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Fake Vines
Fake Vines - 14 timer siden
0:00 throw back to an old episode!
That’s just the media interpretation! He should be...
Doing a swim
Bulb bulb
jay - Dag siden
05:25 me sobing after realizing that my grandparents (my best friends) wont be alive when im 21
Kawaii-gachas :3
Kawaii-gachas :3 - Dag siden
Am I the only one who realizes the rat is the rat from ratatouille
Henry stickmin
Henry stickmin - Dag siden
I never thought I would cry watching an Emkay video
Eoin Reid
Eoin Reid - Dag siden
Love your videos
Fxiy Fixs
Fxiy Fixs - Dag siden
11:10 I understand
Aaron Gana
Aaron Gana - Dag siden
Cassie A
Cassie A - 2 dager siden
Robin is my favorite
Riley Robinson
Riley Robinson - 3 dager siden
9:26 oh but you do
Captain Flameheart
Captain Flameheart - 3 dager siden
Were do I get that hoodue
Taccari Gaming
Taccari Gaming - 3 dager siden
I’m a gen z and I fucking love Tom and jarry
SERENITY NELSON - 3 dager siden
Gibby Cadenas
Gibby Cadenas - 3 dager siden
I actually don't have any friends
Elijah Offtermatt
Elijah Offtermatt - 4 dager siden
That one about the adoption hit hard for me, considering I was adopted for a bad situation.
Cedric Avery
Cedric Avery - 5 dager siden
2:07 Kirby Earth
ÇøøŁ ßéäńŠ
ÇøøŁ ßéäńŠ - 5 dager siden
I accidentally clicked this and do not regret 😌
A Single DuYd
A Single DuYd - 5 dager siden
Ouch... Why this memes hurt me???
Evan Gurvitz
Evan Gurvitz - 5 dager siden
The only reason tom and jerry keep hating eachother is because of tom's owners because they force their cat to catch mice when in reality they are best friends since the start.
Elhuntador 0125
Elhuntador 0125 - 5 dager siden
Dude your amazing don’t say anything bad about your self dude your amazing don’t say anything bad
Alexzandrama - 5 dager siden
As a Gen Z I'm gonna say that we all love Tom & Jerry
Cup Of Tea Premium
Cup Of Tea Premium - 5 dager siden
i am from gen Z and i love tom and jerry, the one from the 90's tho, the new one is just nonsense, or atleast colse to that
NAZHIF1313 【Zr Fam】
NAZHIF1313 【Zr Fam】 - 6 dager siden
Ah yes, tahilalat
LordOfSpaghetti - 6 dager siden
The one episode of tom and jerry where it ends off with then sitting on the train tracks together being bros as the train approaches in the background low-key kinda makes me more traumatized as a teenager than it did when I was 5.
botz L2
botz L2 - 6 dager siden
5:42 two years ago in third grade I would hang out with the middle schoolers at my school and because of that I was considered “cool” to people in my grade
Shield Slayer
Shield Slayer - 6 dager siden
I vomited when i watched this and i am blaming you
Benny Subabura
Benny Subabura - 7 dager siden
Search up "a blob story" in YouTube and click the first video you see
michelle horan
michelle horan - 7 dager siden
I am a gen Z tom and jerry is a10/10
Gd bullet kitty
Gd bullet kitty - 7 dager siden
Im never gona feel gud anymore
Jazzmin Laurin
Jazzmin Laurin - 7 dager siden
I cut off the rings in the bottles

Because I don’t know how to open them yet

Don’t judge me
Miguel Castellanos
Miguel Castellanos - 8 dager siden
I was crying for 30 minutes becuase I was looking at pictures of my cat (that died) then I watched this I’m smiling
wut ?
wut ? - 8 dager siden
*dont work 24 7*
Me:am in school
The Monky of death and carnage
2:25 I think that Tom only hunts jerry cause of his owners
Black knight Gaming
Black knight Gaming - 9 dager siden
The parents putting up for adoption hit different because I’m actually adopted
Edit: spelling
Not BadBoyHalo
Not BadBoyHalo - 9 dager siden
I think they are friends and Tom has to act like he tries to kill jerry so the owners don't replace him with an actual cat that would kill jerry
Trixter Gaming
Trixter Gaming - 9 dager siden
13:14 perfect timing.
An ad of afk arena popped up with markiplier in it
Wolfie Silver
Wolfie Silver - 9 dager siden
Now I ship The Earth and The Moon-
Beethoven is awesome
Beethoven is awesome - 9 dager siden
i like it when robin goes hehehe its funny lol
Stephanie Hornsby
Stephanie Hornsby - 9 dager siden
i am twelve i love tom and jerry
Herleni Herleni
Herleni Herleni - 9 dager siden
i do not have a gramma she died
pyromaniac 395
pyromaniac 395 - 10 dager siden
0:00 Somehow this one is so relatable with myself
living bean
living bean - 10 dager siden
Hey you

I love you
Egg Enby
Egg Enby - 10 dager siden
As a zoomer I can confirm that tom and jerry slaps
Codename_Ps - 10 dager siden
todd and jerry
Callum Coombs
Callum Coombs - 11 dager siden
did the earth have a kirby face
Dayan Rojo
Dayan Rojo - 11 dager siden
whats the name of that anime
Beepis Boopis
Beepis Boopis - 11 dager siden
First of all

Is Robin gay? No offence meant, I’m gay


Super - Rainbow
Super - Rainbow - 11 dager siden
I think you look amazing in any photo you are amazing
Bianca Andrea Perez
Bianca Andrea Perez - 11 dager siden
12:00 I always partner up with the extrovert kids that'll have no problem presenting so my only job is to do the actual work, and they have no problem with it either. Mission passed.
Cannibal Fish
Cannibal Fish - 11 dager siden
Interestingly, hai is shark in finnish
Campbell Pead
Campbell Pead - 12 dager siden
2:07 ik the moon looks adorable but can we talk about how much the earth looks like kirby?
Isabella Rosado
Isabella Rosado - 12 dager siden
{°^°} [• \ •] (*~*) sorry just practicing different faces
Savage937 Boss
Savage937 Boss - 12 dager siden
I LOVE the thumb nail and the vid
Porkpie - 13 dager siden
XD I am a Gen Z tom and jerry 10/10
my father is a Gen X otherwise known as the last breed of hard working people
and my mom...what Generation would be drunks?
Jellojelly12 - 13 dager siden
I speak for the Gen Z's in my school, Tom and Jerry is a raining king among all others. Mainly because it was what we watched during lunch.
Blobbo The Doggo
Blobbo The Doggo - 14 dager siden
As another Gen Z I can confirm that Tom and Jerry is amazing
Tala Pines
Tala Pines - 14 dager siden
I’m Gen z and fucking love it
NovaDUST official
NovaDUST official - 14 dager siden
Can we all just agree grandmas are the greatest
The Cooler Satan
The Cooler Satan - 14 dager siden
3:41 It actually is an unharmful practice.
Mr Dude
Mr Dude - 15 dager siden
5:27 uh I never I got that experience cuz 1 of my grandmas is in prison and the other one abused my mom so im depressed
Shannon Hernandez
Shannon Hernandez - 16 dager siden
I am imaging how robin is a tiny birb and the rest of the emkay crew is trying to find the things on the set you stole to make this vid lol
Flame WitherHeart
Flame WitherHeart - 16 dager siden
I wish that people felt what we feel bout Tom&Jerry the same I feel bout M*A*S*H.
Random channel
Random channel - 16 dager siden
Tom and jerry is 10/10
SilentSuccubus - 17 dager siden
My mom who is trying her hardest to divorce my dad while cheating on him a 3rd time and refusing to come home, all while knowing my biological mom disowned me at a young age and I have abandonment issues: 👁👄👁💧
Princess Brave
Princess Brave - 17 dager siden
2:56 I literally paused there, put down my phone, and hugged my mom for no reason
Smoll Memes
Smoll Memes - 17 dager siden
I remembers at this video at my friends while they help me with my "self kill" thought’s they make me happy
Manning Osborne
Manning Osborne - 17 dager siden
4:00 my cousin and his friend used to say they where the other one when they got in trouble so they did not have to go to detention.
Ilze Bruzus
Ilze Bruzus - 18 dager siden
Cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat is cat yes
Pug Boy
Pug Boy - 19 dager siden
14:48 anyone know what anime that is
J Rector
J Rector - 20 dager siden
they do 3:47
Tabjay Storm-Claw
Tabjay Storm-Claw - 20 dager siden
Every game when you lose should say 'you losed but you tried your best'
Alex - 20 dager siden
As a Gen Z I can confirm that Tom & Jerry is wonderful
some kid named ryder
some kid named ryder - 20 dager siden
This is completely right, FIGHT THE KARENS!
Aaron Mark Dave
Aaron Mark Dave - 20 dager siden
Tom and Jerry I would rate it: 11/10
Clicked Bot
Clicked Bot - 21 dag siden
I love wholesome memes because they make me feel happy after a really sad day
Carlos Rocabo
Carlos Rocabo - 21 dag siden
As a gen z while being a boomer aswell
I can say Tom and Jerry is the best cartoon

Edit: 9:20 what anime is dat? Or manga? Or is it just a cool drawing?
Megan Philhower
Megan Philhower - 21 dag siden
*Papyrus* (From UNDERTALE) *has entered the chat*
X Izumiko X
X Izumiko X - 21 dag siden
The true question is why can’t We have friends like this-
You’re just like your Father
I have ADHD I don’t think I can close my tabs
Edd The Sheep
Edd The Sheep - 22 dager siden
Thanks bro, I needed that,my best friend just died right in front of my house today, I was terrified as I watched his head squished against the road with blood all over, rain dropping on my glasses making my vision blurry as I kneeled down holding his hand-
I'm sorry, that was a little too much right? Actually it wasn't bc that's what happened but I just wanted to say that this kind of videos helped me calm down...
Hope you all have a great day and that my best friend rests in peace🖤🌺🏳
Zucchini Bread
Zucchini Bread - 22 dager siden
No, no. We Gen Z still think Tom and Jerry is cool! We like to make fun of it sometimes, but we still like it!
Alexander Evans
Alexander Evans - 22 dager siden
14:54 what anime is this
Atrocious Gamer
Atrocious Gamer - 22 dager siden
Im currently working through alot of dark thoughts to finish up my game and videos like this and subreddits like this and everyone at emkay, help me, thank you.
Addison Mills
Addison Mills - 23 dager siden
My self confidence just shot up
shoyo hinata
shoyo hinata - 23 dager siden
At 2:17 tom wasn't trying to hurt him but if he didn't act like he was trying to kill jerey the owner of them would have gotten rid of tom amd get a new cat that would kill jerry
Delta player
Delta player - 23 dager siden
hi to whoever reads this im going to send you all my love and affection
and theres nothing you can do about it
Foxy the pirate fox
Foxy the pirate fox - 23 dager siden
The cat thing at the end reminded me of my cat who died yesterday 😭
PositiveNegative297 - 23 dager siden
As one with Gen Z, Tom and Jerry is flawless. 10/10.
ShoeShineBoy YT
ShoeShineBoy YT - 23 dager siden
I had a cat come up to me on the street.she followed me home and now we an amazing cat.
Angie - 23 dager siden
Me: sick af and watching wholesome memes
EmKay: exists
Me: 🥺🥺🥺🥺
GamerPig - 24 dager siden
5:21 exept to me,to me probably they used less that a half of a ant spoon
Behelz - 24 dager siden
bro its funny that MY BEST FRIEND always made me take the blame even when I had never done anything.
Anonymous - 24 dager siden
what it says: wholesome memes
what I thought it said: Wholesome Mememes
also me: HAhahHA ThEy SpeLt iT wRoNG!!!
also also me: oh :(
Amberplayz123 - 24 dager siden
If ur stressed, take a break from what ur stressed about and get a cold drink of water.
Luxor Kw
Luxor Kw - 24 dager siden
Som time ago I bit the shit aut of my best friend just to make him happy
Dunkl3 5hunkl3
Dunkl3 5hunkl3 - 25 dager siden
nobody - 25 dager siden
I'm sorry if this ruins the mood but one of them said nobody is in danger and my steam name is nobody because of all the jokes I can do
Skyler Pacheco
Skyler Pacheco - 25 dager siden
My family doesn't treat me well and the world always finds a way to fuck me over but the videos are all I need
BIGweeb89uwu - 25 dager siden
i paused the video when he said robin not dissapointed
KillerKat - 25 dager siden
Jovan Jovanović
Jovan Jovanović - 25 dager siden
Some dude online just told me he is gonna get me booted offline and that he has my ip because I told not to hate on a completely innocent youtuber, but wholesome memes got my back.