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BitterLemons - 2 dager siden
Who heard the thing about Gilmore girls as they were rewatching Gilmore girls!
Jules Fajardo
Jules Fajardo - 6 dager siden
me:had a bad day
my cat: uh nu i needtu help hooman
me: well thank you but why you could have done it tommorow and its late
my cat: i am u rubot and this porfurmed auotomaticcaly
Jennifer Kelham-Roberts
Jennifer Kelham-Roberts - 7 dager siden
i once watch 2 whole power rangers series in one day i don't know why i did it but i did
sam177007 - 11 dager siden
Something about me: I am watching this video while snuggled up with a soft blanket and hugging a stuffed bunny.
Pheeb Carter
Pheeb Carter - 11 dager siden
Something amazing about me: I love to draw and I sometimes draw for other people, and I do it because I love it not because they tell me to :3
Bingo Mone
Bingo Mone - 14 dager siden
My heart has been squealing for the past 7 minutes now

I think my soulmate is r/WholesomeMemes
Arata AnimeYT
Arata AnimeYT - 15 dager siden
Why does "lexy" sound like angel dust?
the hatman
the hatman - 16 dager siden
I will reed all of your comments just to make your day because you are worth taking time out of my day yo listen to
Alex - 20 dager siden
Hey Lexi, I'm Lexi!
Glizzygladiator - 23 dager siden
Ayo good video Royal👑
Alyssa Nurfairuz Astro
Alyssa Nurfairuz Astro - 24 dager siden
My favorite part is Lexi's "AaaAaaAwwwHH".
onninno - 26 dager siden
0:11 hAaaAA
Cotton Candy Kitty
Cotton Candy Kitty - 27 dager siden
I have spent almost 500 hours on animal crossing new horizons. That is not healthy but I love acnh.
Ninja Girl
Ninja Girl - 27 dager siden
Me after watching r/gachalifecringe: I MUST WATCH WHOLESOME MEMES
Jack Stewart
Jack Stewart - 29 dager siden
@Lexi This might be your favorite subreddit, but you are my favorite narrator.
Lola Amador-Locher
Lola Amador-Locher - Måned siden
I love how Lexi is constantly going "awwwwwwww so cute!!!!"
Something about me : I'm working to be a better artist, so i can make my dream of living in japan and making a popular manga and anime series come true
Paula C
Paula C - Måned siden
5:08 i have 1 amazing and not fake friend
Abigail Zimmerman
Abigail Zimmerman - Måned siden
Lexi's squeal is so adorable 💖
King Morgan
King Morgan - Måned siden
Lexi is easily the most aggressively adorable reader on this channel and I LOVE IT, it makes me want to get her cookies and glitter polish
_Itz__Jessie_ - Måned siden
The way Lexi got excited when he saw it was wholesome memes it just- I don't think anybody could be that happy again. Lexi is the god of being happy :D
Ask Stevey and gems AU
Ask Stevey and gems AU - Måned siden
I.. feel a lot better.....
K!tten Doez!
K!tten Doez! - Måned siden
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins - Måned siden
Something about me: I’m working on drawing feet and hands.
the diamond minecrafter
the diamond minecrafter - Måned siden
I'm writing a book series
Lusty Wyvern
Lusty Wyvern - Måned siden
This us a kink I simply cant get into but this is really well made... thanks I hate it
me:.... nothing.
Elijah Leach
Elijah Leach - Måned siden
I just finished all my biology homework, for high school. BOOM
Elijah Leach
Elijah Leach - Måned siden
I need some validation
Ava Pronay
Ava Pronay - Måned siden
can someone tell me what Jack and Damien's catchphrases are
Super_Noob - Måned siden
I have this poster at my school, and every time I passed it, it made me smile 😊
charmeleon evolves
charmeleon evolves - Måned siden
Lexi is the badboyhalo of EmKay
Terra Gaming
Terra Gaming - Måned siden
WAit but i keep watching r/wholsome memes, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
DakotaArrow YT
DakotaArrow YT - Måned siden
You know it's a good video when you keep going back to make sure you've liked.
N0VA - Måned siden
People who like to be validated: jokes on you I'm into that sh*t!
Noah Skrutski
Noah Skrutski - Måned siden
Anyone know if Lexi is trans or somethin? I'm not tryna be rude bit I was just wondering.
Choai Dode
Choai Dode - Måned siden
Kelsey Lynn
Kelsey Lynn - Måned siden
I have that hamster thing 1:56 and my dad's terrified and his name is hamturo
VoxelBlox - Måned siden
More like r/im14andthisisalittledeep.
OriØn - Måned siden
something cute:
Lexi: *αααααωωωωωωωωωω*
Kat the Ghost
Kat the Ghost - Måned siden
Something I can brag about: I got my first lead in theatre in 9th grade! And I'm hopefully going to get another part in my new school's production!
Chilly Sugar
Chilly Sugar - Måned siden
My heart is crying of cuteness and happiness 😭
Chilly Sugar
Chilly Sugar - Måned siden
Lexi just makes my day SO much BETTER. She's so precious 😭💖👑
Chilly Sugar
Chilly Sugar - Måned siden
Omg I love Lexi's energy so much 💖👑
SuperSauron - Måned siden
Lexi is a trans icon and we stan her
Tundra Flower
Tundra Flower - Måned siden
*_5:43_**_- I've rewatched Gilmore Girls so much in my life that I now know every line in the show._*
Tater Cat
Tater Cat - Måned siden
Lexi going through wholesome memes is probably one of my favorite videos
vikingclarinet23 Never gonna post
7:42 me watching this with a kitten on my shoulder o_o
༒Pablo Zurita༒
༒Pablo Zurita༒ - Måned siden
So this is why I keep rewatching criminal minds
LeadShepHard 9
LeadShepHard 9 - Måned siden
9:43 this is what men want. Not sex, fuckin legos. Legos, people
LightningShark - Måned siden
2:01 When he says “that hamster” instead of “the character Hamtaro, from the anime Hamtaro: Little Hamsters Big Adventures that aired in 2000, whose birthday is on the 6th of august, is 8,6 cm tall and is the pet of Laura Haruna”.
I’m disappointed
(Hamutaro would also work)
Ian Tyler
Ian Tyler - Måned siden
Virginia Clinton-Lisell
Virginia Clinton-Lisell - Måned siden
This should be called r/iamcrying
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy - Måned siden
Oml him right at the start it was so friggin wholesome QWQ
Astro Most
Astro Most - Måned siden
5:26 that is soooo darn true i suffer from anxiety and tis me and also all of you of emkay are amazing people keep warming us subscibers hearts in your videos
Joey Kennedy
Joey Kennedy - Måned siden
firefly is good but the movie still makes me cry a little
Trainer LSW
Trainer LSW - Måned siden
Me: ☹️
Someone: Have a nice day!
Me: 😀
Max Carter
Max Carter - Måned siden
I think its pretty cool I can breathe
Captain_Crunch - Måned siden
Hey Lexi I want to know if you have your own channel because your my favorite narrator and you voice is very relaxing
Captain_Crunch - Måned siden
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
She does! It’s in the description.
The rawring dog
The rawring dog - Måned siden
Almost every adult on earth: I'm gonna pretend I didnt see that
Mittens The cat
Mittens The cat - Måned siden
Obo the fixer can he build it?
Emily Olsen
Emily Olsen - Måned siden
5:46 so that's why I keep watching transformers and like only transformers
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday - Måned siden
I managed to sleep so hard it was so close to achieving never to have to wake up at all again.
Happiest 26 hours of my life.
Good Fucking Morning Goddamnit
Damn Lexi is a guy with really feminine voice. He needs to grow some balls
Good Fucking Morning Goddamnit
Jack Franczek how about no. He was born a male so i will use the pronouns that are there for him.
Jack Franczek
Jack Franczek - Måned siden
lexi identifies as a woman, please respect that. she/her pronouns please :)
fighting cans deluxe
fighting cans deluxe - Måned siden
the fact that a red kiwi is talking to slime rancher characters is pure
Slate Kitching
Slate Kitching - Måned siden
Doge boi
Ash - Måned siden
Let's be honest guys, Lexi is more wholesome than any of these memes
TheDestoryer - Måned siden
I love and absolutely hate this subreddit, I love it because of the cute happy memes but I absolutely hate it when there's something about encouraging parents that makes me want to cry cause I don't have that, but it mostly happens when I'm having an emotional break down.
Liam Kelleher
Liam Kelleher - Måned siden
In for honor I beat a rep 45
And he said I'm good:3
Chaotic Cringe
Chaotic Cringe - Måned siden
I've always wanted to catch fireflies but I don't live in any area, but one day, I'll hold the little babies. I just have to be patient
Katrina M
Katrina M - Måned siden
I swear every time I hear Lexi's voice, I instantly get super happy, r/WholesomeMemes really compliments her voice. Thank you Lexi, I am going to spend literally the entire day unable to stop smiling.
B R U H - Måned siden
Lexi: If you have loving, caring parents, go tell them you love them.
Me: '⊙•⊙
Stephanie Rivard
Stephanie Rivard - Måned siden
I woke up with a bloody freaking nose and I have trashed my favourite pillow because it’s covered in blood and we couldn’t get the stains out so this is made me happy
D Doornbos
D Doornbos - Måned siden

Gamer1 2
Gamer1 2 - Måned siden
Country roads take me home
Menopee - Måned siden
I did something amazing I made a friend woooo
Burton Burton
Burton Burton - Måned siden
1:58 you are wrong
Legoshi - Måned siden
I dont think my mom has ever said I looked cute or handsome in any outfit I wore
cadikill gaming
cadikill gaming - Måned siden
There's something I really I need to tell you...

Nobody likes you...
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - Måned siden
Miya Cottrill
Miya Cottrill - Måned siden
1:23 its funny because im actually using this video to distract myself from how dark it is in my room. I fall asleep to these videos cuz i feel safer from my jacket that looks like a monster
Hades King Of The Underworld
I have to disagree

John Wick is *definitely* a comfort movie
Xxgamer timxX
Xxgamer timxX - Måned siden
Hmmmmm this episode look like r/awww rather than r/wholesomeMemes
Sylwia Ferek-Pokrywka
Sylwia Ferek-Pokrywka - Måned siden
Thank you. Im sitting in a hospital i have lyme disease. My back was hurting but nów it stopped, to the power of wholesome memes!
bobaurus 69
bobaurus 69 - Måned siden
The amount of energy in their voice is awesome
Jbf - Måned siden
(im late but)
omg i love gilmore girls :D
Valentin Thevoz
Valentin Thevoz - Måned siden
This channel should be dedicated to wholesomeness
Rise Burst Sparkle Fade
Rise Burst Sparkle Fade - Måned siden
Lexi is my fav, def an anxiety reliever
AJ the anime gamer
AJ the anime gamer - Måned siden
The way he keeps saying AWWW reminds me of the leopard from zootopia (The security officer eating donuts)
Jbf - Måned siden
AJ the anime gamer she,actually but agreed heheh
Aiden Curry
Aiden Curry - Måned siden
they should put emkay on spotify and other stuff like that
Zills Bills
Zills Bills - Måned siden
COUNTRY ROADS!! Take me home, to the place, I BELONG 3:28!!!!!
Themandrel - Måned siden
Should of had Lexi (Sorry if I spelled it wrong) do a 20 minute video for Wholesome Memes.
Cassidy Kurlozianne
Cassidy Kurlozianne - Måned siden
You are the best Lexi!
This episode legit made me cry from wholesome overload and half of it was your reactions!
Nalia Wolfie
Nalia Wolfie - Måned siden
I need to come here every day ;;3;; & nice meetin' ya Lex
F0XY5O1 !
F0XY5O1 ! - Måned siden
IceFang - Måned siden
I clutched my heat in pain but I don't think it was from wholesomeness.... I might have had a mini heart attack
ProfessorRaiParadox - Måned siden
1:27 my dude, you need not fear 3 am kitchen if YOU are what is to be feared
Ashten Wilson
Ashten Wilson - Måned siden
People might think this is weird but my girlfriend’s name is lexi so whenever this guy does the intro and says the name lexi it makes me think about my amazing girlfriend and makes me happy
Jack Franczek
Jack Franczek - Måned siden
lexi goes by she/her pronouns, aka she is a woman :)
shinkamitrash - Måned siden
I love how lately emkay has a slightly off white background
ChampionBeam401 - Måned siden
This made me happy and I didn't know I needed it. Thanks so much!
Creepy Miki
Creepy Miki - Måned siden
My guinea pig died today, I needed this