexi is the first female narrator on emkay
HyperLord - 6 dager siden
95% of the comments: Stuff about Lexi being trans
5% of the comments: Stuff about the video
thebigE bird
thebigE bird - 6 dager siden
What was that im sry but is thats an idiot I hear 1:47
ibukia gaming
ibukia gaming - 6 dager siden
Lexi I really thought you were a boy but now I know your a girl
crazy chang04
crazy chang04 - 7 dager siden
2:08 ouch that would mean im a tumor baby.
Blackjack Ze shadow doggo
Blackjack Ze shadow doggo - 6 dager siden
William Doherty
William Doherty - 7 dager siden
Zero is technically an even number
Bryan Reavis
Bryan Reavis - 7 dager siden
Children go for $1.99/pound.
John B
John B - 8 dager siden
2:44 well there’s literally no water there that’s the only reason.
Creator -Exe Mila
Creator -Exe Mila - 8 dager siden
Lexi: but imagine ... an infinite bag of Swedish Fish?
CoryxKenshin: *Gasp *
Spongebob's Judging you
Spongebob's Judging you - 8 dager siden
I love Lexi so much they make me happy
IRAQE GAEMR - 8 dager siden
12:17 i counted them 27 years
Christopher Hughes
Christopher Hughes - 8 dager siden
Luna Ponta
Luna Ponta - 9 dager siden
2:12 do we explain the joke to lexi or she got it? I'm not sure if she did
RoseWolfGirl - 9 dager siden
If 13 yr old me met me now. "I didnt change a bit. Then again it has only been a year"
Transformers are cool
Transformers are cool - 9 dager siden
to be honest some of these just make me cringe
Cupcake Candy Grrl
Cupcake Candy Grrl - 9 dager siden
the wolf pack
the wolf pack - 9 dager siden
i clicked on the video. i heard lexis voice and i cried out "YAY!"
Lucy Chan
Lucy Chan - 9 dager siden
If you call someone over 18 years old a child, technically there are a child, in your point of view
Am I wrong?
HyperLord - 6 dager siden
Well yeah they're a child from your POV, but they aren't actually a child.
Malgam likes lemons
Malgam likes lemons - 9 dager siden
Doug Dimidome
Doug Dimidome - 10 dager siden
I know I'm a show off I'm bi
Bammity BamBam
Bammity BamBam - 10 dager siden
Tbh, I prefer Lexi, so nice and makes my day with the intro.
SHER_GAMING - 10 dager siden
Is this person a m guy or girl. Sounds like a guy, says hes s girl. Must me mentally ill
Logan Woodford
Logan Woodford - 11 dager siden
Screen Cast Demons
Screen Cast Demons - 11 dager siden
Yooooo trans peeps where are ya!
Screen Cast Demons
Screen Cast Demons - 11 dager siden
Ftm here
Reign Audrey Toledo
Reign Audrey Toledo - 11 dager siden
Lexi is trans-

*we love it*
Chara Dreemer chocolate lover
"I guess two people got fired"
LEXI NOOO!! We came here for r/technical the truth Not
r/cursed comments

Joking btw
Raindrop - 11 dager siden
"haha tumor baby"
guess I'm a tumor baby.
noob at life
noob at life - 11 dager siden
I am not (I'm 13 BTW)
Niko Dawn
Niko Dawn - 11 dager siden
R/TechnicallyTheTruth is just R/comedycemetery and R/ThatHappend
delicious delicious
delicious delicious - 11 dager siden
Is it just me who has those times when it's hard to breathe and when you do breathe ypur stomach goes in when it's meant to go out
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi - 11 dager siden
1:47 you wanna go?!
Allison Ayotte
Allison Ayotte - 12 dager siden
I am a tumor baby-
Gamer cool
Gamer cool - 12 dager siden
Oh my goodness I was misgendering Lexi this whole time I am so sorry I never knew :(.
Trunks - 12 dager siden
My friend is trans too
William Sturgill
William Sturgill - 12 dager siden
We wuer all pared its at some point
{Kisa Karissa}
{Kisa Karissa} - 12 dager siden
Caydence André
Caydence André - 12 dager siden
14:06 FALSE
Shadraw - 13 dager siden
Lexi is my favorite emkay
Dacoda Corn
Dacoda Corn - 13 dager siden
At 5:20
Is the show scooby doo mystery incorporated we find out that scooby is part of an Alien species and the main enemy of the show is a talking parrot
marshall lee
marshall lee - 13 dager siden
I HAD NO CLUE SHE WAS TRANS?! I thought she was cis girl
Lev Haiba
Lev Haiba - 13 dager siden
i can barely breath so thank you
Alex Crane : ProGaymer
Alex Crane : ProGaymer - 13 dager siden
This is the best voice
Mariam NM
Mariam NM - 13 dager siden
0 was invented in India
Caydie Hoskins
Caydie Hoskins - 13 dager siden
I love how this channel supports lgbt+ and even has a trans narrator. It boosts my faith in humanity.
I need sleep
I need sleep - 13 dager siden
When Lexi said "I'm trans" I was caught so off guard that I had to rewind and check to make sure I heard it right, when I did I physically said *YES BITCH* and now my family is looking at me like I murdered someone what do I do
Dr. Ellie!
Dr. Ellie! - 13 dager siden
So you know how geese fly in V’s? And you know how sometimes one side of the V is longer than the other? Do you know why?

There’s more geese on that side.
EDGEWASTAKEN - 13 dager siden
Yay lexi called me talented 😃

(I'm bisexual btw)
spectral - 13 dager siden
i love u
Rogo #1
Rogo #1 - 14 dager siden
1:09 ..... those sikktles are sus. Dont vote red vote skittles.
JERRY ZHENG - 14 dager siden
“What’s up sexy I’m Lexi”