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Jamber_Wolf - 4 timer siden
13:37 Borby you need to defeat king Henk Henk , thanks for saving me Borby , go save the world Borby , next time Borby meets a new friend or foe , Borby i shall help you if my name is not Grwiddle dee
NaruChan UwU
NaruChan UwU - Dag siden
When people hate you for your existence:
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what just happend?
what just happend? - Dag siden
3:47 not just that... Bunnys eat it too. So the picture with nesquik aint wrong
ZillaPlays - 3 dager siden
okay so... anyone watch Oz Media? Cuz Oz did the same thing
edit for clarification: "confess your skins" instead of "confess your sins"
Alejandro Guevara
Alejandro Guevara - 3 dager siden
Lexi: reading the anime girl rant
Also Lexi: *fricking dies*
Alejandro Guevara
Alejandro Guevara - 3 dager siden
evonekky - 4 dager siden
I prefer snat to cale.
callisto1 - 4 dager siden
Why is Lexi so good at doing this? She is the best out of the newer readers of this channel.
Progdragon - 4 dager siden
6:25 Actually, its tix. It doesn't include coffee beans, but *t i c k s*
Sabrina Melendez
Sabrina Melendez - 5 dager siden
Marble Berry
Marble Berry - 5 dager siden
"Helene Ad-a-lan-i Shelby"
The fact that Lexi has never seen the word Adelaide (ad-a-laid) astounded me. As someone who lives in Adelaide, I don't know if I should be offended
CalTheUntitled - 6 dager siden
3:08 Tom Scott recently made one of those and tested it. It worked about as well as you might expect.
Pr0_ GaMeR
Pr0_ GaMeR - 6 dager siden
i would call a zombie spider
Megan Benson
Megan Benson - 7 dager siden
11:46 your not gonna like my profile picture
cthuhlu 10
cthuhlu 10 - 8 dager siden
I'm in this video!
• lemonade latte •
• lemonade latte • - 8 dager siden
*to the tune of the phineas and firb themesong*

It’s 4 in the morning! I have school in three hours! I hate having insomnia!
* h e l p*
Steamy - 10 dager siden
that "Coffee bean filled twix" i believe its actually ticks, because theres legs, so those are FILLED TICKS, IN A TWIX.
Slaniakii - 10 dager siden
I admit, I googled Emily Dickinson poems and just sang them alone at home xD
Dr.Engelmacher - 10 dager siden
request for the emkay crew : can you cast Cougar from EzPz for a video maybe`?
Wassup - 10 dager siden
No No No No No No No No
Fay Anne Aura Arts
Fay Anne Aura Arts - 10 dager siden
Lexy, how do you fuck up "Adelaide"? It's super bloody easy! Add-uh-laid
Hello World
Hello World - 11 dager siden
I choose tic tac pizza
The liquidy ones would be gross to get down, and I don’t fancy heavy cream, sugar, and chicken
Hello World
Hello World - 11 dager siden
We need moar lexxi
Hello World
Hello World - 11 dager siden
1 x or 2? I’d make it 3, but I don’t want this to be demonitized
Catastrophic Mid-life crisis
Catastrophic Mid-life crisis - 11 dager siden
Aksel’s Tweets are wild
moe • 1000 years ago
moe • 1000 years ago - 11 dager siden
4:13 Kinda unrelated, but fun fact: In the Beastars anime (it's about furries) there's a chicken whose eggs are used for the school's lunch menu. She takes pride in laying the most delicious eggs.
miss txddy
miss txddy - 11 dager siden
Friend: So what's your worst phobia?
Me: its complicated..
Hámori Bernát
Hámori Bernát - 11 dager siden
8:58 drog means Drug in my country. C O I N C I D E N C E??
Dylan Cameron
Dylan Cameron - 12 dager siden
“Lovely um i mean absolutely tariffing
Darkmationsky - 12 dager siden
The magic school bus could be up your butt and slowly grow bigger until you explode
Amber Scarlet
Amber Scarlet - 12 dager siden
Zump Zump Zump Zump zump zump...
Hunter Nichols
Hunter Nichols - 12 dager siden
The coffee beans wear ticks
Sir Nub
Sir Nub - 12 dager siden
I was cooking bacon when you mentioned honey bacon so i added honey uwu
_Burnt_Toast_ - 12 dager siden
those animals weren’t photoshopped they were failed panoramic photos
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer - 12 dager siden
I literally watched the "zump zump zump" part like 20 times. 😂😂
Edit: scratch that, 50 times
TheIceBolt - 13 dager siden
11:04 idk if anyone said this yet but thats Cthulhu
Legendarycreeps - 13 dager siden
Zombie spider is half life head crab
Elias Bischoff
Elias Bischoff - 13 dager siden
0:35 Marge Simpson?
DaCliffBoy - 13 dager siden
7:35 (inhales) why...WHY!?
LegitScoper - 13 dager siden
Don't forget the *_WAPsicle_*
Jesse wru
Jesse wru - 13 dager siden
Cyclopian occularnicorn
Doo doo Phart
Doo doo Phart - 14 dager siden
Horses actually have around 15 horse power
jablue - 14 dager siden
I never really had a problem with food when looking at movies with animals. There can just be a pretty easily defined line that separates levels of sapience and sentience that makes it okay to eat something. You don't have to agree that drawing any line is okay, but that's not usually the problem people have with the thought. Hell, look at the situation with Pluto vs Goofy in Disney's canon; the existence of dogs with ~human levels of sentience, sapience, etc. doesn't mean that everything we'd label as a dog would be of that level, allowing for dog pets and dog people. In the same vein, why would it be strange for there to be food fowl and people fowl without there being any sort of fuss about it?
King Indigo
King Indigo - 14 dager siden
The Emily Dickinson's thing just reminded of this strange habit I have of singing the book I'm reading in the tune of a song. It's all fun and games until you're singing a WW2 novel in the tune of Revenge (aka: Creeper, aw man)
Susy Cisne.
Susy Cisne. - 14 dager siden
all the dogs sound normal to me, 2:34 what does it even mean, 2:48 looks normal to me
Milk Pope
Milk Pope - 14 dager siden
0:25 panorama not photoshop >:C

dont take this ofensively i luv emkay plz dont kil me.
Linda Bjork
Linda Bjork - 14 dager siden
At 1:45 just kill it with fire mini guns lava just kill it with anything plz kill it
Arcanine-Espeon - 14 dager siden
"Donkey is a bard" is my newest favorite hot take.

Until another one comes along, probably from Emkay or Tumblr.
Arcanine-Espeon - 14 dager siden
9:27 Oh, come on. Compared to
_mouthless screaming_
this "bicornlops" is barely even interesting! Am I right, Henchmaniacs?!
Shadow Sneak
Shadow Sneak - 14 dager siden
I like lexi -w-
Arcanine-Espeon - 14 dager siden
TIL as Onix ages it becomes Thomas the Tank Engine.
Arcanine-Espeon - 14 dager siden
2:18 This looks so much like my dogs head photoshopped onto a sheepdog I want to cry rn
Dipak Magar
Dipak Magar - 14 dager siden
No one:
Emkay:T O O T H
Savanna McKinnon
Savanna McKinnon - 14 dager siden
Helene Adel(like the singer)-aid Adel-aid:)
Coffee Cartoons
Coffee Cartoons - 14 dager siden
She said “confess your skins”
SHWING CRIMSON - 14 dager siden
Im the type of dude who would actually try chicken wing ice cream
Nugget - 14 dager siden
Tip 1 Thomas
Tip 1 Thomas - 14 dager siden
The thumbnail made me embarrassed-
Tenshied - 14 dager siden
corgi fan :3
corgi fan :3 - 14 dager siden
5:51 my brother when i try to help him
OriginalSparkstar - 14 dager siden
Well chickens are cannibalistic so it makes sense
OriginalSparkstar - 14 dager siden
also the auto correct for youtube is shit you get ONE letter off and it HAS NO idea wtf you're typing
Carter Stambelos
Carter Stambelos - 15 dager siden
9:33 you could ride it like a bike
THE PURPLE REAPER - 15 dager siden
Lexie and cougar has to be my favorite people on this channel along with everyone else
Unmasked B
Unmasked B - 15 dager siden
3:35 is no one gonna talk about confessing our *s k i n s* to the crime skeleton
K M B -
K M B - - 15 dager siden
That ZUMP picture used to be my PFP on discord for ages lmao
Kingslly - 15 dager siden
Just saying Kranch is great its fry sauce but with ranch instead of mayo, "never had it" Then your state sucks. The greatest thing to ever exist in the fry Universe.
Skybound - 15 dager siden
Clxudy_Moon9 - 15 dager siden
Robert Johnson Fox
Robert Johnson Fox - 15 dager siden
Don't look at Zump too long, the longer you look the more it hurts.
Mateo Gusho
Mateo Gusho - 15 dager siden
11:27 yes that's unnerving, but what if the hat was normal sized
Doom State
Doom State - 15 dager siden
No k
Z. B. Oakley
Z. B. Oakley - 15 dager siden
The dog looked like it was dressing up as a bigger dog.
HeartyPearl_666 - 15 dager siden
hi lexi , i love your content but i was wondering what your pronouns are( im tryna reccomend you to my friends)
King Indigo
King Indigo - 14 dager siden
She uses she/her pronouns
steam meme
steam meme - 15 dager siden
Kranch Is good
Shifter - 15 dager siden
Chickens are cannabalistic, so, that comic isn't wrong
Sadie Jones
Sadie Jones - 15 dager siden
I searched up grandfather clock but forgot the L
rbxle1 - 15 dager siden
nope, don't like this one, don't even know why i watch this, i want to uninstall reddit now
CheeseAddict - 15 dager siden
Several of these made me so uncomfortable i feel sick and like something horrible is going to happen to me, in other words my anxiety is thru the roof! i dont even know which ones it was at this point and i dont think i want to go back and see it might make it worse! i gave it a thumbs up for lexi but omg idk why i watched this!
Sara Moody
Sara Moody - 15 dager siden
Everybody gangster till about marshmallow start walking
Lifeliqe Stories
Lifeliqe Stories - 15 dager siden
Cowch: *exists*
Cross Sans: AAA
Konstantin Richards
Konstantin Richards - 15 dager siden
I think some of the dog ones are people doing panoramic shots on dogs.
finatic - 15 dager siden
Dude.. the thumbnail screwed me up man..
man of War Mamet
man of War Mamet - 15 dager siden
3:43 just a coin
Mr. Derpy Face
Mr. Derpy Face - 15 dager siden
0:35 lower left looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book
Expand Nut
Expand Nut - 15 dager siden
The correct pronunciation is “Add-Ell-Aid”
Neki Stunter
Neki Stunter - 15 dager siden
Are we not going to talk about the fact that he thought 6:16 were coffe beans. Tix = Ticks ??????????
Neki Stunter
Neki Stunter - 14 dager siden
@King Indigo wdym?
King Indigo
King Indigo - 14 dager siden
Idk if you knew or not but Lexi uses she/her pronouns
ox4297 - 16 dager siden
Sooooo... I know I'm 2 days late and all, but I feel the urge to make this 1:20 wayyyy more cursed if you want to take a moment and read onwards....

I didn't know Dobby was a furry.
The1stCuteBunny - 16 dager siden
Lexi: Like if u hate this.
Me who liked this: Wat do u mean I liked it
Tammy Bands
Tammy Bands - 16 dager siden
The way they pronounced Adelaide hurt my Australian soul
Rosey Reads
Rosey Reads - 16 dager siden
Hearing lexi butcher my middle name was interesting
Adelaide is pronounced "Add ell ayd"
The1stCuteBunny - 16 dager siden
Can lexi type on mah comment?
I like lexi >:>
multishipping trash
multishipping trash - 16 dager siden
11:15 how about cthuluwu
Mikyp - 16 dager siden

What a terrible day to have aracnifhobia.
Stellarlight - 16 dager siden
Uh those are panoramic pictures Lexie
Paballo Molata
Paballo Molata - 16 dager siden
That Trippie Redd post is more of a r/rareinsult
-Ennard and Dark-
-Ennard and Dark- - 16 dager siden
When I saw the thumbnail I was like-

Mmmhh delicious gum teath mashup~ more delicious than eggs~
Totally Not blissturd
Totally Not blissturd - 16 dager siden
Did anyone see the Chicken eating chicken?
Anonymous - 16 dager siden
Ha ha ha I hate that yoda one.
*Someone please put me out of my misery.*
Gabriel Aubry
Gabriel Aubry - 16 dager siden
Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
Richie ACNH
Richie ACNH - 16 dager siden
I’m gay but sometimes Lexi makes me question if I’m bi
Keisu Federation Mapping
Keisu Federation Mapping - 16 dager siden
fun fact: 5:13 that is actually a caterpillar, not a demodex.