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ayden james
ayden james - 3 timer siden
the box has a plan face below the "dont break down"
Fe4rMeMrWickYT _
Fe4rMeMrWickYT _ - 3 timer siden
Wait what that grian on the phone?
Gabe Wyatt
Gabe Wyatt - 6 timer siden
Frances Flink
Frances Flink - 6 timer siden
8:17 hello my i am a boy and i can barely fit in my own bed because of my stuffed animals :)
Adam Luck
Adam Luck - 7 timer siden
3:50 I actually need socks LOL
Travis Azure
Travis Azure - 7 timer siden
Someone makes fun of me chuckles I'm in danger
Someone make fun of my freinds chuckles you're in danger
Amanda Rode
Amanda Rode - 12 timer siden
I have about 100 at least stuffed animals
Gregory A. McConnell
Gregory A. McConnell - 12 timer siden
me cant find my clothes me thinking saying to my mom thaat im gona ask for clothes for my b day thaen thinking i should actuly be thankful when i get clothes
Marie Javier
Marie Javier - 13 timer siden
*you feel memes crawling down you're spine
Paper Machete Man
Paper Machete Man - 13 timer siden
If someone gets animaniacs in wholesome, I will eat my hat
Cube McFumblebottom
Cube McFumblebottom - 18 timer siden
I just want the cute dog
Cube McFumblebottom
Cube McFumblebottom - 14 timer siden
@Cpm Apl thanks
Cpm Apl
Cpm Apl - 14 timer siden
Robert Sellers
Robert Sellers - Dag siden
I use legos as land mines
Ewan Petersen
Ewan Petersen - Dag siden
Her wandering where are my stuffys are
Me reveling my 26 stuffys
Jakub P
Jakub P - Dag siden
Ok so I have a whole shelf full of stuffed animals but I only hug 3 of them
burnt toast
burnt toast - Dag siden
We need to get Jack a kilt
Aki Zol
Aki Zol - 2 dager siden
my cat will jump on my lap in the middle of zoom school
Alex Mots
Alex Mots - 2 dager siden
Just because the past is painful doesn't mean the future will be
I legit remember watching that movie while i was 9 and i loved it
But i want to watch it again and i don't remember the name
Can someone tell me the name of the movie please
Francisco 1234 Cruz
Francisco 1234 Cruz - 2 dager siden
3:51 (in a sneaky voice) he so cute adorable awwwww.🥰🥰🥰😍😍
Francisco 1234 Cruz
Francisco 1234 Cruz - 2 dager siden
0:36 that's the same TV I have, but I dont have a console
zender gamerz
zender gamerz - 2 dager siden
The fanart on the end:exist
Me:Is ThAT sAnS EyE
Kuya Kai
Kuya Kai - 2 dager siden
The movie from. 8:47. is Meet the Robinsons (i think its made from 2007)
bendyrin - 3 dager siden
If you find birds cute that means I'm cute even if I have long legs.
Scrubsy L
Scrubsy L - 3 dager siden
I love LEGO's the yellow ones taste like leeeeeeeeemooonss
Michael Young
Michael Young - 3 dager siden
Remember when this had a different thumbnail with a Domino’s dog that wasn’t even in the vid?
Your local victorian lady
Your local victorian lady - 3 dager siden
I stabbed myself with a knife because I cringed of my past.
Thankfully I’m okay, I stabbed my hand so no worries.
F i S h Y
F i S h Y - 4 dager siden
What’s weird is that all the members in Emkay have less subscribers together than Emkay itself
Roblox Gamer
Roblox Gamer - 4 dager siden
3:52 Anjir grab Cok :v
Llewellyn Zepnick
Llewellyn Zepnick - 4 dager siden
1:01 People reading this from after their human life: Well actually no.
Ann Margret Topacio
Ann Margret Topacio - 4 dager siden
i was watching this with my dog
Oofer Mate
Oofer Mate - 4 dager siden
Wow, this made my day, good job!
Orbital Potato
Orbital Potato - 4 dager siden
2:39 bit of a waste of a wish innit?
Perla Jurado
Perla Jurado - 4 dager siden
I own so many stuffed animals, I put up a shelf to put my smaller ones so when I sleep, I don't squish em. And sit my bigger ones on my chair. Men should also be able to get stuffed animals infact my boyfriend's favorite animal is a red panda. So I want to get him a big red panda stuffed animal. I asked him first of course.
Angelique Vampir
Angelique Vampir - 4 dager siden
4:36 me and my dad built a giant train set for Thomas the tank engine after a few years I forgot what happened to it also my dad is still alive
Dummy Playz
Dummy Playz - 4 dager siden
So I’ve been maturing my whole life???
Rogue sniper 12
Rogue sniper 12 - 4 dager siden
I’m American we learn about the Korea war Kim Jong-un this is mean but I want to make a reddit LOL
Fiona Carr
Fiona Carr - 5 dager siden
hollow knight
hollow knight - 5 dager siden
Im 9 and im 4.6
Kevin Frankenstein Xaverius
Kevin Frankenstein Xaverius - 5 dager siden
Me : *see the thumbnail and knowing that the delivery services from my country*
Well do you really know what is Grab?
Itswolf guys
Itswolf guys - 5 dager siden
My grandmom and my dad gave me $1000 bucks in cash on my bday
Victor Lazzaro
Victor Lazzaro - 5 dager siden
At 11:32 what happened is the dad died before the tree grew and his son grew up to be a dad and used his tree
D__man - 6 dager siden
i have a stuffed animal collection, but i keep them in a body bag*ahem* _sleeping bag_
Discord Awsome
Discord Awsome - 6 dager siden
the snack that smiles back

*jack is very cool*
Discord Awsome
Discord Awsome - 6 dager siden
the snack that smiles back

*jack is very cool*
Gryphen Gorman
Gryphen Gorman - 6 dager siden
That one dog that makes me happy left
Om3gaLord - 6 dager siden
this makes me feel lonely
cody playzgames
cody playzgames - 6 dager siden
*im bored*
mauri marttunen
mauri marttunen - 6 dager siden
Me, who likes Undertale: *Gasp* SANS
melynni leonard
melynni leonard - 6 dager siden
melynni leonard
melynni leonard - 6 dager siden
When he said Jack I realized virus was eating Apple jacks
Chad Helming
Chad Helming - 6 dager siden
I am 10 but I can’t afford Lagos😂😂
Marijn Jongman
Marijn Jongman - 7 dager siden
I have a plush collection and my parents bullly me for it
braiden oof
braiden oof - 7 dager siden
Girls: we are better than men and were funnier
Also girls: what lives in a shoe a sock hahahahaha
(This is a joke okay)
Chase Dunn
Chase Dunn - 7 dager siden
My stuffed animals are holding my sword..duh
Chelsea Darbonne
Chelsea Darbonne - 7 dager siden
For the joke on u im into that siz u sounded like papyrus people of the undertale fandom ammi wrong
Xenø Phœnix
Xenø Phœnix - 7 dager siden
8:27 I'm a girl but it wanted to point out that the entire top of my dresser is piled with stuffed animals and I am making it a goal right now to get enough stuffed toys to be able to jump in them like a leaf pile
Taitum Cromwell
Taitum Cromwell - 7 dager siden
Jack: Somebody once told me
This reminds me of Shrek's donkey.
Me: Who ain't the sharpest tool in the shed.
MindOfCats 41
MindOfCats 41 - 7 dager siden
The thumbnail is blessed
Peter Grasseler
Peter Grasseler - 7 dager siden
Along time ago blue used to be the girl color in pink used to be the boy color
Xxgacha_dragonxX - 7 dager siden
For me and my fam having COVID this is helping a lot thanks
Kid Ninja
Kid Ninja - 7 dager siden
3:04 you mean my d day
Robert Woodstead
Robert Woodstead - 7 dager siden
Actually though, kilts are the shit. I have one that I love to wear when working around the house.
Subject_73 - 7 dager siden
Fire 647
Fire 647 - 7 dager siden
Send he cutest delivery boy :
A super hot boy : no
Anime boy : no
A random dog dressed in clothe : *p e r f e c t i o n*
Kostantinos Anagnost
Kostantinos Anagnost - 7 dager siden
6:16 im pretty sure that js ditto
AusAreMyFantasy - 7 dager siden
Danwoo Kim
Danwoo Kim - 7 dager siden
This is the perfect video for me who wants to die
Ash - 7 dager siden
Three stuffed animals? *Pathetic.*
Ash - 7 dager siden
*I have 20!*
Valentin Grimaldo
Valentin Grimaldo - 7 dager siden
loretta cagle
loretta cagle - 7 dager siden
Shut up
Lochlain Lambie
Lochlain Lambie - 7 dager siden
Never new you Jack nice to meet you
Mii Krayzee
Mii Krayzee - 8 dager siden
12:08 insert the ducky momo song from phineas and ferb
William Homschek
William Homschek - 8 dager siden
I got a delery 4 u heer 3:51
Manuel Vargas
Manuel Vargas - 8 dager siden
This had me crying it made me think back on how my life is I need to take a new course this is the wrong path im glad i have watched this video 😢
Jas YT
Jas YT - 8 dager siden
Oh we have brought back scottish kilts
In scotland
Im scottish
my first video of the clowds at night. Aguiniga
yk ¨that one dog¨ I HAVE that one dog :)
Jacob 3rd MNG
Jacob 3rd MNG - 8 dager siden
Remember there is a war happening right now on your body
S C - 8 dager siden
nick lis
nick lis - 8 dager siden
Wow if cringing over rage quitting from war thunder arcade when someone kills u who isn't spawned in and breaking a monitor is on the better side I'm
Scared of the gamer
Even tho I am a gamer
Conman Mines
Conman Mines - 8 dager siden
12:16 that one doge was the most heckin little borker r.i.p gabe the doge
RiskyWorks - 8 dager siden
My art is terrible tho :(
Jaryl Talipan
Jaryl Talipan - 8 dager siden
I needed that Minecraft dog
Bake Kuro
Bake Kuro - 8 dager siden
Made me smile and I teared up a bit, dunno why
Jay KunQ
Jay KunQ - 8 dager siden
Somebody once told me this reminds me of shreks donkey
Made me happy
Sh3 sometimes draw
Sh3 sometimes draw - 9 dager siden
I think i heard stewie's voice-
QsPt psyc
QsPt psyc - 9 dager siden
i wished i still had a dad...............

but i needed some wholesomeness
天王寺璃奈 - 9 dager siden
I actually have a stuffed toy collection
MICHAEL GAMBLE - 9 dager siden
"what if I have a slight panic attack when I remember those things"
And that's on trauma
NiceGuy - 9 dager siden
01001110 01101001 01100011 01100101
Sylvia Lott
Sylvia Lott - 9 dager siden

hello i looking for a small good boy he going around on jack channel. help me.
Alisas Animations
Alisas Animations - 9 dager siden
me in bed: good night monsters. hope you have a good night
mondters: thank you
Yago Enriquez
Yago Enriquez - 9 dager siden
8:20 I actually have a stuffed animal collection...
Galaxy Streams
Galaxy Streams - 9 dager siden
Is it weird that im a 14 year old boy that likes to have stuffed animals
Mrcheez - 9 dager siden
No it’s perfectly fine
Jack Cowper
Jack Cowper - 9 dager siden
I have the same name as you
Gage House
Gage House - 9 dager siden
I have a truckload of stuff Danimals boy that’s 10 I love my favorite one is tasty
Ryan F
Ryan F - 9 dager siden
Omg I just got the meme at 7:58
Caps - Lock
The edit was putting the correct time
GodlyBunniesGame - 9 dager siden
0:54 unles you are dead
GodlyBunniesGame - 9 dager siden
dat lego one be true tho bc lego expensive
Trashlord - 9 dager siden
The dog in the thumbnails like that one kid from Up
Sidney Marybelle Santos
Sidney Marybelle Santos - 9 dager siden
14:07 okay but why do i think that burrito looks pretty well drawn